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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 21, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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at the entries on the stage collapse could be blamed on defense? wgn news @ 9 it was a mistake i do not think he killed his brother on purpose. >> 14 year-old nephew died shot his family says by older brother in their home. top story or around the country tonight. what happened inside the home? >> good evening. victim identified a 14 year-old damian rolle not sure how the brothers got hands on the loaded gun but they say an accident. paramedics respond 911 call at the home near 70th and yale on the south
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side of 14 year-old shot by his older brother. 15 year-old brother. investigators quickly found a gun in the yard next to the home. the boy was rushed to the hospital pronounced dead at 430 pm. family mattersmembers gathered. they say an accident. >> had to be a mistake his brother i was not there do not know if it were playing with the gun. >> boy's mother says people were home at the time of the shooting not sure how the suns got ahold of the gun. >> there was no gone and the house not in my house that i knew of. i do not know where this came from i do not know. >> says the youngest of three sons and her middle sot 15 year old shot him. all of her sons
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have autism and in and out of foster care for the past 10 years all family members we spoke with say they believe the shooting was not intentional. >> it was an accident. everything will be fine. >> family members say the victim's brother taken into custody. no word if or when chargers will be filed chicago police investigating. >> shock and sadness after a boy falls to his death gold coast high-rise. 17 year old boy with autism and down syndrome fell 46 floors down the garbage chute. charley manley noticed missing by his family last night found in the trash compactor police believe horrible accident. boy
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it remembered smiling child who loved to give presents like on valentine's day. two women hospitalized chicago fire fighters pulled them from burning apartment on the far north side. firefighters rescued women with three other adults and two children this afternoon about 2:00 west granville in the west rogers park neighborhood firefighter said building filled with smoke. because under investigation. owner of funeral home exposed for running a shoddy practice defendant the business no heat or electricity at carter p and royal chapel south shore neighborhood slapped harry carter with a citation despite conditions reportedly found several bodies prepared for burial. carter insists all bodies treated with respect. also not his fault bodies are they're pointing to a bought requires doctors to sign death certificates before any burial
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or cremations can be done. >> that is the source of the delay >> want troubled career in the funeral business state officials say it license as a funeral director suspended since 2008 which would prevent him from legally embalming bodies. more than six months chicago police declared war on street gangs top cop tonight says it is working superintendent gary mccarthy launched a crackdown in response to shooting in june member of a gang opened fire on another rival gang member injuring two girls in crossfire. >> the results have surpassed what all of us have expected. they are feeling the heat right now and the message is simple it
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will continue relentless and ongoing. >> chicago police officers also feel filling out 100 of contact cards they fell out and search a gang member. school board officials make a final vote on nearly 20 schools slated to be closed or turned around. live with the story >> chicago board of education the voting tomorrow on a plan to close seven schools and restructure 10 others. mayor rahm emmanuel understands people are anxious change is difficult but he says what is more difficult having children captured in a failing system. not be sent for those charged cps reached a deal with west side community leaders to bring a new neighborhood school to replace crane high school one of 17 struggling schools of district proposed closing or
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turning around. the new plan for the building high school with health science building curriculum program partnership with rush university medical center and balcom acts college. phase-out beginning next all incoming freshmen diverted >> students want to learn like any other student anywhere in america. congressmen and danny davis fought to save west side high school rich history of athletics at least five future nba players and members of the basketball team longtime chicago bears' owner attended george halas crane high school and family statement regarding high- school new direction. mccaskey applauds the rebirth of crane high school as a career academy. kaba spent danny davis says the school at the center of the neighborhood >> something should exist kids
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can't relate to outstanding athletic program >> situations are around >> another west side school's future and not as clear parents and teachers rallied outside pablo casals elementary school 61 percent of students meet standards >> school out scores 100 other elementary schools and the city >> leaders joined together 7000 signature petition >> cps action plan does not go far enough down but demanding cps more aggressive failing schools by bringing up academic standards >> imperative that the schools increase the performance that will school board will be voting on proposed closures turnarounds february meeting at 1030 tomorrow central administration building. thank you. illinois
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secretary of state jesse white leading to court action states senator threatened to sue for jesse white state senator annazette collins issued an apology to this morning or comments made in the sun times. jesse white called state senator annazette collins most unethical person in government said almost put rod blagojevich beside her. jesse white appeared on set this morning saw reasons what he was going to say was not born to be taken back down the pedigree is there and i think i could have stopped in my statement but not go to apologize. >> all state senator annazette collins so on the morning show said jesse white might have turned against her because she did not give out state college scholarships to students he was trying to help. state senator annazette collins is happy backing away from our original comments so far says no plan to file a lawsuit. illinois
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governor pat quinn budget proposal tomorrow already opposition tonight crossroads adult transition center for inmates of the chopping block receives $5 million a year from the state the money helps 700 prisoners transition into the real world head of the program says it's essential for public safety crossroads remain open. >> we recognize the state is in dire straits going to have to find a way to make the state holds with respect to the budget cannot make the state " and a situation like this on the front and my book like a few million dollars are saved by cutting the program but on the back and costing more. >> governor pat quinn plant closure of mental health centers and correctional facilities. department of children and family services asked to consolidate offices in chicago division and human services closing two dozen offices across the state. c ltv carrying budget address live
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tomorrow also live report wgn news at five and a complete wrapup at 9:00. coming up preparing to host world leaders in chicago taking a look at the past g8 and nato summits to figure out what went wrong and what the city needs to do to avoid chaos in the streets and the band sugarland says not their fault white lawyer claims fans killed or injured indianapolis stage collapse partially to blame for injuries and wild weather continues tom skilling forecast coming up.
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hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. wgn news @ 9 chicago police force is getting new gear in preparation g8 and nato summits this spring. administration has put out a called for police horse riot gear and training aid now think police unit has 30 horses and 30 officers police department says important to crowd control and crucial the horses be protected from possible attacks or violence no word on how much it may cost but the department says the gear includes face and eye
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protectors and special leg shields. 1999 world leaders gathered in chicago in seattle for world trade meeting. chicago will be hosting not one but 2 global summits same weekend in may. it look at lessons learned in seattle and what chicago needs to do >> they learned a lot and continue to learn a lot people looking back as we look forward to many city of chicago said residents and businesses should carry on business as usual could not touch your doors, and for talking to a man who worked 99 live through a global summit but did not survive professionally norm stamper turned his badge seattle police chief days after the riots in the city and says what he did should not be repeated. he ordered the tear gas >> what we had in seattle three
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days and nights gorilla warfare >> seattle former police chief recalls the riots in the city to easily pictures 99 denied quite vivid even today protesters filled the street smashed store fronts and set fires in intersections some nonviolent protestors others a violent police turned tear gas on the crowd of 50,000 people at 600 people to arrested and a half million dollars of damage left in the wake. chief may norm stamper call for chemical agents more than a decade ago publicly turning in his badge when the entire thing was over in his book breaking rank looking back norm stamper one chapter titled >> we started this did not have a choice. police chief inmate should have said this will exacerbate the situation
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drastically and indeed it did just that >> norm stamper seattle another problem not enough manpower 900 and not enough to take on the violent minded small percentage of the group overall powerful bunch extracting protestors one by one like chicago plans to do was the idea back then but the execution and possible. about what we planned to isolate those engaged in criminal activities and extract them from the crowd that became hopeless >> norm stamper says chicago stands a better chance superintended made it clear tear gas not preferred choice for riot control chicago also has thousands of trained officers not hundreds. department 3000 plus officers will be ready >> trained appropriately >> 18 hour course is all a majority of the force is getting
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says the police union and not enough >> at a point cannot train guys anymore because too late. arnette heintze former secret service protecting presidents the world over retired runs a security advisory firm in chicago teargas alone can blow up in the faces of people for example panama 1992 >> teargas hit everybody on this stage including president george bush >> he believes superintendent garry mccarthy is position is the correct one >> not all of the table but the usage of this specific guidelines >> the riots has not calmed down since take pittsburgh 2009 or g 20 and toronto 2010 please refer to the worst of the protesters as the most wanted. occupy movement stronger than ever chicago will soon be the next
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city the world is watching batt but need to be ready for the worse and we were not. >> scheduled may 19th-21st 40-70 dignitaries expected however final schedule being taken shape as we speak. place but exactly where the protesters allowed to stay stage where they want when they want. extra security for the city expected $65 million. cost. >> coming up medical watch one flu shot twice the benefit additional benefit pregnant women likely to get it from the vaccine and outrage over a nato soldiers burning is lot holy book tonight united states officials calling that incident a huge mistake and major
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statements from the white house. statements from sugarland as if fans are partly to blame for injuries last august stage collapse in the storm. survivors and relatives of those killed filed a lawsuit against the bad producers and others connected with the concert sugarland attorneys responded wind toppling the stage act of god and fans voluntarily assumed risk by staying and attending the show. big applause of new york stock exchange today 13,000 mark first time since may 2008. crossed a threshold a couple of times closing just below. almost 100 percent since 2009. positive day reactions of but a news
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approval of the greek bailout. still ahead getting a bad rap coming to wait again ingredient found in these sugary foods may not be that bad at all. and she is experiencing she has experienced what we have only read in history books local woman has been around since before chicago cubs last won a world series.
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medical watch it and benefit to the flu shot a new study finds pregnant women that vaccination babies are born bigger and healthier. research started out to determine safety of the flu vaccine unborn babies revealed children aboard those exposed to
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its dominant hand the what they used to ride with opposite side of the brain dominant for speech and language for that person why is the trivia important? may help doctors and 80 people with speech and language problems back to you. temperatures in the 40's sticking around tom skilling says might need to bundle up for the weekend details drop in temperatures coming up. celebrating fat tuesday everyone's favorite polish street. treat.
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the weather was pretty nice for the day after your birthday. >> very nice and another 40 degree day more 40's this winter since and winter the beginning of last century or around 1900. take a 40 degree banters before that in the 1800's but that is something. testament to how strange the winter has been and how mild. twice the normal average number of 40 degree days nearly six times the number we had last year. pretty amazing. what was nice about today it sunshine through the clouds started with the snowfall. melting on the high resolution weather cameras. half an inch down and the suburbs additional
9:31 pm
rainfall and snow showers to the forecast tomorrow why in a moment clouds we awakened this morning sunshine during the afternoon. the general pattern here widening the bugling west. pacific so often across the country. one of the big reasons for the big warm up down to the south cold air greenland to block pushing down. able to flood across the country one of the reasons statistic 46-40 + days by the close of thursday twice the normal number. only eight-40 + days 1 year ago. precipitation active pattern riding along the south edge of the boundary between the cold air up to the north look at the high temperatures today arctic
9:32 pm
air bottled up their unseasonably mild air 40's to yellowknife yukon territory of canada look at the flow of warm air across the country even at this hour of the night pretty amazing. even adding to the wind chill how warm it is across united states tonight 2 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. and a big chunk of real-estate warmer than 24 hours ago indicating no massive arctic outbreaks on the way at least at this point storm spinning up later in the week low of colder air down a friday- saturday telling you about that in the second. temperature 33 degrees feeling cooler across the metropolitan area. wind chills the way it feels air temperatures still hover around 40 degrees with all of the wind west-southwest wind sustained by the mob or velocity. he
9:33 pm
admitted the 73%. kind of neat the snowfall this morning out of fox badly snow cover melting and that was the scene of repeated at harvard northwest suburbs. also near detroit michigan snowfall melting warm temperatures does not stick around. tonight temperatures still close to 40 degrees in places the been discussed during the afternoon and evening still near 40 degrees at o'hare. other a 38 degree temperatures opera thirties. one more look at the snowfall melting a lot of people like to see smell that way. do not have to shovel. precipitation with us last night tragic to rainshowers this afternoon. here is why we have added showers to the forecast rainfall upstream the models
9:34 pm
indicate close to iran fall line tomorrow flakes of snow coming down these things running off of the pacific with mild acidic air flow concentrating rainfall out west. some numbers on the snowfall that came down from two and a half inches to 1 in. this morning said charles close to that in the city to three tenths of an inch on the books. midway airport. a lot of advisories for wind another system come again flood watches up in seattle. pacific systems making landfall rainfall against the mountains snowfall in the mountains continue east given us bits of precipitation. no shots were activity forecasting changing to flurries colder air comes thursday night-friday going to be substantial. just kind of bothers some. partly cloudy
9:35 pm
tonight cooler mid-20s accept low 30's and the blue. 29 degrees official reading at o'hare. next sunshine and clouds perhaps a few showers rainfall or snow fall on the update and a few minutes model forecast how handled in showers tomorrow. west-southwest wind fairly cloudy rainshowers back after ending part-time tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. warburg low temperature of the normal high temperature this time of year. thursday mostly cloudy turning windy not far from 50 degrees several rainshowers during the day cold hits thursday-friday also what that will bounce to looking towards friday-saturday. story told you about wgn news at 5 registration for chicago park district programs did not go through well this morning on line looks like they fix things.
9:36 pm
mad rush online to get spots and the program this time park district new website for times the response expected. crashed in the server registration opened at 9:00 a.m. people on facebook said tried to get a program for child cannot get through when they did the program was built technical problem happened good luck getting to whenever you wanted. moving fine some people even paid twice because of this told the park district will refund the money e-mail them. will it slow might be the computer. incredible life saving story man trapped under a to a car teenage grandsons somehow ... and saves his life and local woman quite a story has been a lot since mckinley was president. do you have an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation or afib,
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complete bed set starting at $29.99. entire stock of bath towels, sheets and blankets on sale. attention! invention of television world war as desegregation space exploration on and on hosea peeples as been witness to everything amazing fact 112 years old. robert jordan spoke today at her home >> very very good i feel good
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board and mississippi february 3rd 1900 hosea peeples has lived water that almost anyone on the planet. somehow that the water but the trick is to lift 112 years as she has and still have a sharp mind >> i am the only one of my family that lived this long >> hosea peeples as her home with great niece great great niece and great great grace these >> 112 years old i have learned so much from her she knows about life so much wisdom and i learned so much everyday something new every day >> very unusual people hosea
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peeples moved to chicago in 1926 >> i could get a job send the money to my parents chicago joined grant memorial african american episcopal church and also sang in the choir for all pro-life >> and do still go to that church? >> still go to the church >> her job working in the steel mill until retiring in 1961 married the love of her like 1934 married for over 50 years before he died >> we were married 50 years at the time he passed 1985 we were
9:42 pm
50 years married >> great deal of time watching television channel 9 or is read to by brett a batt but thank you so much a bill pleasure to me to >> you have a strong hand shake their >> thank you ok all right >> thank you for inviting me into your home >> thank you for coming thank you for coming >> i like to set an entire weekend and ask questions >> imagine the history? >> first a tribute to our grain now president obama said in praises of chicago not sweet home chicago and later in sports stack the deck for the blackhawks kolhapur their fourth victory in a row against the
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untamed fruit flavor. jolly rancher. wgn news @ 9 feat of strength defies gravity to give from michigan lips a car and saves his grandfather's life 15 year-
9:46 pm
old austin smith helping 74 year old grandfather x 91 and buick car collapsed and papa ernie grandfather trapped underneath short adrenalin picked up the vehicle weighs more than 1 t >> all i could think of debt the car up no clue all of adrenaline i cannot do that right now >> would have been over >> as you can see papa ernie offered a serious injured face broken eye socket incident has brought them closer together >> cannot i imagine he is going to be ok i hope. >> amazing heard stories about this in the past super hero strength that comes with an
9:47 pm
adrenaline release and scary situations amazing what else is amazing snow showers mixed with the rainfall coming at us tomorrow morning break in the rainshowers series of impulses eighth day above the normal look at the small numbers of the models for the next two weeks told like how much snow comes down. one model see if that will verify to wheat estimate. snow showers in the area. continue into the noon hour and pull out of the area. snow showers tomorrow half an inch-1 edge tomorrow cycling for time low
9:48 pm
pressures consolidate over and snow showers coming down the backside of that air mass another view of how the storm has bought up late in the week watch the expansion of the area's strong wind saturday morning and saturday evening huge wind field arctic air pulled down reflected in the seven day forecast friday- sunday 1 to back up on sunday quick shot of warm air with showers snow flurries next batch of " there temperature contrast and one of those impulses could do it development and the next couple of weeks. a couple of snow showers tomorrow possible >> have a good night tom
9:49 pm
skilling. the party coming to an end at midnight tonight new orleans mardi gras celebration turns into ash wednesday at the beginning of last season for now party on drinking evening traditional treats legendary king cake we have paczki special doughnuts sort of popular tradition of many bakeries chicago area delightful bakeries west florence avenue 22,000 paczkis were made. and a video short while ago check this out president sweet home chicago white house of that tonight.
9:50 pm
what that guy does for a record sales we will see what happens come up northwestern could take a huge step towards n.c.a.a. tournament with a victory against no. 13 michigan. and only took four months chicago cubs and red sox finally agree to compensation for the man on the right theo epstein sports next. unwrap your paradise. soft, sweet coconut. covered in rich, creamy chocolate. almond joy and mounds. unwrap paradise. weight loss programs can be expensive. so to save some money, i just got the popular girls from the local middle school to follow me around. ew. seriously? so gross. ew. seriously? that is so gross.
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sunshine dan and what was on the arizona. it is perfect take to rub it in every night absolutely ideal. talking cold weather hawks and red wings downed two stars jonathan toews collision on the west side by cox turnaround for real? at the start in goal tested early first few minutes power play for detroit. 1-0 steltz 1-0 and the second. jimmy hayes knox said ti's the game at one at that early in the third. forcing the
9:54 pm
action from behind the goal stop to it at home. and that is the final score two-one black caucus victory 31 saves for crawford all but one against elite teams in the nhl. thing is looking much better college hoops tonight northwestern a chance to boff of the n.c.a.a. resume before the game former northwestern scoring leader had to get the ball off to john shurna broke the record bill mckinney tonight john shurna top shot a 49-46 late in the game and then on and when chance to tie: 2 tim hardaway junior from the corner if three-pointer 49 all and overtime michigan smokes northwestern from downtown back
9:55 pm
to back-to-back three-pointers breaking open a tight game final score 67-55 michigan. 6-9 dream is about over illinois and ohio state tonight hard to imagine no chance tonight ohio state made 13 of the first 15. later on the first half smith from the corner areas this 40-18 of guys. and second half having his way 30. game until garbage time ally and i lose six in a row final score 83-67 and loyola and it all " tonight a loser in overtime. and movement to chicago cubs big news baseball law last resolution compensation and balding theo epstein red sox
9:56 pm
will get chicago cubs right- handed pitcher chris carpenter essentially the price chicago cubs pay for getting a theo epstein away from boston. came down this morning chicago cubs middle of practice dale sveum called away from the workout for the announcement today chris carpenter one of the bigger arms in chicago cubs farm system could touch 100 farm system did pretty well last year had come to boston >> we lost a great arm fortunately for him it came from a team that wanted him really bad and i think competition to make the team as well as he did here. no animosity looking at the people of the eagles involved all really good friends. processed not change
9:57 pm
that no animosity just the process took a long time because of a lot of things going on >> pretty good prospect chris carpenter certainly one chicago cubs could withstand to live stockpile a lot of arms everybody happy with the way it finally turned out took longer to get it done it tomorrow white sox of bed and ventura speaking see you tomorrow battle tonight everybody.
9:58 pm
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