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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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expensive and a war story and a love story battlefield budget wgn news @ 9 the same place would be hurt and delivery >> funeral home a shutdown after a routine police call led to a much larger surprise. top story or around the country tonight >> no heat and power and allowed regenerator all sides of something not quite right outside or inside south side family funeral home today detectives confirmed closed the place cited the owner with improper storage of bodies demanding answers >> did not know the problem
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assuming refrigeration was out i knew there were on a generator and it was not good >> cartter funeral home police indicate the scene inside was so bad officers had to hose down walking through the building bodies 9 @ total found in various stages of preparation for about the funeral home >> sitting in a gurney into the garage >> asked not to be shown on camera we simply did contract work circumstances no electricity or power tough to keep the bodies cool especially in the summer >> water containers frozen and sticking them under the at arm's to keep the bodies cool >> frustrated waiting to
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funeral scheduled for tomorrow until today thought everything was under control inside the funeral home saturday >> we would have known it was freezing some other guys came out and we talked to that >> detectives work the scene to keeping the funeral home closed crime scene tape blocking the entrance world once locked out wondering what is left yet to officially say goodbye >> the entire thing started with a report of a break-in at the funeral home early this morning police overnight to find three
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people working inside to workers and a man wanted for a traffic violation. the owner and operator of carter funeral chapel cited several times by various agencies suspended back in 2008 filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy back in 2009 unable to reach him tonight >> not being heard hundreds of protesters took concerns about school closings turnaround school board vote in just two days quietly peacefully passing the home of mayor rahm emmanuel protesters filling the streets of race and would ravenswood
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stickers over miles silence they said as the education of their children undergoes a radical transformation >> they want to make choices for the schools and community which they have no idea how it really affects them >> we know what is best for our children but they do not know my children >> it began late to view high school parent teachers and local activists gathered to rally against seven school closings 10 school turnaround despite what the city calls inclusive process they say they have been denied >> statement issued late today chicago public school spokesperson rights cps breaking away from status quo that has failed to students year after year what has been tried in the past has not worked going back to the same failed policies not in the best interest of the students some observers and the
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mayor's neighborhood say cannot agree more >> to not know exactly what the answer will be but i do know what is working out is not actually working something has to give >> largely organized by chicago teachers union march huge stake in education reform teachers responsible for a very proud cps alumni. >> i know what we are capable of to not turn this around to give us a voice >> close to five and to people in the crowd tonight organizers say they are demanding a meeting with the mayor before when state school board vote ideally more resources for existing schools. parents and advocates elementary school rose le neighborhood to stop cps from closing school supporters of wendell smith elementary school cps officials to take a closer look before deciding to make changes.
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dramatic changes in 2005 a new principal took over they say scores in reading and mathematics -- looking why the cps is targeting wendell smith. >> wendell smith still needed in this neighborhood to an excellent job with limited resources we have passed to work with >> supporters of the school say cps neglected the school's current library teachers of mathematics and reading coaches at social service professionals and after-school programs again the boat of the state of wendell smith elementary school and other schools is wednesday. a beer truck and car and bought the deadly accident on the south side to delivery man of loading a truck and bus pulled along side at a stop sign at the driver of the third vehicle ran the stop sign smashed into the cta crushing a delivery man three others injured former police officer said tried to flee the scene >> chicago police car pulled up
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started to go westbound i chased him down >> the driver who was tackled wanted by chicago police for a prior dui. green line today keeping an eye out for suspicious groups series of strong arm robberies chicago police reporting roberts took place on the train a suspect or to the victims to get out the bulls. guardian angels handed out safety tips to riders and alerted them about a tax. hockey goals on a frozen hot spot of tragedy by kendry county patrick rorig with his son fell to the ice and died. right behind their home. fire department divers searched 30 minutes before finding the patrick rorig boy was not hurt described as fun- loving hard-working family man who died being a father. the bay or contaminated water one south
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suburban community tonight neighbors battling whether to clean up the wells or look for expensive alternatives. gov. quinn plan to slash safety net for the poor preview of the budget including proposals to cut medicaid. also afghanistan war hero reunited four legged pal and mild weather going away tom skilling says nasty mixture tomorrow.
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wgn news @ 9 a month until election day presidents voting sauk village issue of where their water comes from some said a matter of help right now >> one month village sauk village will know the future of water system contaminated >> in a village filled with political crashes clashes latest source of strife of sauk village >> this one has fecal matter in that >> bottled water nearby leading a charge into next month's referendum vote to bring lake
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michigan water into the far south suburbs bad >> as central to the growth of the bill which batt but since the 1950's the bill which has used well water image to clean it up found one of its three wells contaminated chemical some believe have cost health issues >> i feel like some kind of film in the water >> referendum would meet $19 million project to bring lake michigan water into the village failure the lower option of treating the ground water >> village trustee sees both sides of the issue higher cost could cripple the privilege already perilous budget >> if the water is treated with still need standards up to the
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residents higher cost option were cost option continue to get our well water >> option 5 and well for voters drank the water to nothing to him >> next public meeting that will be discussing the issue is tomorrow night here at the alleged call talk later find out how much personal cost would be to you live tonight sauk village wgn news @ 9 >> governor pat quinn warrants medicaid will collapse without drastic spending cuts medicaid state health care safety net for the port and a $2 billion behind on bills governor announcing $2.7 billion in cuts during budget address wednesday looking to set up a working committee to restructure program putting emphasis on wellness and good
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health. >> how to reduce the spending to preserve the program it is not preserved and restructured it will collapse >> willing to work with the government always have said that what needs to be a thoughtful plan to approach over a number of years >> too much too fast with the cubs still had it public its first view of the whitney houston the final resting place as reports surface of possible drug issues with her daughter again and rick santorum clarify controversial statements he made over the weekend about president obama.
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wgn news @ 9 new jersey latest attraction at the grave of whitney houston and fairview cemetery memorial service invitation only but not a great side open to public fans are flocking to say goodbye. died last week investigators awaiting toxicology reports for the cause of death. the daily beast reporting 18 year old daughter bobbie kristina to missing after the funeral at was found getting high battling a drug problem for all while all ready to rehabilitation daughter became upset at the funeral when the estranged father bobby brown showed up with oversized entourage.
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republican candidates for president spent president's day campaigning at several of the primary states upcoming front runner rick santorum attacking president obama on politics said obama weak in protecting religious liberty compared him to tyrants soft pedal claimed that obama follows a phony theology saying he does believe the president is a christian. newt gingirch tempting voters with promises of gas prices at $2 a gallon. called for relaxing regulations on domestic oil production and creating jobs and reducing dependence on foreign oil newt gingirch wants more oil exploration in north dakota and blasted president obama port texas oil pipeline failure at mitt romney in a fire at the man in the lead rick santorum according to the voters in ohio said budget hawk and rick santorum is not. tracking poll
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shows but santorum lead and mitt romney by 8 percent among republicans nationwide new bumpers six point drop from rick santorum and one week at ron paul has not won a primary campaign today in north dakota. cook county clerk of the circuit court might not seem like political office but shipping up to be heated primary campaign. incumbent dorothy brown running against alderman challenger ricardo munoz blogging heads on a few fronts but the big one pledge ricardo munoz not to take donations from staff or vendors influenced by a 40 at the dorothy brown refuses to do the same candidates going at it tonight c ltv politics tonight at 6:00. you cannot fix corruption unless you see corruption. >> aldermanic speaks of corruption but called it into county employees on county time asking them to donate >> that is not true that is not
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true >> politics tonight c ltv monday-friday at 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.. a voice in next month's primary and did not register to vote time is running out tomorrow tuesday it lasted to get the paperwork in the 02 download a voter registration form located 69 west washington also register at any driver's license facility. president obama returns three ellyn light primary fund-raiser at mitt romney also according to the sun-times president march 16th trip at lunch at the palmer house hilton spending monday march 19th supporters congressmen played host aaron schock also hosted a private viewing party in the western suburbs. former senator john
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glenn honored for work in space. 50th anniversary of first american in orbit february 20 1962 orbit the earth aboard the french should subsequentlyfriendship seven honored ceremony along with scott carpenter over the weekend at the space center >> such an impressive thing the time is indelibly imprinted on my memory i can recall it very well >> you might recall that john glenn lines 1998 rejoined nasa at age 77 oldest person ever flew on space shuttle discovery. stray dog from afghanistan united states army sergeant getting together again how they saved each other during a time of war and the test tube hamburgers? the way to get meat from the laboratory to your dinner plate at major milestone for apple i could make you
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a green way to battle an antibiotic resistant hospital infections of the rise stronger
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roads in virginia at not good today stretching tennessee down to carolina snow and ice across places not accustomed to that kind of weather. 18 car pileup tennessee lower east part of the state white out conditions of the state the area cannot handle that >> i heard from one of the few words from tennessee encouraging us that is something. the hills on top mountains and so forth. morning rush hour tomorrow or in makes it wintry cocktail do you realize beautiful northern lights over the weekend friends
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checking and and the beautiful view of the northern lights saturday night sunday evening look at this our friend the pilot flies out of waukegan airport to a thousand feet in wisconsin and look at the wonderful job they have done to make snow a lot of people skiing with the bare ground all around it goes to show you can ski in the midwest even though we have not had a natural snow fall. parts of the midwest that had smelt downwind of the lake just not as much as usual. not much snow fall in the area at what we did have today a beautiful sunny day to start the week. seventh consecutive above normal day in chicago area what it looked like from space. high clouds represent it weather
9:31 pm
system could represent more tomorrow. nine days left in neurological winter three month time frame from december-january and february only nine days remaining. certainly wanting things down 2 at halftime the energy and some light almost 100 minutes more daylight back on the shortest day in december. storm into the western united states advisories' all day for wind continuing kansas down through the plane's winter weather advisories through the north. starting to blow tonight. rotating around low pressure counterclockwise se shifting southwest and west-northwest tomorrow. for 15 in the evening with 39 mi. per hour wind gusts and places stays when the on
9:32 pm
wednesday with a lot of wind. initially milder arctic air coming and a pattern change taking shape talking about this the last week and a half. colder weather on average coming in later in the month early in the month of march. cold air assembling north and canada at current temperatures cool air immediate week not cool at all. back to the 40's by the time we get to thursday turning colder. these are deceptive the dew point only in the mid-20s wind picking up. what happens rainfall in the predawn hours of the operative cooling takes temperatures down subfreezing ports 25 agreed to point with ice pellets and snowfall mixing
9:33 pm
in parts of the area not a big deal but enough to cause stuck spots to be aware on the drive- in. steltz 37 degrees at o'hare airport. 35 degrees, kendry county. each reading at or above the normal high temperature at time of the year. precipitation north central illinois. minnesota and north dakota showers with gusty wind producing thunderstorms 70 mi. per hour wind oklahoma with storms are today on the south side icons representing
9:34 pm
splashing areas of heavy rainfall always a sign with lip. pretty well developed system. looking for snowfall or mixture from the city north part of the south mostly rain fall but that would be tomorrow morning here is what the model is doing. moving to time. midnight tonight continuing along back on the update important graphic to look at. switching over showing that in a bit. here is the forecast that unclogs wintry cocktail rainfall scope sleek mainly rent for south low temperature 32 degrees could be enough to cover the ground in places. tomorrow. sublette snow or rain fall winding down during
9:35 pm
the day. tomorrow night breaks in the clouds and wednesday partly cloudy again with rainfall or snow showers late in the day high temperature of 40 degrees. whether producers >> happy birthday to you >> you guys are amazing more birthday cakes on the station today >> best weathermen and the country >> best weather producer and the country you have to see this >> this is great wish we could send to everyone of our viewers with this thank you >> that is the hard-working
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staff right there. drinking all day so easier here batt but toned this down a little bit >> happy 60th birthday tom skilling >> thank you for making this such a happy birthday >> still i had apple needs your help crossing a major milestone company willing to pay big dollars how you can win $10,000
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a 6 month old puppy a lot bigger now and finally back with soldier who saved him incredible journey thousands of miles >> whether busy sniffing entertaining drinking or sleeping leo is lobbying life and the united states and so is army sgt. tim johannsen back home from war >> i'd never imagined what the lifestyle would be like back home >> compound mountains of afghanistan packs of roaming dogs familiar sight it was last summer spotted leo for the first time just a tiny puppy in the middle of a dog fight >> never backed down to the dogs that came after him never to
9:41 pm
about >> at first he would follow me all around we would play fetch or he would play with my socks coming off of a mission he would not recognize me without my gear i would whistle and he would come running right away >> gives you a sense of home having a dog to come home to >> as the bonds developed wife suburban downers grove kaydee had an idea >> search landed to facebook page rescue mission sent a message pun a m >> asking to help bring more fulfilling love and life with my family 3 $500 with donations coming in from all over the world by august ready for his trip tour of duty was not over
9:42 pm
yet >> local truck driver trek took one bought much of it done in secret to protect those who helped the dog out of afghanistan leo i got there in chicago area kaydee care of them waiting for husband >> it was like having a piece of him here leo here what he saw and what sgt. tim johannsen saw he was with them it really just helped me a lot >> after a one year in afghanistan >> a lot of rockets and mortars >> sgt. tim johannsen returned safely to fort riley kansas on december 29th >> we came back only lost one guy >> reunited with his wife and leo in his own way helped the couple get through it all >> amazing. dog lifting spirits so much filling a void batt but kept my dog and husband of my
9:43 pm
life is pretty complete right now >> family organized online auction working on more fundraisers for the puppy rescue mission wanting to make sure other soldiers can bring their war buddies home with them to a link on their website >> wonderful. still ahead apple settling a class action lawsuit over the eiffel for promising customers later in sports derrick rose no signs of a bad back.
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johan power walk the mall with you? i don't think so. but he will spend time rubbing your feet discussing your feelings. ♪ ♪ joe may have your back, but johan has your feet. gevalia. meet me in the coffee aisle. wgn news @ 9 apple is paying customers to settle lawsuits over faulty design of the iphone for promises to give $15 or three eyefold case to all iphone for users as many as 25 million people eligible for the payout huge seller when it came out if you years ago people complaining about dropped calls telephone holding the wrong way can block reception helping to solve the problem apple fans all of
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twitter co. says close to reaching 25 billionth app download live counter dipping of bach averaging more than 19,000 downloads per minute. at that rate computer geeks say 20 million mark sometime march 12th download magic number the% $10,000 app store gift card a link on their website to enter the contest tom skilling has the seven day forecast >> look at the radar tonight precipitation moving in on us right now there is starting in liquid form could mix with ice pellets and snowfall as well here is the snow coming out in north dakota at south dakota parts of minnesota. north dakota leads the pack 4.7 in. snowfall
9:48 pm
the model says coming down across the metropolitan area perhaps up to 1 in. in northern areas models forecast situation just after midnight you can see green representing liquid forms precipitation what happens pink starts to show up cools over to snowfall north of a lot that runs north of mourners mixed precipitation made late rainfall flakes of what snow mixed very light tomorrow not a big deal could be breaks in the clouds tomorrow night it wider view of the snowfall have your totals northern wisconsin and michigan allport's half a foot of snow fall with the system up in that area what we get just a dip. blows by and we get some
9:49 pm
rain fall and snow showers back in again later in the day on wednesday a lot of these systems, by area snow showers from the rockies east into the midwest cold air down later in the week. seven day forecast 41 degrees tomorrow we showed you in terms map thank you for this beautiful art history on the cake. headline writer espn fired
9:50 pm
at anchor suspended for racial slur in a report about new york's player new york knicks' player jeremy lin on line after jeremy lin played poorly loss friday night up for 35 minutes saturday morning espn offensive and inappropriate that were called to apologize. jeremy lin as he is over that and forgives everyone involved and unintentional. chicago bulls lineup a big boost trying to rebound from disappointing loss on saturday. chicago cubs disappointing season did not tell hershey's bliss.
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today. e sports heading to arizona where we find dan roan >> doing great. let me be among the millions to wish to tom skilling a happy birthday. and he will always be older than me. no matter what happens >> nice guy. and maybe we should dump that topic and move ahead here. commander in chief of chicago bulls back in action presidents day derrick rose what everybody missing cam so much out laptops holiday visit this afternoon garett groesbeck
9:54 pm
inaction five games out with a bad back that is sort his toe is sort something wrong with his left hand chicago bulls 18. pick on halftime third quarter more derrick rose takes the hit the libbers a three-point play at an 18 point lead all but six of that given back settling down and the and it could rotation carlos boozer to be finished with 16 points and derrick rose was the story 23 points chicago bulls up 90-79. >> next thing you know free throw and a jump shot awesome to watch. everybody stepped up good to have derrick rose back back doing good trying to build momentum still looked credit. we do not need him making a big
9:55 pm
push we will need an >> no question about that chicago cubs capturing it the best of the whether it has been ideal pitchers and catchers try to make early good impression of the new coaching staff and manager a better read right- hander ryan dempster can his way into shape for what he hopes will be is surprisingly good season on the north side. this is 15 ryan dempster big league spring training ninth at the park. he is doing at all as a chicago cop 17-6 as a starter when it won again in 2008 what he would like to win most is a playoff series or two >> somebody writes and magazine we are not supposed to finish in first place or not supposed to win the world series or the experts predict something? did not predict st. louis cardinals or separate cisco's giants let us be that team
9:56 pm
>> other reasons for optimism his daughter is making significant progress in her battle with a genetic disorder that has affected the ability to swallow. the issues have had a profound affect on the family and baseball ryan dempster prospective >> changed me to realize what is important. family at the end of that all baseball all over money is all gone you have your friends and family so thankful for her health >> or course of the staff may ryan dempster think $14 billion this season. because of finances possible maybe even probable this will be his last as a chicago cop he would like to make it something special to simplify things as much as i can add in joy spring training as much as i can go out there and give everything i have who knows what can happen we can beat that team that goes out there and plays the game to the right way have to pitch hit and
9:57 pm
play defense anything is possible with those three things >> were course of the staff over 200 index of four years in a row. or chicago cubs tomorrow at off to camelback ranch white sox opening things up with new manager robin ventura that is the news.
9:58 pm
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