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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  December 10, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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know that you can overcome anything. >> a family see their loved ones soon persistence and a dna have helped overturn or rape and murder conviction from 20 years ago. randy bellows elmo has tonight's top story. >> the family of one rivera crowds their apartment where they will soon welcome one more the illinois appellate court has thrown out the rape and murder
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conviction and after 18 years in prison rivera now9 9 ll soon c cininhome. we knew he wae s i iocent so wee always knewwomething was going to come up rivera was sentenced to life back in 1993 for the stabbing of 11 year-old holly in waukegan he was convicted two more times after that even the dna testing proved he was not the source of semen found in said holly body, prosecutors suggest that the girl was sexually active and could have come from someone else. rivera marijuana at 12 years ago after reading him in prison when she was a criminal justice in turn and says that she never doubted his innocence and after more than a decade of only monthly visits and weekly phone call she is preparing to begin their life together. counseling to re-enter society, he has a great support system, repair received legal help from the wrongful
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convictions. >> from the very beginning in japan obvious to a responsible prosecutor that this man was innocent or at least there is no evidence on which he could rationally be convicted. >> raw board as the center's executive director and said he felt cornered into a confession is making up a confession is incomprehensible to most unless they are in the the interrogation room. 23 hours in this case, you are willing to say anything to stop this so- called tag team interrogation. >> rivers was said she now hopes to help others in the situation and finally find holly's killer. in throwing out reverses'
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conviction the illinois appellate court strongly criticized lee county prosecutors and police for what the court considered to be gross injustices against rivera after three contentious trial is over the last two decades no comment yet from the lake county state attorney's office, reverses' family hopes that he'll be home before the holidays. three suburban crustal residents were killed overnight when their vehicle ran into a parked construction machinery on interstate 80 near new lenox. 27 year-old christopher opinion the driver and his passenger a 21 year-old and 22 year-old james and basic, the fatal crash occurred just after 2:00 this morning and according to police the driver lost control in drilled into the center medium where construction vehicle was parked. chicago police are looking for the thief who broke into a home of the city's north side early this morning injuring one person when they fired a
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gun, police say that the commendation robbery occurred at about 530 this morning at home in the 1800 block of was schuyler avenue in the north center neighborhood items for taken from the home but police are not saying what was taken one person suffered a flash burn from a gunshot but no r rest have been made. sees almost got into with a big wedding day for a chicago couple bought a pair of alert police officers saved the day. >> of missing a wedding dress that is every brides' worst nightmare but two quick thinking chicago police officers were able to recover a stolen car and returned the wedding gown just in the nick of time. >> i had a plan del i think things were i thought things were going to be pretty smoothes them on line two years ago and after seven months of
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just trying to secure a visa she arrived and united states for the first time thursday morning he thought chicago would be a romantic place to tie the knot, later that night his car a 20 08 kea optima was stolen from belmont and clark and all for luggage was in sight along with her wedding gown in the trunk. with nothing but shattered glass left behind the reported the theft shipped to chicago police. the officers quickly ran the place to confirm the car stolen and the driver was put into custody, the wedding gown was still in the trunk. cut the
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officers personally deliver the car and the address with just a few hours to spare and it 930 saturday mornings a couple exchanged vows at city hall, but lovely bride dressed in her wedding white thinks twice c p t officials call outstanding police work. police say that hendrix has a long rap sheet charged in this case with misdemeanor trespassing to a vehicle because investigators couldn't prove that he was the one who actually stole the car tomorrow the newlyweds plan to head to iowa where there was celebrate with a wedding reception there and they were really happy to get that wedding dress back but even happier to get started on their new lives together.
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>> if a bit of controversy surrounds the new republican front runner as the candidates debate again. why some are upset with newt gingrich's recent comments white and the hill was speaking in chicago this weekend. a great show of generosity lead to thousands of christmas gifts for families in need. >> after suffering through the coldest air of the season so far i have some good news, over the past hour or to the temperatures have been slowly rising what does this hold for chicago tomorrow? the forecast ahead.
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debating today on the campus of drake university in des moines iowa. the debate is being
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broadcast tonight by abc news, rick pearson has been listening to the candidates debate for most of the evening and he always stays on touch with what is going on as washington spars with each other so who is the guy with a bull's-eye on his back? >> no doubt that newt gingrich is the front runner here and all of the attacks have been on him so much to the point that michaud bachman started referring to i think it was romney, trying to drag everybody into this calling him a new to romney. freddie mac fell home housing organizations to the fact that he has been married three times so everything is off limits, the gloves are off and when you become the front
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runner as cain was before now it's gingrich and they're all zeroing in. this goes more than just iowa, the iowa caucuses are 24 days away so it's really coming down to the wire here but at the same time recent polls have shown that gingrich is leading in three of the first four states in the presidential process so there's a lot at stake here for mitt romney to try to maintain his always consistent performance level but he's even third-place fresnel the latest iowa poll behind ron paul. >> so what is he saying that may have gotten him in so much trouble? >> gingrich has always been a controversial figure, he's coming off the comments that he's made word he referred to the palestinians as the invented people, this of course caused a large group of criticism from the palestinian leader saying that that's an outmoded form of
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thinking where does this fall into the two state solution with israel and palestine? he said today that he supports that tuesday solution but he also said i'm trying to give a history lesson but the palestinian people have taken this says you are saying that we do not deserve a homeland and it's really raising issues. >> what are we going to hear? >> you have mitt romney tried to portray himself as an outsider and he has been portraying gingrich as the washington insider. >> we have differences of viewpoint on some issue but the real difference i believe is our backgrounds, i spent my life in the private sector i understand how the economy works and i believe that for americans to say goodbye to president obama and elect a republican the need to have confidence that the person they're electing knows how to make the economy work
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again. >> let's be candid the only reason you didn't become a career politician is because you lost to kennedy in 1994. >> with regards to the idea if i had beaten ted kennedy i have been a career politician that's probably true, if i would have been able to get in the nfl what i hoped when i was a kid i would be a football star all my life to. >> rough and tumble going on. thank you so much rex pearson from the chicago tribune. in other news today it was the celebration of jane addams day in chicago honoring the keynote speaker for the day was a professor anita hill known for putting the spotlight on sexual harassment during the confirmation hearing for supreme court appointment 20 years ago
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hill spoke to an audience of about 100 about gender as they involve housing issues: the situation of crisis. >> we are living in a time not simply of crisis of the market but really i characterize this as a crisis of home. >> the jane addams event was sponsored by the american association of university women. families helping families in the western suburbs, hundreds of christmases' will be better this year thanks to a huge canvas as part of a drive in oak park. this year's nobel peace prize winners and a south and church has problems at the altar. @ñ?ñúótp?ow÷÷÷xm@]pññnúqúgxo@f(n÷7@?xi@@
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oú6@w@po÷?@÷úo7? g@úoññú?
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and organizations are making sure that there will be a christmas for the communities neediest families. this sea of giving. >> this morning it's not people filling the pews at united lutheran church in oak park. it's a presence, bags and bags
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of presence. presence. christmas presents. people in need better being helped by the holiday food and gift basket program to the oak park river forest community of congregation, a program that dates back to the 1970's and today the need is as great as ever, 950 families will receive gifts this year. families like these people, are here to deliver gifts to families in need. >> we feel privileged and felt good about being able to help out. >> we followed it the family as they packed their car and headed to their first stop, gives for a
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mother and an adorable 9 month old baby girl. against nikita requested birthings many of us take for granted. but bigger than the kids in these banks is the feeling of knowing there are people out there willing to give in wanting to help. >> it really reminds you what christmas is about. i feel really fortunate. >> it is felt just as much by the family is doing the giving. volunteers will be continuing to distribute gas today and in the days to come but already organizers are focused on 2012, next november there will have to raise $30,000 for the food gift program and delayed hundred sponsors for this gift program
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next christmas. christmas came early today for a special group of students who have a chance to go on a shopping spree with chicago police officers, because for chosen from several schools on the city's south and southwest side and then they were paired up with officers from chicago's ninth district, target donated a gift card for the annual shop with a cop the kids cruise the aisles of the target store at 33rd and damon and mckinley park, with so little help from chicago's cops. claims that vote tampering has led to our rests in russia and why it vladimir cousins rain may be ending. a matchstick fire has left a wedding and a tour drive
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scrambling for new venues.
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the largest anti-government protests in soviet russia took
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place today with demonstrators sang the at was fraudulent. on a public square in moscow they demanded that the election results be handled so that a new vote could take place vladimir prudent for many formerly the russians president and now the prime minister, argentina's president kristina hernandez was sworn in for a second for your turn today with today's inauguration she becomes the only female leader in latin america is the only in the country ever to be reelected. she reflected on her first term, among her a call accomplishments were rooting out human-rights violations from 1976 through 1983 she received
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most of her support from the working class is. at least 13 people have been killed after a small plane crashed into a school in the philippines the pilot of the plan has requested an emergency landing just moments the plane took off in route to manila, witnesses say the plan was twirling in the air before it crashed into the school and set off a major fire, the school was not in session but several people on the ground including two children were killed along with the pilot and co-pilot and two passengers on the plane. the pain at the gas pump is real with of the nation as a whole spending of record $448 billion to fill up at the pump this year. and there are still three weeks left in 2011. oil prices have simply been consistently higher all year, the u.s. spend a record amount
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of money on gas the organization of petroleum and companies in the middle east pop to one trillion dollars in net oil exports for the first time. a london toy drive had to be relocated, the two events for supposed to be held this weekend at an elks lodge which was destroyed by fire in a community north of buffalo no one was in the building at the time and firefighters reported no injuries, because of the blaze is being investigated. we are closing the books on a very cold saturday in chicago jim ramsey is coming up next and he says we will be warming up again soon but that could also mean some midweek rain. in december.
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>> we're now matching our high temperature today of 26. there is a wind chill right now of 18
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degrees. the time lapse camera show plenty of blue skies a shame it was an 70 but it wasn't so that blue sky went to waste but we do have some clouds overhead at the moment, a very brief shot of overcast conditions that dissipate within the next hour or two. notice is in the teens all over the area especially if you look out to the west, wind chills 12-14 degrees. this comes in zero
9:32 pm
weeks from tomorrow, into that will be another batch of fairley chilly air but initial indications are it will not stay around very long once it moves out we will be at a pacific flow and things should be a little milder after that. these are the temperatures across the midwest and notice know very very cold air being notice anywhere in any direction at the moment the colder now moving off to the east so look for temperatures to be at least tolerable if at least a bit chilly tomorrow what we're finding on our radar pictures check this out texas which has been suffering for exceptional drought of summer and much of the fall months is getting at least a little rain down some of the southern sections, like the
9:33 pm
modern rainshowers mostly but there may be a brief heavy downpour in that area, this is from our computer model but winston we think the clubs will have thickened up enough to produce some very oppressive rains across the area but this is no forecast and it will come up short with the chicago be on the warm side of the approaching system and we're looking at numbers what to our west and northwest you could see the ground white just a bit. do. temperatures across the area, these are some pre load two points but the southwest winds and a few clouds, temperatures again not expected to drop as much tonight here is our forecast for this evening. sky's mostly clear we do have clouds appear at the moment that they will move out very quickly low temperature by morning about where we are now 24-27 degrees and then for tomorrow morning
9:34 pm
sunshine and if you like clouds, wind will blow a little stronger 36-42 i think most areas should make it to least 40 southwest at 5-14 m.p.h. and monday again upper thirties to low 40's and now actually the next couple days to temperatures and the forecast represents numbers above the normal for these dates. the normal high for today was 36 so we were actually 10 degrees below normal with a high but temperatures will move above normal i have some real surprises coming up in the 74 cast including what could be a big grin on sunday. >> three incredible women were honored for making the world a better place next the amazing
9:35 pm
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it was a historic day in norway as three women except the nobel peace prize in oslo, 32 year-old journalist is the youngest jews joined by the president of liberia and a social worker and peace activist from liberia. the nobel committee awarded them a prize for their non-violent struggle in the safety of women and for women's rights as peacemakers. it's not unheard of but it is unusual for the nobel peace prize to be shared between three laureates it's quite different that one of the laureates barely knows the other two, it's unprecedented that all three are women. a grass-roots
9:39 pm
activist a head of state from liberia and west africa and on the southern edge of the arabian peninsula three women who have risked their lives to transform their nation assembling a women's movement that has astonishing results helping and more than a decade of war with protests and prayer. alan johnson africa's first elected female head of state working to bring the benefits of peace to a country that has been pillaged by its leaders and warlords, the first arab woman ever to win a nobel peace prize took on a dictator and continues to support full democracy and women. >> they are all remarkable examples of not only their own
9:40 pm
determination and spirit but also a reminder that when we empower women around the world then everyone is better off. >> women not just demanding a women's rights of picking and powerful dangerous men to demand what is right for everyone. the words of this year's nobel citation is the norwegian nobel committee's hope that the prize to ellen johnson sterling will help to bring an end to the suppression of women as it still occurs in many countries in to realize the great potential for democracy and peace that women can represent. >> the first was austrian
9:41 pm
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some hoosiers: indiana the land of milk and honey well in plymouth indiana they got the honey part all right the premise that church of the rev. as on a dripping from the ceiling on to the altar some
9:45 pm
call it a sign from god and others say it is most likely a honeycomb that is stuck up there. but be moved into the cross behind the altar during the summer but an exterminator was acted out so some would call this sweet revenge. still little girls in kentucky just wanted one thing for christmas this year and that was their dad who has been serving in afghanistan so this past week students from the lake would grade school in the north-central town of cecilia were led to the library to hear a christmas story. in an adjoining room watching it all was sergeant tommy who has just finished his deployment, enter santa claus who asked neal's daughter what they wanted for christmas to which there were applied to their father. the
9:46 pm
surprise return was orchestrated by the soldier's life kept a secret that her father or their father would be returning home, a chilly start to the weekend but i thought i heard you mention that things might get a bit better tomorrow we're looking at temperatures tomorrow running about 10-15 degrees warmer than we saw today in the area so far around the country pretty toasty in the midwest compared to what was this morning now we're going to take a moment and update you on the major earthquakes that took place 103 mi. southwest of texaco's city it was originally estimated to have a magnitude of 6.7 but that has since been revised to 6.5 there are reports of buildings shaking in mexico city as the earthquake occurred,
9:47 pm
no reports of damage or injury the quake was a relatively weak one occurring some 40 mi. below the surface now here in chicago for the next seven days look at bat, 41 small and 40 on monday all the way up to 47 on wednesday. by tuesday evening we expect rain to began and it could be heavy at times on wednesday. some days to just as much as one to 2 in. will come down. finally by the weekend temperatures getting colder again friday and saturday both expected to be in the 30's and the sunday beyond that last day could be once again back in the '20s. a holiday luncheon today for senior citizens living in chicago 17th ward, the affair was hosted by alex russia thomas at the salvation army on west 69th street, scores of seniors
9:48 pm
from the 17th ward in cheerful holiday menu at the luncheon, while thomas is noted for her school renovation efforts today's launch demonstrated that she hasn't forgotten her community elders as well. the first of three wintertime polar delays at northerly ireland got in the way today ice sculptures storytelling music crafts in sled dogs for the key attractions for the polar days designed for young people, to more polar days are scheduled on january 21st and february 18th. an oregon family has gone points for creativity even though they decided to give up trying to compete with their neighbors and the elaborate christmas lights so check out
9:49 pm
what they did, they just put up a sign saying it did note with an arrow pointing to their neighbors. ditto. they even have solid music playing so you to understand why they said we cannot compete. a black guy for major league baseball, one of the players test positive for performance enhancing drugs.
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we will have basketball after all. >> their back to work in deerfield, two weeks from tomorrow the bulls will open the season against the lakers. it sounds more like a brick hamilton will be part of that opening day roster, was his buyout in the final and it clears waivers. that's the biggest news since the bulls went through their first full day at training camp, they're glad to be back ready to go through and the route veterans
9:53 pm
are ready to welcome the 30 year-old hamilton with open arms if he ends up a bowl. campbell bothell. the u l a bell. . i'm happy with a group that we have. >> depaul beat loyola wednesday chicago state would hang around melvyn caps this court and with a dunk and t finished with a career high of 30 depaul now 6 and 3 after beating the
9:54 pm
cougars 102-25. the yankees outfielder watches all matter take on it illinois, there were down 10 and the first half up by nine in the second he somehow got that shot to go down. just over one minute left a three- point game. paris carter for some briefing room, they went 62-55 but their third victory the huskies are 0 and 8. kentucky struggle that indiana the wildcats led by two with time running out when i use christian rockford launches this three-pointer, good at the buzzer indiana stuns no. 1 kentucky 73-72 no. 2 ohio state lost to(6 kansas, finished the game between crosstown rivals because of this, 9 seconds left, one of the uglier brawls to see a college basketball, dave
9:55 pm
fourier's appeared to get the worst of it, both conferences involved or expected to take action after several punches relented but the schools themselves are likely to act first. >> i will decide who is on the team going forward. that is with the university of cincinnati is about. i have never been this embarrassed, i'm hoping that president william doesn't ask me to resign after that. >> stunning news tonight in baseball with the report that one of the top players in the game has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs the national league's mvp ryan brought of the proof is reportedly tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone and according to them he is facing a 50 game suspension, the penalty has not gone through because he has been fighting test results for arbitration he has never been linked to
9:56 pm
performance enhancers unusual circumstances will support his innocence. >> 2011 winner of the trophy it is robert griffin the third. >> a onetime stanford quarterback interlock appeared but griffin the quarterback from baylor was the nation's top- rated passer throwing for almost 4,000 yds and 46 touchdowns to win the 77th heisman trophy. the commander in chief on the coin toss in 112 army navy game the first one play in the nation's capital or nearby 14-nothing lead he came back twice but the navy wins for the 10th straight time and the series 27-21. a painful sight for cardinals fans, albert wearing an angel's jersey officially introduced along with pitcher cg wilson at an
9:57 pm
outdoor news conference attended by an estimated 4000 fans, the angels signed for all of this week for 10 year deal to more than $250 million. other college hoops' noted today loyola beat toledo 57-55. kevin someone goes from houston to texas a&m. this may be the catch of the year in college football and the s c f playoffs watched montana state receiver get open and make an unbelievable tumbling one hand catch, somehow he hangs on at one point holding it behind his back for a 40 yd game, unfortunately for the bobcats they didn't score after that play and they lost to sam houston state 49-13.
9:58 pm
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