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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 15, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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a hearing date is now set for a man convicted of a heinous crime he is seeking a new trial good afternoon i'm steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching a ceramic country on wgn america and on the web. >>tonya francisco's lead at the dirksen federal building with the top story >>felt cafe was not in court from day one fedell caffey has claimed that he has had nothing to do with the death of debra evans her 10 year-old
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daughter 7 year-old son and the fetus she was carrying the man and his girlfriend and the women's cousin was convicted of cutting the woman's baby from her womb and killing her two children ... >>the perpetrator claims that there were witnesses that were excluded and that people were buying drugs from witnesses >>if these allegations are true that one of the allied asians of the attorneys were buying drugs from witnesses is a very loaded delegation ... >>the best friend of the victim is not convinced of this strategy ... she will be in court sending a message to the
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perpetrator ... >>the unborn child cut from the womb of debra evans he survived his name is elisha he lives downstate with an older brother and his grandfather ... the family is convinced that fedell caffey will not be free ... >>police say that a 66 year-old president of an oak park senior care facilities suspected in the death of another elderly resident. the victim a year-old anibal calderon was a patient and the alzheimer's ward at the oak park health care center the cook county medical examiner said that call the ron died of head injuries from an assault police were called to the senior care facility sunday night
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after calder and apparently had an altercation with another patient. he was found unconscious and he died early yesterday our rush university medical center >>an elderly woman was found dead in her home byrd underneath palls of garbage and debris randi belisomo has the story >>the treasure was piled to the ceiling spilling into the yard police discovered the badly decomposed body buried under the trash and emergency crews recovered the 72 year-old woman's body late yesterday afternoon in the oak park home in southwest suburban worth neighbors had not seen her in a long time and they're not shocked by the discovery they said that her according programaccording problem grew worse since the death of her husband >>police and fire personnel came here saturday spending four hours and there has matsu it's
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searching for trash to waste >>the son is like a drifter in another world he was in the marine corps he is not come back the same >>he hasn't talked to anyone he doesn't acknowledge any one >>many people in the neighborhood were annoyed by the dozens of stray cats ... >>many people have been complaining ... we tried to be cleaned >>she never put out the trash >>the man from 1800 cut junk saw the story and came to be of some assistance they hear of many of these cases >>there are some very extreme cases happening
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>>people here are very sad about the loss nonetheless here in the neighborhood >>we hope that her soul has been saved and that she is with god. >>an autopsy is scheduled for later today >>police are looking for a driver who shot and wounded another motorists during her rage incident and southwest suburban lemont. this is a sketch of the suspect. he was driving a gray or a silver colored pickup truck. the victim in this incident said he axilla cut off the pickup driver monday morning along 107th street near 104th ave. when he pulled over to apologize he said that that man shot him and then drove off given information about the shooting your ass to call the cook county sheriff's department >>in niles north high-school teacher resigns after being arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a child. 30
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year-old jeffrey tackes of bandand bensenville is accused of persuading a girl young and 17 years old to strip for him he is a math teacher as well as the head coach of the girls' varsity cheerleading team at the high school police did not say where the incident happened or if the girl is a niles north student. >>and a local doctor has been accused of fondling a multiple sclerosis patient dr. rashid precaution has been placed on leavereggie precautionsrajat prakash has been placed on leave from crest medical center in oakland a female patient claims the doctor fondled her while she is in a semiconscious
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state try to put hands of on his groin and center inappropriate text messages propositioning her he faces misdemeanor battery charges >>ice t trade service rolls into chicago's union s high-speed train service rolls into chicago's union station amtrak introduce this morning a special train that reaches speeds of up to 110 mi. per hour the train left chicago it 7:00 this morning and stopped in new buffalo and kalamazoo michigan the train began its return trip just after 11:00 and it is expected to arrive in chicago by 1230 just one-and-a-half hours one way ... ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend
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whitney houston continues. and officials are now setting their sights on her doctor's ... the coroner's office confirmed this week that a small amount of prescription medication was recovered from her hotel room the exact type and amount was not disclosed. but sources tell the entertainment news that whitney houston had been taking anti-depressant and anti anxiety medication for years. investigators want to know who prescribe these pills and more about where she may have obtained them ... they may have also been underlying medical conditions that attributed to her death attacks college error report is due in the next few weeks >>new discoveries in the investigation into a shocking murder-suicide in the state of washington was into y josh
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powell murdered his two children with hachette and then said his house on fire the discovered some papers and books and a map that he threw out at a recycling center there are also examining blood that was found on a bed comforter that was found last week in a storage unit that he rented his wife vanished in december of 2009 and prosecutors say that the murder-suicide was an admission of guilt and her death >>i ran is taking major steps toward advancing its nuclear power program earlier today the president there oversaw the insertion of the first domestically made fuel rod into a research reactor i ran is insisting that its nuclear program is intended for civilian energy purposes only iran refuses to halt production of enriched uranium back in november un officials found credible information that tehran has carried out work toward
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nuclear weapons including tests of a possible bomb components >>a house-senate conference committee is expected to endorse the deal today that extends the petco cupayroll tax cut and and implement them benefitsand employment benefits president obama is also in milwaukee right now touring the company master lock and about 30 minutes he will deliver a speech there where he will urge businesses to bring jobs back to the united states >>you may not have to deal with telephone calls and text messages from telemarketing companies for much longer ... the fcc is expected to approve new rules today making it harder for companies to bombard you with "robo-calls" and automatic text messages
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under those rules telemarketers would have to get written permission before placing automatic calls >>if you have a gift cards lying around and you do not plan to use them you may be able to turn them into airline tickets united airlines is offering to buy gift cards for nearly 60 retailers such as target the home depot and sears the money is turned into airline mileage points financial experts say that the move makes sense for some consumers that's because $41 billion worth of gift cards have gone unused since 2005 it's unclear what united plans to do with all of the gift cards >>
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with a look at today's business headlines checking the markets ... stocks are lower right now ... greece has a warning for european leaders ... saying that they're playing with fire thinking of kicking grease out of the eu ... it has major bills to pay in march and if it cannot pay greece may default and it can cause a meltdown in the markets >>j.d. power's says that toyota had the fewest problems reported ... many of its brands placed in the top five there were recalls and it seems like
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the company is on the rebound ... apple is beating out samsung as the world's largest smart phone seller ... apple shares had $525 a share today an all-time high. there is no need to add extra water to tropicana orange juice pepsi is doing it themselves to sell more watered down products ... and that's the latest in business news today >>it can be a delicate subject around a water cooler ... but no doubt it's one that everybody is curious about. we are discussing
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bonuses and jennifer weigel is here of trib-u to give us some of the finer points of giving and receiving bonuses >>in corporate america it is standard to see them given in january and so by february the word gets out ... >>sometimes who gets bonuses and who does not seems awfully subjective and that's why it's a sensitive subject >>it's a bit tricky but that's the old system is now being recommended that business units come up with very transparent ways of doing this such as setting goals and publicizing
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the attainment of benchmarks said that there is no surprise that bonus time ... >>and this may just be about tracking things visibly within the department. caudillounless you are willing to disclose teleprocessing you may not want tothe entire process to everyone in may not be worth doing the old way. the favoritism the subject of neststive nature of it
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can be a morale breaker ... it is also recommended that if you do receive a bonus you are not to mention that ... and if you do not receive one you really need to perfect a way to approach those responsible and make your case in protest. if you don't mind being the squeaky wheel that is ... >>socca bonuses are shrouded in secrecy there is often a reason for that? >>yes but there is a new push to change this practice.
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>>typically when they are shrouded in secrecy it just proves there more arbitrary ... >>go to chicago tribune .com/trib-u for more information on this topic >>coming next we have the toxic findings about that new-car smell everyone seems to like and we are flashing back to the 1980's with live music from the ultimate '80s experience known as system 80 you can catch them at the feet chicago benefit show this saturday at beckett's
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your enrollment. don't wait another minute. call the number on your screen now, promo code: alerts. lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. prison and suburban denver. federal prison officials have a sign the former governor to the colorado federal correctional institution and littleton that is where rod blagojevich wanted to go and since it is and the major metropolitan area it should be easier for his family to visit him his sentence begins march 15th. >>chicago is the most corrupt city in the country and illinois is the third most corrupt state according to a new study by the
12:25 pm
professors at the university of illinois the research shows chicago's history of corruption goes back more than one under 40 years >>robert jordan is live at city hall with more on this story ... >>that dubious distinction is embarrassing according to dick simpson professor of political science at the university of illinois ... he cites the recent convictions that sent politicians to prison ... >>1531 convictions here since 1976 >>some aldermen agree and say that the way of doing business in chicago politically needs to change >>there's definitely room for improvements ... you can't turn
12:26 pm
your back on the people. >>professor simpson says that the two seats of power in illinois the governor's office and the city council in chicago have the worst records for breaking laws. >>that's where most of these crimes have been tried and convicted in terms of federal corruption no other state can match this and that is not something we should be proud of. >>everyone is always getting after people who have made mistakes but you cannot paint every politician with the same brush >>there were recommendations
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drawn up and they will be made to the mayor tonight at an anti- corruption task force one of those is in no gift policy and further clarification on anti- corruption ordnances >>tom skilling will be up next with a damp forecast
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february have averaged about 11 degrees warmer than last year. we had some sunshine this morning and that was kind of nice. and now we have the clouds ... a weather system is heading in our direction. it will still be a measurable amount of rain showing up this evening. this was an interesting statistic ... 10 days this winter have had more than 1 in. of snow on the ground and we had way more last year as we remember. >>this is a very interesting temperature map the arctic air
12:31 pm
mass has made a full-scale retreat well up over the border toward hudson bay. but it does it feel with the wind chill that it is 23 degrees but we are eight degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. the wind is blowing south ... some weather systems shift trained to snow but our dew point is above the freezing temperature level so that won't be happening tonight. we are in the low 40's at midway airport ... the normal high this time of year is 34 degrees it's
12:32 pm
42 degrees at o'hare right now ... we have a beautiful view of the chicago skyline that we were hoping to show you but we have to tell you that in spite of the cloud cover the weather is mild. >>we're looking at reflectivity scanning ... this is what feeds the radar set we can plot the heavy parts of the precipitation. >>at this hour we have enough
12:33 pm
case to drop the visibility and to 10 mi. in some places ... this moisture in the lower atmosphere hangs onto heat so that will insure that the snow does not arrive on top of this ... the rain will begin this evening mixing with a bit of sleep by morningt by morning ... we are looking and modest temperatures this weekend in the mid and upper '30's with a little bit of wind chill ... by midnight we will have some impressive brainrainshowers.
12:34 pm
the clouds will be breaking up by late tomorrow. michigan city lansing and kankakee could see for tens of an inch of rain ... and looking at the jet stream ... this is how we will get cooler this weekend this cool canadian air circulating into the area and we have another rainmaker coming next week low pressures lifting into the midwest ... so tomorrow we will
12:35 pm
see some light day sunshine by late friday there could be more rainshowers that would go to snow showers friday night will be cloudy overcast saturday with maybe an occasional flurry ... there are indications from our weather models that we will get some colder days coming ... we will see a federal works out if that works ... high temperature to be 44 degrees tonight we have occasional rain developing.
12:36 pm
maybe some ice pellets or hale in the far northwest suburbs >>tomorrow things will get dreier and clouds will break by afternoon friday begins sunny but there will be a rain shower late in the day ... and back into the 40's we go. the top dog was crowned at the 1 1/3 to 6 annual westminster dog show tuesday night mala kye the pekingese took best in show the four year-old pompom beat out more than 2000 purebred dogs
12:37 pm
entered in that contest is the stock's 115th best in show title overall
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break free. with miralax. it's clinically proven to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects. just gentle predictable relief. miralax. and coach q said that his team needs a win badly. the team returned to nashville with a losing streak began. there were down 2-1 and 1/3. marian hossa settled a bouncing puck and it tied the game with a shot it was his first goal since january 21st. there were still tied with less than 6 to go and the shot from ryan ellis deflected off dunk and keith and the through the five hole of ray emery the blackhawks lost 3-2 that is nine
12:40 pm
in a row and 11th straight on the road they visit the new york rangers tomorrow >>derrick rose did some shooting yesterday and missed his third straight game the bulls lead the kings in the fourth and john lucas found luol deng for the finger roll luol deng had a team high 23 points but the kings rallied to pull within six in the final minute when lukas made a nice pass underneath to joakim noah for two of his 22 points the bulls had six players in double figures and they won 121-115 with that victory tom thibodeau will coach the eastern conference in the all-star game >>the phenomenon jeremy levin and the knicks visited toronto the rafters were three in the final minute jeremy lynn drove off balance shot and drew a foul to tied a game at 87 ... there
12:41 pm
when their sixth straight 90-87 german as more points in his first five nba starts than any other player in history are you looking for jobs? the naacp professional and executive diversity job fair takes place next tuesday in the lakeview terrace at navy pier that's from 10 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon job-seekers must have a minimum of a four year degree. >>your live illinois lottery drawing ... >>hera the winning picked three numbers: here are the winning pick three numbers: 5 3 4 here are the winning pick four numbers:1 8 4 3
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the power ball jackpot tonight is $43 million
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in medical watch why antibiotics
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may not be the right choice when you have a sinus infection ... a study in the journal of the american medical association finds that antibiotics do not help fight most sinus infections even though doctors routinely prescribe them. the researchers say they antibiotics did not ease patient's symptoms are get them back to work any sooner than a placebo pill. there is a new warning out for women who wear lipstick tests by the fda found that 400 lipsticks on the market tested positive for lead the campaign for six cosmetics is pressuring the agency to set lead limits. five lipsticks made by maybelline and l'oreal ranked among the most contaminated the least contaminated product was wet n wild mega mixers lip balm which
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was also the least expensive some people love that new-car smell but a new study shows that may be coming from toxic chemicals the 2012 new vehicle study from the nonprofit ecology center analyze the chemical content of more than 200 new cars. researchers say that the smell comes from toxic chemicals giving off gas in a car's interior. chemicals associated with birth defects impaired learning liver problems and cancer were discovered the best rated cars the 2012 honda civic researchers say that the vehicle with the highest chemical level is the 201 i'm a marathon runner, in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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sunday february 26th at 6:00 p.m. there pastry chef is with us today to show us some wonderful desserts ... such as the cheesecake pompp and a red velvet cake paulop this can be a no bake dessert or you can use your favorite recipe ... we are going to combine the
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ingredients we have a fully cooked cake that is going to be smashed together with the frosting ... and then we scoke a mixture we add the lollipop stick we use an ice-cream scooper or a small fruit scooper to mold the pops ... you let that sit after you dip it in your chocolate and then you can decorate with what
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ever you would like ... and you want to let these chill it is good to put these in the freezer for about 20 minutes ... and the cheesecake is another favorite recombine the cream cheese with the vanilla ... this is a no bake recipe ... it's a great option.
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these you want to put into the freezer until they are very firm because we are dealing with a soft patterbatter.. once these are molded on to the sticks we will tip that into a dark chocolate mix this also needs to remain refrigerated ...
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we mentioned at the restaurant is hosting an oscar party sunday february 26th beginning at 6:00 p.m. there will be a red carpet for the guests to enter the oscar themed cocktails and the prizes for the person who can predict the most winners will be a basicfun time ... the restaurant is located at 739 north clark street in chicago
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and now the answer to today's trivia question: the american foxhound is the oldest american dog breed. temperatures are still above normal. there is some rain developing downstate and coming north to could be a severe weather outbreak also on the gulf coast later today. and there is wintry weather predicted for the southwest. we are looking at our own rain system for this evening it will get heavy at midnight it may briefly change to snow flurries tomorrow morning but we will get some sun breaks from those clouds tomorrow afternoon ...
12:57 pm
and we will cool off a bit and we expect some light flurries or snow showers friday evening ... we're looking at the parade of the weather systems coming out from the gulf of alaska that is buckling the jet stream forcing it north with all that arctic air ... it will be moderately cooler tomorrow friday it will warm up again to the mid-40s and then we will get a plunge of clear for the weekend next week we will get another with a system developed in monday night's rain ... some of a longer range forecasts are bringing that arctic cold there down from canada toward the end of this month ... we're looking at 39 degrees tomorrow 45 friday 36 and 37 degrees on
12:58 pm
saturday and sunday we will have a sunny day on sunday the clouds will come back monday with some rain showers in the forecast for early next week we will have more this evening, on the wgn evening news ... and thank-you tom skilling and thank-you for joining us today ... we hope you have a great afternoon we're going to leave you now with more live music from system eight you can see them at the feed it chicago benefit show that's this saturday at beckett's right here in chicago ...
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