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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 14, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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chicago police officers will have new shields on their helmets ... in case of violence breaks out. good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>julian crews is live on the south side with details >>there's harsh criticism being leveled against mayor emanuel by the head of the police union raising serious security
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concerns about the nato and g-8 summit preparations >>we are disappointed that it has taken some prodding by the chicago media to get the ball rolling ... it's something that should have been addressed and down in the planning of the g-8 summits it just shows us that the government here is not prepared >>he said only after they sounded the alarm to the rahm emanuel administration take action ordering the plexiglass shields at a cost of under $200,000 apiece those shields will protect the officers from anything thrown in their faces by protesters ... we looked at the old helmut seeing that it was inadequate in the face of massive protests that have been taking place in other cities around the world during the
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time of these nato and g-8 summits protesters are infamously known for throwing revilevile stuff and dangerous toxic thing is at police these shields are wearable over gas masks ... and then there's the issue of training the head of the union says that he believes the police have not been adequately trained for this event >>we can't rush and hire 500,000 this second ... the lack of planning is alarmingly poor ... >>the fraternal order of police says of the severe manpower problems have prevented officers
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from getting more than a single day of training while other cities that have hosted the summits had at least three days of training ... the man accused of murdering members of the jeff rutzen family is in court trying to get his arrest thrown out today william balfour is charged with killing the mother brother and nephew of jennifer hudson back in 2008 he was the estranged husband of jeff rutzen sister julia has attorneys are in court today asking a judge to throw out his address arrest and rule on other motions regarding evidence in the case >>funeral services will be held this weekend for the singer whitney houston. she died sunday in a beverly hills hotel room police say that her body was found under water in the bathrob bathtub of her hotel room
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the l.a. assistant chief coroner said that prescription medication was found in her room but her cause of death has not been determined her body was brought to her home town of newark new jersey last night and her funeral services will be held at the new hope baptist church the play she attended as a child at 12 noon on sunday >>saturday >>the family has made all arrangements >>whitney houston's cause of death is pending toxicology reports that may take weeks to finalize >>romeoville police are investigating a murder that took place 32 years ago police reopened the cold case after someone came forward with information about the murder of 22 year-old robert b. taylor. he was stabbed to death back in 1982. a man who was questioned
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at the time was released because of insufficient evidence if you have any information about this case you're asked to call romeoville police >>erode rage confrontation left one man with a gunshot wound to the stomach happened in the and inc. lemont near 107th street and 104th avenue yesterday morning police say that a driver cut off another and the two exchanged words both drivers pulled over the man who was cut off opened fire the victim says that he pulled over to apologize he is in stable condition at christ hospital and oak lawn police say that the shooter was driving a pickup truck if you have any information please give police a call >>to veteran chicago police officers have been nabbed in a government sting operation. officer kallatt mohammed and sergeant ronald watts are
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charged with selling government funds that they allegedly thought were drug money recovery fbi officials said that muhammed accepted a back with more than $5,000 from a man who turned out to be an fbi informant watts is accused of paying the man $400 both officers to get 10 years in prison if they're convicted >>in north suburban school district met for the first time to discuss a controversial drug crackdown but only to parents show up for the meeting officials at stevenson high school in lincolnshire confiscated students cellphones and looked at text messages to get information about drug dealing and drug use at the meeting last night that of the district 125 school board said that the board cannot give up much information because of legal and ethical concerns some parents have complained that stevenson officials overstepped authority the chicago school system overspent by nearly half a million dollars last year
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according to a new audit 1200 nonunion school administrators and staffers were ordered to take unpaid days off last year the chicago tribune reports that amid the confusion of the school system changing ceos about 400 employees never took their days off. the indian prairie school district may have to lay off more than a hundred staffers to close and $9 million budget gap next fall the district includes parts of naperville and are enrollment is about 30,000 students the school board there to no final action at its meeting yesterday the number of registered voters in chicago is at its lowest level since 1942 the chicago board of election commissioner says that they're about 30,000 less voters today than the city had four years ago february 21st is the date deadline to register for this year's march primary
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voters can register at the board offices any state driver's license to sell asfacility or by mail >>coming up next adnan the new accusations of sexual abuse being leveled against jerry sandouou're like my patients you
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want to hear you've done a good job. that's why i recommend a rinse like crest pro-health multi-protection. it helps you get a better dental check-up. so be ready for your next dental check-up. try any crest pro-health rinse. ou fight a visitation ruling. a judge ruled that the former penn state assistant football coach can see his grandchildren. jerry sandusky is charged with sexually peas think at least 10 boys and is under house arrest. the judge's decision has outraged his former daughter-in- law. she said that she will fight to prohibit him from seeing his three grandchildren her sons she also claims that
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psychologists who treated her son could not rule out that jerry sandusky was grooming him for abuse. >>a three bombings within minutes of each other in bangkok thailand today the first explosion happened inside the house which three foreigners were renting those men made a run for it as one of them try to get into a taxicab he set off another bomb he detonated another as police closed down the blast blew off one of his legs authorities are investigating whether any of them are iranian citizens and if they'd like to hezbollah. president obama's meeting today with the chinese president and waiting the president is meeting with chinese vice president xi jinping at the white house trade surpluses and human rights are among the key issues up for discussion the president also continues to push congress to extend the payroll tax cut but a major roadblock to a deal may already have been cleared the president
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is urging people to go to social networking sites to discuss how losing the tax break would affect them the cut is set to expire the end of the month and that the president says it could hurt the country's economic recovery >>you will lose about $40 out of every paycheck if congress does not act. >>that can happen not now and it does not have to ... >>yesterday house republicans took a big step toward a compromise. they dropped a demand that the cost of extending the tax cuts be offset by budget spending cuts >>a shortage of air-traffic controllers could affect travel at some of the nation's busiest airports. about one-third of senior controllers are up for retirement one of the hardest hit airports is dallas-fort worth international in texas 65 percent of controllers at that airport are now eligible for
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retirement. the faa is also having a hard time finding replacements because trainees are quitting their jobs at higher than expected rates. nasa is canceling plans to join an upcoming mission to mars. it was supposed to join european scientists for to spacecraft mission to collect and return soil samples from mars the mission is important to learning a lot of life exists beyond earth the decision comes after some of the budget cuts for mars exploration and the budget is giving more money to manned space exploration and development of new technology for alternative missions >>we're getting a first look at some of the personal papers of the former first lady jackie kennedy the john f. kennedy presidential library is releasing those documents the collection includes a dinner invitations decorating nose and a congratulatory telegram. also included is a speech that she
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made in spanish to cuban freedom fighters in 1962 these papers reflector work as first lady and her understanding of art and history and politics >>coming up next to the chicago dental clinic that is working to improve patient smi when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief? try bayer advanced aspirin. it's not the bayer aspirin you know. it's different.'s been re-engineered with micro-particles.
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starts with a clean washer. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. with today's business headlines. you can get ready for more pain at the gas pump where prices could break a record this year analysts tell the l.a. times there's a chance we will top $4 a gallon nationwide by june perhaps $5 a gallon in major cities ... in chicago aaa says that gas is up 25¢ from one year ago
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>>the internet is buzzing with three hours of the next version of the i pad there is no official confirmation from apple on any date of release ... a record aircraft order for boeing reached $22 billion ... from the indonesian carrier line and an airoion air speaking of cuts ... britain and france are at risk for losing their triple a credit ratings we're now getting word that european leaders and not happy about grease at all they've
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cancelled tomorrow's meeting in brussels ... that is driving the market's down today in the past hour the dow some furtheris sinking further ... and there are lackluster january retail sales numbers as well as a drop in automotive sales as well some chicago dentists with a big part of giving people a reason to smile this valentine's day. >>they are offering free dental work to people who otherwise might not be able to afford it >>tunney francisco's live in the logan square neighborhood with the story >>thanks to the free dental care ... bakes miles dental on
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milwaukee avenue is owning up to its name ... people gathered early to take a number ... this man was first in line arriving at 2 in the morning from des plaines this is his third year taking advantage of the free dental care ... >>i feel great >>this woman was third in line and had been dealing with a severe turn to take for two yearsto take for two yearstoothache for 2 years.. >>it's a feel-good day it's a
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chance for us to give back to our community valentine's day is a day of love >>since 2006 dozens of dental professionals and volunteers have treated more than 5000 people and provided over $2 million in free care including cleaning x-rays fillings and pauling's minor surgery is ... >>in these economic times it's difficult for people ... i have a successful practice and it's my opportunity and honor to give back >>the clinic runs until 6:00 p.m.. most people already have numbers they have all been given out some had to be turned away ... there is always next year on
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valentine's day >>comed up next we have a live performance from broadway in chicago's south pacific and later in the medical watch however, an over-the-counter drug could prevent the spread of cancer in some patients and moving across town chicago white sox [ male announcer ] this is lois. the day starts with arthritis pain... a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups it's back to more pain back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this
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chicago ... now it tonight through february the 26th. in
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live performance from the cast of the rodgers and hammerstein classic south pacific ...
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welcome back ... tom skilling
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says it's one of the least snowy winters on record ... >>that's in 127 years of snow ... that won't come as a surprise to the people who love the winter out there ... we have a overcast day today with some flurries or drizzle depending where you are. we expect to see some sunbreaks here and there. but the warm air is running up over the cooler air and that tends to keep the clouds in place.
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we will have a hard time breaking out of the clouds ... and there's a fast moving system with snow advisory is in the western rocky mountains ... we may see some remnants of this in some mixed precipitation tomorrow evening. looking at the national weather map ... we see the next batch of showers moving across the southwest to ... that will turn to snow in the mountains making the next weather system we
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experience here in the chicago area. we have an 8 mi. visibility at midway airport ... there is some moisture up there in the hemisphereatmosphere. and we're looking at some snow accumulation totals around the country ... at this moment we have moderate wind with temperatures in the low thirties across the chicago metropolitan area. we saw some snow flurries at the major airports last night but they passed through here expeditiously.
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tonight the clouds will get thicker with some night time cool temperatures. by noon time there will be some drizzling tamaratomorrow. here is the forecast more broadly the rain will develop tomorrow ... we will see some downpours in some parts of the state. the snow will remain to
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the north of illinois. we won't get big cold air to change over the rain. we macy's snow showers late friday or friday night bringing the moderate air out and some cooler temperatures for the weekend. we don't anticipate any bake snowfall or blizzards in the near future ... that's all in the arctic zone where there are subzero temperatures and lots of snow this winter. we are actually one degree warmer in
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chicago than we were yesterday at this time ... a good chunk of north america it is warming. we will remain low to mid-30s in our temperature. and the windchill factor is fairly moderate. here is the 10 day forecast: moderately cold rain tomorrow modest cool down on friday cooler on the weekend into the low '30's ... we have had five
12:35 pm
consecutive months of the above normal temperatures 86% of the days this winter have been above normal. cloudy damp hazy today ... 38 degrees will be the high temperature low temperature to 931 degrees with some drizzle tomorrow clouds will thicken in the afternoon with rain later in the day 45 degrees will be the high temperature tamara.tomorrow we may see some snow flurries into thursday bringing in cooler air for the weekend.
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thank you tom skilling ... happy valentine's day. >>today is the 83rd anniversary of the chicago st. valentine's day massacre to celebrate we have news of a new mob museum and its opening and las vegas. that museum documents some of the bloodier war is over the decades the grand opening was dedicated to the mobsters who made las vegas it even has a gift shop in godfather we trust is printed out on the t-shirts
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outfielder kosuke fukudome will be playing for the visiteding team. the white sacks signed him today he will make $1 million guaranteed half of that coming to this season. the cubs signed kosuke fukudome to a four year $48 million deal back in 2007 he was traded to cleveland last july he is expected to fill land at all three outfield positions for the white sox.
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in spite of good news from his back specialist derrick rose will sit out tonight's game against the sacramento kings. yesterday his doctor said there is no structural damage in his just having back spasms derrick rose will continue to treat it with massage and rest the bulls are 5 and 2 without him this season also the bulls will re- signed veteran point guard mike james to rate and a contract james was not at the morning shoot around the chicago blackhawks are stuck in an eight game losing streak but do not expect to see a coaching change general manager tells comcast sports net that coach cues job is safe the players are taking the blame for the recent skid and approval of a job that the coaches are doing >>that's a look at sports your
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live illinois lottery drawing is now. here are the winning pick three numbers: 9 9 4 here are the winning pick four numbers: 9 1 9 5
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another reason to transfer your prescriptions today. ♪ i'm sue, and i bring all my prescriptions to my cvs. we have an update to a story that we told you about at the top of the newscast. a judge has just denied a motion to throw out their rest of the man accused of murdering the members of jennifer hudson's family. william balfour is charged with killing jennifer hudson's mother her brother and her nephew in 2008 william balfour was the estranged husband of jennifer hudson's a sister julia the case is still before the judge at this hour and we will have a complete wrap on our news at 5:00 p.m. >>hundreds of thousands of
12:45 pm
people ride the chicago's el trains each day ... now a new twitter poll may have solved the age-old question of how you spell what we call that system ... the grid of chicago b log asked is chicagos trend system the letter l 4 typical way we spell it among the responses was one from the official cta twitter count it said that the letter l is correct use it dates back more than 120 years in chicago the alternative spelling was the generic abbreviation for elevated l applies to the entire system and now i guess we could
12:46 pm
say it's settled in the medical watch cardiac stem cells can reverse heart attack damage researchers at cedars-sinai heart institute report they used cardiac stem cells to regenerate heart muscle and patience to suffered are attacks and a small preliminary studies 17 patients received infusions of their own stem cells while eight others received standard care scars left behind by heart attacks dropped in size by half among the patients who had stem cell infusions the lead researcher believes the stem cells repair the damaged heart muscle by stimulating the arts capacity to regrow itself in a larger study is planned for later this year >>aspirin may help keep cancer from spreading throughout the body australian researchers report that it's because aspirin helps to shut down chemical highways' that feed tumors the researchers studied lymphatic vessels and found the gene link between tumor growth and the cellular pathway when lymphatic
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vessels or widen the can act as supply lines to tumors and become more effective conduits for cancer to spread aspirin acts to shut down the dilation of those vessels >>and good news for those with a sweet tooth eating dessert for breakfast-to contribute to weight-loss researchers from tel aviv university divided a group of nearly 200 obese adults into to died grips one group a alow car but if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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executive chef is here to show you men how to impress your
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valentine ... you say that you just went shopping today rick ... and putting it all together is really the trek >>there's not a lot of cooking involved ... we have smoked trout smoked salmon and some wonderful caviar and creme fresh >> you have used a laminated wedding photograph as a place
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mat ... and you put together a appetizer course ... >> yes we have hummus and quinoa salad i have chopped some spices and herbs and vegetables to enhance the flavor.
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we have some pan roased salmon on top. and here are some diced cucumbers in a vinaigrette ... >>it's all in the way you plate this the presentation makes it
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beautiful and special.. >>and for dessert.. biscotti and other ingresients to make a cnbbler style simple baked
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desert. and here's a tip. this slice any meat or fishhin slice your meat or fish in iong slices and season after ward.. if you are not in the mood to cook this evening you can enjoy valentine's day at the prime
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house on tuesday february 14th that is this evening the guests will insure rate in the dinner menu there with an additional sweet treats and a variety of champagne at discounted prices the address is 616 north rush streets here in ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] gross -- i'll tell you what's really gross: used dishcloths. they can have a history that they drag around with them. for a cleaner way to clean try bounty extra soft. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty extra soft leaves this surface 3 times cleaner than a dishcloth. it's super durable too. it's the cleaner way to clean. bring it with bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins.
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hey, it's me -- water. when i think about how lucky i am
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that i've had a pur water filter remove 99% of lead and microbial cysts... [ sniffs ] and then i think about the water that hasn't. [ whimpers ] i-i don't know. it doesn't seem fair. the intended target of the st. valentine's day massacre. but he got away! >> >>we are enjoying some clouds but fairly mild temperatures we expect a rain later tomorrow it may be mixed with some ice
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pellets and that will leave us quickly ... temperatures will be in the low 30s as they are right now. a good part of the north american continent has warmed up over the last 24 hours ... the wind chill here in chicago is in the mid to upper 20s across the metropolitan area ... we have 78 percent humidity ... here is the 7 day forecast 45 degrees tomorrow with a touch of drizzle tomorrow morning some sunbreaks and lots of overcast by the afternoon when the temperature will drop ... friday is partly
12:59 pm
sunny the weekend will be breezy and cool with temperatures in the upper thirties to low 40's ... we are running about 12 degrees warmer than last year for this winter ... >>thank you for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon remember to join us again at 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 as well


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