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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 28, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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haunted spots in america photographed tombstones right outside of chicago by the ghosts are always out. wgn news @ 9 hit on the highway killed in an instant seven people including a teenager to children and an infant chicago family stunned accident that took their lives. good evening top story around the country how this happened family where they go from here >> 7 people killed in this crash including in the new board and three other children most of the victims are belated the family moved to chicago from
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ecuador and relatives here are devastated. luce chimborazo says she lost all per family pedro, her brother 15 year old pedro jr. her jr her sister, maria transito and 8 year old niece jessica also killed maria yupa and her sons 8 year old edwin and franklin 6 weeks old who was just six weeks old all on a family trip 1998 toyota minivan headed to new jersey for a baptism thursday night on the indiana toll road near south bend police say the van hit a deer and stopped a semitruck going about 65 mi. per hour slammed right into them >> none of the occupants in the band were restrained there was an infant in a car seat that was unrestrained at this time though we do not really know or may
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never know if seat belts made a difference or not because of the severity of the crash three people remained hospitalized in indiana including in the driver manuel chimborazo in a coma but kids gathered to grieve tonight on chicago's north side the city ecuadorian committee planning a meeting to figure out how to help send the body back to ecuador >> ecuadorian is we have to stand together and show patriotism horrible for the family that bought a truck driver treated and released from the hospital alcohol and drugs not involved and no charges are expected the stretch of the indiana toll road has been the site of several multiple fatality accidents in recent years including a 2007 chain reaction class crash that left 18 people dead >> gang member who murdered
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chicago police officers sentenced to 125 years in prison 22 year old shawn gaston and killed officer alex valadez june 2009 in englewood prosecutors argued he shot officer alex valadez cousin out for revenge they said shawn gaston and some fellow gang members angry because rivals opened fire on them earlier that day sister of officer alex valadez acknowledged that today's sentencing brings closure but no joy. batt but we are satisfied with the sentence that the judge handed down we believe the appropriate sentence for the crimes committed as we previously stated after the verdict last month this is not a happy occasion for us several top officials were in court for the sentencing including police superintendent garry mccarthy >> tonight tears flowing at the emotional vigil for murdered southwest suburban girl of the 14 year-old killed by a burglar home from school at the indian
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head park police department with the latest >> currently a 40-50 detectives working the case sources say police questioning person of interest but so far no charges filed. meanwhile tonight at the high-school impressive turnout for candlelight vigil. many of the students in tears as they held candles and each other trying to understand how anybody could have murdered their classmate kelli o'laughlin hundreds of students teachers and parents gathered in front of the south campus lyons township high school for tonight's vigil people we spoke with who grew up with her said she was a wonderful friend always somebody to talk to >> she was the sweetest nicest girl you'll ever meet >> most students did not know her very well supporting friends and family >> alcala thing that happened and i do not know even the people that did not know her
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support her because of this school >> 14 year-old girl found stabbed to death yesterday afternoon at her home at 6300 block cook road east up to 94 just home from school >> went into the home we believe she confronted what we believe a burglary of going on in the house >> found by her mother who called 911 rushed to the hospital pronounced dead at 5:40 p.m. spokesperson said she suffered multiple stab boards indian head park police say 6-7 homes have recently been broken into in the neighborhood police today released a sketch of the man they're looking for big description african-american 5 ft. 8 in. between the age of 25- 35 years old with a medium build also releasing pictures of family three gold coins to look from the help police hoping somebody might recognize them if the thief or thieves tried to sell them meanwhile hundreds of
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messages written on a facebook page titled rest in peace kelli o'laughlin and parents in the neighborhood tying ribbons around fences and trees near the victim's home. >> by having white ribbons around every tree and the timidity of to the point of funeral also show the family that we support that we are here for that >> police chief at indian head park says there will be no more updates did tell us anonymous donor offered $10,000 reward for any information leading to end our breast and conviction >>an arrest and conviction >> 911 call man accused of killing a daughter and granddaughter comic up the chilling details of the alleged crime and was it an error or just monkey business? gov. quinn calling for investigation over problems with a legislative vote over crucial issue and cool
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a daughter and granddaughter to death 911 call released you can hear him admit to the murder same day grieving family try to find ways to pay for the funeral the story >> jeilani full of life and teaching others to share the young mother responsible >> describes 18 year-old cynthia to two year-old daughter jeilani knows the victims and family well knows the man cook county prosecutors say stabbed the mother and daughter to death on wednesday >> monster >> miguel renteria father and grandfather stabbed brutally and repeatedly and renteria home on wednesday moments later dispatcher took this call from him >> to my granddaughter and daughter they are dead and killed them.
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>> i killed them >> 39 year old first floor skokie apartment told dispatchers used a knife on his daughter until it broke then turned a 2nd knife on his granddaughter after she tried to defend her mother even tossing toys at the man she knew as her grandfather. did not say why he did it father claims son suffered from multiple this for a decade no comfort for those left behind >> the daughter should be able to go to a father not run from a father >> the emotional stress of the double murder compounded only by the financial stress of paying for the renteria funeral anybody wishing to help with the cost can go to to learn more about how to donate some are calling buttongate governor quinn wants investigation about how yes veto votesvotes cast for the
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smart grid vote overriding veto allowing others to push votes but had prohibited governor calls it monkey business >> people of illinois it back home if they heard legislator letting some staff member but the their switch or somebody next door to them not collected by the people back all this is not right and legislators know this and i think any wrongdoing there any monkey business needs to be investigated and the governor wants the legislative inspector general to look into thisno nba for at least a month today commissioner david stern announced all games canceled november 30th no chance of salvaging a full 82 game season owners and players broke off talks this afternoon owners want to split league revenues 50-50
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but players want 52 percent they got 57 percent under the old deal neither side is budging no further talks planned and tonight bittersweet return to indianapolis country duo sugarland plan a benefit at the indiana state fair kicked off with their hit stuck like glue on the night of musical healing for survivors the bad about to play in august fierce winds took down the stage seven people killed and more than 40 others were injured the concert at the conseco field house a few miles from the fairmount attendees donated to end of the raised almost $1 million so far a member of chicago wealthiest family has passed robert pritzker died yesterday parkinson's disease did not follow his family to the hyatt
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hotel business instead started small manufacturing business in ohio turned it into a massive industrial conglomerate sold most to warren buffet in 2008 robert pritzker was 85 years old tragic and bloody search of trapped miners and kentucky public apology from the mayor of oakland after iraq war veteran severely injured in occupy protest at taking you inside the emergency room and strode to a hospital. it's game day, buddy, and, boy, are we in for a doozy. oh man. mr. clean is dominating the competition! mr. clean is tackling mess like some sort of mess tackler.
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wgn news @ 9
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2 kentucky coal miners found dead after a wall collapsed at armstrong coal company live in separate count bodies recovered this afternoon the men riding in a truck through the mine when rocks came crashing down. investigation underway into what caused the collapse. armstrong coal company equality owns the mine and no accidents its opening december 2008 makes six mine related debts and kentucky this year turkish teenager missing for five days. recent earthquake dug himself out of a collapsed building today. 13 year-old boy survived by drinking rain water used a rock to free himself emerged from the rubble after a moment with his father told no hope to find him alive sunday 7.2 earthquake killed at least 570 people injured and thousands more. occupy wall street demonstrators continue to hold vigils for iraq
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war veteran seriously injured during a protest clash with police oakland mayor jean quan shooed away by protestors tried to talk to them personally apologized jean quan about 24 year-old scott olsen hospital visit earlier crowd refused to hear for retreated back to city hall where she made a public apology batt but a very deeply saddened did not turn out to be we wanted it to certainly people were injured and i am the mayor i take responsibility and apologize >> scott olsen 24 year old veteran becoming a rallying cry for occupy protestors. officials still have not determined whether hurt by something fired by police or thrown by protesters condition upgraded now in intensive care in oakland hospital. suffered a minor moderate stroke while at the south pole have to wait weeks to be evacuated and doctor now says
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recovering well 58 year-old renee nicole douceur researcher and nuclear engineer at the south pole treated john hopkins hospital in baltimore tested not finding tumors speech and vision and grouping. improved >> looked like i had a stroke told to make a couple of weeks did not have any problems with a couple of weeks to months from now >> renee nicole douceur says because of risk factor not that it returns to south pole may be buddies from the hospital tomorrow >> and president barack obama moving forward protest against in action by congress republicans firing back president trying to work robbed them story i'd reporter
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>> week started likeand did like it started. two more executive actions from the president aid to help small and large businesses by creating and online clearing house for federal services and the big research to market more quickly white house spokesman jay carney says get used to it >> no higher priority doing everything he can to help the american people >> house speaker says great concerns about the white house cc@approach blunt assessment of recent actions >> idea you are going abroad to congress is laughable keeping a close eye and the administration to make sure that are following the law and the constitution >> the white house as other presidents have taken similar steps jay carney insisted within
9:21 pm
the balance of the president's authority all sides can agree on the urgent need to create more jobs but the finger pointing against president blames republicans for throwing up roadblocks republicans blamed democrats for ignoring bills as they say will create jobs. >> president traveling abroad the country says we cannot wait and we believe a bat as well and we are not waiting >> meanwhile unemployment remains high and businesses on the sidelines atmosphere of uncertainty amid the dark clouds the stock market once again showing signs of life. european debt crisis back away from the edge with a new round move president welcomes op e publicd 10 financial times wrote about the importance of building a credible fireball that prevents the crisis from spreading. >> white house chief of staff bill daley off today concerning
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in action pour karbers says frustrated not only with republicans resisting the president's domestic agenda but with democrats as well. and for the first time the daughter of british world he can become queen unanimous vote united kingdom abolished centuries-old succession rule today first rights to the front can now go to the royal family firstborn child no matter the sex of the baby that means if prince william and kate middleton had a daughter first sunday she can be the queen even if second and third child is a boy. still ahead of the front lines of the emergency medicine day and the life of that structure hospital emergency room doctors and chicagos a very own home grown ghost story south suburban cemetery which some believe may be haunted.
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medical watch one of the busiest emergency departments in the country this is a real life
9:25 pm
emergency room at cook county patients all across chicago doctors all over the world. tonight taking you into the trenches >> school at harvard first choice for dr. j allen houston batt but still like spending different places on different figures like in the circus >> but this balancing act is based in real life >> good clinical foundation need to know something about all of the severe illnesses for newborns up to elderly population >> that ask questions treat patients and learn on the job there are days when it is like >> stressful the place is filled up and ambulances are still coming but it is what i signed
9:26 pm
up for i love my job i love the clinical care and the teaching >> still others love the changing nature of the job may not be breaks but no board up >> one of the main reasons i wanted to go to the er something different every day not an end of this same thing every day >> change is good at those trouble staying focused in school can thrive here >> short attention span >> in the end a great sense of accomplishment >> we get them to use patience here come in for trouble argenta medical care but also like a pharmacy also psychiatric clinic also primary-care doctor clinic >> each year cook county gets more than 1000 to emergency position applications only 17 get accepted into the top of the program >> is a cool and here to stay
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tom skilling with the weather >> there will be showers but we will have a gorgeous saturday i had on the east coast a historic storm have to share with you these pictures just yesterday hail and snow producing showers amazing elk grove captured the streamers coming out of the base of the clouds hail and snow white sheet like booklook look at that shot captured from chicago and amazing to do these things produced rainbows and lightning discharges and from hoffman estates captured this modest clouds on the underside of the storm produced some of these showers just today and finally from kansas city these
9:31 pm
beautiful shots particularly nice fall color shots thank you for that all kinds of beautiful things to look at in the air and down here on the ground as we move through the autumn season and final days of october and cool weekend ahead of more like november weekend the poppy can to this clouds have developed producing showers showing them to you on the radar and a moment and a big storm apparently hurricane moisture hadn't for the east coast showing you that in a moment cloud mass here a cool front coming at us tonight clouds are marching in our direction about on us radar returns coming in we have light showers in the area by the fear and a couple of hours showing you the projected movement reinforcing the chill tomorrow in the meantime the moisture entering florida 3 in. of rainfall hammered by showers part of the moisture streaming
9:32 pm
up the east coast developing storm system back to our showers a forecast up to about midnight and beyond how the showers quickly entering the area are around for a couple more hours gorgeous sunday day tomorrow but a cool one with temperatures only in the low 50s across to a metro area after a night that once the shower is clear will produce a freeze in many areas away from the city itself freeze warnings until 9:00 a.m. and western suburbs chilliest night since april 31st stage dropping below 30 degrees at 12 states may get in on this crazy early season snow storm shaping up for the east coast of the united states only cook county excluded from the freeze warnings in effect but look at the winter storm warnings winter storm watches small craft advisories
9:33 pm
in effect with coastal flood warnings in the east coast as well the big city may be affected in various ways more on that in the second but temperatures tonight dropped to below freezing and areas away from the city made the thirties in the city itself recovered in the '50s tomorrow down tomorrow night into the thirties about midnight and clout start to come and warming by morning into the forties and low 50s with showers on the way on sunday cool weather the big story extended south to the gulf coast cold stuff up north we may tap some of that later next week shot of very chilly air look at the cool air reaching down to the gulf jet stream forms on the boundary of that that is why the storm is taking shape on the east coast south wind tonight at 7 turning northwest tomorrow cuba to be at 56% in dupont at 32 low temperatures went into the 20s and the suburbs 31 and said which this morning the jet
9:34 pm
stream developing southern flank of the cool air big buckles like this it lift east of the truck line putting these two separate areas together it radar satellite, watch this takes place bombing out as meteorologist said meeting the pressure will drop quickly once it passes it moves towards boston bomb is a story that moves pressure in the center every hour the air rising with increasing speed storm center and the bread test of russian with increasing speeds to replace that error, got into the center of the storm more moisture pours into with the entire thing feeds on itself coming back on the update to show you the snow area expected
9:35 pm
heading of east you want to know about that in our area a few showers for several more hours may be ice pellets mixed with some of these clear and cold with freezing temperatures tonight low 27 degrees but 36 degrees against the lake with the northwest at 5-14 mi. per hour. mostly sunny beautiful tomorrow november level temperatures. northwest wind at 5-40 mi. per hour tomorrow night clouds late chilly wind starts to pick up both 34 degrees would do with extensive cloud as on sunday and a few showers in the air high temperature 54 degrees south wind up to 26 mi. per hour wind on the coast by cape cod or martha's vineyard up to 70 mi. per hour big waves on the coast
9:36 pm
wild all over very unusual >> hate to see better >> we have some time have a little bit of summer but still need a freeze before the warm spell has not happened yet >> this halloween weekend coasts and goblins out we know where many of them will be coming up one of the creepy as scary as most haunted places near chicago taking you to bachelor's grove cemetary ♪ ♪ you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico.
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we put more in so you get more out. kenmore. on this halloween weekend home grown ghost story many people believe bachelor's grove cemetary south suburban midlothian haunted not a bad six beyond rubio woods forest preserve cook county as with any good ghost story at if you dare >> i met paranormal adventurer bachelor's grove cemetary did i not to be in the top 10 in the entire world. >> i am a focus story at a lot
9:40 pm
of times stories you hear about coast or at a particular location has a basis in fact cannot really say for certain why is actually haunted if that is haunted but i do know people have taken hundreds of photographs here with the strange things on the photographs >> this is actually the most photographed tombstone in the world still in 1991 took a picture with infrared film and it was a full spectrum ghost dressed in a long gown just sitting here nobody knows who she is >> said to be walking or around the cemetery cradling an infant and arbs also a great infant daughter where people leave trinkets people feel like this was a lost child that baby needs our help and guidance especially here and kind of a creepy places like bachelor's grove cemetary a batt but there is something going on here it did not have to
9:41 pm
come here at night people did not realize the place is haunted haunted 24-7 coast do not care >> art originally settled 1830's one story about where bachelor's grove cemetary gets its name the other story during the 1840's it was settled by a group of single men the content supposedly started in the 1950's when people came out here and started to party boston tombstone's drink and throwing things are proud of digging up graves this is haunted because of nearly 300 people there at one time and you can see only about a dozen stones left >> woman found in woods in the 1960's >> a lot of dead bodies have to take these things with a grain of salt a lot of these people must not have relatives but this kind of shape >> it rober so far unconfirmed the mafia during an era of
9:42 pm
prohibition used to dispose of bodies of to the pond to the left >> a definite the tombstones in there and what else we have no idea suppose of the bodies also but i saw a 1900 automobile driving right down there and crystal clear the driver goes like this very slowly >> the settings for that famous folk story about the man with a hook who kills the girl's boyfriend as he goes out to believe that stop in the woods >> you do not see these thinks it is once you develop them that things appear nothing was there and that again when it develops she is standing there the point is actually one of the best i have ever seen anywhere. have i ever seen in nonbeliever become a believer after visiting bachelor's grove cemetary? some people you just cannot convince
9:43 pm
>> some people literally a ghost can come up next to them and shake their hand and they still would deny that but this place does tend to make people believe people have come out here afterwards telling me think there is something to all of this stuff. >> going to cut bachelor's grove cemetary since there were kids as tempting as it may be to advise you not to go at night time because you will be arrested but terry open from dawn to dusk threshold to enter other grounds by going to we will send you the video if you text the word cover to 97999. scary coming up building chris h"the wall" middle of wrigley field and also chicago bears have not seen the last of chris harris with
9:44 pm
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pink floyd's "the wall" coming
9:47 pm
to gridley field next summer roger waters brought "the wall" for nights last summer concert could be june 8th and or june night to lead the chicago cubs are out of town formal announcement expected to meet tuesday at wrigley field with more details on the upcoming event hello tom skilling did you get scared earlier? >> i did i did i heard voices in the weather office but i realized it was my producer. his voice can be scary it is like the office is haunted anyway. anyway we have a nice saturday ahead, to be cool it is cool out there already november level temperatures current ratings and here is some weather bug readings 48 degrees at midway the kendry at the sound or look at the still on the mountains and upstate new york already about ready to be hit again and your other brand fall down in florida hit today are around naples look at some of the
9:48 pm
florida rape totals moisture from hurricane rina rights to that area and later involved in this storm watch rina shearing quickly adding it to florida with the moisture anyway getting together with cloud mass in the appalachians and the brazil to the big storm not a measurable snow in october in philadelphia since 197932 years this bank roaring up the coast explosive the deepening off of the bid atlantic along the coast wind driven rain fall going over the snow in new york boston continues into interior it led indication from the computer how much snow fall may come down the area avoids washington and philadelphia and new york with the worst of the snow but the wind going to be something purple when the wind blows 40 mi. per hour looking at that web of isobars quite a storm fast- moving we could be nicer if 53
9:49 pm
degrees tomorrow 54 degrees showers on sunday. seven day forecast. system will develop i had a strong cool air push later next week showers possible on wednesday and thursday friday. might be hard-pressed to get out of the 40's. have a great weekend >> nice surprise for one chicago soldier and a purple heart winner master sergeant returned from a tour of duty in afghanistan to fight his hauled in a gurney remodeled wife enter data into the warm welcome all contest without his knowledge particularly taken with the new play area for three-year-old twins used to be filled with water. >> working on what time on this and greatly appreciated. we would have never done this. never done this. could place but
9:50 pm
my kids to come at play, and relax. >> well deserved. 14 years in the military deployed to iraq 2004 shortly later roadside bomb struck his vehicle now on a 30 day beat. enola a. dew apartments for senior living opened doors today 60 unit complex a federally funded project providing the elderly with affordable housing. enola a. dew was a health educator and community organizer in chicago croissant's attended today's ribbon cutting blackhawks hitting the ice in charlotte tonight taken on the carolina hurricanes and the nba account continues commissioner david stern had seven more games latest coming up in sports.
9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
getting a jump on the black hawks 1-0 eric stahl penalty shot fails to get the puck corey crawford high corey races and that brandon sutter out of the penalty box nails it home made it 2-0 final two-zero black hawks like columbus tomorrow on wgn at 730 pm. waltz of firing things up against milwaukee off and running scored in the second period.@÷ in front scores of the game now tied 1-1 in the third against milwaukee at the allstate arena. did not take chris harris very long to find a new job released by chicago bears signed by division rival detroit lions and up in the secondary chris harris added facing calvin johnson in a real game rest of the year does not have to do that the beason chicago bears cut chris harris and of depth at safety major wright and chris conte will be starters impressive played last
9:55 pm
two games very well looking to build on that foundation in the bye week >> try to continue made progress going into this past game against the buccaneers and i think looking forward to philadelphia i think i can make a lot more progress trying to get better >> @ smiles all gone before the nba labor talks with of optimism yesterday cannot get close to a deal to add anything $100 million apart spotted up revenues after talks broke off today david stern cancelled more games entire month of november is now off of the board. >> we are not sure when we will beat a dead but hopeful soon enough we can get back at this and try to close this out today was not the day >> shourd was not some conversation about the conference raiding going on in the big east west virginia latest to leave the conference heading to the big 12 hammered
9:56 pm
since joining the conflict 1-17 a year ago for depaul of the conference alignment issue conference realignments stuff before did not think it is over and as far as i am concerned and our program at the end of the day of all university excellent basketball league quite frankly that is all i care about >> ruma report tonight that bud selig will decide the compensation the red sox will get for the signing of theo epstein at cardinals 6-2 in the eighth if they win world series champions and up for the year old widow suffering a shoulder injury how about the st. louis cardinals? one strike away from losing guest today and it wed and now six out away from winning >> my son is pujols for the way did i say that correctly? you
9:57 pm
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