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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 23, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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no time declaring innocence. payback 48 and nato summits house some chicago businesses can recover lost sales >> wgn news @ 9 4-9 in. still expected to fall most places before it is all over commuters braced for the morning mass and good evening top story preparing for the worst hoping to avoid winter storm. northwest live buffalo grove >> i thought i would get through february without snowfall live shots here i am
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driving north-northwest suburbs getting worse for the north we drove. starting out waukegan. heavy wet snow fall doing its best to blanket roads and sidewalks temperatures on the ground keeping it from sticking to much doing more salt and then plowing pedestrians not too much trouble people we spoke with using words to describe it is no fault >> watching late in the season should have had this to months ago. ready for spring >> buffalo grove hit or miss for much of the night heavy snowfall did not stick on many roads suburban plows are busy assaulting to make sure it stays that way through morning rush- hour. no serious complaints >> not too bad. how fast were you going? did not stop this
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couple celebrating 12th wedding anniversary >> started out could be a big deal. not too bad definitely let we have seen worse >> working from home today >> sticky steltz made for good play drivers hopeful decisions will be okay morning commute into the city >> not too bad take your time leave enough space between cars and everything is ok, i wanted to do something creative to show how sticky the snowfall is check this out journalism school wgn
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why does the morning show have to be so much fun? >> different downtown >> getting created over there making me look bad >> keeping the short by now i thought i would have snowfall. not so much rainfall and sleek and sideways coming down quickly last 15 minutes. started noticing let me take a look at lake shore drive drivers dealing with tonight. a lot of wet roads and feeling the temperatures drop wet roads and turning twice be careful people notice no fault earlier turning to rainfall overall rush-hour commutes pretty good damp
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outside but you still have to be careful cannot get slip and slide to come from lake shore drive car accidents pulling away >> going to o'hare was unbelievable. traffic was bumper to bumper. keep watching creeping up >> wet roads that is what you are dealing with i did talk in charge of plowing the snow fall out here they say it right now monitoring the situation everything it on standby in case they have to head out the next couple of hours we can see what happens watching for that cell block >> as we go to tom skilling a question people have people in
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the north sot huge snow flakes today >> called ritz crack precise it quite interesting. starting to work into dynamics lifting powerful jet stream coming into western illinois getting a nice shape showing up a large band of snow fall back into iowa under the nose of the jet 6-10 in. of snowfall western iowa and south dakota today which her weather advisories. storm prediction center norman okla. putting out heavy snowfall in our area indicated band and had sent. jet stream coming in here lifting the air producing at maximum still fall if that continues east area comes in here the next several hours. liquid for
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precipitation over much of the southern half of the area. heavier snow fall 12:45 p.m.. 3:40 a.m. morning rush-hour ride here. snowfall at a good clip through the morning rush-hour. lighter snow showers and flurries in the afternoon. snowfall we think i get many areas 5-7 in. however less in the southern suburbs because switch to stop all not in place until the early hours of much water there is a 10-12 in. snowfall really happy heart attack stop be careful shoveling more weight to that in most snowfall talking more about this coming up. >> stay with wgn for complete storm coverage website related
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to totals and information on road and school closings of >> federal tax charges current cook county commissioner william beavers hot water today indictment handed down today not about him about political foe >> cop turned aldermen says the feds are trying to take down john daly using him to get to intended target but for count indictment tells a different story about taxes william beavers reportedly never paid today standing firm going to beat the chargers >> been in this game 50 years of nothing scares me. nothing scares me. not even this >> to fiat has ever william beavers tells wgn indictment is balls and the charges will not take him down united states attorney patrick fitzgerald
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accuses longtime democrat instructing irs failing to pay taxes on money should have considered income says william beavers and sent them but not concerned about the indictment i can show i did not take money or steal money or i owe money >> largest amount to $68,000 check >> patrick fitzgerald says pension-fund went up $3,500 a month and add the clams william beavers wrote 100 checks between 2006-2008 totalling $250,000. fitzgerald says he failed to pay taxes on the portions going for personal use. the well-known local politician like to his staff recording information william beavers as none of this is true trying to get to this meant commissioner john daly >> walk in that hallway we do not want you there what john daly and i said to old and not
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go to wear a wire if you want him go get him yourself >> the pope had said the same thing we do not comment on people simply we and guided him tax, and we intend to prove that >> william beavers indictment speaks for itself >> another county commissioner political adversaries day says william beavers is considered $1,200 a month contingency fund money to be used any way he wishes knows if use it personally you have to pay taxes and now william beavers could pay the price down but sorry there was an deichman today black market on the county board i served on in fact for him to deflect this to commissioner daily is out right ron >> found guilty of charges william beavers sentencing guidelines could get 12 years in prison >> protect and nurture children
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at day care she worked tonight suburban woman sentenced to 31 years in jail slamming a child to the floor killing her judge sentenced today worked at day care center lincolnshire reportedly became overwhelmed police said told them crap to month-old and slanted to the floor later died from injuries. maintains innocence and may appeal. still ahead getting specific sitting down governor pat quinn talking budget and the difficult road ahead for illinois residents and by cox jonathan toews involved in a car accident today. wgn news @ 9
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wgn news @ 9 governor pat quinn budget message tom negovan back from springfield sat down with the governor today >> more tough talk today financial state of the state plans difficult road ahead. >> the day after budget address more details about today rendezvous with reality
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>> no. 1 to governor has to be honest be a truth teller hard realities squarely address >> foremost among those realities pension and medicaid reform >> illinois at $5.2 billion pension obligations to 0.7 million people rely on the state for health care >> plan calls for closing unspecified business tax loopholes >> announcement already met by howls of protesters >> lupul always with us loophole mania for many years in illinois and the fact going through the tax code identifying the loopholes that cannot produce jobs really the product of politics not economics >> governor quick to challenge republican critics of the plan low on specifics to work with this pointing out cutting everywhere he can close a consolidating 63 state
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facilities running a lower operating budget today than they did five years ago >> after two governors one republican one democrat one is in jail and one is going to jail my job more integrity in illinois directing me to tell the truth and legislature the truth in dealing with the truth reality to get the job done >> gov. reiterating house board yesterday lawmakers need to come up with solutions state budget crisis before thinking about summer break. >> coming up anchor of the burning of khorana and afghanistan turned deadly american soldiers killed in retaliation and politics president obama trying to calm the fears of consumers for gas prices $5 a gallon and beyond. and the fight over birth control to the court seven states suing
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money back. attention! it's the kmart home sale. all furniture on sale. complete bed set starting at $29.99. entire stock of bath towels, sheets and blankets on sale. attention! wgn news @ 9 outrage over the burning of islam holy book the koran turned violent again afghanistan to not to state service members killed happened near nangarhar and scott pardee said afghan soldier opened fire service members escaped from a crowd of people protesting over the burning of the koran. accidently byrne told the book air force base this week taliban calling on afghan
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people to kill americans in response president obama apologized today. president obama high gas prices are doing today only a long-term strategy can bring them down comprehensive solution including conservation of fuel efficiency standards oil and gas production at tapping into new sources of energy average cost 1 gal. of regular gas $3.77 to 8¢ more than the national average. with or without the congress i will continue to do what ever i can to develop every source american energy could future not controlled by something from the other side of the world batt but president also mocked republicans only idea to drill can add that to texas pipeline would be bad for drivers. lawsuit against federal requirement contraceptives. the
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rule requires religious employers to offer health insurance covered contraceptions other birth control methods nebraska michigan okla. south carolina and florida and texas filed the lawsuit man did files mandate >> chicago businesses forced to close upcoming g8 and nato summits not lose after all mayor rahm emmanuel today committee working out a way to compensate businesses for revenue lost during in the g8 and nato summits in may mccormick place mayor rahm emmanuel did not say which businesses would be eligible for the compensation planning for all businesses to remain open not reimbursing businesses to close on their own n.f.l. wrongful death lawsuit filed by the son of ex chicago bear who committed suicide last year dave duerson duerson's son says nfl didn't do enough to prevent concussions that gave his dad brain damage. jenniferdave duerson family
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says depressed about having brain damage crated suicide says the league should have done more to protect he and other players as well. chicago black hawks captain jonathan toews having a tough week missing second straight game because of injury concussion and crashed his car heading to united center this morning. clipped a support beam for "l" tracks as he turned eastbound onto lake street car sustained damage was not injured nobody in the car. sure that a coach now upgraded to fair condition after stabbed in the chest breaking up a fight at the school for community and environment sister and law says lucky to be alive >> she knows that she was stabbed could not breathe. that is when she touched her chest and says there was blood just pouring everywhere
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>> 21 year-old aisha bush a coach at east garfield park high school stabbed yesterday trying to break up a fight between several students outside 15 year old student grabbed a knife hidden outside the school and stabbed aisha bush. still get charged as juvenile with battery school officials taking appropriate measures once the facts have been gathered. coming up a battle over life showing you sad story of a man who wants to end his life but cannot. and a diet pill promising to help users lose 10 percent of body weight getting a second chance federal regulators.
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medical watch bouncing back in the market can help people lose
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10 percent of their body weight also linked to heart problems and birth defects after or regionally and cruising improving medication brakes on the drug after the company is seriously restricted prescription guidelines advisory panel in favor of the pill for obese people to lose weight in the quest to find and kill: cancer doctors say easy way virtual colonoscopy scan of the: accurately detects: cancer and as good as traditional colonoscopy and far less invasive studied in england journal of medicine documents the benefits if it works and preferable for patients experts believe more people scant and more lives saved. more people sniffling and sneezing earlier this year mild winter opening the door early hours many thought recently stop the nose
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was a bitter cold doctor said actually the beginning of spring allergies warmer winter weather caused trees to start pollinating sadly american college of as much says even though the season started earlier will not end it earlier meeting longer suffering and a snow tonight will not make a difference back to you >> live look outside winter storm coming at us be patient tom skilling forecast is next i've been pushing food around to make it look like i ate it since before i could walk. [ sigh ] if only mom knew about kraft homestyle macaroni & cheese. i can dream can't i? [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni & cheese. you know you
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love it.
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going to be a pickup in the snow accumulation 3-7 in. range clear the northern suburbs big totals down south switchover later winding up with less going to be respectable snowfall look at the snow flakes talking about this during the break this shot white snow colored surface surprising people in the city nothing like this in the city or southern suburbs. captured this wintry scene there. numbers 2 in. of northern suburbs
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respectable snowfall so far just have not had the that that comes with a jet stream in the next couple of hours crossing the mississippi radar enhanced to the west needed whether buckshots snowfall accumulation buffalo grove during the day and long grove we continue to the present time snowfall like harvard switching to snowfall 4:00 this afternoon here is the view iowa visibility's diminishing parts under the jet stream 6-10 in. of snow fall. south dakota. during the course of today. extremely wet snow looks like 6-1 ratio. normally 10 in. of snowfall for every
9:31 pm
inch of water. a lot of weight in this no-fault be careful shoveling tomorrow morning rush hour tomorrow 36 degrees at o'hare another factor melting the front end of this system. more intense. 39 degrees at pontiac and a cadre snowfall in progress from time to time. wind chill the warmest temperatures across the area. snowfall other temperatures coming down. 2.2 in. of snowfall. south barrington has had that much. up in the northern suburbs. nice swirl taking place jet stream wind shooting into the storm. tend to get maximum lift and that area. producing better
9:32 pm
environment snowfall winter weather advisories you can see elongated band of snow fall coming into the area and make this enhancement right here eastern iowa nose of the jet stream proceeding east toward lifting cause of the snow to pick up intensity. thunderstorm every once in awhile, and our direction. notice running under the south edge band continues clipping along notice of the snow totals to north dakota and south dakota during the day. pretty good to the west. updated model rainfall and snowfall line in south midway airport by midnight tonight. continuing south changing more of the area to snowfall. dark color snowfall the heaviest.
9:33 pm
rush hour begins to get under way. northeast wind blowing snow falling across the area colors snow becomes more occasional and light snow flurries snow showers update shell models predicted half a foot of snow falling northern suburbs down to the beecher jolliet and morris 1-2 in. may be more than that 4-7 in. what is interesting to the water in the snowfall taking a 10-1 ratio 10 in. of snowfall. what he did 6 in. 8 in. of snowfall pinch of water. confirms heavy water packed quality to this note. visibility nothing to write home about snowfall has not picked up but there is the storm on the backside lifting out turning to flurries tomorrow night and
9:34 pm
saturday next storm cycles on a northern route warmer air during the day on sunday temperatures howling south wind could be approaching 40 degrees. melting snow fall to week forecast above average snowfall by some accounts up to a foot of snow fall in the next two weeks. giving you an idea we may not be done with the snowfall this winter. might be embedded thunderstorms low temperatures tonight at 30 degrees 14-28 degrees during the day tomorrow a to-9 in. areas south because of the switchover to-3-4 range
9:35 pm
tomorrow night cloudy flurries colter low 22 degrees cloudy and cold flurries will be on saturday high temperature 33 degrees the wind is back warming us up. month since the last snowfall we mentioned a little snow fall until now starting to snow back and six in 10 years maybe that is happening. melting quickly. special recognition black history month illinois secretary of state john c. white organizing this year's theme music through the ages musical performances in number of the renowned artists. the pleasure of co mcing event herb kent received a lifetime achievement award for career starting on the
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radio 63 years ago remarkable man it still ahead heart wrenching story about one man's struggle with life dan crews story dan why he wants to end his life.
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if there was ever a time when life is no water no longer worth living 28 year-old of dan crews antioch he believes the time is now a quadriplegic 25 years tonight looking at the complicated issues involved for a man who lost his will to live but physically incapable of ending his life. >> dan crews life >> do you know what my life is like? do you know? trapped in your house? >> 1986 cheryl crouse was driving down this road dan crews three year-old dan car slid hitting another car landed in a ditch
9:40 pm
>> on the other side of the car bleeding and i looked and i noticed my face was blew his face was blue and i started to scream >> in the hospital said he was not going to make it one year to live dan crews paralyzed living maybe until 24 years old dan crews now 28 years old and has had enough >> i wish somebody would drive by and shoot me something quick and painless >> can dan crews only move his neck feeling helpless physically incapable of ending his life dan crews mother and brother primarily care for him with overnight nurse family multimillion dollar lawsuit booster seat enough to build custom handicapped home antioch and thought take care dan crews for life today home is in foreclosure >> would not change anything
9:41 pm
>> associate professor loyola institute part school of medicine catholic teaching hospital helps future doctors learn how to deal with the end of life issues and of life issues and all kinds but dan crews case is rare conscious and the debt is not imminent >> the issue what are the benefits of continued health care from the house of treatment intervention, management? what are the burdens the patients have? >> dan crews death wish started two and a half years ago dr. for routine physical >> asked what kind of the alcohol he recommended because i wanted to get alit on a daily basis we have never been given the option a moral consensus as a patient to the right to refuse life sustaining treatment
9:42 pm
>> if they are of sound mind but doctors diagnosed dan crews depressed definition not of sound of mike >> yes depressed anybody in my shoes going to be depressed >> i do not believe totally depressed i believe 29 years all but three of them he has been like this a great sport just does not care much about anything anymore >> not always the case, video icicle bread ration received a standing ovationhigh-school graduation received a standing ovation left dreaming of being a prosecutor shrinking career prospects are robbed him of happiness professor kayhan parsi as people want the problem the power to call the shots and taking their own life included or choosing how to live
9:43 pm
>> ability maybe this is just an issue of having control over life >> why can't you remove from head that is what he wants >> i cannot do that first cannot stand there and watch him die >> said he could live 20 years or more the fact he has that so what quadraplegic testament to how well the family has cared >> as long as i can take care of them i am here until i cannot do it anymore i will be cared for him if he does not want to live here for him to battle many people with religious beliefs encouraging him to fight for life but slowly surrendered his faith >> you set pricing somebody will shoot you. or stab you what ever is to make it quick. not in my
9:44 pm
shoes or anybody else issues they have to stop judging >> happiest in the dark reflecting his mood but cannot shut off the sounds of ventilator haunting reminder of his fight to make his own decisions and in death bring peace for him and those who love him. >> back in the 1980's and another quadriplegic tom skilling seven day forecast >> do you have an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation or afib,
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wgn news @ 9 top story earlier overnight apparently really big mass for the morning commute illinois tollway 183 snowplows activated to keep the roads cleared chicago and new plow tracker website not get activated pitcher in to shovel a sidewalk
9:48 pm
all on chicago one possibility or tom skilling updated forecast road conditions closings that again coming soon. about what time should we expect that? >> next three or four hours picking up noticeably running through the morning rush-hour snow falling right now elite report under snow this evening and had spent of the area spreading eastward western illinois jet stream back of strong wind lifting the air coming into the area saskatchewan screamer producing a stormy snowfall overnight snowfall wind conditions for the morning rush-hour 32 states affected models suggest another 13 in. of snowfall 330 in the morning except far southern
9:49 pm
suburbs 1030 in the morning rush hour warning snowfall snow showers in the afternoon snow falling heaviest right to the area areas north southern suburbs getting less and look at the latest forecast additional snowfall falling overnight half a foot northern suburbs making it one of the three biggest snowfalls lackluster winter. 34 degrees tomorrow. new flurries on saturday windy and gusty solar wind temperatures 41 degrees rain shower sunday night monday cooler and a very wet system rainfall line again looks like a lot of rainfall mixed precipitation. tuesday-wednesday time friend of next week. under snell always interesting areas tonight biggest accumulations
9:50 pm
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swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. and for dry messes big and small try swiffer sweeper vac. did you see it the sunshine? carting along with chicago cubs pitcher playing golf? if it did not dead dark we would still be playing it was spun out there today ryan dempster play golf it week jonathan toews like to forget missed some games and cracked up his car dallas at the united center playing shorthanded missing scoreless
9:54 pm
first period tonight in the second working it out to hossa pokes it in 1-0 chicago dominating play most of the night midway through the third. hanging out in front of corey crawford scores on the redirection one-one end of lou erickson scored five minutes left for-17 to go on the west side. camelback ranch today a couple of reasons for optimism better health and solid pitching. last team pitchers and catchers on the field robin ventura long way to step in to manage your shoes is over no doubt whose team is now >> more listening at the beginning interject when necessary >> express my opinion hired for
9:55 pm
a reason to run the ball club the way he sees fit >> doty team hoping a trade for jake peavy will pay off anxiety not alone >> nobody has not felt worse about injuries i went through that myself agonized any more i can promise you that from the time i was traded over here i just never walked into a completely healthy but i am healthy as good as i could possibly be excited optimistic first time i have been like this and quite a few springs >> a big help big national baseball story ryan braun and the appeal of 50 game suspension for elevated testosterone levels prevailed technicality did not dispute the
9:56 pm
science or the findings but the ruling was a proper procedure was not followed the building the lead during his blood samples to the laboratory. and be a showcase tonight jeremy lin at new york knicks in miami not the finest moment from behind lebron james making him pay jeremy lin eight turnovers shooting 1-11 from the floor. and golfing down the road arizona match play tiger woods down what it to a nick watney at the 18th hole but tiger woods brilliant approach shot 6 ft. from the hole. extra holes had short putting part of his game come back. tiger woods out nick watney winds.
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uo le
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