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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 8, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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chicagoans take it to be on this year's city vehicle sticker but some say a gun at students' artwork has a gain related science and that the city is taking a closer look. good afternoon everyone think you for joining us. >> we have more on this controversy. >> it was a local blogger that called attention to the gang sign and people are saying it is
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a good than the stickers did not go to print yet. there are no issues with it the pictures honoring the city but the hands are the issue in question and even the heart in the picture is gang related. >> unfortunate lead these are very similar to gang symbols and we cannot take the chance. >> this 15 year-old student wanna vicomtesse deon the contest
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and the 15 year- old student was also found it to be gang affiliated. >> of course and now the online voting process is also in question and again the city clerk is meeting with chicago police as well as the chicago crime commission in the dc-9 will be the first of the emanue administrationl . >> lisa looking for gunmen responsible for shooting on the south side. the shooting happened overnight at a gas station and police say the suspect fault with another man
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at the gas station left and then returned and pulled up to the victim in shot the 21 year-old man in the head and he is in critical condition. the suspect is still at large. >> for the fourth time in three months and another young child in chicago has been killed by a fall in television. this latest tragedy happened yesterday on the south side. police say this one-year-old was running through the living room when he bumped into a television set win more than 100 lbs. and fractured his goal in missing wisconsin girl has been found it safe in chicago. the two year-old was not injured and was taken it to be children's hospital for evaluation and her father was taken into custody. he is wanted in connection with the murder
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of the girl's mother police and wisconsin found the body of the 27 year-old mother last night in her apartment. a convict who escaped from custody in wisconsin has finally been captured. sampson escape from a work-release camp on january 30th and investigators said they believed he was headed to river site because he had family there. yesterday police arrested him at a motel and found the stolen vehicle used in his escape nearby. . >> executives with a german manufacturing company are meeting today with reverend jesse jackson and with an employees who says he was discriminated against by supervisors at this company's chicago area office. >> reverend jackson brought a
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group of community leaders with him today all of them demand in that this company make major changes to the work environment. >> the news we have is a disturbing we would like to say this is an acceptable discriminatory or other conduct is unacceptable it has been and always will be. >> this company needs profound change and it is a change needs to take place immediately. . >> reverend jesse jackson and other members of the rainbow push coalition our meeting with company executives in the main topic of discussion is explosive allegations from this a 33 year-
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old employe eat. he said he encountered a racially hostile environment with his two years of work with the compnay. he said his immediate supervisor used daily racial language and was highly excepted by other employees. at today's press conference at the company executive made a formal apology. >> i have offered my apology to his family and himself and we will do everything to settle this matter and to reach out to him in the appropriate manner as soon as possible. >> they do sound sincere but
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they were not using the n-word with me but they are going to have to change this company and make things right not only with me but with the community. >> reese said his career suffered dramatically after leaving this company because he could no longer take the racial remarks it daily. rick santorum is trying to build
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momentum on his it three wins in the presidential primary. he took his momentum to texas this morning where he hosted a form with pastors last night he won the caucuses in minnesota and colorado and then the primary in misery. hismiserysouri. his big victories are raising doubts about the front runner mitt romney. these latest results suggest the conservative republicans still have concerns about mitt romney and his views. >> ron paul finished great in minnesota but not so good in that misery and colorado. the next test for him will be mean
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=aine. >> newt gingrich it is now turning his attention to ohio he will campaign across the state for the next two days. coming up next police released the 911 calls from the social worker minutes before powell will blue of his house killing himself and his two young sons. >> prosecutors asked for more stringent house arrest rules for sandusky and hotel workers in new york get a personal safety device to carry with them as
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funeral services will be held saturday for two young boys killed in a fire started by their father. seven year-old and 5 year-old powell died saturday along with their father. a social worker brought the two young boys to the father's house for a court-ordered supervised visit but as they approached the door police said the father pushed the social worker away and took the two children inside and locked the door. then at the house exploded in flames in a horrified social worker called police. >> there are two little boys in the house they are 5 years old and is 7 years old he blow up his house and there are children inside. >> the father was also suspected in the 2009 disappearance of his wife. >> a second teacher accused of
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sexually assaulting students at los angeles elementary school has been charged and fired from his job. 49 year-old springer is accused of fondling a young girl. the law since the school district also voted to fire and another veteran teacher berndt is accused of committing a lewd acts with 23 children and investigators say that this may have been going on for 20 years. >> prosecutors in the jury sandusky jerry sandusky case want him to stay inside of his home. the former assistant football coach at penn state is under house arrest as he awaits trial on a child molestation charges and his house is right next to a school. neighbors and school
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officials have complained about him watching their children from his deck. in a contract for would tell workers in new york includes personal panic buttons. the security devices would summon help if a hotel staff encounters danger in a room. the contract provision may be in response to a case of last year when eight hotel housekeeper accused the french politician strauss kahn of sexually assaulting her. >> the startling that new foreclosure statistics for chicago coming up next and a group of suburban nuns
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a look at today's business headlines... illinois will not be receiving the new caterpillar headquarters. instead of the factory will go to north carolina and it with it over 1000 jobs. mcdonald's sales are up 8% compared to a year ago and they say it is because they are keeping the restaurant's open for longer period of times. on to the foreclosure mass
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chicago is posting some group poll numbers 11 percent of mortgages are 90 days delinquent is one of the highest in the nation. illinois is among the top states with the highest amount of the foreclosures california and new york have been holding off on this because they do not want to the banks to get off easy they want the banks to be punished. greece faces a deadline of two months to get the debt crisis in
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control that has been today's business headlines. >> and many aging society 6 dreaming was considered a means of divine intervention but in modern days welcome you make of the drought a dream or you show up naked to a partyeam where you show up naked to a party. we have a dream expert here to help us break it down. >> dreams are usually due to anxiety some of the most popular dreams people have or t fallen
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out being naked in public or for getting their alliancergeting theri ir lines on stage. if you have a flying dream that usually means you are doing good sell if you are flying you are ok. >> we have all had some really strange dreams but what do they mean different symbols mean different things. for example if you are at 8 zooa zoo it may mean you feel caged or trapped. experts
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believe dreams are a product of your subconscious trying to work problems out in your life. >> why is it that we forget our dreams so easily. >> if you would like to remember your dreams keep a pen and pad next to your bed and sat an alarm for 90 minutes because they say that is when you're brain begins to dream. also foods that are harder to digest to create crazy dreams. >> apparently some people like to have crazy dreams.
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>> yes baluchi baluchis is supposed to make your dreams in very vivid border wackyor whacky so if you wanna have some weird dreams keep some cheese by your bed. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up next where a new report is placing blame for last summer's deadly concert stage collapsed in indiana and in the
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the indian occupational health and safety administration released its report today on the deadly stage collapsed at the indiana state fair. the agency has fined the company that built this stage at $63,000. the stage collapsed last august during high winds it said seven people were killed and dozens of others were injured. . >> to iowa men horror under arrest for animal cruelty charges. there are arrested yesterday where chicago police rescued a 43 puppies. police said they heard loud barking coming from a vehicle and they found that the animals and cream containers without food or water.
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>> during his trial during 2010 they said his street crew protected their gambling franchise by planting a bomb outside of a store that was in croton on their turf. >> nuns are not happy about a strip club and moving in next door to their convent. we have more on this story. >> this 60 year-old convent has been here since 1941 and over the years it has grown to occupy three large buildings housing over 20 sisters. last year
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rumors swirled around about a strip club popping up right next to the convent. the nuns are noy going to sue or opicket but they will pray for them. they say having a strip club will showcase actions that are opposed to the teachings they follow. >> as catholics we take files and these bowels'vows and these vows
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are very important and dear to us. >> watching the wind in disrobe disgraces women in contradicts her christian belief. >> they should be thinking about what i can contribute to the community or contribute to myself. >> the strip club is scheduled to open in a month. >> summit son is breaking
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through the clouds today but much colder air isididide?
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we will be welcoming summit went there this weekend huh tom some winter weather this weekend huh tom? yes temperatures are at seasonable temps. today but temperatures will be dropping
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for the weekend. this was said the first bid of up snow we have seen in nine days as you can see the cold air is building up north.
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here is the warm temps moving in tommorow. and we are one degree cooler and then we work 24 hours ago were 24 hours ago. it is the current 833 degrees at o'hare airport33 degrees at ohare. ebaywe have some sunshine and moving
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in tomorrow we will have some mild winds during the morning hours. it will be windy but mild tomorrow then windy and very cold on friday.
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it is the 18th consecutive day with temperatures above normal. thanks again tom. >> time now for today's trivia. on this day in 1922 president
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warren harding had the first of what installed in the white house? radio, dishwasher or hair dryer
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it is time for sports. the blackhawks are really struggling on the road and they do not return home for another weekend 1/2. and a half. colorado beats the hawks a 5-2 the chicago bulls of visit new orleans tonight and rose said he will play.
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back spasms forced him out of monday's game in new jersey. jay cutler says to the chicago bears have the right man for the quarterback coaching job. the chicago bears announced yesterday announced yesterdaybates who worked with cutler before. that has been your look at sports. if you're live illinois lottery drawing is next illinois lottery... pick3- 482
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pick4- 08,7,6 good luck everyon have a great
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last net grounight we reported that the white house has not revised its policy on its new controversial decision to force all employers including religious institutions to provide health insurance that pays for birth control. >> a new bill is a stirring up controversy in washington. congress passed a bill yesterday allowing airports to opt out of tsa programs. and privatize the
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the security screeners tsa security checkpoints represent 50,000 jobs is sparking arguments. during the hearing democrats said the bill signaled a return to the days before it september 11th and a the attacks when private companies operated airport security. >> and nasty on the scuds a caribbean cruise short. a. morrowvirus has a shot a caribbean cruise down early. the norovirus is believed to have made 114 passengers and 60
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crewmembers extremely sick the symptoms include diarrhea vomiting and stomach pain. >> in today's medical watch most americans eat way too much salt but the culprits may not be what you think. we normally blame it snacks like chips and popcorn for too much sodium however bred maybe the real problem according to the center for disease control. 40 percent of salt consumed can be linked to 10 different foods bread and rolls were at the top of that list. smoking may not only be bad for the body but for the mind as well. a new study from university college in london linked smoking to a faster mental decline in middle-aged men researchers studied over 5000 men in 2007. participants were given memory of verbal skills and reasoning tests over a period of 10 years starting at
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the age of 56 in the study found that men who smoke showed a greater decline. >> lunch break is coming up next. >> we are putting a refreshened twist on salad with it some winter citrus
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hey, it's me -- water. i was trying to figure out how i could get rid of 99% of the lead i can pick up traveling through your pipes and then... [ click ] just clicked. get it? it clicked... like the thing. click. it is time for the lunch break ... i was so excited about today's segment we started during the commercial break. we are talking about cooking with
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citrus. >> i am going to be talking about some of my favorites. citrus is loaded with a vitamin c and everyone knows this it is also a great source of fiber and helps the body fight infection. >> usually people think citrus and they think of it warm weather food. >> i think it is hands down the most of first title fruit out therversitile food out there we
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use it for drinking sharon, flavorin garnishing and even flavoring we can use it in so many ways. we have ruby red grape fruit and my favorite manderin it has great essential oils and the zest. this is a key lime and
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this is calle dd a buddahs hand it is very rare. we're going to start by sauteing the shrimp in the oil. just a touch of salt and pepper the shrimp will take about 30 seconds on each side and now we are going to make our
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dressing with some of the citrus. if you do not mind and drizzle some of oillive oil in there. lets flip the shrimp again only about 30 seconds. now to the lettuce and some sliced red onion and a little
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for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. the answer to todays trivia question. on this day in 1922 president warren harding had the first was installed in the white house? it the answer was a
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radio take a look at this it is currently 34 degrees in the area. it is a mild afternoon for february. the deadly cold is still gripping your upper they haven't actually had to use explosives it to break up water.
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let's take a look at the next seven days... as we head into next week we bring a weather system with us that could bring the rain or snow. there are several systems moving in next week and any of them can produce at snow snow. >> it is going to be 43 degrees tomorrow.


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