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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 2, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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months unemployed local program helping helping chicagoans find work >> wgn news @ 9 wgn news @ 9 robert targeted and terrorized women on the northwest side. security camera captures a crime right there. top story. lockout with latest on the search for suspects. the video catches them right in action at video happens quickly does not appear particularly a wide lead in this case but the video is real taken behind me outside a local restaurant and police say the kind of thoughthe things going on
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past two months. unsuspecting 76 year-old woman walks in the uptown neighborhood approached from behind pushed and off the dirt banks her purse and it takes off. happened outside this a noodle shop and the owners camera taped at all. one of 13 strongarm robberies taking place since december 4th. >> try to stay well lead areas stay in paris at the conscious of your surroundings >> attack stretched ashland to central park police believe the 1990's white four-door tell thesudan is involved dreadlocks said to be targeting older females walking on sidewalks late evenings early morning hours >> pretty shocking felt pretty safe. never thought twice regardless of the time of day >> just depends on the time of the night you are walking and
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you have to be cutthroat. people following you who you are out with just be more careful >> police asking everyone to be on the book out anyone with information encouraged to call area five police. >> uic and neighboring medical district on alert tonight searching for suspects sexually assaulting a student last weekend in broad daylight. live with details >> bold attack happening in the middle of the day. tonight so many people wondering how safe they are. >> sometimes i cut through the alleyways and i have to watch where i am going now. always buy myself. >> walking south every night at the news a uic that the kidnapped saturday afternoon
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from the street and sexually assaulted is alarming. >> getting away free during the day at night could be worse. >> walking on the rush hospital campus at 230 saturday to man approached her at knifepoint barquette over head and eyes led her to a vehicle pushing her inside and sexually assaulted her pushed out of the vehicle losing consciousness when she hit the ground. >> i live right over there >> still get on uic campus heard the news today others of loaded via e-mail by campus police even though the attack happened a mile away from the university >> walking around at night things are now happening during the day. do not really know what to say be careful on guess. any time of day >> later at night when that happens usually. kind of scary.
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>> another reminder always good to walk in pairs and to be aware of surroundings. >> i tried to but i feel that people get busy and for get but i definitely want to push myself to pay attention. >> try not to walk alone to try to walk with someone >> she was not doing that and that is the difficult thing we are always told not to walk alone but that is hard to do sometimes. uic campus police told students to comply if somebody is armed to give them a valuables give them your cash and resist getting a abducted and that was something this young woman just cannot do it safely this weekend >> south suburban calumet city this evening and vigil for teenagers shot by police yesterday protest against police for using deadly force to have autism. against the
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teenager who had autism. >> could turn out tonight at 200 people here in support of the family about a dozen protesters here tonight behind me. neither of the parents spoke tonight advice of attorneys but supple activists calling for a full investigation. holding a picture of her son boy's mother surrounded by cameras, community activists and dozens of supporters calling plan action against calumet city police department. many holding candles print for the family. 15 year-old stephon watts suffered from asberger's syndrome a type of autism. what is some support groups also here. local leaders calling for a full investigation. >> we want to bring justice to the family and community to rise up will not accept this type of behavior >> supporting the boy's family activists spoke shouldn't reflected deeper problems inequalities >> why are we as citizens acting
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like we did not know what this is about? this child would still be alive today in another area >> family called to the home to subdue the boy after fighting with parents for not wanting to go to school. police got there boy in basement officers went downstairs and the boy lunged at them with a knife. officer shot him twice. the boy's father stephen spoke sot the officer shoot his son. >> i saw everything i saw the smoke coming out of the gun it was so close i could have got shot. >> his account is different from police. he says his son had a butter knife at officer shot him in the head not the chest and the second shot fired after the sun hit the ground. >> he was laying down of was in a state of shock and they fired into him. >> demonstration the family met with jesse jackson.
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>> why did they have to kill this boy? why not using the physical strength to hold them or use a taser? white shoot him point blank range with 2 bullets? wrongful and unnecessary, unacceptable. >> police said it appears the shooting was justified. no on- camera statement from police tonight but they did say in response to the demonstrations people have the right to assemble and express opinions autopsy scheduled for tomorrow morning. >> two teenagers accused of beating a black teenager and putting a noose around his neck charged with eight crimes. the pair along with 18 year-old suspected of war and 17 year-old to the hall of one of the teens once there they attacked him yelling racial slurs also slipping a noose around his neck
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one boy held a knife to his throat apparently upset about friendship with the 16 year-old white female cousin. still ahead searching for the truth cook county prosecutors launch a program aimed at helping wrongly convicted. 2000 jobs coming to illinois chrysler rolling out a plan to get people back to work and what happened congressional hearing made congressmen threaten to hold united states attorney general in contempt and mild temperatures on the other day but jim ramsey says the mercury could take a dip this weekend. wgn news @ 9
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when you're on this team you learn to never give up. even if you're down... third-string quarterback... clock ticking... hostile environment... exhausted... you can never lose hope. there are over 13 million people in the horn of africa affected by famine, war, and drought that are counting on us for help. more people affected than the population of new york city...
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and los angeles combined. and we can't give up. please go to this site and forward the facts about this crisis to everyone you know. do more than donate. forward the facts. wgn news @ 9 40,000 telephone records nearly 7000 tips checked out at at least one and a half million dollars spent in these murders still unsolved. four years ago today walked into store shot five women execution-style three investigators working the case full time. chasing leads to texas and north carolina and at what did nothing has been solved. sport remains vacant today. crucial facts left out abuse case involving one of their own. anthony abbate
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attacked a female bartender february 2007 off-duty at the time the victim is now serving in the lawsuit told the two responding officers for beat captures three cameras captured the beating. what a certain initial report never mentioned the tax anthony abbate fired from the department. cook county has a new unit that will handle cases with defendants found guilty wrongly convicted. state attorney anita alvarez gave a detailed account today. calling it conviction integrity unit up and running for a month already. six staff and other prosecutors other specialists looking at 35 cases. some anita alvarez as the existence of the unit proves a shift in philosophy and the office towards openness. >> not just about racking up convictions always seeking justice even if the measure of
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justice means that we must acknowledge the stakes of the past >> likely case with the imprisoned former police commander jon burge and officers accused of torturing suspects. now hiring chrysler announced its plan to bring close to 2000 jobs to eleanor and help to long-term unemployed new program helping people out of work more than six months. mitt romney nabs a big endorsement from the donald. let me get you a free tank of gas -- how's that sound? progressive saved me money and i'm saving you money. [ chuckles ] now these guys are protected with progressive. come on around. we'll fill up your tank for you. free gas! 5 more inches. now you're lined up for some free gas and savings, eh? [ horn honks ] hey, we're trying to save here. i came in for this. yeah, fill it up, too. thank you. don't thank me. i'm just the messenger.
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the auto industry in illinois is revving up chrysler announced a hiring hundreds of workers to build a new plant west of chicago news comes a day after chrysler announces posting a profit first time since 2005. >> governor pat quinn revving up the engine and belvedere people are going back to work. aside from 1800 new jobs and governor pat quinn says it ripple of fact helping to keep the illinois economy >> many many people supply industry also receiving jobs good for chrysler is good for dodge and good for illinois. >> executive said it dodge dart rolling off assembly line this summer not just for north american market but overseas to 48 different countries. >> ground-breaking new car.
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represents a big step in achieving outstanding fuel economy and it will change consumer perceptions of what to expect and a compact sedan. >> chrysler's new compact car proved to be economic engine planners hope dodge dart first dodge a vehicle to incorporate fiat roof architecture part of the chrysler family with european underpinning. happy all the workers say most excited about the new jobs. >> production levels going through now. not just at this plant but the other outside suppliers producing parts for the plan it is great for the community as a whole. >> so far the state investing more than $60 million incentives to get chrysler to upgrade plant so far putting in more than $700 million in improvements in order to produce the dodge dart. governor pat quinn says that is
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a good trade-off. >> chicago mayor rahm emmanuel rolling out red carpet to durban german based diversified company making chicago regional headquarters north america company called thyssen-krup makes elevators all components and carbon chairman of north american group torsten gessner says his firm did not run any incentives of where lowest tax rate american city mayor rahm emmanuel key elements he said makes chicago attractive to many businesses >> strength of the workforce the depth of our workforce. strategic locations. the ability through airport and other means to get to any place in either canada or mexico or the united states. >> looking for office space open by summer employing 100 people. facebook hettick to wall street
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is the company a sure thing investment? many suggest note facebook may have 800 million users real concern was not be able to grow enough to justify a high ipo price tag also word company bigger starting to sell user information to advertisers additional way to generate revenue trading begins later next year. donald trump wants rails on the mitt romney considering a run for the white house endorsing the former governor announcing today endorsement loss biggest plunge property. mitt romney get campaign in high gear mitt romney says surprise but excited about getting a nod from the donald. >> my privilege to endorse mitt romney. >> some things cannot imagine happening this is one of them.
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bien and donald trump and the percent hotel having his endorsement aid to light so honored and pleased to have his endorsement and looking for endorsement of the people of nevada. >> washington post poll taken in january shows 54 percent of potential voters say endorsement from donald trump would not affect how they voted. raising taxes on the wealthy is the right move how president obama characterized the national prayer breakfast. >> willing to give something up somebody extraordinarily blessed. giving up tax breaks i enjoy, i actually think that will make economic sense. for me as a christian it also coincides with jesus' teaching that for whom much is given much shall be required. >> president has been pushing
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for higher taxes on the wealthy those making more than $1 million a year tax system needs to be fair and equitable for all americans and breakfast robert griffith iii college football heisman trophy winner challenged the president to a felt friendly game of basketball insisted he would not bump on him very contentious hearing on capitol hill today between the united states attorney general eric holder and republican members of house committee controversial sting operation called operation fast and furious operation allowed hundreds of high-powered weapons from the country to breese to reach mexican drug cartels eric holder withholding information lost guns ended up on the crime scene where a united states border patrol agent brian terry was murdered in 2010. >> i believe the american people deserve to have attorney general they can trust so asking for your resignation and i believe because grossly
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incompetent in preparing in front of congress i think he should resign >> among the worst things i have ever seen in congress old series of statements out of context with no context >> republican said eric holder continues to withhold information and wants to hold him at least in contempt head of the alcohol tobacco and firearms >> sparland can be killing your brain medical watch alarming study suggesting snoring may increase your risk of stroke and 90 year old man plunged into wisconsin river.
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gabrielle medical watch aggressive nature of prostate cancer. the task looking for markers similar information to biopsy without an evasive test or need for recovery. early anesthesia may alter a child like years after surgery. researchers looking at children over 10 year time frame those with multiple surgeries before age three doubled risk for learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactive disorder. scientists believe early anesthesia alter brain cell development. snoring is not just paint on the ears might damage the brand new study linking snoring with silent stroke brain tissue dies without patient right away common symptom with
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people with sleep apnea american stroke silent strokes in time after multiple people will develop connective impairment. mild weather turning chile jim ramsey fills us in next six more weeks of winter and early spring court to the ground hog varying predictions.
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happened to this morning punxsutawney phil ground taught central plot so they get predicted six more weeks of winter punxsutawney phil brown tod from pennsylvania. woodstock willie did not see his shadow. beauteous whether i guess i do not mind. >> it was so foggy this morning and did not see anything. dense fog advisory issued for western and northern suburbs. does not include cook and lake county adjacent to lake michigan. plot of the areas in a moment. time lapse cameras. started with impressive fog across the area and very thick everywhere except over downtown cloudiness ground
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here clouds did break up around midmorning over the city allowed temperatures to rise into the 40's during the day oddness and fog holding temperatures down and some spots. chilly out there at the moment. after high- temperature officially 43 degrees but the lakefront managed high temperature 48 degrees. two point temperatures not that far from surface temperatures. the wind a fairly light allowing the fog to form in many areas visibility at the moment a few spots reporting and visibility is down a quarter mile may get more difficult than that as the evening continues at the temperatures continue to drop. area northern illinois up to parts of the extreme north eastern north dakota fog advisers. the area a blizzard
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warning for 11:00 tonight for tomorrow 1 ft. of snow in nebraska and kansas. 2 ft. of snow at the moment most of the storm producing rainfall for kansas and southern nebraska at changing over to spell in colorado. some reports a short time ago suggested 8 in. of snow falling in that area. notice cracking tracking generally to the east clipped by the system. primarily it rainfall system. farther south trailing thunderstorms texas and oklahoma areas reporting large hail and frequent lightning in chicago area forecast model bringing the area of brain close to chicago particular the south
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suburbs expect ran a computer model may be under half an inch in some spots heavy stuff to the south. numbers over don computer model suggesting inch of rainfall suggests variability noticed wind not particularly significant quiet less than 10 mi. per hour. forecast for the rest of the easing eveninevening areas of fog and low temperature 27-34. early fog could be a problem 47-53. low temperatures 28-33 degrees when the top of the lake keeping temperatures along the
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lake shore and the low 30's by the time you get to the weekend temperatures in the forties like wind at the dead tomorrow probably upper thirties close to 40's and saturday mid 30's fairly gusty wind you will need a have your jacket the next few days. more on the weekend coming up seven day forecast. >> the first bites bash took place tonight party featured food chicago's best known chefs benefiting greater chicago food suppository 40 grant. chicago restaurant week put on by the chicago convention more than 230 restaurants. out of work for six
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months new program offering hope to chicago long term unemployed and calling for help about to be an app away could make reporting crime easier.
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wgn news @ 9
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thousands illinois it consider long-term unemployed out of work for six months or more. looking at chicago program offering new hope. like so many others of 34 year-old del phillips of chicago master's degree decade of experience and positive attitude out of work for better part of three years. bamut not stupid people but made to feel that way sometimes >> four days after president obama sworn in del phillips laid off >> i thought 2-to be months unemployed if things are difficult. turned into six months turned into 12 months. it went on for 22 months. long enough to lose like you condominium but not his will to work. landed another good job lost in a large layoff six months later a new company faced a budget crisis left him with not one but two gaping holes in
9:38 pm
his resume. enter chicago career tech started by mayor david to provide job training for top talent among the unemployed people like del phillips. >> there is a skills gap approximately 140,000 unemployed 120,000 job postings and we know there is a gap, the goal to be intermediate to get into what the businesses need at train people into those jobs. >> many unemployed going back to schools not always affordable option with little or no money coming in chicago career tech partner with schools like tribeca flashpoint media arts academy >> when they are finished ability to answer the question that we think 100% of every business in the world is not asking which is how to get my business on the internet? how
9:39 pm
the white take my materials and turn them digital? how do i get the story out there what is twitter what is social media? programs, social media headstart del phillips blog "reframe sham" keeps writing skills sharp and provides a forum to openly discuss the challenges and frustrations of long term unemployment >> first thing that comes to mind is rejection. probably the most difficult part of unemployment. everybody says stay positive if you just do this this will happen and i hate to say that but those are cliches especially in this economy >> are two important certifications social media marketing another partner chicago public media offered internships no job guarantees but his shot at proving he is hirable >> maybe it's time people unemployed maybe lazy but right now dealing with a lot of people
9:40 pm
millions of people who have degrees working a long time with a valuable experience >> expert advice put yourself out there in person as much as you can easy to get lost in electronic in box open your mind to careers might not be first choice and look for companies offering paid apprenticeships like internships that offer valuable job experience did not have to be a student to qualify. >> as of tonight still del phillips waiting for a job offer but hopeful more than 150 companies including non profits have hired cct graduates full * chicago protect accepting applications now next class is unemployed top talent find application wgn hopeful statistic every month about $4 million about 4 million jobs change hands and the country there is hiring just a shift in the economy different
9:41 pm
new types of jobs retraining people in order to be able to have skills to do the jobs. >> frustrating. that's not comment on tracy morgan family feud playing out in public and sports. derrick rose hadn't to all start resume chicago bulls trying to get a victory in the big apple.
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wgn news @ 9 chicago friends say the elderly man from drowning in wisconsin greg drozdziak and a friend saw richard weiss 90 year-old drive into the rebar break-in into sunroom polled sun roof pulled richard weiss to safety authorities say it as good an outcome as you would hope in a situation like that >> hi-tech gadgets and hand report crime with an app washington dc software calls crime push software working with android sending text messages telephone calls without having to make a telephone call created at after the abrupt multiple times and once at gunpoint.
9:45 pm
>> 91 what is great but 21st century 100 million people have a smart phone make sense to have application that can capture things already built and on and iphone. right now the app not as fast as: 911 but developer said it soon will be working on integration with local police department seven day forecast >> all kinds of stuff including a 177 day forecast dense fog advisory in effect beginning right now 11:00 in the morning including all of chicago area except for lake county illinois' cook county and lake county indiana. also porter due to an end to jasper counties in affect until 11:00 tomorrow morning at the right out in chicago 36 degrees. nice temperatures down to the south and southwest readings in the 50 but unfortunately a lake breeze to deal with. could keep high
9:46 pm
temperatures in the third is next couple of this storm public out of kansas and nebraska increasing the clouds tomorrow pulling out of the area on sunday computer models here suggest that primarily rainfall moving into iowa by friday morning. heading in our direction by the way today high temperature 43 degrees 37th time this season city has reached 30 or more since beginning of meteorological winter december 1st. does not equal past 122 years. seven day forecast. lake temperature 33 degrees. one
9:47 pm
chilly breeze. predawn hours particularly a chance passing snow shower monday temperatures recovered nicely 45 degrees. expecting to see sunshine. >> sick mother about to be homeless saturday night snl alum and one of the stars of 30 rock one of stars of 30 rock tracy morgan muffett mother called for help but needs $25,000 to pay off mortgages and ohio lost her job last year money trouble also reportedly sick and suffering from diabetes. >> everything what wrong with
9:48 pm
asking him to help i did not see anything wrong tracy morgan are when $20,000 or can i borrow $10 for something i do not ask for money asking him for help >> tracy morgan released a statement that says he is hurt that false stories are circulating about how he treats his family. no major contact with his mother in years. music's biggest act says humbled by the thought of performing on football's big stage madonna meeting in the media today super bowl 46 performing during halftime show weekend game giants and patriots not working so hard or have been so scrupulous or detail oriented or freaked out as much maintaining amazing show for the super bowl
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>> going on to say performing at superable dream come true >> coming up looking for first victory in two weeks trying to end their skid against the oilers. northwestern rain and three-pointers looking for a big win against nebraska sports next. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive
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derrick rose of >> cannot believe she knows who derrick rose is >> i know who derrick rose is stop it >> no. 3 vote-getter behind kobe bryant and dwight howard for the all-star game. starting lineups for the all-star game. more importantly chicago bulls and knicks first straight chicago bulls a 4 point lead and in the second sharing and the sugar to
9:53 pm
the big man no luck bounce pass 11. chicago bulls lead at halftime fighting back still like back throw it down 34 points tonight with and a bucket but too much derrick rose. plight of the night through everybody. 2-2 on nine game trip and 19-6 overall. long way around john shurna was warm all night and drew crawford 21 points. rallying to get it back to more from john shurna download at cats take it at tom 84-74. tough games this season
9:54 pm
not able to close barry m. portend for us to show ourselves we can finish our game and come up with a victory. getting us on a roll >> we have to move on. you can win and to move on and lose and move on >> northwestern a 14-8 and by cox continuing road trip tonight came to of 94 that edmonton and remember what happened to them last time they played. hammered 9-2 coming off and lost at vancouver try to change their luck against the oilers a goal and vancouver this shot 1-0 after one at 40 seconds into the second. patrick sharp first sense return from injury 2-0 chicago oilers striking back to of their own it is 2-2 in the second ad man tent just over 67
9:55 pm
hours from kickoff last media availability giants and patriots players last pictures we see of these two teams apparently the 30-0 break encaustic practice to simulate super bowl halftime no word on whether madonna performed but time to actually play football almost. batt but a very fun week i think that not being back here in four years you really enjoyed the experience and a lot of fun axed aspects of the week much more tolerable more of a veteran player >> more at ease is even worse. same questions less than 24 hours prior. terrible. >> rather get pounded and the had that answer one more questions peyton manning cleared to play football chicago cubs
9:56 pm
have side 18 year-old to bid by tender and opening round of waste management phoenix open one of the biggest hitters on for waste management open go offline just a little bit and your ball winds of right behind the garbage cans. that is the definition of a good round right there next to the compost and recycle bin >> you going to keep this? batt but you can borrow that >> i will wear that tomorrow >> that is the news this thursday night happy you shared time with us.
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