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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 17, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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12 year-old girl on the far south side. the girl was pulled off the street and attacked while walking home ... good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... nancy loo has the latest >>this attack happened in broad daylight as the children were walking home from school this morning community activists were handing out fliers to ensure
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that people are aware of the police alert for the community. it follows wednesday's attack on a 12 year-old girl as she walked 3:15 p.m. the girl was sexually assaulted in a gang way near 107th and south calumet avenue. neighborhood parents say such a brazen daytime attack is frightening and quite a few children walk to and from school every single day routines will likely change now: >>the kids walk right down the street to school that should be the safe thing ... i can see my children going down the street and i know people who actually do what their children to school i always thought that was excessive but now i know it's not >>the victim described the attacker is a slim black man 5 ft. 10 in. dressed all in black including a black hood and ski mask and gloves anyone with information about the attack is
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urged to contact chicago police reporting from the rose cliff neighborhood nancy loo a woman stabbed in a flower shop remains in serious condition in chicago police search for the person responsible the attack happened at no. and when chester around 1130 yesterday morning the victim was an employee of that store police say a man handed her note announcing the robbery and he stepped her in the head on the harm he grab some cash and i-pod and took off guardian angels have fliers giving the matter at the blue line stopped and damen and milwaukee to raise awareness >>let's put the cameras up we have been asking for the security cameras for years >>the rubber is also described as african-american 25-35 years old about 6 ft. 4 in. he also has a tattoo of yellowbird on the left side of his neck.
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>>the missing mother and her three children have been tracked to indiana aurora police and looking into a tip that laurie may and her children were at the wal-mart in hobart yesterday afternoon there are also checking to see if a 17 year-old named destiny of cicero is also with them they're trying to obtain surveillance video from wal-mart as they investigate the lead she was driving a white 2001 volvo station wagon with illinois license plate number 959-00986 there is a pink cancer ribbon on the rear bumper if you have any information please call police >>a black steel worker is suing three chicago police officers over this incident the man holding a video camera and being pushed around is tyrone to let he started recor gillette he began recording when he saw some commotion at
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the state and monroe last august his civil rights lawsuit accuses the city of chicago and three officers of excessive force false arrest unlawful seizure and false imprisonment tyrone jill it is especially upset because he says a white man who also reported the incident it is currently illegal in illinois to record audio of policemen on duty police superintendent garry mccarthy said that he would be fine with overturning that lott and letting people record the police >>and federal judge has ordered chicago police superintendent garry mccarthy to answer questions in a lawsuit over deadly police shooting officer gildardo sierra shot flint farmer seven times during a chase last june police-board video appears to show sierra firing the last three shots as farmer was on the ground helpless and unarmed mccarthy told the chicago tribune that
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ciara should have been pulled off the street after he was involved in two previous shootings the girlfriend of flint farmer is suing the police department and once mccarty to explain that remark in a deposition >>and some boat owners will have their boats temporarily relocated within nato and g-8 summits come to chicago this spring. the secret service as a terrorist could use a boat to plant a bomb or launch a grenade toward mccormick place with a summits will be held. the head of the secret service offices that pleasure boats that are normally docked at burnham harbor will be moved to no cost to owners >>chicago aldermen george kerr
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dennis is producing and proposal for a tax on sugary beverages one-third of u.s. children are are overweight or obese and studies show that it's partly because of too many sugary drinks are being consumed ... better education on exercise and nutrition is preferred by many of overtaxes >>next in the noon hour and workplace disputes between to immigration agents leaves one person dead at a california federal building to millions of out of work americans and the blackhawks stunned the conference leading new york rangers to snap a nine game losing streak we
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she was pulled over for not using a turn signal. now a 54 year-old immigrant is in jail waiting to be deported. the woman's family and immigrant support group claimed that her arrest was a violation of her rights julian crews is live details >>this is a developing story we were told that the woman is before an immigration judge at this hour facing the possibility of deportation the family said that she entered the country legally with her son several years ago he was granted political asylum because of an error by an immigration judge an arrest warrant had been issued for her >>chicago should be a global city welcoming salmon prints we call on the mayor to release the women immediately and apologize to the family know emigrant
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should have any reason to fear the chicago police >>but according to a support group there is a corrosive atmosphere of fear ... an ordinance in the city dating back to several years is believed to prevent overzealous law enforcement and racial profiling but critics say there were numerous cases where police have questioned and released immigrants with criminal backgrounds back into the community and this new case for this 54 harold woman from cameron she was legally in the united states she had been applying for asylum herself her son said his mother always followed the dictates of immigration judges throughout the process and that she has
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followed immigration law >>my mother is someone who has never tried to break a law ... >>we have seen several instances of families at least to where families face long-term separation as a result of interactions with the chicago police department >>the illinois coalition for immigrant rights says that there have been a number of cases ... you're looking at a protest here at the offices of emigrations and customs enforcement agency at congress and clark were the woman is before a judge at this hour ... there are no comments from ice agents we are also waiting comments from the
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chicago police department >>a heated confrontation between two federal iced agents and with one of them dead and the and wanted the to work for u.s. immigration and customs enforcement we're learning from the los angeles times that the dispute involves an agent and his supervisor at their office in long beach california last night the agent opened fire on the supervisor wounding him a third agent and whipped out his gun and shot and killed the shooter >>we're like a family in this agency the impact is great for all of us we will be strong and support one another we are here for each other >>the supervisor is hospitalized in stable condition and investigation is underway into what caused the argument >>airforce fighter jets forced small private plane to land near long beach california yesterday after it got too close to helicopter carrying president obama because of the
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presidential visit the pilot was ordered to steer clear but did not respond authorities took into custody and searched the plane with a found 10 kilos of marijuana the secret service said the pilot was not the terrorist threat still the pilot could potentially lose his license >>a man and woman from madison wisconsin have been charged with severely abusing the man's 15 year-old daughter they appeared in court yesterday along with the girls stepbrother joshua drabek prosecutors said that the crow was held prisoner in a basement for five years she was been starved and often forced to leave her own waste the girl's stepmother was charged with sexually abusing her she finally escaped february 6th after confrontations with his stepmother madison police found wandering the streets in her pajamas >>germany's president christian wulff has resigned following a series of scandals prosecutors ask parliament to lift his immunity from prosecution the
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one criminal investigation into allegations that he is demanding political favors the german presidency is mostly ceremonial post but his resignation as a blow to chancellor angela merkel to supported his bid for the presidency and she had to cancel a trip to italy to deal with the political fallout at home >>still ahead a recall involving children's tylenol the first just a much could be paying for a first-class stamp in the u.s. postal service can convince congress and its rich and hearty seafood dish we are making schrempp to fate later in the lunch break
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according to the agriculture department that's up 10¢ from december these are 10 percent increases over one year ago experts say you can expect prices to go higher into the summer >>get ready for another price hike from the post office it could cost 50¢ for first-class stamp if the post office gets approval from congress for the race that will bring in a billion in new revenue the post office is looking at $18 billion in losses over the next few years >>you may want to watch what you're doing on the internet and your smart phone the wall street journal reports that google and other advertising companies are attracting people's web browsing by getting around privacy settings they're able to monitor people who use the safari web browser by apple on i phones and computers ... google said it disabled that capability after
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getting a phone call tipping them off to the journal story >>there are 200 job openings to fill for high-tech workers ... demand is up for tech workers especially engineers program managers and developers >>checking the stocks right now the dow was closing in on 13,000 based on positive economic news this morning on inflation which is believed to be taming these days ... that's a look at the business news for today >>congress has just approved a new deal that will reduce the number of weeks that jobless can collect unemployment ... beginning later this year the maximum number of weeks for unemployment benefits will be cut to 73 weeks. the unemployed have been able to collect up to
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99 weeks of benefits since november 2009. those are the nation's unprecedented response to the great recession. under the bipartisan bill the payroll tax cut will also be extended. president obama has said that he will sign the measure >>it will cost more to ship your pet overseas on united airlines under the new rule pets will classify as cargo rather than as checked baggage the policy will potentially cost at honors hundredth of dollars more the increase will especially affect military families living overseas who could pay up to $49 to fly their pets home in an attempt to reverse the policy change some military families have launched online petitions united airlines says that the prices remain competitive in these cost hikes are due to combat it stiff fees and government mandated fees being higher in other countries in the medical watch mri scans are providing new evidence that autism may begin developing in
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dupage county prosecutors are asking for bail to be revoked for the man accused of killing a teacher at a bar in naperville they're asking that daniel alaska's be held without bail or to have the bail amount increased he is accused of stabbing teacher shaun wild to death two weeks ago he is currently being held on $3 million bail prosecutors say that he's capable of violent and explicit behavior they also believe that he could be a flight risk if he is able to post bond >>heroin use among teenagers in naperville is on the rise and to the city has been one of the hardest-hit frank holland has a report on this alarming trend facing parents and children >>we spoke with one family who recently discovered their daughter was the user but unfortunately too late >>she had a beautiful smile ... >>amy and paul miller are talking about megan their daughter who was a senior at a
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local high school she was addicted to heroin >>she died of a drug overdose when we found her in her bedroom upstairs there was white powder lines of some substance on her dresser >>it happened january 28th according to police her friend was arrested for selling h the same week ... >>lots of people can look at these kids and say there's no chance in hell their kid would use drugs or that their friends would be involved but looks can be deceiving we are here to tell everyone we found out the hard way >>the heroin epidemic naperville had police holding this meeting ... detectives are leading the effort to get the epidemic of teen heroine use under control >>it's getting younger and younger its growing it's
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definitely a social drug >>for the price of a movie $10 a teenager can buy a jab at and get high for hours ... we had conversations with our daughter numbers of times but she could not quit ... the kids know who is stealing these drugs >>they implore parents to do all they can >>you have to do aware of what they're up to the they socialize with >>no parent should have to find a child this way >>her parents are planning a memorial at her high school so they can say the bottom megan and learned a painful lesson >>the chicago teachers union is calling for $700 million overhaul to district's schools.
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yesterday the union presented an outline titled " the schools chicago students deserve " it is calling for chicago public schools to reduce class sizes provide full day kindergarten, and distance to dili in richmond class's. the union also recommends adding 2600 counsellors, social workers and other support staff. unilever said that these ideas would provide a higher quality education for students >>the full forecastididide?
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rinse. ou will soon come to a close. the warmer weather also signals that there are a limited amount of days left for ice skating at the rink at wrigley. will be open
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until sunday february 26th it will be located in the cubs parking lot at the corner of clark street and waveland avenue there is no question that the sunlight is 230% stronger more than twice as strong as it was december 21st at the beginning of winter the days are getting longer yet this is the look warmest winter we have had in 80 years with the least amount of snow and 63 years here in chicago he left the back to the late 1940's to find as few days with only an inch of snow on the ground during a winter season ... we're looking at the altocumulus clouds ... there are a few sprinkles but evaporation
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is happening pretty quickly ... we're seeing the first stage of a cool front from wisconsin that will reach us but it will be out of this area quickly >>70% ... february's 15th above normal day will happen today what a winter ... we're looking at the big storm down on the gulf coast with severe weather warnings the storm will travel north by northeast and that may result in some lake effect snow flurries here.
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it is 43 degrees currently here in chicago. the wind will be blowing with increasing gusto from the southwest later this afternoon but that will not do much to cool things down in a big way >>we're looking at other local temperatures in the region: all are above 40 degrees the normal high this time of year is about 36 degrees it's just incredible how consistently warm and has banned >>43 degrees at midway airport right now 39 degrees for mchenry ... at the national map we seek the
12:32 pm
weather system producing clouds over southern california a few days ago and a foot in the snow in the mountains around los angeles ... we're looking at a prolific grain producing front ... we have a moderately chilly weekend on the way we may see some rainshowers this afternoon into the evening that may turn into some flurries are snow showers overnight as well as saturday night or sunday in the lake front counties ... but we're looking at another warming trend in the early part of next week with a rain system coming back to stay ... let's look at these models on the map we have
12:33 pm
a time lapse model ... the clouds will be mixing with snow flurries overnight we may see some of that in early tomorrow morning scattered and light not amounting to much ... we will reach 50 degrees today but we will be in the mid 30's tomorrow in terms of the temperatures ... and then award looking at the national map with the jet stream ... look at this explosion of moisture over the southern united states ... there could be heavy snow headed
12:34 pm
for west virginia ... that setting up a northeast flow affecting chicago we on expect much severe weather today and tomorrow night in that southeastern area carrying into sunday as it moves northeast up the mid-atlantic coast ... unseasonably mild and windy this afternoon ... the high
12:35 pm
temperatures expected 48 degrees may be 50 degrees in some areas with the southwest wind gusting between 12 and 24 mi. per hour tomorrow morning snow showers flurries then partly cloudy modestly colder new flurry sleet or overnight the high- temperature tomorrow will be 37 degrees on sunday will be overcast breezy with some flurries near the lake chilly once again in the high 30s ... happy friday and have a good weekend >>time for today's trivia question: which of the following is not typically
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losing streak ends at nine games with their first road victory in two months. the blackhawks got off to a fast start in new york. just one minute into the game jonathan toews scored on a penalty shot. one minute later nick leddy doubled the lead with a slapshot. two minutes after that jonathan toews made a long pass to patrick sharp for the game's third goal ... fell for it. marian hossa scored his 22nd goal of the year the blackhawks scored four goals in the first 10 minutes and held on to win 4-2 it's their first win on the road since december 14th they finish the road trip in columbus tamara obamas >>we're not out of the woods yet
12:39 pm
... >>and in basketball derrick rose missed his fourth straight game last night the bulls lead the celtics in the third nice passing from noah to luol deng to boozer for the dunk he had 23 points. to in the fourth. luol deng faked out paul pierce and sank a three-point shot he also scored 23 points bulls went on to a 12-0 run in the quarter to beat the boston celtics 89-80 the seventh win without derrick rose the season the planner jersey at 3 tomorrow afternoon right here on wgn. illinois basketball coach chris webber tried to clarify comments he made after illinois fourth straight loss wednesday night he released a statement yesterday saying he's disappointed in himself for not developing a
12:40 pm
culture of toughness he said the illini still have a lot to pay foplay for including the end c aa tournament u.s.-led director mike thomas said that he won't make a decision on that job until after the season ... >>good afternoon everyone here are your midday winning lottery numbers ... here are the winning kick remembers:pick three numbers: 9 7 6 here are the winning pick four numbers: 3 9 3 3
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$61 million is the jackpot for mega-millions ...
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the man thought that he was wearing a vest stuffed with explosives. he was arrested as he walked to the capitol building the vest did not contain real explosives will have more details as they become available >>on the medical watch a new study could prove to be a game changer in understanding what has some researchers looked at the brains of 92 babies consider to be at high risk for developing autism because that older siblings with that disorder using mri scanners they found signs of autism and babies as young as 6 months old researchers said that the babies who ended up being diagnosed with autism showed differences in the way that their neurons: connected to other parts of the brain the work is still preliminary researchers say it's a great step forward for future diagnosis and treatment for that disorder >>johnson and johnson is recalling thousands of bottles of its great flavored liquid infant tylenol in the united states it comes after parents
12:45 pm
complained about problems with the dosing system the company said there had been no illnesses or deaths associated with that recall where that half a billion bottles are being recalled the lunch break is
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not typically found in a california sushi roll ... and we have tom skilling back with us ... we have a cold front
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coming through tonight but it's a lovely and warm afternoon we may get a sprinkle in the next several hours before getting sunny midafternoon and then we see some snow flurries over the weekend overnight ... that will go into sunday especially along the lakefront a big storm is passing to the southern united states ... and will be a big grain producer along the mid- atlantic and southeast coast ... it will produce snow in the west virginia area ... we will be cool over the weekend but we'll get another warm-up by tuesday.
12:56 pm
in western kentucky to tennessee to the mid-atlantic states you will see a chance of some snow as a result of the storm conditions coming from the gulf ... it will be warm here by monday and tuesday turning cooler again wednesday ... there are no better arctic outbreaks on the way to chicago the 74 cast includes a 37 degree temperature tomorrow after two days 48 degrees we will be in the high 40's early next week we will be in the high thirties for the weekend we expect rain on tuesday but we are at above
12:57 pm
normal on these temperatures ... it's almost as though we jumped one month ahead with this weather >>have a great weekend. >>thank you for joining us today we will leave you with more from the thomas necklacenicholas band...
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