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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  January 27, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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chickenchicago and ministers gather at the cook county morgue to pray and speak out about conditions there. katy officials are promising to fix the problem of the bodies that are piling up at the morgue. good afternoon i am tom negovan and for steve sanders. and i'm lourdes.duarte in 4 dina bair randi belisomo is live at the county medical examiner's office with the latest >>a woman here had a brother die of a heart attack on october 8th and his body has been here at the more garrisons or so she thinks ... she cannot get an answer as to whether or not her brother was part of a public
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burial that took place this month >>a group of pastor's came to the medical examiner's office this morning to a minister last rites to the many bodies. they met this woman in the lobby and tears upon seeing images from the morgue on television all week ... she believes her brother was like one of those bodies that were stacked yourhere ... but she cannot know for sure since she was never allowed to come and to identify anyone >>she believes that the medical examiner's office is covering up ... we believe the family has been trying to get funds to gather her brother ...
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>>the pastor came here to pray and ask for a citizens oversight board to be assembled as toni preckwinkle promised to reform the system ... this includes new technologies for identification and deadlines. she said that grieving families deserve information and respect and certainly better treatment >>i have cried a river of tears because of this ... no one has the right to be treated this way it's just outrageous we are going to get justice here for the souls of all of these people it does not matter what walk of life they have come from everyone deserves respect it's outrageous >>this is a disgrace to the city and county to have this
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situation ... we believe that there should be dignity not only in life but in death ... if we dismiss or neglect the indigent then all of us at some point just might be in danger of playing in a morgue somewhere unclaimed >>nancy jones the medical examiner has been silent all week ... chew is holed up in her office as toni preckwinkle was here to give her press conference capt. nathan mchone was one of six marines who died in a helicopter crash in afghanistan on january 19th his body will arrive home later this morning for his funeral in the northwest suburbs he was from crystal lake he was a helicopter pilot
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on his second tour of duty in afghanistan when he was in that crash in afghanistan january 19th the body is scheduled to arrive at the dupage airport this morning visitation will be held tomorrow from 3-9:00 p.m. at the davenport family funeral home in crystal lake his funeral will take place sunday at 2 in the afternoon the fbi is honoring the father of murder victim chelsea king she is a 17 year-old high-school student who was kidnapped while jogging in a park in suburban san diego last february a convicted sex offender was sentenced to life in prison for murder and sexual assault father brent kang who lives in naperville is credited with helping california legislatures passed chelsea's law which requires a life sentence for sexual offenders her target minors he said he would like to work to bring something similar
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to the slot to illinois >>police in lincoln would residents of an apartment building in lincoln park should have heat and hot water back by monday a judge yesterday ordered temporary chimneys to be put up at the building at 2738 north pine grove and for repairs to be completed within one week the building's managers had shut off that heat after high levels of carbon monoxide or found nancy loo is live in britain park with details on a new bumper stickers to improve taxi service ... >>whether you're a pedestrian or a taxi customer navigating the
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streets of chicago could be an adventure the new customer service campaign could change things with stickers going on the back of every taxicab ... >>may be these drivers will be more sensitive as to who they turned down and how they drive >>the new stickers are being placed on the taxi cabs as they rolled through their semiannual inspection ... every call of complaint going to 311 is logged >>we keep a list of bad drivers as well as the good drivers. >>some of these drivers are concerned about falls complaints and finds that will cut into an already limited in come >>i can deal with the customer and make them satisfy but i cannot satisfy each and every
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person in the city of chicago >>to me this is too much like big brother ... if i were a cabdriver i would just would not like this idea >>they are discouraged from speeding the need to yield to pedestrians and cyclists and they need to stay off of their cellular phones while driving >>every taxicab will have a new sticker by the summer the city expects a surge in the complaints but they do also track the complement's as well >>electrical workers at navy pier are alleging serious safety hazards at a new winter exhibit that opens to the public to theday..
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union electricians and navy pier say that stagehands' installed dangerous lighting and electrical work at the snow days outdoor exhibit they say that there were passed over for the work to save money earlier this week the city pulled a permit on the work but navy pier management says that stagehand workers made some adjustments to the set up and it passed another city inspection yesterday however those certified electricians are still worried power cords and other electrical work could hurt someone. >>the navy pier management released a statement yesterday regarding the claims they say " the allegation that the public may be placed in danger because of electrical conditions at the snow days chicago exhibit is falls the electrical work has been performed under terms of a permit issued by the city and it passed an inspection by those inspectors this afternoon " snow days runs today through sunday and is free to the public
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>>the city could be cracking down on satellite dish installments in chicago if one chicago alderman has his way. 31st ward alderman race war as is tired of looking at dishes bolted onto the front sides of homes facing the streets so he is pushing a bill that would make it difficult for satellite television providers to install those dishes in the front of homes the legislation would require providers to give a written explanation as to why it-has to go on the front of the building it would also demand that property owners removed dishes that once or eyesores or take them away when residents move out [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening
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americans. the president is on the third day of his road trip focusing on themes that he talked about in his estate of the union address. at the university of michigan this morning the president announced a plan to take federal money away from colleges and universities that do not control tuition costs and he says that he wants to create competition for schools to get federal aid similar to the race to the top effort that his administration began for grades k through 12. >>the college board says the average in-state tuition and fees at four year public colleges farose more than 8%
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last year. room and board are now more than $17,000 a year. >>arizona's governor releases the letter that she handed to the president during a heated confrontation. you may remember this it got so testy that jan brewer was scene pointing a finger at the president and he walked away from her while she was in midsentence this exchange happened when you was welcome to to arizona earlier this week she said that he brought up her book scorpions for breakfast in that book she said that he was condescending to her during a meeting at the white house lecturing her about immigration policy. in her letter she said in part " we both love this great country but we fundamentally disagree on how to best make america grow and prosper once again "
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she went on to say that she would welcome an opportunity to share with the president ways that they were able to turn arizona around with hard choices that turned out to be correct >>and of course she offered to bring him to visit the border and buy lunch the president called the encounter no big deal >>emigration was a key issue in the republican presidential primary debate in florida last night florida's primary is on tuesday and mitt romney and newt gingrich are locked in a dead heat also trying to break out with the support of latino voters there are 500,000 latinos who are registered as republicans one poll shows mitt romney holds a double-digit lead in with the latino voters this morning newt gingrich spoke
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before the latin builders association in miami it's considered one of the largest hispanic construction groups in the country here are mitt romney in new gingrich fighting over immigration during that debate last night and the candidates have also been trying to win over latino voters with speeches and running ads targeting that group the american rescue by u.s. special forces in somalia may reunite with her father today navy seals and other elite troops save jessica buchanan and a danish man tuesday night those two were abducted during a humanitarian mission back in october the captors were killed during the raid buchanan as now being treated at a u.s. military base in sicily her father is expected to go there to see her and she is leaving the base anytime >>senator mark kirk is reported to be doing quite well this morning dr. richard fest's a lawyer his neurosurgeon at
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northwestern hospital said that the senator is alert and respond more rapidly to questions the doctor also says that the swelling in the senator's brain has stabilized doctors had to remove two small pieces of tissue from his brain caused by that stroke >>coming up ahead we have the medical watch and the owners of the italian cruise ship that ran aground killing as many as 32 people offers monetary compensation to survivors is it enough? later in the lunch break
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with today's business headlines checking stocks they are mostly
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down with the dowel and the s&p 500 in the red and the nasdaq holding ... people have been cutting back on spending overall with price increases for things like food and other goods ... the talk on the trading forces thatfloors said the cost of beef will be rising ... you may get a break on some things you will be buying every day proctor and gamble is announcing some price rollbacks
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after losing competitive edge for price increases it made last year ... ford made $20 billion last year ... it is expanding its lineup of more fuel efficient vehicles ... things are getting more difficult for the carnival cruise lines ... it is being sued for negligence ... it was filed in federal court in chicago yesterday all because of the costa concordia disaster >>passengers of the costa concordia that crashed two weeks
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ago are being compensated on the injured passengers withwill receive just over $14,000 for lost baggage and psychological trauma that will not be the only money that the company will have to produce as a dilemma arises what to do with the half submerged vessel the weight alone 45 t is one of the biggest obstacles in making a decision whether to sink or scrap the vship. experts estimate that the cost of salvaging the vessel would be more than $50 million >>comed up next we're going to find out about some new equipment changes for high school level baseball players
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and he is a 6 time golden glove winner we will be talking live with the new white sox manager robin ventura
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and it protects these other areas dentists check most. crest pro-health clinical gum protection. because healthy smiles are built on healthy gums. life opens up when you do. the chicago bulls are looking to rebound from their first home loss of the season there will be at the united center tonight derrick rose has made a big jump on business week's power 100 list it ranks the world's most powerful of fleets and he lands at no. 30 up from 99 last year jonathan toews is no. 69 and the saints quarterback drew brees claims the top spot. marian hossa and patrick kane are teaming up on the nhl all-star team the captain's pick the team
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is now in former hawk brian campbell is also on their side the sharks logan cooter was the last player selected but there was an advantage to getting chosen last he won a new car and $20,000 donated to the charity of his choice sox fest kicks off today and joining us now we're happy to have former all-star third baseman and new white sox manager robin ventura @ joining him on the set today is louisville slugger director of national accounts sales brad beanblossom. >>first of all congratulations this is an amazing homecoming >>it's amazing you get the job you have the press conference and then there is this down time and now the fans and the players are coming together and
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its great to be here and see that spring training just around the corner >>we have a simple question from one of our viewers what do you think will be your biggest challenge obstacle what are you worried about? >>not really worried but coming into the situation there seems to be any negative thing out there and i want people coming and to appreciate the opportunity that they have to be playing major league baseball and just get some jury for the game enjoy what they're doing in the sport ... i enjoy going to the ballpark i enjoyed working with the players and i want the guys to get a sense of that ... you have an obligation as a player in the major leagues ...
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>>you have an amazing legacy yourself on the field ... but what about all the talk about managerial experience, for me it's baseball it's what i do i'm more comfortable doing this are trying something entirely different i am more comfortable staying in baseball in any capacity more so than at any time once you get around a team and in that environment i get more comfortable ... >>i have to say i am sitting here really starstruck ... >>it happens tom ... >>you coach your son's high school baseball team ... and you
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have some good tips for people ... >>we're gonna bring bread into the conversationad into this conversation ... >>you have seen drastic changes the beebe course standard is a new rule in student baseball bb core measures the trampoline effect of the ball coming off the bat and a high school federation has adopted this as of this year >>this is not make it safer for the players? paramus high-school federation adopted the ruling
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essentially to make these bats perform more like wooden bats they want to create an offensive/defensive balance in the game >>i was doing the college world series and this is a way to make the ball react as with would and it gives players that time to react and the statistics could be affected but the game will play more authentically ... >>it's different you have to alter your swing and the field will be different for the players ... and the timing and
12:30 pm
the body dynamic will also need to be tweaked ... >>what are some tips that you would give some of these high school ballplayers? >>even for the major-league players working with a wooden bat is different. i use a model like this one it's all about the way you grip the bat and the way it feels in your hand you can really get a feel for the bounce and the contact with the ball ... having the right tools at the plate is everything and
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good afternoon everybody we have a beautiful day here in chicago. we seek to spells of snow this weekend ... with a lot of wind
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and colder temperatures. there is a weather system approaching from the west for now it is very clear out there. we had a big storm passeds downstate yesterday ... a second storm will be passing and we will see results of that tomorrow night ... tonight we will get some snow this evening as well as tomorrow evening with the sun breaks in between tomorrow, we will see the temperatures plummet to the mid-20s on sunday kohl there is definitely on the move. cold air is
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definitely on the move ... we're watching that arctic cold front coming down from canada ... and it will meet up with that buckling jet stream coming in from the pacific northwest ... we have had only 11 subfreezing days this winter 25 is the average since 1928 in the record records at midway airport this is a mild winter one of the mildest in four decades. we will reach the 40's by tuesday wednesday we will begin to see another cool down ... to
12:36 pm
the storms that came through the southern midwest are working their way off the east coast ... we're looking at the map for precipitation levels ... we will see some overcast skies later today. the first batch of snow will arrive at 8:00. it will snow between midnight and 3:00 a.m. pretty rapidly and by 9:00 tomorrow morning we will be sunny once again and the next weather system will follow tomorrow evening. we're looking
12:37 pm
at between one and 2 in. in the region ... this will be fairly wet snow. the next snow will arrive with cool air. that will be 1:00 in the morning saturday into sunday ... we will get windy conditions and temperatures in the mid-20s monday will remain cool it will begin to warm up again tuesday so here is the forecast by tomorrow: >>we expect gusts of 30 mi. per
12:38 pm
hour during the day tomorrow strong wind tomorrow night sunday morning powerful wind coming in from the northwest by then it will be cold during the day sunday ... we will see the warm pattern come back on monday ... the cold air push strengthens the high pressure and set in california will be seeing this santa ana winds lots of red flag warnings for wild fires this weekend out there ... here in chicago it is gorgeous today it will cloud over later this afternoon we are looking at temperatures in the low 40's
12:39 pm
tonight a period of snow will develop 1-2 in. from most areas low temperatures 27 degrees the wind will pick up tamara the sunshine will come back windy modestly colder ... clouds will increase late in the day and another period of snow will come in late tomorrow night maybe another one or 2 in. by sunday morning high will be 32 degrees tomorrow and into the 20s on sunday we will also see lots of wind and cold air. we will have a 7 day forecast a little bit later
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on the medical watch, it may be possible to detect autism at a much earlier age than previously thought. a study by an international team of researchers identify differences in the infant's brain waves from as early as six months that team examined 104 babies between 6-10 months old those babies were
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shown pictures of people's faces that switch between looking at or away from them to detect a possible lack of our contact ...eye contact.. a new study finds that drinking black tea could lower blood pressure researchers say the people who drank 3 c. of black tea each day for six months sought a slight drop in blood pressure those who drink decaffeinated placebo with no black tea experienced no change health experts say that a black tea drink is no substitute for blood pressure medication but drinking that every day could still be helpful you wouldn't want
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. cooking instructor is back with another great recipe. >>happy chinese new year ... >>thank you you are here to show us pan fried buns.. we are making the dough ... you
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can also fill this with either chicken or pork ... this is a very simple recipe. the trick is how much water you combine with the ingredients in this recipe. the mixture will have the meat green onions sugar soy sauce and salt and pepper
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along with some sesame oil which has a very strong flavor. combine these ingredients are very well. we are going to fill the dough
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but we have doto get the dumpling shape ready.. once we have filled these we will put them in a pan with a little bit of water ... i have a website where i have my cooking classises.. these are very
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simple concepts that i teach for chinese cooking. you want the water to evaporate so you will only cook these for about five minutes ... once they are cooked we will garnish that with some green onion. >>thank you so much to find out more go to our web site wgn tv
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.com/midday we will have a link for this recipe and
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tom skilling is back ... >>we have a little bit of snow coming. we have some tonight it will be gone by morning the sun will come back out it will be windy and we will have more some no late tomonow late tomorrow night into sunday ... it will be very cold and windy sunday the warm air will come back to us monday afternoon ... we will have small craft advisories on the lake this weekend along with high wind advisories ... and on the national map those santa ana winds will be blowing in
12:57 pm
southern california ... >>the arctic air is pretty much staying in canada but we will feel some of that this weekend ... currently it's 42 degrees at o'hare airport ... it's the warmest winter we have had in 78 years ... the wind chill is making it feel like 38 degrees ... we see no big storms in the next seven days ... 32 degrees
12:58 pm
tomorrow 27 degrees sunday 39 degrees monday 46 degrees tuesday and in the 40's for the remainder of next week hard to believe ... wednesday's february 1st the anniversary of that big blizzard we will have a special on the back end of the 9:00 news to take another look ... >>that was just incredible >>go figure ... have a great weekend everyone we are going to leave you with some music from
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stolen silver..


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