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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 6, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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and how to build a better body for yourself at any age 1 at stem cell at a time. wgn news @ 9 wgn news @ 9 everything was very surreal. i keep thinking he will pull up any minute. >> shocked and in disbelief family stunned after a wrong way crash on i 80 kills four people top story or around the country tonight the u-turn in the wrong way changed the world for many families speaking to families sole survivor from the crash is recovering south suburban oakland from bad a broken arm miracle he is alive. after the aftermath of the crash sister of
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eduardo rodríguez waiting for the recovery of for 31 year old brother from surgery to repair it severely broken arm. the only survivor early morning crash on i80 killed four people >> cannot believe this happened told him not should not be drinking with people driving them out at sea 1996 in venedy made a u-turn i 80 or around 230 monday morning going to wrong way on the expressway slammed head-on 1999 ford escort. inside the infidelityniotti four people died
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>> kind gentle person driving the car of the broadway used in a wheelchair occasionally because of spina bifida he and friends leaning strip club and south suburban harvey before the crash police say alcohol was a factor. >> sorry to the family's going to the same thing we are right now >> door-to-door salesmen energy company was well liked and cannot beat his brother was gone >> no like my brother going the wrong way i think on the other
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way and realize that not dropping at that speed they say 100 mi. per hour all of us say the same thing cannot be something he would do the only survivor from the crash recovering at christ hospital from badly broken arm family says should be ok live at oaklawn tonight >> police are warning a string highly visible police presence winter park neighborhood latest stabbing released saturday to women to robbers came up from behind a struggle followed one woman was knocked down and the other got away with purse. escaped convict on the run could be headed to the western suburbs steven sampson work release camp in green lake wisconsin police say stole a 2000 pontiac grand prix. might be tried to hide in
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riverside friends or acquaintances relatives. steven sampson looked on a stalking conviction considered extremely dangerous anyone with information please call police. not once but twice loop elevator man trapped last night high-rise near millenium park firefighter went up into another elevator entered through the season through the ceiling hatch. the second elevator stopped and there were both trapped. engineer able to reset the switch from the rooftop about three and a half dollars later speed cameras going up in safety zones or around chicago big tickets for violators. gov. quinn and mayor emmanuel say is about safety but critics say cash cow for the city. reaction >> speed cameras coming to designated safety zones in chicago areas. could cover almost half of the city. the
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mayor says the goal is to get drivers to slow down. and keep children safe. critics say the city needs to pump the brakes. >> i think it is great >> colleen conlan principle of canter middle school in hyde park last year to students hit by a car going too fast. injuries were minor but the speeding problem is not >> we want children to be safe to and from school one more measure we can take as a city to make sure that happens safety the number one concern legislation signed today it a lot of chicago to operate speed cameras in designated safety zones near schools and parks drivers $50 ticket for going six-10 mi. per hour over the speed limit the fine jumps to $100 after that >> if you save one life to save the entire world >> traffic pass
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>> barnet fagel runs a website called ticket doctor we met up with them in a school's out near california and peterson >> all of the traffic is over 20 mi. per hour >> argues speed cameras just like red light cameras can do more harm than good >> what will happen to the cameras will cause disruption to the natural flow of traffic and when you have these pulsations of traffic causes more crashes to happen >> mayor rahm emmanuel applauding the governor's decision statement says all this requires drivers obey the law near schools and parks to insure the safety of our kids. is the real motivation safety or revenue? drivers have their opinion >> i support safety and those areas but the implementation
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needs to be different >> just like everything else in the city everything consistently increases services are consistently declining. and we are really feeling the squeeze. >> we are told revenue raised from speed cameras going towards school safety and afterschool programs. if they match or surpass the success of the red light cameras this will generate big dollars for chicago tickets from red light violations caught on tape brought in a $70 million in 2010 alone. >> he says the victim of all roadhorrific videotaped beating what he says one chicago police did to him. young teacher stabbed trying to break up a fight remembered as a hero and is your commute making you
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sick? thousands of commuters breathing high levels of lung damaging fumes at union station. down but tom skilling in the weather center coolest day eight days a list of the month this week to surges of arctic air first turning wake of that snow showers tomorrow cold air mass could be and later in the week details coming up.
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garage door covered. exclusively at sears. craftsman. trust. in your hands. wgn news @ 9 88 people injured so badly they were taken to beat i should say to the hospital after arrested by north chicago police 18 have come forward alleging police brutality. somebody also shocking surveillance video live in north chicago with a story >> we have seen him before but never heard from him at all. until tonight. telling this story alleging a serious case of police brutality in this very building police headquarters. a budget beating caught on tape and we warn you we have shown
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some of this to you before it may still be hard to watch. >> do not want to come forward i was scared and at the point did not want police to come after me >> no. paul smith chicago city hall july 2010 on the receiving end of apparent beating in police interview room captured by north chicago department camera. >> we can see the video what is he doing? >> i was asking for medical attention and he never read my rights or anything. they ended up assaulting me grabbing me smashed my head into the wall >> paul smith charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest afraid to come forward instead left the county but heard about darrin hannah died one week after his arrest north chicago body
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signs of blunt force trauma and burns >> the death of my son bring forth a lot of people and that is the purpose of this >> the same story charging them with resisting arrest is what happens in all of our cases. batt but no surprise officer asked paul smith to file a citizen complaint a friend intervenes and hauled him away filing that later with a lawyer that they need to stop this cannot go around beating people up. >> no comment on allegations subject of ongoing state police investigation very significant inside council chambers a new interim police chief was announced. retired chicago
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police department deputy superintendent james jackson. begin work soon sworn in subsequent council meeting we should point out the last interim chief sworn in here hired here anyway resigned after six days on the job. live in city hall north chicago wgn news @ 9 >> pakistan the born chicago taxi cab driver plea deal on terrorist charges al-qaida admitted to sending money to a group with al-qaida ties- arrested in his taxicab a couple of years ago federal lockup ever since. attorneys of raja lah- rasib khan plea deal calls for sentence of five-eight years and cooperation in any related investigation in the future. judge issued arrest warrants family up cicero town president larry domenic failing to pay a ticket. wife elisabeth went to
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court this morning paid the ticket warrant was dropped spokesman says elisabeth domenic never notified of the ticket had been aware of what have paid it right away. thousands of union station commuters breathing high levels of diesel exhaust according to testing done by amtrak both amtrak and metra have taken steps to improve ventilation but owner of one building located below the southbound tracks limited the positive effect of the changes. senator dick turbid pushing british developer putting him on notice >> city of chicago recently cited the owner of the old post office because of refusal to turn on ventilation fans to pull up the harmful air from union station. amtrak is also finding lawsuit in court to operate and maintain the fans >> going after him the latest
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response to 2010 tribune investigation we first showed you on television revealing high levels of diesel fit inside metra its fall of study found worst pollution on trains leaving the sot platforms. senator mark kirk able to watch the super bowl with his family last night doctor released a statement good condition continuing to recover from a stroke last month and upgrade. doctors think able to start rehabilitation very soon. still ahead united states turning up the heat on egypt 19 americans facing prosecution including illinois son of a member of the president's cabinet and husband of missing woman blows himself up and children why the tragedy could have been prevented.
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♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ ♪ prosecution in egypt including son of transportation secretary ray lahood crackdown by egyptian government massive demonstrations 43 people face trials for illegally receiving foreign funders they call to support anti-government groups. american mentioned 36 year-old sam lahood son of transportation secretary ray lahood from illinois leads egyptian office of national republican institute banned from leaving egypt. going into tuesday's republican primary caucus three struggling candidates fighting to stop frontrunner momentum reporting from washington on the latest in the presidential race.
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>> this tuesday is not super tuesday but for the candidates and the republican race is significant. three more contests target front runner mitt romney. conservative support of one with ron paul hopes to snag a strong wind on tuesday and slow momentum of mitt romney >> a candidate running not seen by the media as the prohibitive favorite. who is the worst possible person in this field to put on the most fundamental issue of the campaign >> rick santorum hit mitt romney on health care and newt gingrich pilot also >> look what he did in massachusetts basically accommodative liberal democrats and looking at mitt romney care next to obama care >> caucuses in missouri and
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nonbinding primary no delegates at stake just bragging rights comes in on a winning streak after back-to-back victories in florida and nevada campaign heading back at rex airport monday for comment on health care but candidate more focused on potential november matchup. >> he says he deserves a second term. mr. president you do not deserve a second term. >> both mitt romney and newt gingrich trailing president obama and hypothetical general election contest. >> learning more about the man police say blew himself up and his two sons in washington state investigators found two 5 gal. cans of gasoline in a house that went up in flames yesterday josh powell the lone suspect in disappearance of his wife susan cox powell three years ago. lost custody of five and seven year old boys to her parents. grandparents say the older son had been talking about when mom
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and vanished in a trunk when they went camping. batt but doing everything we could to keep it safe and healthy. and that was all taken away by a selfish cowardly act in my mind slaughter of two innocent children >> the boys had just been dropped off supervised visit with their father when he blocked out the social worker who was supposed to be supervising at the house exploded in flames. send an e- mail to boyer it read i am sorry good bye also other emails to his pastor and others how to handle things related to his life. coming up suburban school in mourning after popular teacher killed trying to break up a fight. and white house intern scandal going back 50 years. former intern says had an affair with jfk and looking back at top commercials during yesterday's super bowl.
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tonight's medical watch fast cycle exercise triggers the same chemicals and the body that increase during a heart attack short spinning such increases
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secretions of cardiac markers measuring to determine the cause of heart pain. doctors zerby action is not necessarily harmful during exercise but patients should mention prior strenuous activity if they end up in the emergency room. exercise help to stimulate stem cells university of illinois researchers link between exercise and to also help changes of the birth of new stem cells after exercise. turns out adult stem cells in muscles enhance healing researchers believe the findings are critical for helping rehabilitate muscles and preventing or restoring muscle lost with age. brain changes depending on activity and the competition. looking at scans doctors able to see people focus on their own action while playing a game of solitaire but add another player into the next people played less attention to their own strategy instead spending more energy trying to figure out what the opponents
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would do. national academy of science report we did not learn from our own actions inspired to burn more by the absence of others. by the actions of others back to you >> winter like temperatures turning the mild season we have been having tom skilling tells us when the big chill is setting in. and why this commercial is called racist and is stirring backlash. this week at kmart love is in the air during our valentine's day jewelry sale! get these gemstone heart rrings for only $19.99! ...sofia vergara heart pendants are just $49.99! plus, shop your way reward bonus members earn $10 in points with purchases of $99 or more! now that's kmart smart
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it looks like winter might be returning >> if you look out over the next couple of weeks one more shot tomorrow more important later in the week interesting hearing about the deadly cold wave in europe and some of that might cross people shot of cold air towards the weekend but anything but cold air on the mind of this photographer coming through here salt creek and down in at purdue university the frost the ice that gathers on trees freezing fog some of that around this morning and this eagle isn't that something? normally migration corridor on
9:31 pm
mississippi river but this percent decided to make it further east apparently and what a great day it was in chicago sunday not more than 4 mi. to the north more than 40 mi. north of us in geneva or milwaukee temperatures in this area of wisconsin central and northern into the mid-40s today and cold air tried to shrink but never managed it out of the area. step back and see what is going on storms flooding of the west coast of the continent each with a warm glow of their intel buckling the jet stream the warm air breaking the back of terrible cold in nebraska way north and crashing down into our area. the pattern evolving in the next few days. a big cold air mass settlement down over the coming weekend into the area for a shot of chill and we have some of this in here tomorrow coldest air white and pink
9:32 pm
areas noticed south of us that north of us and chilly air with wind off of the lake just enough to turn on lake effect snow flurries and showers thursday a shot of pacific air before this thing dumps it in on friday and saturday. going to get cold pulling out by early next week but another shot of cool air starts to plunge south cool air air mass increased frequency next few weeks. but today we made it to 33 degrees at 40 degrees up by green bay coldest day of the month. notice of the really cold stop in alaska has let up good news for those folks. and this is of cold air developing over houston and central canada this area of filling up with cold air. running across the polls. terrible cold wave. shot of cold
9:33 pm
air this weekend chilly air on the other side of the hemisphere. for the moment temperatures are by the united states canadian border cool spell, said tamara and wednesday kind of moderate intensity we have 30 stores around the area right now wind producing 21 degrees when to chill and 85 percent humidity. speaking of europe that the cold air. some of the media couldn't the death toll over 400 in western russia a terrible cold wake not letting up yet. today we heard from our friend here in illinois the warm weather meteorological winter starting december 1st qualifies as the sixth warmest winter. since
9:34 pm
189582% of the days in chicago above average snow remarkable last year to this over 50 in. of snow by this time last year just under 14 this year. pretty amazing. some wind around the area today. 30 degrees at o'hare and midway and 30 degrees at highland with 100 percent humidity temperatures have kept that cloudiness with-venedy 27 degrees at mchenry wind chill going around the area temperatures in the 20's with this view of the skyline as you head north sunshine in a milwaukee just up the lake looking at the temperatures across wisconsin sunshine milwaukee up to 44 degrees at 33 degrees in chicago today. forecast is for cold weather and light affects snow showers in here tomorrow. 16th consecutive
9:35 pm
day above normal in the area. forecast for tonight clouding over at the responsible towards morning low temperature 28 degrees be been shifting north at 5-15 mi. per hour. tomorrow a cloudy day wind picking up scattered flurries snow showers from time to time. high temperature 34 degrees. snow showers and flurries tomorrow night and wednesday sunshine breezy ec's novel called high temperatures 33 degrees 40 degrees before the real chill hits friday-saturday-sunday back with the seven day forecast and a little bit. >> tragic end to a life cut short trying to stop a bar brawl. no wardrobe malfunction but a blatant on camera super
9:36 pm
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naperville councilmember wants to tighten alcohol abuse laws in
9:39 pm
bars up for the death of the second grade teachers that and killed trying to separate a fight between two men. the spring brook elementary school today. >> in my opinion and it is just too bad >> principal hired shaun wild can make a close friend described the 1st year teacher as sensitive and caring for second grade class at spring brook elementary school in naperville when he learned of the circumstances of shaun wild that dying from stab wounds in the middle of a bar fight he knew the whole season had not yet come out >> when i first got the call early saturday morning and heard about it no way the story came out of what he did
9:40 pm
>> shaun wild killed inside blue room in naperville step began to stop a fight between two men who had been arguing >> and charged with stabbing shaun wild according to witnesses daniel olaska the target of taunting by another bar patron william hayes. who had teased daniel olaska for drinking beer and wine glass all william hayes so step but not life-threatening injuries. principal spent the day counseling students and teachers most of the room already knew about the loss of their friend and teacher even so professional help was brought >> social workers and psychologists and counselors people from all of the district over 20 people here to >> the death of shaun wild repercussions with one city council member now calling for stricter rules governing drinking in downtown vapor built
9:41 pm
at night. >> memorial service is scheduled north of milwaukee for shaun wild public memorial 7:00 p.m. thursday crowd here brown deer high school. fuel is friday and milwaukee. naples area ceremony may also be scheduled. huge sales of $50 million cash for rebar forest man charged with sexual abuse to children more than a decade police arrested 63 year-old robert gaskill at his home thursday. robert gaskill operated a foster care service with his wife accused of sexually assaulting two young girls 1996 until 2009. history of working with or for organizations that help children. to back in court thursday. was it a mistake? halftime no no television executives apologizing for what happened at halftime and former white house intern claims lost
9:42 pm
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wgn news @ 9 champion's home in new jersey today in new york giants touching down network airport greeted by fans all sorts of people outside football complex at the meadowlands super bowl champions in the meantime in new york city parade final touches on floats carrying the giants around lower manhattan. should take place tomorrow. madonna * performance nbc apologizing after singer "mia" flipped off more than 100 million people and told them she does not give a darn so to speak. apparently most people did not notice but nbc and the failure in doubly system for allowing the gesture to be seen. mrs. tom brady the
9:46 pm
wise known as supermodel gisele bundchen hecklers from the giants fans leaving the stadium last night so she bit back caught on video complaining about patriots receivers husband patriots' quarterback not throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. a couple of receivers had crucial dropped during crunch time. and love him or hate him super bowl advertisements a lot of people talking political advertisements running only in michigan generating a backlash. critics say the use of an aged woman speaking broken english is racially insensitive michigan republican senate candidate pete hoekstra defending his advertisement card it targeting the incumbent democrat debbie stabenow he says only it takes aim at spending and she is the only one who should be offended.
9:47 pm
super bowl commercials that you like usa today scientifically chosen the night belonged to the dogs. top three spots the guilty looking great dane who trades a bag of dorito's for a human's silence. couch potato dog getting in shape to chase a volkswagen beetle sketchers wearing bulldog beats a pack of greyhounds and number for another advertisement dorito's baby grabs chips from a big brother and the no. 5 spot introducing the newest character m&m's mrs. brown. tom skilling in the weather center with the seven day forecast >> those were terrific pretty clever by the way one of the viewers called to say the picture we showed or snowdrops
9:48 pm
we stand corrected thank you for the call and cloudy out there now look what happened as the night goes on when to turn and northeast lake moisture and also colder air from canada. snow showers and flurries by morning and in the evening light snow showers developing along the lake not a lot of accumulation but perhaps half an inch in spots boston and others and others may get nothing at all when of two canadian high pressure is dropping it to the country from the north there issunshine another front a gathering snow shower producer in the upper midwest and wind watch how they pick up not so much at midnight but increasing gusting over 25 mi. per hour during the day tomorrow that it
9:49 pm
around here this is the next cold mass right here big canadian high this one is colder than the one tomorrow over the weekend and even friday temperatures friday falling truck of cold air coming across the north pole 34 degrees forecast high tomorrow snow showers flurries at * sunshine back on wednesday beautiful sunny day up to 40 degrees and spots on thursday and called her friday-saturday and sunday. not disappointing to many people see you later >> a woman pushing her 70's now admits to losing virginity in the white house. author of a new tell-all book about jfk claimant an affair with the president
9:50 pm
while white house intern people called mini alford once upon mini says 19 years old when the affair began in 1962. working at the white house less than a week and john f. kennedy and butter on personal tour of the president's not 69 years old grandmother and retired the book on sale wednesday. coming up not much to dislike of the chicago bulls tonight taken on the new jersey nets make things look easy in new jersey and by cox making a change akin to snap a five game losing streak sports is next. hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's.
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perfect cup of coffee one for being the perfect neighbor and one for no reason at all. your moment. your dove. that was easy >> yes but a price to pay? something happening to everybody in the league minutes, up on people tonight derrick rose getting injured again just when the schedule starts to back off. no more back to back until after the all-star game new jersey tonight keith bogans sang " the former teammates and goodbye to the new jersey nets are early carlos boozer very good finding luol deng easy one and second quarter is derrick rose back door but reentry lance funny and was not long before the bus headed to the showers back spasms. not that they needed him
9:54 pm
tonight that went up by 30 + and the third and joakim noah now playing derrick rose as role and in the end brian scalabrine the deep corner to finish things off 24.29 assists killed the nets 10987. and joakimoliver purnell cullom the rug out all over it cleveland melvin 12 point lead for awhile but market finishes first have strong jae crowder packs one and darius johnson-odom finishes on the other end. 73-597 mets left the blackhawks have a long way to go under a nine game road trip long way to get back on top of the western conference in colorado tomorrow game 4 of the nine and have not won one yet. jonathan
9:55 pm
toews back at practice today and won significant lineup change in store for tomorrow night corey crawford is out as a goaltender and ray emery is the goaltender as they try to rattle the cages and batt but reminds us we are a team it bunch of friends as bad as things can get we can still have fun and find a way to get through this will not worry too much >> everybody gave that up for dead in december tomorrow new york giants riding through new york as heroes and parade
9:56 pm
reveling in another super bowl tickets victory real yesterday at the first mvp 5 pass to mario manningham the key winning touchdown drive which ended with this ahmad bradshaw fallen over the goal line hitting the ground the giants had 21-17 victory over the patriots' third super bowl victory for the eli manning family 2 for eli one for big brother peyton >> this is not about bragging rights this is about 18 organization being world champions and that was the ultimate goal. the only thing supported is the team finding a way to get a victory. that is the only thing i cared about we both know that is the goal every year not about anything else. >> finally timber wolves kevin
9:57 pm
love two days off without pay for stepping on the face of houston luis scola mcginn night kevin love apologized said a stand-up guy made a mistake with a size 19 shoe. >> the week before scola threw the ball saving it out of bounds and hit him in the soft spot some revenge is sweet but expensive that is the news tonight.
9:58 pm
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