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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 16, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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indiana ... good afternoon i'm steve sanders. >>and i'm nancy loo in for dina bair. julian crews is live with the details >>he was a retired 83 year-old living on fixed income ... we're learning more about the victim neighbors say for years that julius borrowersos lived modestly in the single-family home people
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who knew him said that he had nothing of value and no one can understand why this happened people say the home was ransacked the lake county sheriff's detectives will not save robbery was the motive his body was discovered yesterday detectives are not commenting on the homicide investigation at all. the indiana coroner indicates that he was shot multiple times. understandably neighbors are frightened by this news and reluctant to speak on camera police in the northwest suburbs are combing the forest preserve for a woman from north barrington. wgn's j. miller tells us the woman disappeared for disco issues get a free trip to florida >>the woman was looking forward to spending a valentine's day with her husband during a trip to florida but she vanished without a trace the day before
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she scheduled to leave the lake county sheriff's office plans to continue searching the lakewood forest area in unincorporated waconda yesterday searches turned up nothing maria carlsen south normal according to friends when i spoke to her monday no one has heard from her sense she was to arrive in boca raton florida tuesday to join her husband but when the limousine showed up at her north barrington gated community she was not there her purse and her black bmw were missing the vehicle was later found in the parking lot of the katy restaurant on route 12 in unincorporated waconda she's described as being 5 4 in. 115 lbs. with brown eyes and brown hair ... authorities have been
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monitoring her credit cards in bank accounts and they say there has been no activity as of wednesday ... authorities are continuing the search at the lakewood forest preserve in waconda so far nothing has given and a closeand the close ... the state health department says an oak park nursing home did not notify the department about an altercation between patients that left an elderly man dead. 80 year-old anibal calderon died early tuesday of head injuries from alleged fraud with another resident of the oak park health care center. his death is under investigation by the illinois department of health the agency that licenses and regulates nursing homes. under state law the nursing home should have reported the altercation to the health department as well as the police and the victim's family. >>offshore a woman is suing a south suburban bus company
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claiming that her four year-old daughter was sexually assaulted while writing that bus a mother says that her 12 year-old boy attacked her daughter on numerous occasions as the bus was taking the children home from school for the hearing- impaired and oak forest the suit claims that the driver for sunrise bus company of mitt lothian failed to take any steps to prevent stop those sexual assaults >>a man is in critical condition after being injured in a car fire on the southeast side of chicago fire fighters fall before pulled 48 year-old man from the passenger side of the car at 78 and can with last night police say that they do not know what sparked this fire that this it looks like a began in the car's engine the firefighters grabbed him pull them through the window there worked on right away they got him to briefbreathe ...
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>>the man was taken to the university of chicago medical center where he is being treated for smoke inhalation >>two men who came up through the ranks of the chicago fire department to gather or honored today by each other ... retiring commissioner robert hoff past leadership to someone he called a brother tunney francisco is live with the story >>there were questions as to whether the fire commissioner was resigning over differences with the mayor but he cited more time he needed with the family ... >>he has a long distinguished career 35 years of service and to awards for bravery for rescuing people from burning buildings ... jose santiago replaces him as a 32 year
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veteran of the department he is currently deputy fire commissioner the mayor approached him four weeks ago when the current commissioner resigned ... >>by the grace of god i made it to where am i am proud i can say one thing about the fire service you can be a chief but what makes you a good one is all of the people that work under you ... >>i'm looking for new and more efficient ways to manage this department i will continue to ensure that this office reflects the diversity of ideas and backgrounds of this great city of chicago >>rahm emanuel said that he settled on one santiago ... he
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is also the former head of emergency services for chicago ... he came mother recommendedhighly recommended it is fitting that the announcements were made at the very fire station where the two served most of their careers coming up next new information that the days leading up to the deaths of whitney houston and the flap over the flags being lowered at half staff in new jersey find out why crime stoppers is purchasing cemetery plots next to where the washington father accused of murdering his two sons is to be buried
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>>and six years after the levees broke the last
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christmas day 2009 will be sentenced today. umar farouk abdulmutallab attempted to carry out terror attack on a delta airlines flight back in 2009. he tried to detonate a bomb that he hid in his underwear but the device did not go off as planned. he will be allowed to speak at the sentencing hearing. he is expected to get life in prison. he is also expected to be sent to prison in colorado where he will live in a cell 23 hours a day >>the man who murdered his two young sons in washington state may not be buried with his boys to prevent josh powell from being buried next to the sounds that he killed crime stoppers of to pierce county have purchased
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those plots around those boys graves of the relatives for josh powell want their son barry just a few feet from his son's the family of the boys missing mother say that they will do what it takes to prevent that josh powell lost a custody fight for those boys and he told family members that he could not live without them he blew up their rented home on february the fifth killing himself and the boys, >>every thing that has developed you would think it couldn't get any worse and now this ... >>a temporary restraining order will block the purchase of josh powell spa burial plot until a judge can decide where he will be buried >>a source familiar with whitney houston's behavior and actions in the days before her death said that she was seen drinking heavily. she died last saturday in a room at the beverly hilton
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hotel on the day before the grammy awards she was 48 years old a source tells cnn that whitney houston was seen ordering and drinking considerable amounts of alcohol at hotel bars last wednesday and thursday and complaining that the drinks or water down a source says that other guests expressed concern about her erratic behavior and disheveled appearance her funeral this saturday at the new hope baptist church in newark is by invitation only but millions of fans will be able to watch those services on the internet new jersey gov. chris christie has been under fire for ordering flags to be flown at half staff on the day of that funeral but the governor is defending his decision >>shoe is a cultural icon in this state of new jersey >>on whitney houston's death certificates because of her death is listed as deferred meaning delayed pending more information toxicology tests are not expected for least six more
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weeks the los angeles county coroner's office has issued subpoenas seeking whitney houston's medical records and her prescriptions the case for jerry sandusky is costing penn state university a pretty penny. the university has run up nearly $3.2 million in fees during the child sex abuse scandal against former assistant football coach. the combination of legal consultant and public- relations fees make up a hefty sum the university's websites said it will not use alumni donations student tuition or taxpayer dollars to cover these costs the former coach is currently under house arrest awaiting trial he has pleaded not guilty to the charges >>congress is getting ready to vote on a plan to extend a payroll tax cut now the democratic and republican negotiators have agreed on a deal the bill would extend the tax cut and employment benefits to the rest of this year the typical american would get an extra $80 a month in their paycheck a breakthrough in
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talks came earlier this week when republicans drop the requirement that payroll tax break be offset by spending cuts president obama's said he will sign legislation as soon as congress passes it. republican presidential candidate rick santorum release some of his federal income-tax returns they cover the last four years in 2007 he made $660,000.2008 $945,000.2009 $1.1 million and in 2010 $923,000 is combined tax rate over those four years was 28% his investment and real estate assets totalled around two and a half million dollars just last year to of his other opponents mitt romney and newt gingrich have also released their tax returns. >>more than six years after
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hurricane katrina had norland said the last emergency trailer is now leaving at one time there were more than 23,000 fema trailers and normans housing people who were flooded out of their homes from a still faces lawsuits from families to say that those trailers made them sick a 2009 homeland security report can dangerously high levels of formaldehyde in those fema trailers coming up next with general motors is again proving that it is t
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chicago with today's business headlines. foreclosure filings in illinois and indiana jumped for the first time in more than one year for illinois it was a 9% rise in january compared to one year ago and indiana had a
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6.9 increase ... something else the federal government is trying to crack down on has distracted driving officials issued new guidelines asking car markers to disable devices that allow texting and similar web search applications target is gaining on wal-mart ... in products and in groceries ... wal-mart did have the upper hand on toys and pet supplies ... general motors is at the top of the auto industry
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with its car sales pitches registered its highest profit ever more than $9 billion but they are still usinglosing money in europe because of the debt crisis ... checking the markets stocks gaining the dow was up 100 points thanks to positive economic news on unemployment filings which is set a four year low the drop is bigger than expected assigned the job market is getting better ... housing starts in manufacturing numbers are also helping stocks rise in trading today coming out next acquired revolt by chicago aldermen against public protests at council meetings and later in the medical watch: not getting a
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good night's sleep could put you at risk for alzheimer's disease and we have live music this midday from mojo and the bayou gypsies there will be hosting an all inclusive mardi gras party and concert this saturday at the rialto square theater in joliet and steve sanders will be jamming with them ... [♪...]
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chicago public schools will introduce a new maternity leave policy and new rules for nonunion workers the district is working on a new policy to save millions of dollars the current policy allows the curls of up to 125 sick days and cash payouts for unused sick days when people leave that practice is costing the district millions of dollars every year ... new policies with leave and vacation will be proposed >>when the g-8 and nato summits come to chicago massive protesters will be in town ... hundreds of business owners have been meeting with police and city officials for guidance ...
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there were told to remain calm and not change their routines ... they seemed satisfied with the answers there were given ... >>everyone playing well together and not having issues of who was in charge of it should get us through >>security officials recommended that companies have workers properly credentialed and keep an eye out for suspicious packages >>several alderman are proposing tough crackdowns on demonstrations inside city council chambers ... protesters need to have pre approved signs and banners cleared from the
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mayor's office ... ed burke richard mell carry austin and race war as are sponsoring legislation to quiet down the chamber's >and ray suarez are sponsoring the measure for this quiet chamber legislation in chicago surfer appeared in court this morning on charges that he illegally hit the waves on like michigan 40 year-old racks flodstrom was charged with disorderly contaduct for surfing at oak street beach last month. in the winter you can surf at four different beaches in
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chicago but both street is not one of them he was sentenced to 20 hours of community service. a child's lunch n.c. has sparked controversy that's captured national attention. her preschool student had her home at lunch taken away because a state official said it was a nutritious enough it was comprised of turkey chips a banana and apple juice a state agent at the school said that the mill did not meet dietary guidelines because it did not have milk the girl was given a meal with chicken nuggets instead >>the mill changes prompted criticism from people who fear the government's reach goes too far into the lives of parents >>could there be a 50 degree day for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease.
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so were we a bit ambitious when we talked about having 50 degrees? >>the sun angle is getting more direct and the days are getting longer ... it all translates to more energy coming from the sun so i guess it's not totally out of the question ... the sun is coming through the clubs now we have an afternoon of sunshine on the way we will bring the cold front in late tomorrow just ahead of that we could be in striking distance of 50 degrees we will be in the mid to upper 40's here around the chicago area ...
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this will be day #41 with a 40 degree temperature this winter by comparison we had five of these last year and we have checked the records 141 years of records say that 2140 degree- days is normal and we doubled that this year we're running five and a half degrees above normal is the fifth consecutive month with above normal temperatures ... we have the beginnings of a new storm happening in the gulf of mexico that will not affect us directly ... arctic areas in full retreat way up into northern canada ... 45 below zero wind chill and hudson bay ...
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here in chicago we are actually three degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago these are more like march temperatures than those of february is 46 degrees at o'hare airport 45 degrees at midway ... wind is gusting about 25 mi. per hour currently when you factor that with the temperatures the wind chills are a bit lower it feels cooler. humidity is currently 62% the wind chill factor is reaching 41 degrees ... not bad for february.
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in buffalo grove we are losing all of the falconog if you are in washington dc or new york city or boston you can expect rain and may be a mix of snow ... but there are thunderstorms brewing in the gulf of mexico ... producing big rain storms. this will affect us with the northeast wind blowing into lake michigan we expect sunny skies today through the afternoon and a mild and when the end of week tomorrow we will be in striking
12:33 pm
distance of 50 degrees modest cooling down this weekend. looking at the computer forecast with no trouble with the clouds this afternoon ... warm air is traveling up the west coast. that has the jet stream setting up some cool weather in land in california with some snow in the rockies pushing western to the gulf of mexicomoisture into the gulf of mexico looking at the map we see the storm on the gulf coast ...
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there will be some snow showers tomorrow afternoon that's generated from wind coming off of lake michigan. lots of rain on the gulf coast that had really rough weather last spring and more storms are grain producers this time around it makes you wonder if a very active spring season is going to happen there once again this year and will it migrate north? we have a mostly sunny day to day high temperatures should reach the mid 40's we are already there in some places
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... tonight scattered clouds 29 degrees. tomorrow fog in the morning 47 degrees by the afternoon we can see our rain shower late in the day possibly flurries late tomorrow night. saturday cloudy breezy slightly cooler ... lake effect snow showers can form late in the afternoon into sunday ... it's time now for today's trivia question: which of the following
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blames himself for the problems the team has had this season he said that his staff pampered players and coached " not to lose " perdue visited the assembly hall last night illinois cut the deficit to six points with six minutes left ... but there were down three points with 12 seconds left they lost 67-62 that is four consecutive losses northwestern was visiting 18th ranked indiana the wildcats were down three points with 4 minutes to go ... northwestern lost 71-
12:39 pm
66 their eighth conference loss of the season as elsewhere notre dame beat rutgers and depaul lost two connecticut the chicago bulls welcome the boston celtics to addition united center tonight and derrick rose more than likely will not be on the court coach thibodeau said he is still day today and not quite ready but his back is improving derrick rose has missed three straight games and eight total this season the chicago bulls lost to boston last sunday without derrick rose rip hamilton is also definitely out tonight >>the blackhawks visit new york tonight in hopes of ending their longest losing streak in five years they have lost nine straight games in the franchise record is 12 in a row set back in 1951. corey crawford will begin in goal against the rangers who have the best record in the eastern conference corey
12:40 pm
crawford has not won a game in one month the blackhawks to not return home until the sunday against st. louis if you are looking for a job the naacp professional and executive diversity job fair takes place next tuesday in lake view terrace at navy pier from 10 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon job-seekers must have a minimum of a four year degree the illinois live lottery drawing is next >>here are the winning pick three numbers: 8 5 8 here are the winning pick four numbers: 0 9 3 8
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ou level of arson neck and baby formula. two of the 17 infant formulas tested by dartmouth researchers listed organic brown rice syrup ... which may contain arsenic ... as the primary ingredient. another formula had a total arsenic
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concentration level up to six times the federal limit for drinking water. the researchers say arsenic is also found in some cereal and energy bars ... as well as it jelled like energy shots. most rice produced in the united states comes from five states where rice is grown in soil formerly used for cotton farming. people who have had a hard time sleeping may be at greater risk of developing alzheimer's disease researchers monitored sleep patterns of 100 healthy volunteers including some with a family history of alzheimer's. the study participants to sleep was disrupted at a greater build up in their brains of protein clumps that are a key marker of alzheimer's. the researchers say that it lays the groundwork for investigating whether manipulating a person sleep could slow down or prevent alzheimer's disease. a new study finds in-link between pollution and a woman's
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brain. the study found that the more pollution woman is exposed to the faster her cognitive skills decline. researchers looked at data from study of nearly 20,000 women between the ages of 70-81 years old then compare the information to data on pollution levels in their home towns. the results show the women who were exposed to more pollution showed a faster decline in memory and thinking skills. the study is published in the archives of internal medicine. lunch break is coming up >>we are getting ready for mardi gras by making king cakes [ woman ] i was living with this all-over pain. a deep, throbbing persistent ache. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now, i can do more
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patisserie and cafe is here with us today thank you for joining us. you are making something with a lot of tradition we are talking about king cakes for mardi gras tell us more ... >>it is to celebrate the journey of the three kings to bethlehem it's been a part of the mardi gras tradition marking the beginning of carnival season ... >>this is a coffee cake yeast dough ... you begin by making a sponge ... this contains east,
12:49 pm
milk sour cream and flour. >>this is a bread dough ... >>that's right you combine these ingredients and you let it rest for about 30 minutes and then we add other ingredients ... now we will add sugar and cardamom and a bit of salt ... you really have to combine this well you can use a mixture with a dough hook and now we edadd the flour and the
12:50 pm
eggs alternately ... the eagareggs are entire eggs and a few yolks as well.. after this dough is it neededs kneaded.. you leave it so that it doubles in size once that's ready you will roll
12:51 pm
out the dough push it into a square shape ... you need to brush this with butter. you then roll the dough into a log shape. i use brown sugar and cinnamon
12:52 pm
to copeat the top before rolling. once this is all rolled together ... you transfer it to your cake pan that is coated with butter and flour. this bakes for 20 minutes and a 350 degree oven ...
12:53 pm
these also get frosted and traditionally there is a little toy baby inside the cake ... thank you so much chef king king cakes are no available at the toni patisserie and cafe through february 21st the establishment is located at 65 east washington right here in chicago for more information on today's recipe or to watch this
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is not one of the new orleans mardi gras colors.
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>>we learn something new on this show every day ... it is nice and sunny this afternoon tomorrow we have a system approaching it is a small one it will be felt more in wisconsin and minnesota by the time it reaches us it will be evening rain ... that can turn to flurries overnight it will usher in a cooler weekend ... the storm developing in the western gulf of mexico represents wind on the men appear map here.. saturday night into
12:57 pm
sunday morning we will see some lake effect showers from all of this ... in the mid-atlantic states we are looking at some stormy weather coming up as well the bitterly cold air will be staying north into next week ... it will be warming up again early next week we will get some rain tuesday and then the cold air will come wednesday ... there are signs at the end of the week or rather the end of the month may be turning colder but we will keep that monitored
12:58 pm
... it will be partly cloudy this saturday into sunday we expect rain late monday and tuesday temperatures will reach back into the 40's and early next week ... we have steve sanders living out his dream joining the by you gypsies mojo and the bayou gypsies group who incidently will be performing at the rialto square theater in joliet this saturday we will leave you with this music ... have a great day thank you for drawing usjoining us
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