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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. o0 c1 illinois gets an economic boost thanks to one of the major automakers. chrysler announces it is hiring hundreds of workers to build new cars at a plant northwest of chicago. that afternoon i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers for watching us from the country on wgn america and on the web. >>julian crews has this top story >>chrysler executives say they
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are investing $700 million in infrastructure upgrades in order to build the new dodge dart that will sell in many countries ... >>this is a 21st century vehicle made by people right here in illinois working together in the best traditions of our state. >>that was illinois gov. pat quinn playing car salesman he's not the all-in-one excited about the new compact fuel- efficient car from chrysler it will be an economic engine for this region bringing 1800 new jobs to the belvedere ill. chrysler plant it's a remarkable turnaround for the american wanamaker industry experts say that sergio marconi has engineered an automotive miracle taking at the company back to profitability ... it's a
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compilation and collaboration of the efforts with the merged chrysler and fiat interests ... >>the truth is you will be building the first chrysler group vehicle to include the award winning cow for romeroalpha romeo engineering ... >>this shows according to industry experts that the state and the industry and its workers can compete with right to work states ... the plant will begin to crank out this new dodge dart
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sometime before the summer ... >>a german company that employs 180,000 people in more than 80 countries will soon have a presence in chicago. for mayor rahm emanuel announced this morning that thyssen krupp will open its regional headquarters for north america in the downtown area. the office will open this summer and will create 100 jobs. the company offers everything from car parts to elevators and escalators. for it had sales of nearly $70 billion in the 2010- 2011 fiscal year ... >>the illinois supreme court reaffirmed today that confessions obtained by police torture must always be thrown out. the decision came in the case of stanley wrice who alleged officers under the
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command of former chicago police lt. jon burge tortured him until he confessed to a rape charge stanley wrice was convicted in 1983 and sentenced to monitor years in prison. after special prosecutor's report in 2006 largely substantiated widespread claims of abuse under lieutenant burch stanley wrice filed a new appeal and the appellate court ruled in his favor. >>the calumet city police department is defending itself against accused of excessive force ... it is being criticized for shooting to death an autistic boy tonya francisco is live in calumet city ... >>the boy suffered from asperger's syndrome and that was a condition that was known to the local police ... they also knew that he was a strong young
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man with a temper and a tendency to put up a fight given previous calls to the home before ... there received a call ... before police arrived at the home the father managed 2 down after restricting his computer time because the boy did not want to go school ... the boy hit in the basement and police tried to approach him he lunged at them with a knife ... >>police shot the boy and killed him ... >>this year and man consistently goes off of his medication and inflicts physical harm and his parents and anyone that is in his way ... given everything i've learned about the incident he dictated his situation he assault of the
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officers with a knife and pushed the incident to the level it was ... >>the two officers firing those shots were placed on paid administrative leave while the illinois state police investigator ... community protests will be peaceful tonight at 7 in front of the police headquarters here they will hold a vigil ... >> a female bartender who was attacked by an off-duty chicago police officer is suing the city and her lawsuit is revealing new to the details about how police mishandled the investigation ... video of the 2007 beating helped convict former police officer anthony abba take of aggravated battery the chicago sun-times reports that a lawsuit filed by the bartender claims that when officers arrived she
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told them that her attacker was a chicago cop and the three cameras captured the incident. city attorneys admit that the officers official report did not mention those facts and the nearby tour was sentenced to probation and fired from the police department >>prosecutors in mccary county said they plan to retry a man accused of killing a missing teenager mary casciaro is charged with first-degree murder in the 2002 disappearance of johnsburg teenager brian carrick yesterday the judge in the case declared a mistrial after the jury said that it was deadlocked prosecutors say that casciaro and another man killed carrick because the teenager owned drug money the other suspect shane lamb testified in a plea deal that he delivered the fatal blow to brian carrick some improvements at soldier field may be sidelined at the illinois sports facilities authority has postponed a
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payment to the chicago park district for improvements at the stadium the amount was post b two and half million dollars. some members of that agency are questioning whether there should be a time limit on maintenance payments since organization does not get any revenue from the stadium. >>coming in next at noon the search continues for survivors of a ferry
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coast of papua new guinea. more than 230 survivors have been rescued thus far. the vessel got into trouble early this morning and sank about 10 mi. offshore. the ferry company said that there were 350 people on board the boat at this point there is no word on the exact number of people missing or the nationalities of those passengers. the australian
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maritime safety authority has spent assisting papua new guinea with the rescue efforts. >>egypt is in a three day mourning period for the victims of the country's deadly soccer riot. 79 people were killed when fights broke out at a match between the teams from cairo and ports the yesterday investigators say that they're still unsure if the riot was sparked by sports rivalries or political differences ... the violence came one year after egyptians forced longtime dictator hosni mubarak from office many fans blamed police for not stepping in to stop the fighting before escalated. >>the united states and nato want to end the com-ed mission and afghanistan in 102013. that's a full year before the deadline set by the obama administration. defense secretary leon panetta said the troops will transition primarily to training roles that support afghan security forces.
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opponents of the plan say progress of afghan troops to maintain stability in that region should dictate the timeline for withdrawal not the whim of washington. nato leaders will discuss the transition at the nato summit in chicago this may. >>as he gets ready for the next republican presidential contest mitt romney is defending controversial comments. on the morning after winning the florida primary mitt romney said he was not concerned about the very poor later aboard his plane he told reporters that his remarks needed to be kept in context. romney has campaign appearances later today in las vegas and reno nevada. the nevada caucuses will be held this saturday >>there is some confusion this morning over the news that business mogul donald trump plans to make an endorsement of republican presidential
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candidate. early reports from several news agencies had donald trump endorsing newt gingrich but now those agencies say that their sources confirm that donald trump will endorse mitt romney. trump has scheduled a news conference at his casino hotel in las vegas after this afternoon ... rummy is scheduled to be there the nevada carcasses will be held this coming saturday mitt romney is an early favorite in the polls >>federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said the u.s. economy is making a turnaround but just not fast enough. he testified today before the house budget committee on capitol hill. he says that despite some positive news and signs of improvement the outlook remains uncertain and the road to recovery is frustrating. he said that the fed will not actively seek to raise this year's zero interest
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rates through late 2014. he went on to say that the european debt crisis is posing additional challenges for the u.s. recovery. he said the fed is doing everything in its power to prevent another economic slowdown. >>extreme freeze continues to claim lives across europe ... at least 139 people have died since the freezing temperatures gripped europe last week. temperatures continue to plummet and have fallen to 33 below zero in some areas where the 11,000 villagers have been trapped by heavy snow and blizzard conditions in the mountains and serbia nearly 1000 people have been hospitalized with injuries related to the freeze in eastern europe the hardest-hit area over 2000 heated tents offering warmth and hot drinks have been sent to those in need the cold is not expected to loosen its grip on most of europe until next week.
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today's business headlines. checking stocks first it's a mixed situation ... the dow is reacting to a good news on the jobs front ... the report tomorrow is expected to show an increase and newly created jobs last month ... 2012 ought to be a good year for hiring a ... a
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touchy is seeing a drop in demand for television and sharp is seen falling sales ... sunni plans to stick with the television business even though it may lose $2 billion in that sector this year ... things are not going smoothly in the cruise industry ... the costa concordia crisis is hurting bookings for the entire cruise industry ... while people are tending not to make new reservations current booked passengers for royal caribbean lines are not canceling ... northfield ill. based kraft has
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cut manufacturing waste considerably ... new claims for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, and experts say that is another sign the job market is getting better. in your survey from career builder .com said just 12 companies have almost 38,000 it job openings. starbucks alone has 13,000. consulting firm deloitte has posted 3300 openings. amazon is looking to hire 3000 new employees and citibank and adventist health system have 2500 openings. three chicago law schools are facing lawsuits for using incorrect job numbers and their advertising. john marshall law school chicago kent college of
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law, and depaul university college of law are among the 12 united states schools listed in the lawsuit. according to crain's chicago business the three chicago schools advertise that 90 percent of graduates secure jobs and attorneys said that the real numbers about 40% and the schools are inflating those job placement rates more lawsuits may be on the way for other law schools accused of using false job data ... >>a wealthy man adopted his girlfriend in a move that critics say was done to protect his assets. 48 year-old john goodman adopted his longtime partner in october he is being sued by the family of a man in florida who died after john goodman's car ran a stop sign john goodman's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit at the time even if the family winds that lawsuits that cannot access the money it john goodman
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put into a trust fund for his children which now includes his girlfriend. a legal victory for a driver who sued honda over gas mileage claims about its harbor cars: >>heather peters says that honda misled her when it claimed that the civic hybrid could drive up to 50 mi. on 1 gal. of gasoline. the california woman said that she even had the car reprogram to improve performance which then drop to about 30 mi. per gallon. yesterday an l.a. judge ordered honda to pay her 90 of hundred dollars in damages. a spokesperson for honda says that the automaker will appeal that ruling. >>coming up next a community alert on the city's northwest side after several women were the victims of strong armed robberies. later in the medical watch the possible connection
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nearly spent ... after all of this the murders at a lane bryant shop in tinley park are still unsolved ... it was four years ago today a man walked into that store and shot five women execution-style. three investigators are still working the case full time. they have chased leads to texas, north carolina and to london, but nothing has panned out. the store remains vacant today. >>chicago police are alerting residents about more than a dozen robberies that have taken place in the same general area of the past two months ... nancy loo has more >>police are warning women in this area to never walk alone and be alert >>this man has been warning his
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dry cleaner customers and employees to be alert ... >>keep the lights on ... keep the drugwatchdog up front ... >> there have been 12 incidents in the logan square and bucktown incidents where women were walking alone late night or early in the morning and the robbery suspect approached them from behind stealing their cellular phone and their purses ... >>the target area stretches from ashland it to central park and from division to diversy the suspect is vaguely described as a black man with dreadlocks and a white cadillac seville ...
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many women are surprised that the alert was not issued sooner given that the attacks happened a few weeks ago ... >>police terrorizing women walking around here to be more alert and aware of surroundings and avoid all distractions while you are getting to your destination >>and police now have linked another incident which happened to january 27th and the 2000 block of peers. >>chicago police are looking for a thief that has broken into several apartment buildings on the city's far northwest side over the last two months. investigators say that the suspect in the surveillance picture has been linked to its least six daytime burglaries' in the jefferson park neighborhood since december 1st. police say that the burglar has entered several large condominium
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complexes and and he used a large tool to pry open doors into individual units. cash and jewelry and small electronics have been stolen from the apartments the suspect is between 50-60 years old with eyeglasses he was also carrying a bag or a bag over his shoulder >>for years the lollapalooza music festival has received a cook county tax break but the free ride may now be over since the first lollapalooza in grant park seven years ago the festival has been exempt from city and county amusement taxes but the county board voted yesterday to require the festival's promoters to apply for a separate tax waiver every year commissioner say that lollapalooza is now a proven money maker so it doesn't need the tax break any longer >>chicago public schools is lifting its ban on you tube the video website was [ male announcer
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try new alka-seltzer plus allergy. punxsutawney phil the ground hog from central pennsylvania, predicted six more weeks of winter. he emerged from his letter to thousands of people awaiting his verdict. to their dissatisfaction, punxsutawney phil did indeed see his shadow and that means that spring is not just around the corner. >>unlike his counterpart ... woodstock willie awoke with good news for chicagoland residence this morning. while punxsutawney phil saw his shadow woodstock
12:32 pm
willy did not during the city's annual groundhog day prognostication woodstock is also celebrating 20 years since the bill murray movie groundhog day was filmed there.. >>here is jim ramsey with the latest on today's forecast ... >>we have dramatic fog in the north and western suburbs visibility in some places has dropped to zero ... will look at those visibility's around the area and just a moment currently it's 39 degrees at o'hare and looking at st. louis missouri it is a toasty 61 degrees right now ... we have 33
12:33 pm
degree lake water that will cool down the air coming inland by saturday is expected to get brisk ... there are some reports of downtown temperatures that are hovering in the low 40 degree area ... there is a bit of a wind chill factor may be five or six degrees cooler ... we're looking at everybody affected by the fog with the exceptions of coke and lake counties ... you can see well out to the west there is greatly diminished visibility down to about a
12:34 pm
quarter mile ... we have a big area of low pressure on the central plains states ... there could be a warning for some blizzard conditions and that main at the chicago area over the weekend possibly generating some precipitation here rain turning to snow ... no accumulations are expected ... we're noticing that that system is not getting into the chicago area. here is the afternoon forecast today: we will have cloudy. it's the fog advisory
12:35 pm
will remain in effect until 3:00 p.m. the temperatures will hover between 41 and 48 degrees depending where you are. tonight the clouds increase and we have colder temperatures between 27- 34 degrees by friday the lake when it will continue to cool things down saturday we will have cloudy skies the wind will kick up to 15-25 mi. per hour ... we expect around 40 degree temperatures ... we will have a chilly and shower a start to the weekend time for today's trivia question:
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surrounded by hot springs which u.s. state
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rose was sick, but they are not using that as an excuse for last night's performance in philadelphia. derrick rose scored 18 points but sat out the fourth quarter. the bulls were outscored 26-11 and the third quarter off the block a few minutes later rose turned it over and holiday got some easy points the philadelphia 76ers' scored 29 points off of 17 chicago bulls turnovers the bulls were blown out 98-82 they
12:39 pm
will be in new york tonight ... depaul looking for back-to-back big east women's the blue demons led st. john's and the first ... but in the second st. john's went on a 13-0 run ... depaul lost 87-81 elsewhere illinois state lost to 13th ranked cragin 1 02-74. the big 10 has two of the top six recruiting classes in the country but neither belongs to illinois or northwestern high school students cross country pick their colleges and national signing day yesterday ohio state ranks third while michigan is sixth. the illini signed 19 players and northwestern took 21 notre dame landed the highly touted quarterback gunner keel
12:40 pm
but receiver don take green barry jumped to houston at the last minute cubs pitcher matt garza was on the 2008 tampa bay team that went to the world series and now his american league championship ring has been stolen it was taken from his home during a burglary last thursday during his 14 carat white gold with white and yellow diamonds it cited a $30,000 plus his name is engraved on that ring. >>that's a look at sports your live illinois lottery drawing is now ... >>here are the winning pick three numbers: 1 5 8 >>here are the winning pick four numbers: 5 9 8 1
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hill over a flawed, gun smuggling investigation. at issue, " operation fast and furious ". the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives lost track of almost 1400 weapons. agents recovered about 700 of the guns in mexico and in the united states but some of them at crime scenes one of those guns was used to murder a border patrol agent. >>congressman darrell issa is demanding the justice department turned over documents that were subpoenaed by congress >>the department of justice stands ready to work with you ... >>eric holder says no one has been punished yet for the flawed operation. >>the number of people on the
12:45 pm
no-fly list doubled in the past year. the united states government has 21,000 names on that list this year alone. that is up from 10,000 from last year. the government believes that there are other groups other than al-qaeda that pose a threat to the united states. most people on that list are foreign about 500 of them are americans. >>the susan g. komen foundation melos donors over its decision to pull funding for planned parenthood. the foundation cut funding for breast cancer screenings. anti-abortion groups are praising that decision. but some donors and abortion-rights activists are sending the angry messages to the foundation. some have even threatened to stop donating and participating and susan g. komen foundation events. the announcement may have worked in planned parenthood favor. the organization has raised $400,000
12:46 pm
since tuesday. >>in the medical watch having severe sleep apnea may put you it risk for silent strokes. researchers conducted mri and ct scans on a group of people older than 67 years old to have strokes they found more than 90 percent of the study participants also have sleep apnea and more more likely to have silence strokes and white matter lesions on their brains. silence strokes shaun no obvious symptoms despite causing damage to the brain white matter lesions are small patches of dead cells researchers report children who have multiple surgery early in life have a higher risk of learning disabilities later on. a new study found that children who underwent two or more surgery's at the age of two or twice as likely to be diagnosed with a d
12:47 pm
h d by 19 years of age the reason for the link is not clear of the doctors think it may have to do it the effect a general anesthesia the drugs may accelerate the normal death of neurons that occurs early in life and that could lead to fenner neural networks that contribute to learning problems later on. >>doctors may want to replace their prescription pads for an electronic version ... a new study by australian researchers shows the technology might help decrease medical prescription errors. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at
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are the co-founders of naturallysavvy .com as well as the authors of "unjunk your junk-food " i love that book. they are here to help us dissect some of those labels and choose healthier alternatives do you know what's in your food? >>some ingredients have certain benefits so here we have shrimp not chosenot chachos... we have lots of great ingredients we have used whole grain for the chips ...
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you can also use chicken with this recipe we r choosing leaner healthier protein sources we like organic free range chicken ... when you choose a salsa make sure that it is not high in sugar and has minimal preservatives ... if you can't make your own bed is that is.. you may want to use greek yogurt
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as an alternative to sour cream if you have to use the sour cream we encourage you to use the low-fat variety. when you look at these not chosenachos they are really quite healthy and your guests will probably not realize a big difference in taste there are so many chemical additives in food today it is no wonder we are getting a little bit sick ... let's take a look at chips many have msg that wreaks havoc on the immune system ... heart
12:53 pm
palpitations sweats it's in so many different forms of packaged food ... and once of candy has food coloring ... we employ people to really read labels and pick healthier lot of options ... and watch that high fructose corn syrup and carbonated beverages and juice ... you really want to stay away from beverages and products that have this ... there are lots of great natural
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options ... consider seltzers with some fruit natural fruit flavoring and you should consider things like ginger ale instead of your typical soda ... you want your body to work optimally without all of these artificial additives that are dangerous and promotes disease and obesity ... >> you can watch this segment again by going to or you can
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uses geothermal heating utilizing surrounding hot springs. >>today that temperatures are being held down a bit by the cloud cover ... that will not lift until two or three this afternoon we have a dense fog warning until then ... low temperatures in lake michigan will cool down the air for the weekend there is a vigorous weather system coming into the midwest and if it will click chicago generating some precipitation this weekend but it will be showers turning to let it snow with no accumulations ... we will get another warm shot by monday
12:58 pm
above normal temperatures and should reach 44 degrees before they cool off once again later next week ... >>thank you jim ramsey and thank you for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. we will leave you with more music from the u.k. best-selling artist rumer...
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