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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 10, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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the catholic church and that mcdonnell reacting to mia obscene gesture during halftime show. wgn news @ 9 first it was no now it is wind and the plummeting temperatures in nasty at night or around chicago tonight. top story around the country tonight starting with tom skilling in the weather center down the it is getting cold outside temperatures down more than 20 degrees 20. our temperature drops expense of the cold air arctic sad thing us a good loaf of cold air look at the bread shells at this hour expected to drop 30-40 below zero gusty wind blowing over 30 mi. per hour parts of chicago area weather bug temperatures at the moment
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down to single digits at harvard 30's today feels like three degrees below their. low temperatures also. the wind is howling up to 50 mi. per hour soldier field when the gusts up to 43 mi. per hour and snow fall up to 3 in. 1.6 in. down at midway at plainfield o'hare has had 1.5 in. of snow. shifting to the lake is no plume hammering portions of a northwest indiana at this hour on the computer model forecast by 3:00 in the morning still pounding northwest indiana only 20 mi. across but it is coming down in the middle of that. patrolling
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conditions that bring out the best in people >> you are a good man >> on the expressways and tollways white knuckle driving conditions in spots blowing snow reducing visibility making travel hazardous to start the weekend but the crowds and the salt trucks in the ploughs and salt trucks out early motorist speeding like we have had it pretty easy. >> it is cold i do not like it but we have been very lucky this year i can deal with it. >> to be out in this stuff for any length of time you might have to be just a little bit crazy. >> it is pretty cold but i can handle it >> not a huge problem for a lady liberty from time to time a tough time standing up in this
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and tom skilling pointing out the high wind and totals expected to intensify from this point for the overnight hours. across this portion of northwest indiana. o'hare airport chicago department of aviation delays up to 90 minutes airlines have cancelled more than 300 flights today. midway airport slightly better delays and 30 minutes at a few cancellations is there a gang of thieves is targeting a jewelry stores chicago area? heist last night a couple days a web no. clark street a very similar robbery it >> after the story aired yesterday another heist exact same way burglars busted through the wall of the business next door and got to be safe without tripping the alarm a couple of months ago experts believe the same crew is responsible. tito's jewelry on the northwest side in
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business for about 12 years. this past milton tito november the had almost everything stolen. burglars broke through the walls flower shop next door at the exact location where the safe was >> they took everything >> cut a square hole in the back of the state does this look familiar? the same way steve quick his safe was broken into earlier this week will milton tito watched the report from last night and believes the same burglars are responsible >> pretty similar? >> yes >> steve quick just similar never tripped the alarm at >> we have all lot of gold and diamonds >> $700,000 worth of merchandise milton tito says insurance covered some of the loss most shelves and display cases still empty >> absolutely elated and my belief probably the same team at
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>> jack schultz jewelry security expert work in chicago for 30 years >> something we cannot see very often in chicago typically it goes in waves and when it occurs in waves probably not the end and i would anticipate more in the next couple of weeks maybe even months-month >> jack schultz says all jewelers and the chicago area should take extra precautions testing and retesting alarm systems and of course possible moving 6 away from the walt so far no nikas jhalmersson in either case >> president obama came caved under pressure over contraception changes of the birth control requirement and madonna breaks her silence the reason she disapproves of mia middle finger flash at the super bowl halftime show.
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wgn news @ 9 compromise in the battle between religious groups and the obama administration over birth control health care law had required religious affiliated companies to require to provide birth control and to their plant. outrage and the church of francis cardinal george spoke out in a letter read to parishioners on sunday argues the law violates first amendment right to president unveiled a few tweaks to the law today. >> if a woman employed by charity or hospital with religious objections to providing contraceptive sources as part of health plan the insurance company not the hospital and not the charity
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will be acquired to reach out and offered the woman contraceptive care free of charge. >> catholic health association which represents 1200 healthcare facilities responded today the group said the catholic health association is very pleased with the announcement a resolution has been reached protecting religious liberty and rights of catholic institutions. move for senator mark kirk suffering a stroke last month transferred today from northwestern memorial hospital rehabilitation institute of chicago doctors will develop a rehabilitation program center has undergone several surgeries at northwestern including operation to reattach a piece of this call tuesday. doctor says age and a good health better recovery. what happens at the super bowl stays with 100 million viewers. halftime show of last sunday's game mia gave audience in the middle finger outraged nbc
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i do not miss the snow at all >> we are going to send you out there the night shift >> no way down but that was the money shot of the night. stuck on lake shore drive and the blizzard last february with lightning flashing hello indiana you guys are in for quite a snow and spots tonight here in chicago look at this to ports of the tristate area you can see the snow white and the ground watching that camera all afternoon the bitter cold air coming in the big story. not a
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single weekend of meteorological winter began on december 1st producing high temperature below 30 degrees. that will change tomorrow the high will struggle and the low 20's right under the polar jet. fortunately this as with all winter patterns very progressive will not last a long time but it will produce a cold weekend. win to cost 30-40 overnight temperatures down 20 degrees at 6-12 in. of snow indiana snow belt. look at this cold air and the reach deep into the south by tomorrow morning the forecast during the day only warming into the low 20s and tomorrow night cold expanding once again the wind chills are part of the story. by morning it 30 degrees and lower below zero in northern wisconsin offical there. warming to single-digit tomorrow and back subzero
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territory tomorrow night before things began to warm up. sprawling canadian high pressure setting up the wind perfect setup for lake affects note to occur. huge expense and the midwest colder than 24 hours ago arctic air dropping out of the hudson bay it to the region you can see the expense with temperatures of the thermometer subs 0 very windy but the wind gust 30 mi. per hour propelling snow through the air blizzard accumulation will continue. o'hare down to - two arctic air
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parallels the wind blowing down 280 mi. of the lake and their had been spent on the receiving end 20-30 mi. across right in that area feeding into there for many hours tonight postulating north or east-west essentially over lake porter and parts of laporte county. 6-12 in. of snow might accumulate with 40 mi. per hour wind gusts accompanying and the smell look at this in chicago was constant reports of close to 4 in. west
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of milwaukee pretty good snow falling up there. wind speed and gusts blowing tonight keep in mind this note and the air with the wind it right there in northwest indiana beginning to shift into north-central indiana snowbelts some snow as well. close-up look deep snow plebs park over an area oscillates here finally shifting to the east towards morning hold of it in chicago in terms of snow south but it will be cold shifting indiana much snow might come down to keep in mind probably conservative figures the model has over valparaiso and you can figure areas around
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that region in northwest indiana getting in on this now the forecast for tonight clouds break flurries may flirt with the shoreline heaviest snow under the lake plume in northwest indiana 12 in. lower temperature as low as six in the outlying areas and 18 indiana downwind of the lake. tomorrow partly sunny blustery cold second coldest day of winter 22 degrees forecast down to allow that with the single digits and led to clear skies tomorrow night. mostly sunny, windy cold sunday seven day forecast 33 degrees with increasing clouds monday. another weather system
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close to the rain and snowfall have a great weekend >> local lottery drawing is next. derrick rose chicago bulls tonight mvp missing in action against the mighty bobcats look who is back ozzie guillen future a white sox without him as manager. this year i have a lot more than one valentine: one for making my perfect cup of coffee one for being the perfect neighbor and one for no reason at all. your moment. your dove. this week at kmart love is in the air during our valentine's day jewelry sale! get these gemstone heart rrings for only $19.99! ...sofia vergara heart pendants are just $49.99! plus, shop your way reward bonus members earn $10 in points with purchases of $99 or more!
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michael jordan cannot even make it to the second half down what i love these games you walk in and you know you are going to win. perfect night to rest derrick rose did not play a minute sore back squashed michael jordan bobcats briefly not much of a sweat. charlotte, a 13 game losing streak. threepence for the season ronnie brewer back to luol deng for a three-pointer 10 points in the first 12 minutes in the second half matt carol turnover chicago bulls through the ball to john isner over to asik for the slammo the globetrotters against the washington generals. missing carlos boozer with the jam and a victory. boston celtics next on
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sunday in boston. coming up in a few minutes blackhawks try to stop a 6 game losing streak in san jose corey crawford back against former blackhawk ante neimi nikas jhalmersson will not play and hawks put steve montador on the injured list messy situation near the bottom of the lead in goals against average and 12 goals in the last six games things can turn around in a hurry. >> time to go to work and come to practice trying to improve on those things we need to improve on. when you are a way it is a good thing and very optimistic what we will do tonight at how to get out of the situation >> it will come side in the chicago white sox coming to arizona spring training a few
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days away in the meantime ozzie guillen espn radio downtown chicago talking about all things white sox chances of 2012 >> i wish the best i think there will have a good ballclub. those guys play the way they should be playing could not see any problems with those guys play up nobody gets injured and will have a chance >> contrast from day one in pebble beach tiger woods great shot here second straight 68, par-3 11th hole 6 all of the pace. charlie wi has the lead over boston johnson and big
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upset davis cup john isner taking care of 16 time grand slam champion roger federer in his home country of switzerland. giving usa 82-0 lead over switzerland. chicago bulls overpower play. from way outside losing that game 2-1 in the third period. that is the news. blackhawks coming up. ♪


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