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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  January 17, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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two more minutes and you would have died talking about the pit bull that nearly killed him it. and what the coast guard told the crew captain after he left a sinking ship. wgn news @ 9 friends grieving tonight for two boys mother and their cousin killed before their villa park home was set on fire. top story around the country tonight family destroyed. the ballpark tonight where young people gathered to remember their friends. >> hearts truly broken we learned the more since we last checked in investigators believe only suspect in the murders left his car here this morning. drove one of the victims' vehicle to
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his parents' home where he turned the gun on himself. suspect quadruple homicide took his old life this afternoon investigators closed-end. 42 year-old man with a long criminal history left a suicide note. source says did not mention that the murders. relationship with the 37 year old found in her burning home this morning along with her son at 16 year-old boy and would have turned 14 years old and their cause and 19 year-old. all four shot in their beds according to a source of the fire set to cover up the crime. handgun found at the scene of suicide linked to the killing classmates popular freshman
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rushed to his home as soon as they heard the news much larger group gathering for a prayer vigil tonight >> he was a very loving and kind person a really good guy happy person and always with a smile on everyone's face. hurd said to see him at such a young age >> source says investigators knew something was wrong front door had been kicked in. boston got worried when she did not show up for her job driving a school bus early this morning. batt but she cared a lot about her kids like most parents. tragedy that she is dead and her kids are dead >> i thought nobody was home and i find out they are all dead it is heartbreaking at the
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terrible. >> classmates telos absolutely and a state of shock over this and crisis counselors already made available to them tonight. live from villa park wgn news >> developing in washington white house reportedly on lockdown some say smoke bomb thrown by occupy wall street protester at a cloud rally outside of the gate. president and first lady not home at the time out to dinner 7 reddick 48th birthday tonight first lady. reaction of beating of chicago teenager posted on you tube first showed at 9:00 last night questioning six boys about attack saturday in an alley. area one police headquarters >> no charges in the case at this hour but videotape
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difficult to watch turned out to be incredible tool for investigators identified things like faces and voices interestingly enough public is responding. we want to warn you it the video is graphic >> kicking and punching or again profanity from start to finish 17 year-old high-school student hardly stood a chance tried to hold his own and an alley it was six against one of that day. the video can be found on due to getting a lot of play already 43,000 hits. victim was told he was being robbed attackers tried to take his coat and tissues maybe more. high school star of the student population fears retaliation can come next attending a rival high-school >> cannot believe somebody would
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do that heard about it in the morning people told me to look at these videos and >> he must have done something i do not know the story but it was pretty disturbing >> makes me feel insecure because can happen to any of my friends or even to me >> mother is shocked it happened but shock to somebody videotaped it and posted it on line >> the% to just stand there and watch them do that >> investigators talking to six individuals and looking for more. video itself at countless comments found on social media helping to find them. even the mayor is keeping an eye on this case. harsh lesson >> should be a wake-up call value system those kids doing that to another is wrong. not
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tolerable >> amazing in the case at the video is emotionally charged people turning names and addresses of potential offenders giving them up online at comments or around the world are flooding into internet. total incident makes me sick embarrasses me to be from chicago. i know i speak for everyone when i say stay strong and made justice prevail. community activists as the online outlet could be a new way of policing. >> put it on facebook and tweet it is the best way of doing things. some people do not want to come forward if you can't text it or email it get it to the police department in the best way you can't if you did not want to comment and you can watch the cases be solved much faster. >> you two pits at about 43,000 just an hour ago sense that the number has doubled and that is
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just on one of the u to channels we have matured as of late not able to speak to the big dump itself and this case but we have been told he has been ok separate bruises and lacerations physically nothing more we are told and also on clear exactly what led up to the fight what transpired before hand were the attackers after clothes or the badge or something else? we think that ought to police to figure out >> so-called englewood four finally free on murder charges after 17 years prosecutors dropped all charges today. cook county criminal court harold richardson, terrill swift, vincent thames and michael saunders will not be retried judge threw out the conditions last year for 1994 rape and murder of nina glover because the dna a linked another man johnny douglas to the crime.
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>> judge made the right decision >> the man it clear it can get on with their lives but convicted killer dna in matched what shot and killed himself in 2008. and vicious the attacked by two pit bulls a lot of the lakefront spoke out publicly thought he was going to die as the dogs bit him numerous times. wgn sean lewis here >> joseph finley be out of the hospital tomorrow but certainly not out of the woods after the pit bull attack it was clear as to talk to reporters today not just his physical strength that kept him alive through the horrific attack it was his spirit as well. he may be down but he is not out for dog attack
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victim joseph finley we heard from him the first time today. >> in my mind survive survive you have to survive >> survive echoes through the mind for years. family early morning jog joseph finley early morning jog rainbow beach park on the south shore >> i remember the dogs coming at me. constantly. gang again and biting and tearing and poland. they work by dig my body like i was a hamburger. all i remember is the last effort to survive by hitting the dog as hard as i could to keep it from my throat. that is when i started calling out for help. >> good samaritan heard his calls and ran for help kitten get the dogs with a baseball
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bat. officers showed up shooting and killing the animals. doctors who worked on joseph finley @ hospital say even though the attack claimed the part of his left leg and partial use of an arm his spirit is what they believe has gotten so far so quickly. >> he is doing it very well a tribute to how strong of an individual he is. >> ultimate colp rehabilitation his hobby of running which he took up 10 years ago will again be a part of his life. >> i just want to be able to walk again and use my arm again and to be able to have these thoughts in my mind that constantly has my body being torn apart i want to get that out of my head. >> the owner of the pit bulls was ticketed by police but will not face charges because there
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are no stricter laws in chicago that apply to dog attacks. joseph finley says he wants to help change that as you can see we have many more parts of the interview on a website. >> plan to keep order during the upcoming g-8 and nato summits and appears he is backing down a bit. charges of a secret deal dirty chicago politics at its best or worst story up fierce battle for should be on a primary ballot at temperatures taken a big plunge tom skilling says we could see lows and the single digits and wgn news @
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such as low blood pressure low heart rate fainting, and sleepiness. intuniv may affect the ability to drive or use machinery. other side effects include nausea, tiredness trouble sleeping stomach pain, and dizziness. tell the doctor about your child's medicines and medical conditions including heart, liver, or kidney problems. [ mom ] adding intuniv helped eric. [ male announcer ] ask the doctor about once-daily nonstimulant intuniv. wgn news @ 9 down and dirty of chicago politics played out today charges of secret deals signatures at the i recordings mud fight over who should or should not be on the democratic primary ballot for upcoming state senate race. nothing more
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than a desperate smear campaign >> attorney for montes junior self-described community activists who want back on the ballot senate race and the southwest suburbs and in this corner high-powered election attorney for state senator sen. landek chicago board of elections to properly same people who ruled whether mayor rahm emmanuel could be on the ballot. started just weeks ago when montes junior clamped sen. landek offered him a deal campaign job to drop out of the race if he beat used it would face a challenge that would get him kicked off the ballot. and
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if what sen montes junior is is true how about this political in trick? sen. landek did not know montes junior claims he was wearing fbi wire disguised as a teacher and montes junior says the fbi agents texting had a message if everything was ok? what was said we cannot verify it we only have montes junior burchett the fbi will not comment and neither will sen. landek. as it happened montes junior take off of the bout but ruled statement of candidacy was altered bringing us to today's hearing >> two witnesses say different things board of election commissioners reviewed the case this time montes junior 1 >> papers it declared a ballot in the name of montes junior shall be printed on the official ballot general primary election >> sen. landek attorney says he will appeal >> i know the candidates have
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lied and i do not use the word line lightly or loosely can bet that allied and his petitions over 240 signatures were forged not true he lied when he talked about the fbi nothing has come up and think and he'd like said he discussed with the senator >> comments like these promises to be the kind of campaign chicago knows all too well back on the ballot montes junior at least today the boaters they believed in me it was hard work and this is good news had montes junior not put back on the ballot sen. landek have aborted march 20th primary and run and november 6th on election unopposed unless his attorney's appeal this successful facing off with fellow democrat montes junior in two months. >> coming of audio recordings
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decades old on the other protest organizers say the updates will impact freedom of speech protestors won out with mayor backing down and at least one area. protest before other cities g-8 and nato summits bringing out thousands of demonstrators. bamut city of chicago can hold conferences for world leaders nobel peace prizes those cities are not better than the city of chicago >> proposed sweeping changes to protest ordinances increasing fines for those as much as $1,000. >> using fear mongering and excuse of g-8 and nato summits g-8 and nato summits to pass the ordinance when it is the mayor himself pregnant undemocratic summit to the streets of chicago.
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>> by the end of the city hall meeting backed off the raised fees chicago police superintendent after public opinion fees will stay as they are no higher than $500. >> to not want to give any impression we are doing anything with the first amendment except for protecting this but want to avoid even a perception issue >> surveillance cameras park's closing and restrictions giving superintendent mccarthy ability to deputize out of state police to handle civil unrest still a concern or protest organizers >> what the next pass tomorrow all bets are off. have to say federal government decides to next the permit we have already received all bets are off because why should people respect the law if the law does not respect to that?
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>> the mayor calls the changes pretty much a must >> ordinances need to be updated so people have the right to express their views which they should. also ability to protect our city. >> numbers to keep in mind g-8 and nato summits starts may 19th as many as 10,000 demonstrators expected out on the streets and where 40-$65 million federal reimbursement private donations will pay desperate man on a mission coming up audio recordings reveal about a man who stole a squad car northwest indiana and coast guard lashes out at the captain of a sunken cruise ship after abandoned the vessel recordings give us a glimpse into what happened that night
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tonight's medical watch tropical benefits first time scientists able to poach stem cells from different cells. by all and good new treatment for spinal cord injuries. fighting also eliminates an ethical dilemma of working with a member on the extent cells instead transform cells which would otherwise be discarded. dangers of listening while walking new study finds a number of injuries has tripled in the last decade for people walking while wearing headphones people with ipod to crank up less aware of surroundings pedestrians hit by cars trains
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and buses 70 percent of the injuries were fatal. most of victim's younger than 30 years old according to journal of injury prevention using technology to exercise additional benefit. the virtual reality and had to exercise offer a greater benefit than traditional exercise american journal of preventative medicine reports in addition to build big muscles activities like cyber side to let offers protection against dementia imagery exercised more appealing less competitive and stressful prompt people to exercise more back to you. big chill tom skilling says it might not last for long forecast is next and why wikipe dia went dark tomorrow.
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getting a cold or around here showing huge numbers in a moment. if you think tomorrow will be cool we have colp coming through. pineapple express running out in the pacific big implications for the west coast how that might affect us could bring snow later in the week and it may be a warm up late this weekend and next week a good chance of that after cold weather today ran it turned over to snowfall only the seventh day
9:31 pm
measurable snowfall this season average last 14 years has been 13 days. last year 14 days only one year in the last 14 as duke measurable snow days might be changing later in the week light snow tomorrow night and one on friday could need to be shoveled parts in the northwest not far from us but the big story at the dance right here 20 degrees colder than 24 hours ago area midwest and the central united states that has cooled off high- temperature 30 degrees early today it was 41 degrees at midnight at tapping this vast reservoir of cold air setting up residence in canada sinking into our area pushing temperatures down to 21 degrees. clouds are clearing the snow in the wake visible on the satellite imagery. factor in the wind
9:32 pm
which is still strong but coming down tonight 24 mi. per hour gusts pretty good gusts over 30 mi. per hour with stock in the area it windchill just eight degrees above at o'hare. wind and northwest at 15 arctic air getting a to point to that low reflexed the moisture. arctic regions do not have open oceans this time of year covered in ice a lot of places limited the ones that are opened not much moisture cold air anyway. subzero wind chill all ready and this is the view in the northern suburbs most of the day's snow fell 2-3 in. deep you from harvard southern suburbs snow enough to stick but as you can see less know out in washington storms hitting up there with a
9:33 pm
vengeance tonight. just the first in a series. wind with all of the cool weather also 30 plus a mile per hour gusts from west chicago. to pontiac. tornado and these other midwest with damaging a thunderstorm win that last night in southern illinois wind gusts up to 50 mi. per hour. goodbye to the snowfall but the wake of fact snow machine is running to the southeast of the late tomorrow. take rainfall in the southeast but out to the west things are starting to change could impact the weather. breaking down
9:34 pm
during the day tomorrow. wisconsin had the most snow falling in our area. no. the bus west of milwaukee north of los west of milwaukee. kenosha at 1.6 in. at o'hare for tens of an inch of snow fall today. these are wind advisories. host of advisers to the west a weather system cut could come our way. watching this carefully no snow until that chile tomorrow and thursday coldest day by far look at the temperatures overnight single digits in the suburbs teens and the city rising tomorrow and to the twenties but look at what happens coldest air said thursday morning and during the day thursday temperatures stay
9:35 pm
single digits much of the day. and dropping down to near zero at night some of the suburbs and wind chill is pretty impressive big high-pressure comes into the area on the update talking more about the snow prospect later in the week and look at what is headed for the west coast during about phenomenal ride fall 5 ft. of snow and mountain ranges forecast in the next 72 hours. parade of storms warmer weather next week clearly much colder tonight. midteens downtown at about 12 degrees at o'hare. mostly sunny it cold but turned breezy. high temperature 28 degrees. more clouds light snow polar front that goes through tomorrow night. high temperature 15 degrees falling back to single digits part of the area thursday mostly sunny skies
9:36 pm
snowdrift later friday night. warming up after that. good news. what is it like two months first 70 degrees are on terrace so hang in there micah materre. >> capt. coming up to not go down with the ship and got an earful from the coast guard audio recording aftermath of the cruise ship sunk off the coast of italy and burger king greg and fast food to your doorstep. [ dentist ] people refer to jill as "that woman with the great smile." i refer to her as "that woman with the great gums." as jill's dentist, i know that her gums are a foundation of a healthy smile. jill knows that, too -- so she uses crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps eliminate plaque at the gum line, helping prevent gingivitis. it's even clinically proven to help reverse it in just 4 weeks.
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wgn news @ 9 with the known death toll at 11 and another 23 killed figures pointing an italian cruise ship costa concordia new audio recordings of the capt. likely the focus of the investigation. latest from washington >> tapes released by telling officials life of the capt. actions the night his cruise ship carrying roughly 4000 passengers hit rocks off of the western coast of italy and began to sink. at one point admitted he does not on board the ship to help with rescue
9:40 pm
efforts after the crash. the italian coast guard officials ordered him to get back on. >> go on board is an order could not make any other of valuations in charge get on board >> the recordings show captain initially told a ton and officials ship suffered a technical glitch when asked how many passengers still on board the cruise liner grossly underestimated the count and i cannot give a precise answer >> i do not know i know of what i have heard of what you are they want to tell me how many there are. >> capt. failed at his job by abandoning ship. >> a complete dereliction of duty responsibility to stay on board told the last surviving person was off of the vessel he should have been there the entire time >> capt. and custody could face
9:41 pm
manslaughter charges >> newly released audio from inside a stolen police car man desperate upset confused william blankenship sped off and a cruiser and indiana after stop handcuffed suspicion of a drug charge william blankenship became increasingly frustrated officers try to get him to stop >> one way or the other i am going to jail and not going to have that and did not point to run forever to not worry not point to hurt anyone else not going to jail i would rather be dead that go to jail. situation is, to escalate on you stop where you are i will be to their >> also asked for a key to remove his handcuffs police denied that another request
9:42 pm
>> at least tell me where a cigarette lighter is in your car >> repeatedly denied the drugs were his and claimed he took the car did not want to go to jail for something he did not do eventually ditched the car turned himself at >> fast food burger king about to give you a whopper at the front door and later in sports without derrick rose chicago bulls' offense finally on april. a i used to not travel very much,
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wgn news @ 9 wikipedia and reddit among the websites planning a blackout tomorrow unhappy about anti piracy bill in congress to stop online piracy act block and websites with links to other sites with pirated content say it will wreck the internet and shut down websites google so opposed. burger king tried to chase but what mcdonald's trying something new haven't hit your weight without leaving your home might not be hand delivered by the burger king himself but
9:46 pm
handful of restaurants washington d.c. area new delivery system order online or over the telephone with a to-$10 minimum delivery charge burger king says developed special thermal bags to keep the food warm but you need to live within 10 minutes of the store to take advantage of the home delivery getting pretty chilly out there tom skilling >> sounds pretty good and nice warm hamburger. getting chilly but 73 days average first-day first 70 degrees and past half way mark in winter so there are good signs even though the air mass derrin at us from the west is the air mass taking residence making it winter wheat next few days bubble of high pressure over the area lots of sun tomorrow and another issue from the pineapple express upper
9:47 pm
midwest drags a cold front through late tonight and high pressure bitter cold air comes down on thursday could produce coldest temperatures of the season next from the pineapple express what you see happening there overriding snow friday into friday night and a look at the winter chill temperatures by morning waking up to single digits if not subzero temperatures north and west. up to the teens tomorrow what the air will feel like look at the cold air that comes in a wind chill subzero by daybreak thursday stays that way through narrowed and much of the day. no higher than sigel digits and the outlook for friday night a pretty cool weather pattern. pineapple express we were talking about called that because the air originates near hawaii big multi thousand dollars.mile
9:48 pm
area what happens in northern california portland to seattle and vancouver island area could see more than 8 in. of rainfall perhaps even one for and the snow in places like seattle and the jet stream carries the systems across the country you can see the band of snow appear on the extended forecast out maximizes near the mountain ranges to the west some out of range of more than 5 ft. of snow just in the next three days for us nothing like that beautiful sunshine clouding out later and the day and much colder thursday could occur early and fall back to near 10 even sigel digits and 18 degrees with the snow developing friday night and up close to 40's by sunday and next week 1 think it will do pacific air across the country should he get to the
9:49 pm
arctic air making the outbreaks less numerous next week. backed up on the coldest air the show and he has a sense of forhumor that obama has a laugh at betty white birthday poking fun at his detractors >> dear betty white look so fantastic and full of energy cannot believe you are 90 years old i want to ask and you produce a copy of your birth certificate >> you might say this clip also works as a campaign advertisement plenty of votes for hosting honors saddle it saturday night live at the front of a betty white in front of bars president smart enough to take part in the birthday wish. coming up derrick rose missed his second straight game chicago bulls not missing a beat and
9:50 pm
holding onto important part of coaching staff sports next
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
what is the difference between that this at phoenix? >> shourd was not the same damn
9:53 pm
it coach tom thibodeau not happy but back to dominating self battle with the phoenix suns their gross another game out with his sore toe. chicago bulls killing did in the fourth quarter shooting in the flow three-pointer 39-31 at carlos boozer 26 in the first half 31 for the game bench mob pretty good ronnie brewer here 20 point lead at halftime and in the third richard hamilton back in the starting lineup like he never left coach turned to 54 degrees today happy birthday season high for the chicago bulls >> it was great i thought the ball was moving made the extra pass and when you do that good things happen and we made shots what you have to do
9:54 pm
>> college hoops tonight another tough customer in georgetown blue demons about eve and the first half 37-31 but in the second half capable hands of jasen clark one of the past and the conference delegate to the ramel almost at will tonight 31 points 164 depaul team fell 83- 75 northwestern it worked out game at wisconsin tomorrow night coming back down to earth after shooting down the spartans on saturday drew crawford and john shurna terrific event the wisconsin has been struggling badgers rarely do so at home is just a well coached teams shouldn't sell well have been in nice year people say they are
9:55 pm
vulnerable this year but that went and what a week ago i think everything is stable up there and we have to play well to beat that >> chicago bears beat take special teams guru dave toub it could keep at oakland reportedly has head coach in interest and jimmy raye interviews and fired jim caldwell by indianapolis coach at jim fischer officially takes over st. louis rams and blackhawks of brass watching practice patting themselves on the back for decision to bring an 2 shot to the big leagues joel quenneville bice new year's gift with patrick sharp injury has scored four goals in seven nhl games the game winner sunday night against san jose. high energy and a good fit. >> pleasure to have a round every time he is out there someone is smiling on the badge.
9:56 pm
>> i tried to keep everyone happy or drop me energetic guy always loved proving people wrong. >> i think the upside is there. one of those kids leaves it all out there on the brink. >> black hawks host buffalo tomorrow night shattuck tiger tears in detroit. jimmy raye victor mvictor martinez de troy tigers' most productive hitter for his aclu want to miss the entire year speculation could serve to heat up trade talks between the tried and the chicago cubs for matt garza x the question could soriano be included in a deal package deal he would be a great designated hitter. chicago cubs also signed arbitration eligible players today geovany soto who
9:57 pm
gets $4.3 billion. a nice raise. thank you that is the news happy you shared time with us.
9:58 pm
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