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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 7, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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r michael pfleger and the bean the new makeover. wgn news @ 9 wgn news @ 9 another heartbreaking death of a child killed by a falling television set. top story around the country one year old boy only child crushed under a television at the fourth accident in the area and as many months. in the newsroom with more >> when you take a look at the television and the stand on which it rests you can envision how this could have happened to television too big and stand too flimsy to the baby too small under the weight to survive more than 45 in. wide and weighs about 100 lbs.. television fell
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on one year old resident of roseland shaun brown >> heard a loud bump at the two minutes later the mother came downstairs told me keep was dead and be glad to see what happened he was unconscious >> rushed from his home at 113th and edbrook to rosamond community hospital did not wait for ambulance and emergency crews transferred to comber children's hospital but he could not pull through pronounced dead 3:21 p.m. this afternoon. >> you can see where the blood is on the television at only 1 years old that television was heavy on that stand. >> to add a half feet wider than the stand it rested all the baby had to do was bump into it >> the television spot on
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anything stable and not sitting on anything that was going to secure that type of television >> the fourth child to die of a television take over since october 4th year old died three weeks ago of a crushing head injury and november 3rd year old died television fell playing with two siblings to 10 days earlier 6 year old karl clermont died of a television toppled and on the 10 heights. shaun brown parents had no comment tonight. with each deadly incident safety experts renew their calls for parents to use safety straps or anchors to keep televisions from tipping. >> and less and to be learned to watch your children that is all this is about. that but northbrook based agency says setting television safety standards are reviewing these incidents funding coalition of non profits to embark this summer on first nationwide
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study looking specifically at television to the deaths and injuries and children. the goal to provide in-depth information to better inform policy decisions. batt but thank you tonight chicago city clerk investigating whether gang signs are part of the new city sticker. sticker supposedly honors firefighters paramedics and police decide by 16 year-old attending a school for troubled troubled youth. the position of the hands is compared to some by symbols flashed by members infamous street gang police superintendent karen mccarthy has about to destroy. talking to authorities the office that selects the sticker that you for joining us. >> always a pleasure fortunately so much with the issue at hand here one
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clarification interestingly enough of the officer does not select the winner of the people of chicago to through online voting 18,000 people selected the artwork and felt it was a good way the new development something i will pay close attention to we will have to look at the facts before we make an informed decision. >> what is your take off and that the hands of represent a gang symbol? >> waiting to hear from police experts i am certainly not an expert on that at four in all fairness all members of the media covered the story when we first talked about the design entry winter and the public voted for this thousands voted for this i do not think anybody would have thought that at the time. clearly an issue that merits my attention. but that is part of being the city clerk at all want to make sure what ever
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sticker we move forward with is one that truly honors police and fire. we have to rely on the experts to give us direction. looking forward to hear the decision. >> what does your gut tell you about this controversy? what are your options because sticker has not even been printed yet? >> correct. we are days away from going to spread to have the sticker design and we had 10 finalists there are potential options before we make the decision important to look at the facts. here we do have a young man who has admitted to have that a problem in his youth who goes to a school that deals with children at risk and has clearly articulate it to him the best thing that has ever happened in his life when this design and people voted no when nothing about the artist. a lot
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of things we have to look at it certainly not to ever do anything that would glorify the behavior or things of that nature itself went looking at this i got was a beautiful design and that think that was the same reaction thousands had when they voted for it. important to look at the facts before we make a decision informed decision. >> thank you for your take. talking to the man who works with the gang experts consulted often with others to learn as much as he can't. chicago former top cop jody weis president of chicago * commission good evening to you jumping into the conversation when you saw this and consulted experts in your office what did they have to set up the symbols they saw?
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>> of the first time looking on a blackberry did not have the chance to look at this and blow it up on an ipad i know artist's work poetry can have different interpretations when you look at the configuration of the hands and the fingers those are consistent with a gang signs and i think the city should look hard at that because cannot have any controversy for the city sticker i do not think that is the place and after i have a chance to look at it pretty consistent with the fincher configurations for a certain thing. my recommendation will be to go back and find out what really was in this young man's heart and mind talk to them and we just cannot have a sticker that could possibly be interpreted as being a symbolic of danks. >> correct me if i was wrong superintendent when you first looked at with a blackberry it on right? judging that you first
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thought maybe a big deal over nothing but when you blow it up on the ipad you stopped and thought might have a symbolic look like a gang symbol? >> driving home from a meeting i could sort of see where they were going but when you get a chance to look at it clear configuration of the figures the figures on the hands are in my opinion after i went back and talk to the chief research analyst very consistent with gang signs flashed all too often on the streets of chicago did not think we can have that on the city sticker of would try to go back and figure figure out what was being detected maybe there is an essence but cannot have any controversy and a city sticker that is my position after having a chance to blow em up and look at the hands closely. >> the sole survivor of a
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horrific crash killing four people on i 80 sunday night is out of the hospital. speaking with him tonight. >> resting tonight at his cicero home but still in a lot of pain. eduardo rodriguez counting his blessings the day after a horrific crash that killed three of his friends. >> it was scary man. the crash. >> four people total died in fiery head on a high-speed crash on i 80 day morning. 35 year old also killed when the driver made a u-turn on the interstate and went the wrong way. slamming into his ford escort. eduardo rodríguez the only survivor said he had been his friend for years
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and was struck. >> people did not want to drive and they let him drive. he was driving crazy and we told him to stop but he did not want to stop. >> what did he say while driving before the accident? >> he was not ready to die. he said he was ready to die. >> with those haunted last words he tells me not looking to crash on monday morning he may never know why he walked away from the crash with a badly broken arm and four others died. >> south side activist priest father michael pfleger who was in a confrontation with francis cardinal george last year taking on new responsibilities now sharing duties at saint sabina regional church father michael pfleger spoke tonight at the parish that he called home for almost 30 years about his new duties. what he had to say.
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>> he told members of the confrontation during the bible session along with the media they are thrilled that he is happy to become the church point man on gun violence. >> cardinal made it clear he will remain at saint sabina @ griebel " through this together >> not the outcome you would have imagined with father michael pfleger suspended by the archdiocese last spring. tonight this is shepherd is a stand with his flock. >> this is where he has grown and become who he is i am glad he will be here at saint sabina where he belongs. >> kell pastor at saint sabina had taken on it to new roles. helping out at saint margaret of scotland where masked intruder speed legendary priest almost to death in december and you will be the voice of the archdiocese of an issue extremely passionate about. >> there is a genocide going on
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in our city and country the killing of our children that is unacceptable. >> i want to applaud the archdiocese for choosing father michael pfleger because his voice as it relates to violence and gun violence and protecting children is something both the president and i share. >> grateful for his good work and looking for to working with them on the anti-initiative. >> tempting to call the outspoken priest the victor and a standoff with church leaders he only hands at more to come. >> 62 years old and too young to retire a lot of mischief i still want to create. >> making the announcement earlier today archdiocese made it clear jointly made decision very much open and it no timeline at all for father michael pfleger to leave the church. live saint sabina on the south side
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>> still ahead it is true but santorum has quite an night surging ahead tonight and a couple of different races election results and analysis of primary and he saved his owners from a fire they had to save his life tonight a pit bull held as a hero and still more concerns over tax preparation and customers complain about questionable refunds from that place and if you think it is cold outside tom skilling says wait until later this week.
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the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. decision 2012 republican primaries and caucuses. quite a story to tell rick santorum crushing opponents and minnesota and missouri the numbers rick santorum is first with 44 percent at ron paul second with 27 percent and commiserate rick santorum of 44% with mitt romney and second at 25% the vote in missouri does not count at all. not at all for delegates. just a beauty
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contest. and rick santorum first again. colorado. paul lisneck is here to break down of the results. what is your impression? >> who would have thought? in the midwest very critical in these elections ohio and the midwest that is where it newt gingrich is in ohio ready for super tuesday with rick santorum carving out a very important part of the country which means you cannot write him off. criticized as media reporters and analysts were calling the end of this thing before it is don ron paul doing very well >> rick santorum is to win good will to get the nomination does it do anything in your eyes before the end of the race? >> we all do make predictions hard to say tonight. you raise a good point tough to look at the country right now and say every night a primary somewhere or
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caucus you can see the end of the election of the truth is a 24-7 new cycle and we keep making stories as the contest goes on the naturally talking about the country in regions talking in the midwest talking regional contest that is how it is hard to see how this shapes up state by state switches every time tomorrow a brick centaur on deck and the next primary will come up with a different conversation. >> knocked in the top of the pedestal that romney and it looks like rick santorum did that tonight what does that say about new cam grich? >> something very important because first of all if you are mitt romney you are worried. what they say is i cannot get ahold of this than he wanted a sweep tonight and it would not have meant very much and delegates but momentum he is after at newton gingrich was not on the ballot in missouri at rex santorum would have one there
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but not on the ballot but if newt gingrich cannot be cam and other states and rick santorum is when he says i am the only guy who can be m and the only true conservative but he does not begin and end of that mantra goes to rick santorum my understanding is that when he speaks and minnesota apparently his remarks will go primarily at president obama and not at mitt romney and what does that tell you? looking ahead at the general election and ron paul is in minnesota always hanging around the caucus states he does well. the state of maine has a caucus all week nobody pays attention but he is there for awhile and ron paul might wind that caucus. ron paul is a plant and caucus states always has a fair share of support very vehement support strong support wherever he is and continuing as an analyst sand not winning the
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election never the less a factor somebody to look at what is he after? >> political analyst paul lisneck thank you very much. family saved but he the barely got out himself and the people "moo moo" came to the rescue and big victory for supporters of same sex marriage after appeals court reversed a controversial measure and the bean millennium park a psychedelic makeover? [ coughs ] what is this shorty? uh, tissues sir, i'm sick. you don't cough you don't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. the funny thing about a garage is... that it always seems to be closed when you want it open. and open when you want it closed. until now. with the craftsfman assurelink garage door opener you never have to wonder. because you can open or close your door antime from anywhere. and with all these features, craftsman
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winter is on the way we are still waiting but it is coming >> a snap of cold air force her have not had much of that have not had a subzero day this winter. have not thought about that the suburbs significant but not in the city interesting only 12 winters in 141 years without official subzero reading and by way of comparison to some observers by this time last year. from these clubs today a couple of stuff like and that was interesting did not have many recently running way behind
9:30 pm
average on snowfall and we may get more flurries at another batch with cold air expected this weekend before race today in chicago the first in nine days and coming winter 60% of normal snow and a quarter of what we have last year at this time just under 14 in. of snow 23 in. average and by the way people ask where are we in this snow season? 35 percent of seasonal snow we are really on the downhill the backside span of winter here. looking at what amounts to this is what passes for arctic outbreak in this very mild winter in chicago. cold and nippy and the wind is blowing from the northeast but by early february standards a cakewalk. coldest gathering to the north more impressive shot of cold air over the weekend could get here
9:31 pm
as early as friday falling temperatures. should last only three days. temperatures are cooler than 24 hours ago the drop in ratings to the north the wind continues blunt the chilly air tonight and tomorrow seasonably low temperatures in the mid-30s war meant to 40 on thursday and taken a dip heading towards the weekend north wind at 17 producing 19 wind chill tonight barometer up their canadian high pressure. the bigger one on the way this weekend warm air running up the west coast sending rain fall into california that of course, it's warm air into the west and of the continent buckles the jet stream and the back side goes south toward tugging in the polar for tax down. the flow comes from the arctic. this is the cold air we are in doubt the dark blue area will stop sag
9:32 pm
southward and i really cold and no snow on the ground medicates the intensity of the cold talking about a saturday with high temperature 20 degrees. nighttime low temperatures in the digits of the suburbs by friday-saturday morning this thing pulls out another load of colder air comes out pretty active storm track across the continent along the south cool air. 10 date snow forecast. we may see some snow falling within 10 days. one-two weeks but not until then. tomorrow the last thing on our minds is no fault we expect sunshine and 70 today consecutive week of above normal temperatures. despite the cooling the month running close to 12 degrees above normal at
9:33 pm
one year ago half foot of snow just days after the big blizzard in a today is no fault on the sixth and seventh one year ago. snow passing south of us are there this week one of the systems out of the pacific movement across the country producing surprised out in the fort wayne indiana area. much of that will pass out but a couple of flurries could blow em off of the late cycling through time. proceeding east toward a couple of flurries like indiana and clearing house where sunshine tomorrow it will be cool. you can see the estimate how much snow might come down with that weather system not want to talk about tomorrow-tomorrow night but high-pressure here comes the cool air into the thirties tamara and down into the twenties by it mourning time on friday. up thursday afternoon into the upper thirties are
9:34 pm
around 40 degrees and watch the cold air into the northern states thermometer readings below zero. a pretty cool air mass. books again like we might have a saturday high temperatures limited to the low 20's. quite interesting hard to get full intensity cold could not have a good solid snowpack only a quarter of the country 50 percent still snow-covered one year ago tonight we expect clear skies and a cloudy skies and a blustery and cool weather with flurries in the area especially and counties michigan a low temperature 24 degrees north wind at 5-16 mostly sunny with seasonable temperatures tomorrow high temperature 36 degrees. could start the day with a flurry or two near the lake. clear chilly midteens-low 20's tomorrow night at 39
9:35 pm
degrees mostly sunny and windy miles per day with compression a warming strong cold front late thursday night-friday morning and low 30's fallen to low 20s during the day pretty chilly saturday-sunday but will not last. interesting to see if we get snow falling next week more on that in a bit. >> south side chicago family survives a fire because dog alerted them almost had a sad ending pit bull "moo moo" up the family up in the middle of the night he by trickle fire they've realized "moo moo" still inside. fire department would not recommend this they ran inside finally found the dog rescue her fire department gave her oxygen taken to animal welfare in chicago ridge for resuscitation. batt but she pushed my door and got on my bed started to like me wondering what she was doing asking her "moo moo" are you
9:36 pm
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wgn news @ 9 a lot of anchor tonight directed at the tax preparation service mo money people angry about getting questionable refunds bus that was agreed upon the story continues to gain steam tonight >> work too hard for my money too hard and this is crazy they should be able to shut the company down and give back the money close the business down. this is wrong. >> tax preparation service mo money is of the north and west side locations close tax preparation service on the south side west 63rd street the only one passing out checks. >> of this is the all but one of an opening on a daily basis
9:40 pm
giving out a few checks a day which is very unusual for a tax company to give out just a few tracks. >> some of the checks are passed out currency exchanges and banks reluctant to cash the checks for fear it will bounce >> one of the guys at cashed the checks but they told us still should be talking to the irs the amount deposited they charged 290 ad 770 cam out of the track so where is the rest of the money? >> clients have their checks and had in some cases clients still trying to determine what happened during the transaction. >> weighed in yesterday and today. they said the check when tear gas today here today the moderate camp today and i found jan. it should not take that long to pay back another
9:41 pm
problem several clients told us that the money and they were receiving from mo money was less than was agreed to end the contract other discrepancies agreed to end the contract. called attorney general's office only received six complaints of our >> at the white house is now saying room for compromise regarding company's religious groups providing health insurance. under obama new health care of all health insurance to catholic schools and hospitals would have to pay for contraception met with resistance birth control not condoned by the catholic church even though some catholics themselves choose not to follow that rule. federal appeals court striking down the ban on same- sex marriage legal action setting a showdown over gay
9:42 pm
marriage in united states supreme court civil rights activists cheered the ruling announced an sec said francisco three judge panel tossed out the controversial proposition 8 approved by voters in 2008 by 2- 1 decision they called banning same sex marriage a violation of the constitution. >> united states court of appeals simple fundamental american truth. how you are born and we choose to love should not be a basis for discrimination in this country. actor advocates of the same sex decision bad sense out of step with most federal rulings appeal and both sides fighting all the way to united states supreme court. still coming in a dramatic shift tonight rick santorum and mitt romney tied for the lead 37% at new cam grich, and to third and ron paul is fourth place. latest update it looks like senator
9:43 pm
rick santorum making it official in minnesota. coming up cloud gate about to be transformed into a disco ball and later in sports jay cutler and jeremy bates great success in denver chicago bears hoping their reunion will produce similar results. [ cat ] you have come back for me. oh i thought you had left forever, that i would never again feel your soft, warm caress. [ purring ] raawwwar. kitty likes tha... [ bag shaking ] [ meows ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] crunchy outside, soft meaty flavor inside, with only 2 calories per treat. cats can't resist. temptations treats. ♪ ♪ i remember the day my doctor told me i have an irregular heartbeat, and that it put me at 5-times greater risk of a stroke. i was worried. i worried about my wife, and my
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wgn news @ 9 horrific new details murder- suicide father and son and washington state autopsy results show josh powell boys had hatchet wounds died of smoke inhalation found the hatchet used on the board at the gasoline tanks used to torch the house josh powell won't suspect of this occurrence of white and 2009. terrifying ordeal for spectators and stop and performing on his motorbike on sunday something went wrong john headford he fell 25 ft. below crowd screamed rushed to help broker a lot of bones but did survive >> i thought i was called to die at that point flying through the air closed my eyes and said okay hit the ground and was still breathing he broke his leg
9:47 pm
and wrist also fractured fractured his elbow expected to make a full recovery investigation underway to find out why the wire was where he was at seven day forecast the weekend is going to dip >> turning chile and of course the seven day forecast reaches into valentine's day could be snowfall for about * stay 31 degrees at o'hare the last when a gust of the past three days to block light from the northeast constant 21 degrees gives the air the feel of midteens- twenties across the metropolitan area downwind of lake michigan parts of indiana and michigan 31 degrees when it stopped at 17 degrees there. a beautiful shot of the skyline. the nation's
9:48 pm
capital look at the full note rising time lapse tonight over washington dc. high resolution whether but camera, arlington va. pretty cool. mid-30s pretty general across the region 17th consecutive day above normal temperatures despite the chill jumping ahead to friday high- pressure canadian high colors represent you and blows and over the weekend low pressure formic out and colorado panhandle lifting it to the midwest possible could be snow flurries tuesday next week even more important system on the forecast models beyond that. a couple of shots may be snow falling but we
9:49 pm
will see. clouds or flurries and the lake winding down gorgeous sunshine above normal 39 degrees wednesday from the southwest on thursday no. when the back lake effect snow showers falling temperatures and dig up in the lower-mid-20s colder days of winter 20s on sunday and were meant to the mid 30's could smell on tuesday valentine's day. keeping an eye on that have a good night >> popular chicago attraction and a whole new light transported to disco dance floor anish kapoor the bean cloud gate sculpture better known as the bean backdrop of a new light display millennium park chicago office of tourism asked the art group to create a rainbow colored light display to boost tourism during the slow midterm winter months look for it this friday something to see it
9:50 pm
coming up the blackhawks were a trip continues with the blackhawks and of five game losing streak at northwestern athletic director discusses the chances of some sort of college football playoff. sports next. ♪ it was the best day ♪ [ whooping ] ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ 'cause of you ♪ we make a great pair. huh? progressive and the great outdoors! we make a great pair. right, totally. that's what i was thinking. all kinds of vehicles, all kinds of savings. multi-policy discounts from progressive. call or click today. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a pantented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. ♪ ooh baby, (what)
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somehow they made their way through 2 ft. of snow in denver to find the stadium for hockey >> by cox and call run up tonight to all points of the challenged hockey teams worse and a seven minute stretch second. you get four goals. trying to snap for game winless streak at the pepsi center in denver colorado. wide open second just a half minute and duncan keith lets it go bounces right to brent seabrook at 1-0 chicago but the hawks did not give up they gave up to a terrible goals here milan heyduk set up david jones, ray emery in goal no chance. 2-1 colorado and later patrick sharp again to patrick kane for the backhand. patrick and has been active tonight. beginning in the third robert has just scored early in this 3-2. derrick rose chicago
9:54 pm
bulls off day mostly on the massage table. stiff legs on the way back down and another a faulty landing here only 10 minutes of action for derrick rose back spasms he says he will play against the new orleans cornets chicago bears turning to an old jay cutler 184 quarterback coach jeremy bates who was jay cutler quarterback coach during his best years in denver on board. already applauded by jay cutler on the internet now running the offense mike tice things will be different than under mike martz why not give jay cutler somebody he's already had success with? chicago bears need offensive line coach lovie smith and staff will be complete. new york giants championship right now in up super bowl champions for the city can get up heroes in front of 1 million giants fans all players keys to the city from the mayor and on to new jersey
9:55 pm
and another 30,000 showed up at met life stadium to get in but maybe a touch of the lombardi trophy and another upset another super bowl victory. >> most important was to remember that all things are possible for those who believe and we always believed we always knew we could get here we had to put it together a great credit to the coaches who did a magnificent jobs and to the players the other message was to finish finish games finished the fourth quarter and a species and strong that is exactly what we did a team that had eight fourth quarter comeback to win games including one in the super bowl. >> not too bad. chauncey billips don for the los angeles clippers season and ricky williams retiring from football and memphis joining the big east as soon as 2013 season at the big cat cautiously open
9:56 pm
approach to the question of national football championship playoffs commissioner jim delaney quietly floating the message that in the conference agree and couldn't northwestern athletic director jim phillips. looking out for its own interest the big cat will want to protect rose bowl partnership with the pact 12 but beyond that potential for team tournament generating more and more interest. >> you have to protect the big 10 conference and do what is it the best interest with that said you have to be a good partner nationally and what they are asking you to consider if you can't make sure you are true to the student athlete be true to the student conference you can have more type national conversation relative to what is best not only for the big 10 but college football we have not proposed anything not a big cap proposal waiting for somebody to propose something to us and that is why i say we are open to an
9:57 pm
idea and curious to see what a potential structure would look like but not anywhere near san something we will sign up for count us and unconditionally and all the rest >> the mere fact they are talking about it means it will probably happen down the line not too far down the line >> that is the news had a good night.
9:58 pm
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