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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 1, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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they murdered the kid. 15 year- old boy with asberger's syndrome autism killed in front of his father by calumet city police father calling for help. top story around the country tonight. police defending actions of officers tonight. live calumet city police headquarters tonight >> calumet city police say they knew they were dealing with special needs teenager but the shooting was justified given the circumstances boy's father says officers should have been prepared to use a taser instead of a gun >> emotional confrontation this afternoon the boy's mother demanded to speak to two officers who shot and killed 15 year old son who suffered from asberger's syndrome autism
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disorder. calumet city city police responding to domestic disturbance call. police say a teenager in a basement fighting with his father. >> two officers went downstairs police say the boy alleged that officers with a knife father who witnessed everything says it was only a butter knife both officers fired one shot at the boy pronounced dead at the hospital short while later. >> he was the one who also did the opposite with a knife and pushed the incident to a level higher than it had to be. in the past history of trying to use restrictions possible. today he
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drew the line of how this would be handled and he pushed it with an attempt to use deadly force against an officer. >> previously responding to the home 10 * boy had attacked officers before when asked what officers did not use taster's instead of guns, officer did not have a taser came downstairs confronted with in that sound of a few feet slashed his arm and all he could do was draw his weapon and fire second officer fired >> one officer cut in the forearm but the wound was not serious boy's family says use of deadly force not necessary officer should have been prepared with taster's teasers >> what they did to my son was
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not justifiable. they have weapons pacers they are trained to take down people in situations like this not commit murder and that is exactly what they did and they murdered the kit >> police chief emphasizing all calumet city officers of poorly trained to handle situations involving people with autism are thoroughly trained. paid administrative leave tomorrow night a vigil and a peaceful demonstration police department starting at 7:00 p.m.. >> superintendent who oversees stevenson high school in lincolnshire responding to outrage police arrested one student investigating others for dealing or attempting to sell drugs. part of the probe officers confiscated cellphones allred text messages parents of
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students on happy school has a right to take action. >> approach to these students to look at the cellphones messaging if we felt there was a reason to do so can not indiscriminately walk down a hallway at take student cellphones that would be wrong. >> rumors about the number of suspensions handed out greatly exaggerated would not say how many students >> soul train found dead chicago home don cornelius took his own life. last appearance in the city last september soul train celebration concert at millennium park. >> the way soul train and did every beat action packed soul train show. don cornelius came to fame when the music world as
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segregated as racial politics of the time. soul train over arched social discrimination and audience of young old black-and- white everyone who loved rhythm and blues. nothing like it seen before. soul train became universal >> it was there. the kids and did not have this racial thing they wanted to rock. do not tell me about the old days. this was the new thing. >> the every artist from james brown-michael jackson jackson five and elton john to as recent as beyonce all appeared on a soul train at in the 1970's don cornelius basketball sized afro and clothing cooled into the microphone with rich baritone voice. short showmanship kept his image alive for decades
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>> could not get a record without being on soul train back in the day >> you wanted to be on soul train you wanted your face of soul train >> working with don cornelius @ channel 26. remembers the early days when blacks needed soul train only outlet for the national spotlight >> soul train the place to be. not many other places to beat down the investigation into the death continue wing. as for what is likely to appear on the headstone my guess would be simply love peace and soul. far south side >> great memories. strong work of the state boosterism gov. quinn weighing out big plans state of the state address but
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critics wonder where the money is coming from and the value of facebook enormous dollar figure tossed around as a company goes public and to jim ramsey says one more good day out of this system after that talking changes. morning, sunshine, it's time to bring it. [ gargling ]
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buying this juicer online was unbelievable. [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal isn't such a good deal. but new bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. new bounty. wgn news @ 9 8 you tax-cut plans for more spending in a state that is dead broke. state of the state address today. all lot of lawmakers left scratching their heads. strong economic growth essential to resolving financial challenges. >> second state of the state
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address governor pat quinn outlined what he calls illinois jobs agenda for 2012 the highlight three tax relief measures abolishing natural gas utility tax creating tax credit for parents raising children and increase in credit for businesses that hire veterans >> the idea of tax cuts glad to hear the thought process out of them i believe we have to look at overall comprehensive approach to where we are with taxes >> major investment early childhood programs college grants and classroom upgrades he wants to invest in affordable housing clean water and the ship would put thousands to work and republicans are critical >> they sound good and look good and are appealing but can he afford them? i think we know the answer >> have to have a serious conversation about revenue and how to get to the dollars necessary >> gov. quinn offered few
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details on finding it dollars promising to push for necessary before this year >> forming our medicaid and public pension system will require political courage. >> courage and compromise >> we have to do this more on pension reform have to tackle medicaid and proving we can do things on a bipartisan basis >> best thing we can do is fix the state budget that even with last year in come tax hike mired in a financial mess high unemployment the port this week warned of backlog of unpaid bills >> five years away from $34 billion deficit and he has a speech full of new spending out of touch i recognize severity of the financial situation. cuts alone will not resolve the situation down the learning more about how gov. quinn plans to pay for proposed initiative when he gives his budget address on
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february 22nd. one think lawmakers seem to agree on is that there will likely be a battle ahead over how best to address the state financial crisis. reporting from springfield tonight >> if you like facebook you can buy a piece. highly anticipated move facebook filed to become publicly traded company i initial public offering of the stock or ipo could happen in one month founder mark zuckerberg hopes $5,000,000,000.800000190 users worldwide facebook could be valued at 75-$100 billion when it starts trading and that would be a record. mild days jim ramsey talking weekend cooled down. we will see what happens after that.
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illinois and surrounding states. impossible to forget. 9:30 p.m. we will remember showing "snowed under" tom skilling award winning special but right now out jim ramsey nothing even close to that >> cannot get through this without telling you masterful job of forecasting at the blizzard having said that down to the minute. with that behind me and want to tell you probably not as good of a job with tomorrow's weather but giving it a shot. clouds across chicago mostly cloudy conditions over chicago by morning sunshine was not be completely sunny day tomorrow but will be improved over what we saw this morning temperatures today 48 degrees third day in narrow substantially above normal plenty of cold air still hanging
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loose and canada up there all while jet stream pattern will not allow it to sneak under our area. temperature's very comfortable night chillier than we have seen the last couple of nights readings probably settled at the low 30's most of the area fog is beginning to become apparent over part of the area. dense fog advisories for our area and west part of the state counties under dense fog advisory. troubling tonight be advised to most most foggy area to the west. utah action rainfall snow at high elevations. beginning a process building and formation of an area of low pressure close
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to illinois rainfall nothing major parts of central and southern illinois light picked up under maybe it snow flurries does not look like much of anything he there. wind at the moment quiet most area recording stations a few spots just a hint of the breese wind and not a big issue. here is the forecast for tonight skies will be mostly cloudy low temperatures between 31-37 and tomorrow clouds summit next mild day 15 degrees above normal high temperature between 44-49 degrees in most places cool temperatures by morning.
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northwest wind it 2-7 and friday clouds increasing legal and chilly air a short 33 degrees-42 degrees with coldest numbers downtown area. seven day forecast the weekend lake breeze going to be the culprit keeping temperatures in the thirties saturday and sunday. we should come out on monday it slightly warmer temperatures. temperatures dropping and the tuesday-wednesday area we had a nice run. >> coming up chicago bulls found themselves on their heels tonight 76ers' running them out of philadelphia. and pat fitzgerald likes his recruiting class no matter what the experts say sports next.
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doug collins did a number. >> chicago bulls had a lead early laid back and let the 76ers knocked out and philadelphia no deng, no hamilton but that was not the issue tonight. show up no matter who you play especially a better team and the east. trailing early and began digging away on defense chicago bulls 82 annawan with the mvp of the six points at down five points at halftime at philadelphia took over the game. d-rose packed at the iron here come jrue holiday and andre iguodala put an kyle korver in a poster up to 20 late in the
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third quarter this was the story tonight outworking the chicago bulls with loose balls at offensive boards andre iguodala got the tip here with 19 points and 76ers plan with them. holiday guys it to thaddeus young and then to rookie lavoy allen 98-82 philadelphia. tomorrow night against the new york knicks. back in the pack in the big east chance for a victory a night for the demons down by six at the end of timeout and rosemont. college football game reloaded today first state high school football players can side letters of intent can sign letters of intent tim beckham notre dame got qb gunner kiel but receiver deontay greenberry and jumped from the irish to houston at last minute and niu's class of 31 has a ton of illinois players including offensive lineman scott taylor from marian central catholic and
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northwestern pat fitzgerald wrapping up a better recruiting season including receiver kyle prater from proviso west transferred from usc east and high school. pass rusher from ohio ranked top half of the big tent. not that that matters. >> it is also. it is great. went to the rose bowl with worst recruiting class and the big 10 many of you guys are awesome. you look back to the first-class and all of those guys do not know if any experts were excited they were all right >> incredible tragedy taken place in egypt more than 70 people dead after a riot following a soccer match 13,000
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home team fans attacked 1200 fans from a visiting team. police did and almost nothing to stop the violence 40 people seriously injured undergoing surgery passing tonight of what time college basketball coach at the age of 72 years old. a great coach and a better guy. >> that is the news. happy you shared time with us. updates it cannot forget where were you when you're ago? tom skilling through emmy award winning documentary snowed under blizzard of 2011 starts now goodbye.


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