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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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getting attention tom skilling is showing us what is beyond the storm. wgn news @ 9 thank goodness it was not the summer time parents or whenever kids are walking around. >> first a smash and then a flash suburban subdivision event a tree and a break now but during the streets. good evening top story around the country tonight. crash oswego >> aftermath still felt in the neighborhood police still unseen debris as you mentioned still in the strait still pieces of tree and pieces of the vehicle as well. a difficult neighbor said speeding 90 minutes ago crashing
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here. concerns plowing through one of these homes this minivan nobody was injured other than the driver. transported to a nearby hospital extent of injuries not known. police still investigating. neighbors say excessive speed and the neighborhood ongoing problem again tonight one neighbor witnessed firsthand close-up. >> flying through the intersection by the time i got here 15 seconds or so after that. he was piled up in the neighbor's yard. >> he was hurt. >> yes screaming the vehicle
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everything was upside. >> the driver transported to a nearby hospital the extent of injuries is not known. nobody else injured. question you might ask that i was asking there is snow fall here. started to come down after the crash. neighbors said the only factor was speed. >> the 59 year old man pulled from icy pond in hollywood this afternoon and died. firefighters think he was walking his dog izaak walton nature preserve discovered several items of closiclothing. able to pull the man out of the icy water pronounced dead. identified as william kasper. drug cellphone ice coolers crazy month before lincolnshire stevenson high
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school. latest school board meeting following this. live update >> took a strange turn virtually no parent showed up. stevenson high school mostly board meeting held parents and students first opportunity to learn more about the well-publicized drug bust at least for the next several weeks. resulted in two people arrested on the books public late parents and students say perhaps hundreds of the expulsions and suspensions tonight the school to verify that nothing of the sort. >> active investigation potential incidents of student misconduct including but not limited to the sound like purchasing using or distributing intoxicating substances. >> stevenson high school administrators took down going
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through cellphones reading emails and text messages to the practice is perfectly legal according to district 125 kids and parents outraged marijuana crackdown leaving a blemish on student records. other people wish parents had been more involved in the process itself alongside the schools tonight only to parents showed up to learn more. >> kids are learning how to grow up. you should not be penalizing them 16 year-old or a minor for life for a mistake it made at a young age. >> obviously not a lot of parents that are happy about this. >> again only to parents showed up tonight at the day i do want represented the 4000 students that attend stevenson high school indicating particular investigation nearing the conclusion should be wrapped up
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in the next day or so. remained tight that tonight as they have in weeks past despite miss pleasure but the entire process. all we spoke to in recent days say they do not want to jeopardize status with the school if in fact invited to return. >> chicago bears rookie busted on drug charges linebacker jt thomas arrested morgantown west virginia where he played college football. misdemeanor possession of marijuana. missed the entire season with a back injury last year statement issued we are aware of jt thomas arrested currently gathering information. tonight body of pop singer whitney houston flown out of los angeles heading home to new jersey for funeral services later this week. investigators confirmed found underwater in the bathtub saturday one report says by her aunt. prescription
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drugs were found in the room including xanax combined with all can be fatal. reporter following this in los angeles. the news of the debt of whitney houston seeping in with friends and family some are looking back at final interactions with the center. sounded happy in a voicemail she left just hours before she was found dead in beverly hills hotel room saturday afternoon. >> i do not think she was trying to mask any thing had gospel music playing down what another center denied claims she was active or radically at a pre grammys party two days before her death. impromptu duet at the >> heard some many things are erratic this and that she was none of those things >> coroner said family members sot whitney houston and no more than an hour before bodyguard
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found her dead in the bathtub officials still refuse to speculate on the cause of death >> the case is still pending waiting for pathology test results and toxicology results investigation is ongoing. >> results could take up to eight weeks family awaiting answers making final arrangements. also focused on the well-being of whitney houston 80 year-old daughter bobbi kristina rushed to the hospital twice over the weekend. treated for stress and anxiety. parents outraged over fees at charter school in chicago charging students who break the rules of another daring jewelry heist in chicago police try to figure out how thieves pulled out the latest one on the mag mile. federal sting to veteran chicago police officers accused of stealing from bad guys and fatal distraction heart
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wrenching story distracted drivers what is being done to prevent similar tragedies.
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class got to school did not a $5 fine. chicago public schools some of them are charging fines for misbehaving and some parents are furious. more on the debate >> cps to the mayor supports the system calling it the special sauce promoting better education in the city charter schools. a bitter taste left for some. on a scheduled day off for school. thousands of students protesting discipline fee at noble network charter schools >> not tracking the teachers >> 8 ft. handed out to donna moore parent even for sot minor infraction >> not have an identification which also resulted in a suspension >> $140 fee or summer discipline
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class last year noble network charter schools 10 schools in chicago to attend $188,000. >> developing good habits >> small amount comparing to the cost of the discipline program says noble network charter schools ceo mike mielke >> what we are trying to do is correct the behavior and we want to say you can be better we have high expectations for behavior and we have seen them ross vast majority of cases students misbehaving a lot bigger group behavior dramatically >> this is the wrong way to go about educating students and discipline not given that opportunity to mature as individuals. it is like being in kindergarten and not like in high school where you learn how to be an adult. >> principle with noble network charter schools disagrees >> they have to come to school on time example if you are late
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to work when you have a job. >> about two-thirds of students in the 10 schools get about one detention a year most learn to follow the rules soon after they do that detention. the outcry over policy pointing to a waiting list of thousands of students wanting to get into noble network charter schools as proof most parents do not disagree with the policy. >> smash and grab on chicago magnificent mile chicago police looking for three men were dropped michigan avenue jewelry store early this morning omega jewelry store and two 7:20 a.m. before the store opened not sure if anyone was inside at the time suspect fled north and a silver car on michigan avenue. theft charges against two veteran chicago cops. officer kallat mohammed and sgt. ronald watt accused of stealing $5,200. according to the fbi thought there were taking money from a
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drug courier but the courier was a homeless man working as a federal informant to both officers in court today a drudge a judge freed them. looking for a shooter after a nightclub fight three young men hurt in markup somebody opened fire outside of the club. after security threw out a group for fighting on the dance floor including the suspected gunman and two victims. one victim shot and the stomach the second hit in the arm. one appeals judge ahajudge voicing concerns, family secrets trial five years ago lawyers for two of them asking federal appellate court for a retrial claiming judge james zagel was wrong to keep jurors' names secret signaling the men were dangerous and guilty. appellate judge expressing misgivings over private chats he had with jurors and still ahead
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do not agree on much these days but local lawmakers find common ground bi-partisan push for more money to improve roads and mass transit and eleanor and republicans in congress get behind a plan to extend tax relief to millions of american something they have not thought about doing it for awhile. of
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wgn news @ 9 president obama rolling out latest budget proposal today including a tax increase in new spending. 3.8 trillion dollars budget. tax hikes on the bridge and the new money for infrastructure and education budget calls for cuts
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republicans point out at an over a trillion dollars skyrocketing debt for the nation. >> the truth is tough choices have to be made to put the country back on a more sustainable fiscal path. >> somebody asked me if the budget was dead on a rival and i said it is not it is dead. >> about one trillion dollars a year to the nation's debt since taking office promised 2009 to cut the national debt and half by the end of his first term. >> politicians helping each other title of most prudent with tax dollars is where both sides of the aisle getting together to say and not getting enough tax dollars. democrat and republican leaders want illinois it more support for high weight roads and mass transit. >> both republicans and democrat from illinois believe the current transportation reauthorization bill as currently but that is bad for the state.
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>> able to make changes in the committee the major changes were blocked. very unfortunate i agree with him when he says the bill falls short hoping able to make changes on the house floor making this and more cohesive bell that will move the country forward. >> illinois mass-transit under the current bill would take a big hit as it did budget losing $650 million. >> the mass transit system with the highways are the arteries of commerce in great metropolitan regions critically airport that the funding source we have continues to build and repair the system to be stable. >> local mass transit officials want to see the bill ro read written >> later said the good thing as a coming together not too late to fix the transportation bill.
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>> congressional republicans offering to extend a controversial payroll tax cut dramatic reversal from previous position. recently as one week ago gop leaders and assistant tax cut not extended unless it was paid for spending cuts and other areas negotiations on where to make the cuts deadlocked 160 million american workers about to see taxes go up republicans offered a compromise to extend the tax cuts to the end of this year if democrats yet to accept the compromise. supreme court justice stephen breyer rocked by armed intruder carrying a machete happened last week vacation and caribbean island. justice stephen breyer wife and two others just as vacation home when and then broke and took $1,000 in cash and fled the scene no word if the suspect knew he was ripping off a supreme court justice. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky can
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visegrad kids waiting trial on a child sex abuse charges. judge gave it jerry sandusky permission to let them out of 14 grandchildren to visit to not get approval from three children mother objected. jerry sandusky under house arrest since december since september charged raping young boys youth charity group. another ruling people from penn state area allowed to interview to sit on the jury. coming up in wake-up call distracted drivers put it lives at risk without realizing and how eating too much can now make you more forgetful later in life and just in time for valentine's day olympic swimmer making a surprise proposal from the medal stand.
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medical watch. a drug shortage could put children's lives at risk. company that makes the cancer drug voluntarily stop production over quality concerns at a manufacturing facility. serious shortage some hospitals will run out of medication in two weeks. used to treat acute leukemia at most common in children ages 2-5. luckily children's memorial says it does have additional supplies to treat current patients but if the price runs low supplies run low national cancer experts say no good replacement drug. food may make it forgetful finding of researchers as we age over eating robs the mind of nutrients. researchers followed study participants consuming anywhere from point to 100 cals per day to those who enjoyed
9:26 pm
6,000 cals a day die. those who ate the most greatest memory decline. high daily caloric intake doubled their risk for dementia precursor for alzheimer's disease. mind and hart's first name of fact they found people with simple man's got more promotions made friends more easily and if they ran for office elected more often. not about the length of the name or ethnicity is simple pronunciation was key. easy to say people like the name better and therefore prefer the person over somebody who had a difficult to pronounced name. >> that is why it tom skilling is so wildly popular freezing rain and light snow moving it to chicago area at details coming up in the full forecast.
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cumulonimbus cloud of the coast courtesy of ab were down there with his wife not much snow out here this year this beautiful shot awakening to this. and of valentine's tomorrow looks like a ballantine shaped hole in the clouds. look at that carefully. happy valentine's day early everybody. mother nature giving us a big kiss tonight snowflakes maybe freezing drizzle the following that. streamers falling out of the clouds air saturated cried down here. snowflakes of operating on the way down a steady pushed out of those clubs and our direction weather advisories for snow and more advisories for freezing drizzle after the out to the west of us we may also contend with. western part of the state
9:31 pm
we can see at extending eastward during the night all kinds of advisories second of two systems affecting us going into the west coast. how the snow has marched across the midwest. big rain fall on the south end of the precipitation system radar has been lighting up out here during the west. coming in our direction. an inch of snow to the west. before we go to occasional flurries and freezing drizzle. big thunderstorms entering the system to the south. tell rent thunderheads and the deep south again tonight. moisture next system: the same monster into itself producing larger heavier and more extensive area of precipitation track on that will be carefully watched in this area. the models have been pushing up farther and farther south increasing the chance a
9:32 pm
trend to continue with snow part of the system wednesday and thursday for the moment visibility moderate how heavily it is now one fractions of a mile coming down. nothing like that reported tonight. some visibility production. totals in it missouri and out of it what you get you can see some spots before 0.5 in. of snow out of this weather system. the view downstate. at springfield also. we have some went with this. temperatures in the 20's and 30's 28 degrees at o'hare airport. 27 degrees makanda recounted with the moisture in the air making it feel damp and
9:33 pm
robbed by the time we get up tomorrow morning with haze in the air and light fog up to an inch of snow precipitation into the morning first flakes 645 in the morning. here is what the model sesno will do proliferated aerial coverage through midnight and 5 in the morning starts to break up. patch of flurries with freezing drizzle or drizzle had a lot of clouds tomorrow with perhaps a flurry latest estimate how much snow will come down. these numbers between a couple six-seven tenths of an inch as much as 1.6 in. of snow you can see why the cover of snow event not contradict or have be just a big over one jet stream we were in a polar jet stream coldest
9:34 pm
weather in two weeks. now the southern jet carries storms interacting with us we have one way of going through the next one putting us on the nose of this chat later in the week wednesday and thursday that is the timeline to get a messy when three cocktail with rainfall or possible snow if that were to ship farther south critical track we are watching to get more snow watching that in the days normal. system one blows by clouds labor in the wake during the day tomorrow. system two opens up in the gulf rainfall the public and to the west spreading wednesday night and it will be interesting track to the south looking ominous at first glance typically we get snow here in the big snow 120-140 mi. south. yet enough warm air and moisture ahead of this may at least introduced liquid for precipitation at the start
9:35 pm
switching over after that. forecast short-term light snow continues at times tonight hazy damp and rock with a light fog moving again and freezing drizzle. what a delightful combination. low temperature 27 degrees when the south 7-18 degrees. >> extensive clouds tomorrow with light snow flurries and drizzle easy to remember. high temperature 35 degrees tomorrow night cloudy temperatures not sure what happened there but if you want to see california cloudy absolutely. rainfall there a system, and later in the week cloudy tomorrow night 28 degrees. that will teach me to mess with the clicker over here
9:36 pm
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and number should make it real within the last year more than 1000 people have died in illinois because of distracted driving. tonight's cover story fatal attraction. dangers of distracted driving particular of the besides the warnings suddenly >> he was hit directly in the head when he died. i do not believe after that the brett cap and somebody got a call happened to get a call >> until i know someone close that it happens to that will not stop
9:40 pm
>> the spot five-year old life and did driver reaching down to pick up a cigar slammed into the back of family car at over 50 mi. per hour. on the telephone with husband but it happened. >> he was not moving it last time i heard i never saw him >> driver said it bought time he looked up it was too late that moment like changed forever to your old eli became only child daily anxiety over the small things the walls became a shrine to have little boy who would never return home. empty nest every night there should be to children >> one of thousands of innocent lives cut short by distracted drivers despite the warnings and lives lost the number of victims continues to rise
9:41 pm
>> something we always do we get used to with >> sense of unity prompting allstate insurance driving courses nationwide cell phones and a carload of distractions even the most confident drivers crash course in reality >> average text message is 5 seconds if you look down for five seconds going 55 mi. per hour you just drove the length of a football field completely blind >> problem police officers battle daily on the road >> looking down to not see a stop sign >> tickets are high range of between 100-$500. perhaps not enough accidents caused by drivers talking or texting still occur every 26 seconds. >> illinois state police pulled over 8000 drivers distracted driving past year alone. victim's family said drivers still missing the one message
9:42 pm
the most >> so many people texting on the telephone it is very selfish and a decision >> walked away with nothing but a ticket to a man who hit the car. >> mother who lost her 18 year- old son while he was apparently a text message posted on facebook opened the warning will be heard coming up a proposal getting a lot of tips on you tube olympic swimmers trade in battle for a bring and to test results on derrick rose back are back latest on the mvp later in sports. the funny thing about a garage is... that it always seems to be closed when you want it open. and open
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wow, that's you? [ female announcer ] new intensive professional effects whitestrips.wgn news @ 9 voter registration down and the city so far down at a 70 year low chicago board of elections commissioner says 1.3 voters registered lowest since 1942. urging people to sign up by february 21st to cast a ballot in the march 20th primary. a lot
9:46 pm
of the problem is there is voter apathy. people i think in this tough economy are feeling a disconnected from their political leaders a lot of acrimony between the two parties and i think that is actually turning the voters off. chicago voters can register in person at the board offices or by mail you can find a link on how to register to vote on the website apparently jorgeat & t data plan can be limiting cutting speeds those who use the telephones the most telling down as much as 95%. at&t has 75 billion customers with unlimited plans company warned them last year about slowing down speed for people who use the most information. one lucky power
9:47 pm
ball player in rhode island $336 million jackpot saturday but they have yet to come forward to claim their prize. the sixth largest jackpot in united states history lump-sum payout of $210 million. power ball spokesperson said not uncommon for winners to hold off for several days consulting with financial advisors whether to take the lump-sum or yearly payment. tom skilling with the seven day forecast >> a nice problem to have trying to figure out how to take care of that kind of money amazing. we have the smell working across the area of to an inch. in the western suburbs temperature's very moderate arctic air pulling back to the north we are a degree warmer than 24 hours ago lookout much of the content is warmer than over the weekend. the first weekend of meteorological winter. producing a sub 30 degree
9:48 pm
temperature coolest weather in three weeks. south wind blowing gulf moisture humidity has been creeping higher due. pretty hazy that at foggy morning we could get freezing drizzle. system forming in the texas panhandle later this week european model solution watch it tracking right across northern indiana. interesting track south of that track snow here putting most of the snow in the system and southern wisconsin. this is late wednesday and thursday the weather service model look at how this is tracking this father south. central illinois and indiana south were tried in the forecast. a very interesting system to watch moment right along. the next precipitation threat this week steltz read paul advice of on thursday. tomorrow starting the day with
9:49 pm
scattered flurries drizzle of lot of debt that's a ball field to the air not a nice valentine's day sunshine breaking at times on wednesday before climbing back over again liquid were mixed precipitation late wednesday and thursday it could be friday partly sunny and back in the 30's for the weekend. >> valentine's day on us you tube video getting heads of the backswimmer matt grevers girlfriend both competing at the misery grand prix plan to propose to her as she stood on the stand but did not place gave him extra motivation to win his race he cam in first place and girlfriend putting it around his neck he puts the diamond ring on his finger her finger trudging by the reaction we know the
9:50 pm
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no game but everybody wants to know. chicago bulls of first- place team in the east taken a lot of fire mostly over heavy minutes played by starters and decision to play derrick rose new orleans last week a game they would have won without 22 minutes at called out after it 6-3 trip august for any team in the nba this year no practice today surprising a bunch of team personnel hit the ronald mcdonald house south drexel to help celebrate valentine's day everybody curious about the condition of derrick rose back. mri- continuing treatment and is day-to-day general manager of one road trip and not help. >> part of that on air plan everyday a different bed every
9:54 pm
day. we were gone for 16 days for a nine game trip. that takes effect on all of the guys being home will be a positive. consistent with the therapy again hopefully feeling better berry 7 >> when derrick rose played chicago bulls were pretty good. point out they beat six bad teams and lost only to the good ones when they played winning records on all things considered especially injuries the chicago bulls thought they did ok. >> we played great teams and great players to come out 6-3 of course you wish you cannot 9-0 but we will take 6-3 >> 1 game at a time. sacramento tomorrow and going from there. and our eyes we wanted to win all nine of them but 6-3 is not
9:55 pm
bad >> chicago blackhawks against kings tomorrow just long enough to change underwear back to nashville tomorrow night trying again to snap out of the dry spell. eight straight and 10 state straight on the road. working on the power play. joel quennevelle let goaltenders again tomorrow night ray emery against the thrashers who started them off on losing streak. nick hjalmmerson and steve montador will not travel at some fans think sure joel quennevelle not trouble. it is out there. >> we are all aware of our business and helping develop but i think we can control all by winning tomorrow's game and being positive and building confidence and looking on the bright side of things we did a good job nothing good going on
9:56 pm
make sure to be captioned that we capture that >> under some heat here a great coach his job is as safe as anyone he will be fine >> keep an outfielder nick hjalmmerson and stevecuban outfielder yeonis cespedes courted by the cubs of chicago cubs might end up with jorge soler and con condolences to tommie harris wife has died and san jose in washington and chicago sharks dan boyle ambiance center ice joe pavelski redirected it 110 footer and the back of the neck. >> that is the news for the night good night.
9:57 pm
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