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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  January 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway did not plead guilty ... to the trial involving the murder of a peruvian woman ... joran van der sloot said that he wanted to give a sincere
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confession but did not agree to the terms of making that plea ... >>british police say that the body found a new year's day at the queens country estate in sandringham may be that of a missing teenage girl a man walking his dog made the discovery on the grounds and informed authorities dna results will not be back for a few more days but investigators have determined that the body belonged to two women between 15-23 years old if they believe it could be a 17 year-old girl who went missing last year the girl was last seen 10 mi. from royal crown's the royal family has not spoken publicly on the discovery but there reportedly be updated by police >>a serial killer appears to be targeting homeless people in southern california officials in orange county and their flashlights and whistles to help homeless people protect themselves after three men were stabbed to death in north orange county and meantime people are being encouraged to sleep in
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groups and stay in shelters authorities arrested for the public's help in the search for the killer the fbi has been brought in to assist with the case they are reviewing surveillance video from the area where the first victim was killed >>an american teenager who was mistakenly reported to be deported to colombia could return home to the states by the weekend colombian officials are expected to hand over 15 year- old jakadrien turner her over to u.s. officials today the immigration and customs enforcement agency said that the girl was arrested for theft the claim that she gave a fake name until the choose a woman from columbia colombian officials will release the girl to the united states embassy there >>at los angeles catholic bishop has resigned after a meeting that he is the father of two children the two children of gabino zavala are now teenagers living with their mother in a different state the bishop was responsible for 66 parishes and
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the los angeles area under the church floor roman catholic priests are required to be celibate pope benedict has accepted the resignation from gabino zavala the vatican will suggest the replacement >> mitt romney may not have won the iowa caucuses after all an iowa man who helped count the votes off claims that there was a vote miscount favoring mitt romney he said the republican party ever counted rummies total in its precinct by 20 ballots if the claim is accurate the aid vote romney victory would actually a 12 vote santorum went during an interview with the fox news channel last night rick santorum said that it did not matter to him and he considers the caucuses to be a tight nothing is confirmed and there is no plan for a recount >>senator john mccain made a little flubbed at a mitt romney
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event in south carolina yesterday where he referred to the good works of president obama when he meant to say mitt romney >>the pentagon is investigating whether the white house leaked classified information to a hollywood filmmaker about the raid that killed osama bin laden's the defense department's inspector general is looking into whether filmmakers were given access to secret information about the bin laden's made the film was set to be released just before this year's presidential election but a public outcry forced its postponement until december the cia is also drafting a policy about how its public affairs division works with authors and with filmmakers >>one and 5000 items recovered from the titanic will be auctioned off the auction will be held in april to mark the 100th anniversary of the ocean
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liners maiden voyage the titanic left southampton england on april 11th 1912 and crashed into an iceberg and sank on april 15th among those items for auction are glasses binoculars silverware and dishes that there is a trickier all of the artifacts will be sold as one big a lot the appraised value of those collectibles is at least $189 million >>the day's top business stories coming up next ... and later we are making a
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i'm beejal patel with bloomberg news live from the cme group in chicago with today's business headlines ... a positive job statistics for the month of december ... 200,000 jobs were
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created in december ... the unemployment rate went down to 8.5% a three year low the total number of under and unemployed workers of 21 million people continues to shrink ... the long term employment rate remains the same 5.6 million people ... the cme group is in the cross hairs of ... ms global its financial troubles ... the cme said that m f global misled everyone with what happened to customer account money >>crain's chicago business says that groupon is not in the running to make its market the
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super bowl with another tv spot they're being pressured to cut their advertising budget because they're putting too big a dent in their profits ... there cutting the fat at chick-fil-a ... grilled chicken nuggets are going to be offered january 9th that should cut the fat in their kids' meals and half >>the reduction of corn syrup and sodium is getting reduced at mcdonald's ... >>we're looking at a 40 point lower trading volume with the new york stock exchange dow jones industrial average's ...
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love it or hate it all of facebook said 800 million users will soon have to deal with " timeline " karin caifa has tips to help you embrace and maybe even enjoy the new format that is slowly spreading to your friends pages >>maybe you are confused but some point very soon all 800 million facebook users will have to learn to live with and loved timeline mark zuckerberg introduce the new format back in september >>all of your stories all of your applications and a new way to express who you are is in this layout >>everything is shortened to in terms of a timeline to help your live your life on line >>after an account makes the
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switch to timeline users get seven days before it will go public so your friends can see it getting a user time to sort out what appears ... gismo note tech reporter says it's a lot easier than people realize >>facebook does a lot of the work for you ... >>on the profile your picture has been confined to a smaller part of the page but it will spread across your entire page so choose a good one ... the former ceo of m f global reportedly plan to buy a chateau in france for him and his wife just weeks before his company
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filed for bankruptcy that affairs says that john corzine and his wife talked about their plans at a party in paris on october 15th and on october 31st the company went bust thanks to bad bets on the debt problem in europe more than 100,000 workers lost their jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars is missing john corzine told congress that he does not know where the money has the fbi and federal prosecutors are investigating >>the ex-wife of tiger woods was awarded a hundred million dollars in her divorce so she bought a house according to t m z elin nordegren purchased a 12 million-dollar home in north palm beach florida it had six bedrooms and eight bathrooms and she did not like it so she bulldozed the whole thing no word on which she plans to do with it now that it is in rubble >> big changes for chicago's public
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libraries some alderman are voicing displeasure the new plan to close libraries one more day of the week ... and he is known for his unique mix of american standard's swing tunes and pop classics live music this midday from sam fazio we all have internal plumbing. but for some of us with overactive bladder, our pipes just don't work as well as they should. sometimes, i worry my pipes might leak. but i learned there's something more i can do.
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the chicago police department just received an import clearance to build a shooting range on the southeast side ...
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the metropolitan water reclamation district controls that land and yesterday its board members agreed to lease that land to the city the range will open on property along the calumet river on east 134th street and critics want to that land preserved as an open space for wildlife and recreation. the range will be built with money seized during police drug raids >>the next phase of the $300 million wacker reconstruction project is set to begin monday wacker drive will be closed at the intersections of monroe and adams streets until next summer but the good news is that madison street intersection will reopen monday the upper and lower levels of wacker are being rebuilt from lake st. to congress parkway to the end of this year >>tips trips to a lover and mondays are no longer a reality thanks to recent city budget cuts judy wang has more details >>signs posted at this lincoln
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park branch and others list new hours closed mondays people like this woman uses the library twice per week and she's disappointed >>i would rather have it closed for just a few hours rather than one whole day ... this seems inconsistent with the administration that rump emmanuel purports to be running and that is upsetting the layoff of 284 library employees and the proposed budget was softened to 184 but the mayor stood by his original plan to close those branches monday's ... the union for library workers says that it is the stunned by this >>the union received no formal
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notification from the city and there has been no attempt by the city to negotiate the scheduled change which is technically a violation of their duty under the law and the contract for hours per day two days per week for eight hours a day one day per week is still an unacceptable reduction >>a spokesperson for the mayor says that there is a plan for keeping the library is open for six days per week and they are seeking concessions from the unions to make this happen >>the union says it's not to blame they did not force the city's hand the union has sent a letter to the administration outlining its concerned >>career 50 degrade d edegree day here in [♪...]
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with some chicago-area residents >>randi belisomo caught up with a couple of college students who got creative so that they could have a white winter >>no snow? no sweat for snow border neck he has all the gear to spray his mother's backyard with the stuff that he needs to shred on christmas vacation ... home from colorado ... >>i wanted to make snow for a while it has taken some time for the atmosphere to drop to the right temperatures ... he reunited his friends in vernon hills and turned this hill into
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a snow boarders paradise ... he is majoring in recreational tourism and he is putting that education to good use ... he purchase this equipment on snow at home .com >>i'm doing this with an air compressor a garden hose and a pressure washer it makes the water easier to cool ... you get a lot of snow with this equation >>even though it feels far from frosty these guys can still grind their boxes the i turned my friend here on to snowboarding he takes the snowy
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weather with him wherever he goes >>here i only have to drive five minutes and within 10 minutes i can snowboard with my friend >>it is still cold when you crash and a cast that covered >>he has heat to counter the chill >>i really like snowboarding in the midwest because when you are with friends could doesn't matter how good the course or the writing is it's about the company >>and on his heel the vibe is cool >> after all that work i hope it doesn't get too muddy for them >>maybe they can take up some waterskiing >>we have absolutely incredible
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weather radars already 20 degrees above normal high for today and it's only midday >>we're looking at those clouds the skies will get over cast from time to time we will call it a part the nick leddy day there will be periods of sunbreaks there will be westerly breezes it is very warm out to the immediate west and that warm air is flowing into chicago hitting us with the sunshine ... the wind it is a 5-10 mi. per hour and here is what happened yesterday >>rapid city south dakota warmed to 73 degrees! they have already fallen 34 degrees at this moment that cool air will make our weekend cooler ... looking at
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the weather map and the temperature is listed here you can see there are many records for high-temperature is happening ... but we are gonna drop to the '30's on saturday and sunday but it will warm up again monday to stay and we are looking at a few more days into the 40's around chicago in our near future but the cold air is pulling over time by the end of next week we're looking at a very chilly air mass ... we will probably be in the '20s by the end of the week in the short run here's where it looks around the midwest ... st. louis is 67 degrees right now ... there is a cold front sitting right along this cloud line stretching from
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the upper peninsula of michigan back to nebraska and kansas that is the leading edge of the cooler air making its way into chicago those clouds will tend to break up as they crossed our skies here that could hold together long enough perhaps to provide a period of cloud cover it is probably sunni right now and parts of the southern suburbs ... a few more clouds will drift in tonight >>here's the forecast for the rest of the afternoon: we're looking at overcast skies amazing temperatures running 20-25 degrees above normal the high will be 53-58 degrees in chicago reminding you is the sixth of january! it will be chile by the morning 29-36
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degrees ... scattered clouds ... saturday the party is officially over colder temperatures 35 to arish 40 decree highs sunday same thing the war mayor should return by monday and we should be back into the 40's by tuesday it's time now for today's trivia when was abraham lincoln's face engraved on the penny? we will have the answer ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help.
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it's time for sports ... the
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bears wasted no time replacing mike martz the team has named mike tice the new offensive coordinator he was the offensive line coach for the past two seasons, but was linked to the coordinator job since the signed an extension ladder last year mike tice has had coaching experience but has never been a coordinator mike martz resigned on tuesday over philosophical differences with coach lovie smith the bears will also hire a quarterback coach who will help mike tice coordinate the passing game >>the blackhawks in philadelphia for the first time since the stanley cup there were down 4-2 in the third. but to calls from brent c. burke and patrick kane within 25 seconds to tie the game but patrick kane was called for high sticking late and with 30 seconds left james van reams dyke scores the power play goal to win it for the philadelphia flyers the hawks lost 5-for is
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their third loss in four games they play the colorado avalanche tonight the carlos zambrano trade is no official in the cubs president theo epstein says it came down to trust issues he said he could either release zambrano and get nothing in return or pay the 15 million and get a player the trade action did not materialize until a marlon's called earlier this week theo epstein says that he spoke to many players and they felt that carlos zambrano violated their trust way to many times >>the chicago bulls visit orlando tonight and derrick rose will play he bruised his elbow in detroit it is still sore but he fully participated in the morning shoot around derrick rose as i missed six games in his three plus seasons rip hamilton also tweaked his grind in the last game and is a game time decision tipoff is at 7:00
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tonight on w.c. i u that is a look at sports your live illinois lottery drawing is now >>hera the winning pick three numbers: here are the winning pick three numbers: 9 4 4 here are the winning pick four numbers:9 1 5 4
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join us tonight for the $25 million mega-millions jackpot
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many years experts maintained it really began before age 60 the declines were too small to be noticeable in everyday life but researchers say the findings may have implications for the prevention of dementia and underscore the importance of caring for bodies and minds early in life >>driving while sec may be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated this according to a new study backed by two british insurance companies the report claims that driving with a cold can be equivalent to having more than four double shots of whiskey the study also says that sick drivers have diminished reaction time trouble judging curves and the brakes suddenly >>man's best friend if they can understand our words but can they understand our thoughts? researchers say gas in the study found when you look your dog in the eye while speaking to him he will respond by looking where
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you look as though he knows what you're going to do next the skills are similar to ones found in six months old human infants experts say the results support the notion that dogs like babies >>he may be one of the world's most eminent scientists but one thing remains a mystery to professor stephen hawking women when asked what he thinks most about he replied when they are a complete mystery steven hawking is about to celebrate his 70th birthday on sunday during his life he has written about all kinds of mysteries of the universe but he tells new scientist magazine that women perplex him the most >>the lunch break is coming next is a
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a healthy and contemporary italian dish ... >>this is very healthy ... everyone thinks making fish can be very difficult but this dish gives you 90 percent protein ... it's the new year everybody is more weight conscious and health-conscious so we want to have something healthy on our menu ...
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>>we have all over eden over the holidays and made these new year's resolutions this is a sicilian style dish ... we are sauteing some garlic and celery week and sour cherry gets added it is traditionally used in sicily for this dish ... there many types of tuna
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... in italy it is caught by spear fishing and it is called tonno rosso.. your vegetables got to be translucent and to this mixture if you will add 1 c. of red wine vinegar ... we're also adding butter not squash and some sage ... this is just a little bit of olive oil with all of these chopped vegetables and the cherries there are lots of flavor is coming together here we season this with salt and pepper ... we also have chest
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not honey not as common in america and as a little bit of bitterness to getits taste this will cook for approximately half an hour. these are the pre cut portions of the tuna we season that
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carefully with a little bit of salt and pepper ... because this tuna is such a lean piece of fish you should keep it a bit rare or pink in the center ... it will lose flavor if you overcook get what we like to do in the restaurant when we see here the tunasear the tuna.. is to hit turn atturn the meat of the fish on all
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four sides and then it when we get the plates ready we like to brushed some age to balsamic vinegar on the plate itself ... you can go to to get the recipe
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(sound of computer alert tone) hey
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girl. heard you and your boyfriend split. i'm here for you. us girls have to stick together. when you post online it's like opening your front door to... well, everyone. if you need help call 1-800-448-3000 (tdd#1-800-448-1433) or visit for safe, private online chat. and now the answer to today's trivia question when was abraham lincoln's face engraved on the penny? the answer is 1909. >>look at these temperatures across the country that cold air is bottled up north meanwhile down south ... wait just a minute we are fixing the
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microphones there we go ... we have the 7 day forecast that shows a 54 high temperature for today we cool down for the weekend and we get warmer again monday and tuesday in the 40's and then we get a chunk of coal they're making it very cold by next thursday enjoy the warm air while it is here with us we have hours to go before the 30 degree temperatures hang over the chicago area ... this is just incredible there is evidence that wednesday and thursday we may get a little bit of snow in the southern suburbs but not very much >>thank you jim ramsey and thank you all for joining us today we hope you have a great weekend we're going to leave you with more music from sam fazio you
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can see him next wednesday at maxim's in chicago and weekly at the drake hotel > [music: come fly with me performed by sam fazio]
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