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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 10, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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if it is a charity or hospital that has the religious objection to providing contraceptive and the insurance company not the hospital or charity will be required to reach out and all for the woman contraceptive care free of charge. >> president obama announced in the exchange to the healthcare lot in africa, an uproar over birth control. good afternoon everyone think you for joining us.
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>> we will have the contraceptive the story coming up but first a shooting at a sandwich shop is not a murder investigation. please a looking for a man who shot and killed a worker during an attempted robbery and we have more details on the story. >> this sandwich store is closed today after a robbery gone wrong last night. it happened at 8:50 p.m. yesterday. this is a freestanding store across the street from this high school in the restaurant was been rocked into the employee attended to escape that is when the suspect shot and killed her. when paramedics responded to the scene they found money scattered on the floor and the woman on the ground bleeding. she was transported to the
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hospital and extremely critical condition where she soon after died. \ the building manager tells us she was a wonderful resident and a great person. >> she was a very honest and good person very good. >> there have been no arrests in the store remains closed. for people are being questioned after three restaurant employees were shot we have more on this crime. >> as police continued to question these four people it is not clear when front here restaurant will reopen. at around 8:15 p.m. last night in employee smoking a cigarette spotted a group of men
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attempting to steal another employee's vehicle. a restaurant manager coke and food runner attempted to confront the men when not one suspect turned and opened fire. >> if you people ran outside to check it out in the next thing you know i heard gunshots. everybody ran back inside this kind of an immediate reaction when you know somebody in their vehicles getting broken into and you are going to try to stop that. >> i spoke to the father of one of the victims and says he was not surprised his son attended to help someone. the four people being questioned at this time are at the police headquarters in so far there are no charges. >> getting back to the white
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house compromise on the contraceptive coverage. we have more on this compromise. >> it will not surprise you to hear it a lot of strong opinions about this here in the president's home town. the leader of the flock the francis cardinal george is in rome and made his voice heard to all members of the archdiocese. there is now a compromise that has been offered by the president but in the open letter from the cardinal he says is a
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fundamental religious belief and that the government is violating the first amendment. he says to be catholics must be prepared to violate their beliefs or drop coverage for their employees. he goes on to say that we cannot and will not comply with this on just law. unjust law. certainly all of these opinions are coming together with considerable impact driving the white house to come forward with a compromise. we are here at this campus in people were talking. >> it's the students want that they should have it available
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with the age population that close to the school is better to practice safe sex and not at all. . >> i support women's rights 99% of the women in the united states use birth control this is a political issue is being used by the right wing to force women to stop something that gives them freedom. >> as we spoke to students here at catholic university it is very clear that not everyone it feels the same way as the the francis cardinal. these are young young catholics with their own opinions many catholics are outraged by the initial proposal and many
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catholics are saying this is a constitutional issue be right to practice it the freedom of religion fell like this was an inquisitions. excit has yet to be seen how they will react to this new compromise. >> police are holding the man accused of killing two people in a hit-and-run accident early yesterday morning. this 38 year- old driver was drunk when he struck a man and woman with this vehicle he initially left the scene but was picked up by police nearby and he does admit to hitting them. felony charges are pending. >> a chicago woman is charged with driving under the influence calls and in an accident in bodily harm she was also cited for driving without insurance and having her driver's license. she was
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heading north and southbound lane when she collided head-on with another vehicle. both passenger and driver in the other vehicle were injured. >> police have issued a warrant for the rest of the boys' basketball cor rest of the boys' basketball coach. he was fired for accusations of sexual misconduct by female students say the 25 year-old teacher touched them inappropriately and made sexual comments to them. he is charged with two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor and two counts of child seduction. >> employees at a lincoln park store found half a million dollars' worth of jewls missing when they arrived to work on wednesday morning. the safe at
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steve quick jewlwer said there was a small hole in its safe. the robbers it first broke into the restaurant next door and then broke down a wall right next tuesday 2 ton safe owner says it is definitely in inside job. coming up next three of the four gop candidates for president face the ultimate focus group of party loyalists and tom skilling is tracking a snowstorm that could just pass by chicago
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including medicare. republican presidential candidate rick santorum says to the better government is too involved in people's lives. he made this case at the conservative political action conference this morning. mitt romney and newt gingrich also give remarks. today's speech is a crucial moment for mitt romney since he's been struggling to win over conservatives he met with about 30 conservative set for an hour yesterday in an effort to reassure those were doubtful about his candidacy. >> prosecutors are going to try to dramatically influenced the jury in the trial of former penn state assistant football coach gerry sandusky. at today's hearing prosecutors will ask the
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judge to bar people who live near the university from serving as jurors. his lawyers will ask the judge to ease restrictions on his house arrest so he can visit his grandchildren if convicted defacesen. he faces 52 criminal counts for alleged sexual misconduct involving boys over 15 years. one of two teachers and a sexual abuse scandal that rocked los angeles elementary school is free on bail. springer was released friday and fitted with
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an electronic ankle monitor after making a $300,000 bail. the 49 year-old former teacher has pleaded not guilty to three attacks on one girl in a class in 2009. . >> members of the controversial kansas church are planning to picket the funeral for two little boys killed by their father. westborough baptist church members it said it will gather outside of this funeral tomorrow and washington state to protest same-sex marriage. the two boys were killed by their father who was under suspicion in the disappearance of his wife. the leader of the church says the boys horrific deaths happen because the state legalized gay marriage and that god was punishing the governor members of the occupied seattle plan to counter their protest. >> more violence in syria.
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syrian state reports at least 25 people dead and another 175 injured in two car bombings. activists say the city is under attack by government forces since its has become a refuge for the opposition. tens of thousands thoseare reportedly taking to the streets to protest
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today's business headlines... stocks are losing ground the dow is down 100 points or more,
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greece continues to miss their mark and leaves a massive debt load. the foreclosure mess says we could see a new wave of for closures that have been on hold for the past year as they continue to solve the settlement. chicago will fall 7% this year apple may hold an event in the first week in march to unveil the new ipad 3. there has been no official comment yet from apple.
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philip morris stocks jumped to an all time high that has been at your business report. >> after a number of suspicious trades were found an destination was launched and he denies allegations. . >>a top aide to former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will campaign to fill her seat. democrat ron barber was
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redistricted director and like her he was injured during the gunman's rampage last year and tucson arizona. both her and her husband have personally endorsed barber to fill out the remainder of her term. . >> the education gap between the rich and poor americans is getting bigger. according to an analysis of several studies family income is a big factor in educational success. in one study researchers at stanford university found the gap in standardized test scores between rich and poor students has increased by 40% in the last 50 years. the fatal shooting of a marine sergeant in california is under investigation that story coming out next. >> and later a possible breakthrough in the treatment of
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marine sergeant was shot to death by california sheriff's
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deputy. 31 year-old manuel loggins was assigned to camp pendleton where he lived with his wife and two daughters. police say he drove is a vehicle at high speed to irrigate early tuesday morning. he then got out of his vehicle and started to walk away ignoring a deputy sheriff's command to stop when he turned around the deputy said he felt frightened in shot and killed him. his daughters were nine years old and 14 year-old were sitting in the vehicle at the time of the incident mayor ronnie man was gone for a law that requires handguns to be registered not just citywide ball around the state. he says a statewide gun registry would make easier for police track the source of the weapons the bases. critics say gun violence is mostly a chicago problem and
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there is no reason to impose gun registration upon the rest of the state and also says criminals will not register their weapons in the law would unfairly taxed gun owners who follow the law. the student at the center of the city sticker controversy will have his $1,000 savings bond after all. the city clerk says she will personally paid reward to the 15 year-old who's winning design was scrapped after some people said it contained gang symbols. >> absentee voting has begun an illinois if you would like to cast a ballot by mail reefers need to apply for a ballot. you could do that on line with your county clerk or municipal election officials. the illinois primary takes place on march 20th. the 2012 chicago auto show
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is under way at this hour. gov. quinn in county board president preckwinkle cut the opening rabin at this morning. this is it the largest of its kind in north america admission is $11 for adults and $7 for seniors. all women get in for $7 also from wednesday through friday if you bring three cans of food you can receive a coupon for $7 admission. you can catch the 2012 auto show on wgn tv this weekend. the one-hour special starts at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night and you can watch the show from the comfort of your couch.
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>> tom skilling is next with his for
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the snow is starting to fall out there. >> yes it is our viewers in indiana are going to get the worst part of it. 8 out of ten weekends had above normal
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temperatures but this weekend we're going to have the coldest temperatures we have seen it this winter. if this cold air makes contact with cwarmer waters it will make the perfect conditions for lake snow. we are expecting at least it11-12 inches out there.
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the snow is making its way into chicago now. in wisconsin they have received 2 in. of snow in this is just the beginning. we have plenty of winter advisories' today and asked gail warnings over the lakes. and would not be surprised to see michigan counties have some advisories as well
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we are looking at 6-12 in. in the local area and in the metro area at least 2 inches. we are going to have a lot of snow coming through during the evening rush hour. the snow is very localized today, and if you live out there by the lakes you will be getting some snow fall. we think our numbers are accurate but we
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may see more than what has been predicted. take a look at what happens as the afternoon moves on we have very powerful winds moving in.
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by sunday we will have temperatures in the low '30's and next week and back to the moderate temperatures we have been seen. ing. we may see another snowstorm next week in fact this will be the most snow we have seen in over 3 weeks. this is what we call the lake plume this gives the storm alot
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of time to pick up moisture and that is why there will be a lot of snow. the snow is coming down today and right now on michigan ave... tonight more snow warnings and we could see some lightlade white me lighting
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lake snow is driven by wind so we think port countie indian will get the most. >> it is time for today's trivia. beethoven wrote how many
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it is time for sports. illinois
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in northwestern are both in position for postseason tournaments but they will need to finish t strong finish the ncaa and not the nit. the hoosiers win 84-71 illinois has lost five of its last six games. northwest earned was looking for three wins in a row today. northwestern wins it 3rd stra ight game 83-64
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the chicago bulls play charlotte north carolina tonight at 6:00 p.m.. the blackhawks have had a six game losing streak. you can watch to the game tonight at 9:30 p.m. that has been a look at your sports. the live illinois lottery drawing is next. >> illinois lottery... pick3- 7,2,1
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pick4- 93,1,5 good luck have a nice weekend...
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now today's trivia answer. how many symphonies as beethoven wrothas token wrotebeethoven wrote? the answer is c- nine symphonies
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we are going to see some snow tonight and into tomorrow. then we will break out of that for a beautiful sunday. it is currently 34 degrees at o'hare and the winds are starting to pick up . the storm is develpoing because of this cold air moving in and the temps have dropped by 23 degrees or more in the dakotas.
12:57 pm
we have a wind chill of 27 right now in chicago. this chill is moving all the way down to the gulf coast. take a look at some of the east winds se wind chills tomorrow night we have the single digit windchill. we have another developing system and moving in next week. it will most likely develop on monday night.
12:58 pm
22 degrees tomorrow and temperatures in the mid to low 30's on sunday. thank you so much tom. >> thank you for watching us today enjoy your weekend with regard to leave you with it some music from lacuna coil... [music] [music] -
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