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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 24, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. but not before dumping wet and heavy snow on chicago. the hardest hit were the far north and the northwest suburbs could afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the internet ... we have judy wang live along the northwest tollway in des plaines with more on the storm >>very challenging here in the
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northwest suburbs ... there is still a lot of winter left ... sounds of winter because we have had it easy thus far mount prospect residents said that it was no big deal >>i have to snowblower is >>but you are shovelling the old fashion way >>well it is good exercise >>the kennedy expressway was in good condition during over nine hours but the farther north you went the worse the conditions became the wind in the eyes were difficult with poor visibility there were several standouts lake county communities like gurnee and libertyville were hit hard with nearly 8 in. by the end of the morning rush-hour >>i missed the snow this winter ... i really like it ...
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>>this is quite mild i have lived in chicago all my life this is really no big deal that temperatures did not drop that's the difference >>airlines cancelled 150 flights by us7730 with several delays running nearly an hour >>with the warm weather the snow will be gone to everything will be in the 40's ... >>this note has not stayed very long this year whenever it arrives >>there are currently more than 200 flights canceled at o'hare and midway is also experiencing delays and cancellations >>this is a very heavy and wet snow and medical experts are
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revising everyone to be very careful when showing because it can lead to heart attacks when dr. its central dupage hospital said that you should dress warmly when shovelling said that you do not constrict your blood flow ... and you should always take it slowly because one shovel of this very heavy wet snow can weigh nearly 20 lbs. >>your during a stress test on steroids right out of the box those with a propensity for heart disease are at risk >>the risk of a heart attack can increase world shoveling snow here's what to look for if you think you might be having a heart attack: chest discomfort or pain even in the arms as well as nausea lightheadedness and sweating two people were killed in a multi vehicle crash on the dan ryan expressway and happened after 11:00 last night in the
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southbound local lanes at 47 street according to state police to cars and minivans to tour bus and two semi trucks were involved the semi truck had jackknifed when the tour bus collided with it to cars swerved to avoid the accident they ended up crashing into each other and the other semi truck and minivan slid sideways into the semi truck a man in his 60s a woman in her 50s were killed four people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries >>a woman was beaten by chicago police officer will be allowed to testify about the attempted cover-up this surveillance video from five years ago shows anthony abate beating up karolina obrychka she is now suing the officer and the city yesterday a federal judge ruled that women may testify that other officers practiced a code of silence to protect their fellow officer the judge says officers did not mention the
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officer accused was a police officer in their report and one officer tried to bribe the victim to stay quiet there's new fallout from the overcrowding problem at the keck county morgue to employees have been fired following an investigation into possible misconduct a pastor's mission to turn an abandoned hotel into a youth center is about to be fulfilled he is a big debt to tyler perry for that he is known as the rooftop pastor he gained national attention with his dramatic bid to raise funds for community center right here on the corner of 66 and king drive thanks to $98,000 pledge from tyler perry and appears the rooftop vigil may soon be over.
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it's not easy for a family man and father or husband and father for him as his son's birthday ... it was an extraordinary phone call completely unexpected to reverend corey burke's as he sat in his rooftop tent he's been trying to transform his community ravaged by drugs and crime >>he took it to another level saying that he would not come down until this community center gets done because all of the shootings and the gang activities and the drugs here in the south side of chicago he wanted to raise half a million dollars to tear down the hotel to make room for a community center and that caught the ear of tyler perry the entertainment mogul was on the tom joyner morning show this
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morning and that's when he made the pledge to send a message and a check to the pastor, i tell you what ... you guys have added this as legitimate ... so i will make a contribution i will do that hale listen, if it is all real and if it's a community center that will stop the crime ... i love the people of chicago ... i'm in. he made the pledge for $98,000 along with a harley- davidson motorcycle he made the gesture as his film good deeds opens across the country the pastor and his congregation will travel to the ice theater to see the 730 show of this
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movie to show appreciation to the good deed of tyler perry his fund-raising efforts are not over after the property gets acquired and the martell demolished the new beginnings congregation must raise the money to build this community center that they hope will transform this neighborhood a bake shout out to tyler perry thank-you coming up next a dozen people are killed in the bloodiest day of protests after the desecration of the muslim holy book by nato forces and federal authorities launched their own investigation into the penn state sex abuse scandal involving former assistant football coach jerry sandusky plus we have the latest on the
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troops in afghanistan have turned deadly. eight people have been killed there in the country today. thousands shouted death to america ... and burned pictures of president obama during these demonstrations. if the protests began earlier this week after trips at a nato base mistakenly burned muslim holy books while throwing out trash the head of the nato forces in afghanistan said an investigation into the incident is moving forward republican presidential candidate newt gingrich has criticized president obama for apologizing for these burnings >>representatives from dozens of countries including the united states are meeting today to come up with a plan to call for a cease-fire in syria. protesters supporting a syrian president bush share of a sidebashir aside tried
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to storm the friends of syria conference in tunisia but they were stopped by security one diplomat said a group of world powers will approve a plan to deliver humanitarian aid to thousands of people suffering in syria there will also politically analysis syrian opposition which claims the bashar assad forces continue to bomb the city of palms as well as other in syria the army has revealed a soldier with roots in naperville is one of two men who died in a texas car accident specialist ke-andre hall was a passenger in a car- three weeks ago near florence taxes he was a vehicle mechanics stationed at fort hood >>the man accused of killing his wife on their honeymoon will not stand trial for murder yesterday
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judge said there's no evidence that gabe watson intended to kill his wife tina she died in 2003 while on a scuba diving trip with her husband in 2008 he pleaded guilty to negligent manslaughter and served 18 months in prison down in australia when wants in return to the united states he was indicted for murder and kidnapping the judge said that if a jury convicted watts and it would be only on speculation >>the investigation of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky may be expanding to the federal level pennsylvania's attorney general's office is already prosecuting jerry sandusky over allegations that he sexually abuse several young boys are for 15 year. now the u.s. attorney's office in central pennsylvania subpoenaed penn state for informational sandusky and his youth charity the u.s. attorney has also asked for information about three former school officials accused of covering up his alleged crimes
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the sex tape of john edwards and his former mistress will be destroyed riel hunter has settled a two-year lawsuit with former edwards aide andrew young she sued young in 2010 over the sex tape and other personal items that the couple claimed she threw away under the terms of the settlement all nine copies of this tape are to be destroyed within 30 days the legal troubles are not over for the former presidential candidate however edwards is scheduled for his own
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it's time to get going. to have the energy to turn a "to do" list into a memory. to put more giddy-up in our get-along. to keep stepping up even in overtime. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's... ... and mix a little more hop in our hip hop. thanks to the energizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, your feet will feel so good... ... you'll want to get up and go. chicago with a look at today's business headlines going to the market's the dow is above 13,000 on times of signs of continued economic
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recovery new home sales jumped last month. everyone is watching oil prices go higher toward $109 a barrel that's a high for nine months it will likely go higher next month according to a bloomberg news survey ... the face-off with iran will be getting more intense the feds are turning up the heat on the banks citibank we have just learned got a subpoena from the justice department as part of a new government initiative to investigate banks in the more gyp mortgage-backed securities business ... orange juice is getting the all clear from the usda ... on an adjacentthere will
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be no major price hikes for orange juice at the grocery store now ... google may be coming out with a 7 in. design for an electronic reader at about $200 they may produce 2 million tablets and apple is working on a smaller i-pad in the testing phase is right now gasoline prices are rising so quickly there nearly $5 a gallon in california this is an coronado near san diego as you can see premium is $4.94 a gallon the nationwide average for a gallon of regular gasoline is now at $3.65 that's up 12¢ this week part of the reason for the increase in these prices is
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iran. the country recently cut off oil experts toexports to france and england as revenge for sanctions dozens of workers at a goose island window factory have won a three month reprieve to keep their jobs after they staged a sit-in inside of the factory 65 people refuse to leave the serious energy plant yesterday afternoon after the company announced there would be closing the plant and yesterday was the last day of work. union representatives say that the sit-in ended early this morning after the company agreed to keep the factory opened for 90 days while it tries to find a buyer cook county commissioner william beavers has been indicted for tax fraud the u.s. attorney's office says the beavers took campaign funds and a monthly county stipend for his personal use and failed to pay taxes on that money. beavers may be
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responsible for taxes on more than three at a thousand dollars. he city owes nothing and the receipts are there to prove it. he also argues the prosecutors are on going after him because he refused to help them investigate yellowcab to commissioner john daly daley said the beavers sisters trying to shift focus away from himself. senator mark kirk continues to recover from a major stroke few people allowed to see the senator. he is currently being treated at the rehabilitation institute of chicago after undergoing 3 surgeries at a northwestern memorial hospital dr. say they expect more kirk to recover fully mentally but he could suffer lasting paralysis on the left side rep judy baker tells the tribune that she has not been able to visit the senator yet but he is keeping up with the legislative issues his office continues to function in his absence she predicts it
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could be six months before mark kirk can return to washington >>we will be right back after the break
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academy awards. the golden
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statue is up for grabs and here are the dean richards packs for the big winners all this week have been sharing my predictions for the winners of the fourth and annual academy awards the best supporting actor category is are the easiest this year octavia.spencer will win for our role in the help. and christopher plummer will win for his role in the beginners. there will be a battle for best actress between viola davis for the help and meryl streep for iron lady where she portrayed
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margaret thatcher i predict the oscar will go to viola davis >>in best actor there is a two- man battle between george clooney and jean dujardin ... my pick goes to george clooney the last time a silent film in black and white won best picture at the academy awards was back in 1928 for the movie wings i predict history will repeat itself the artist has political momentum is very engaging and creatively crafted i predict it will take the best picture for this 84 academy awards season
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you can go to if you succeed in taking most of the winners you may win a trip on southwest airlines anywhere they fly and some of the best dogs in the country will be in chicago this weekend they're taking part in the american kennel club show at mccormick place. nearly 150 breeds will compete for the coveted best in show award you can check out the competition and you can even pick up some treats or some tories for your own dog the purina pro plan performance team will also be there showing off their best tracks the a. k.c. show runs at mccormick place through this sunday. children 12 and under
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welcome back it is behind us now but the saskatchewan screamer i still can't figure out how that name came about >>i have had calls from the canadian broadcasting corporation and they don't seem to mind ... there is quite a buzz of will be speaking to someone from the cbc right after the show today ...
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this is the view from waconda we're still looking at some snow flurries coming down ... we have some beautiful shots from hawthorn woods the snowfall was 8 in. in the elgon quit area algonquin area this is the way it has been looking on the backside of the storm it targeted the northern
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suburbs and swiped the suffered suburbs southern suburbs in mchenry county there were reports of over 9 in. ... here are some other accumulation totals: it was window oone of the three winter storms we had this winter but still a mild winter ... the snow began as rain ... it is
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now marching eastward through the appalachian moundsmountains there is a new winter storm watch in the dakotas as the next storm is setting up that will bring warm weather to a sexually this coming sundayus actually by this coming sunday ... we are six degrees cooler than we were 24 hours ago ... it was quite a mess driving home in the wee hours this morning. heavy let it snow
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embedded in those heavy wind conditions mitt visit visimade the visibility very difficult there's a lot of whether action on the national map particularly in the southeast with heavy thunderstorms. let's go back to our area we have flurries in snow showers not amounting to much for the remainder of today there may be a few breaks in the clouds tonight we will remain over cast tomorrow the wind will blow with gusto tomorrow morning and let up dramatically in the afternoon. the backwash of the saskatchewan screamers system
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continues to give us flurries but we will see some wind remaining this weekend the snow will turn into/and we're looking at two different storm fronts that are setting up tomorrow that means wind for our area we will warm-up by sunday another storm a third one is part of an active pattern and it is tracking north of this area tuesday and wednesday. the upper midwest continues to have that snow in the forecast.
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today cloudy and wendy with no additional accumulations. the high temperature will be 34 degrees tomorrow mostly cloudy and the wind will be easing the high temperature 29 degrees ... on sunday that i will be 43 degrees mostly cloudy windy milder may be some sunshine later in the day happy friday it's time now for today's trivia question: on this day in 1988:
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live channel pavarotti received, the curtain callsluciano pavarotti received how
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his car yesterday he hit one of those metal beams in the loop and was only in the one car involved he was already out of last night's game with an upper body injury the hawks and the stars were scoreless in the second. michael frolik fought for the puck behind the net and marian hossa knocked in the rebound that was his 24th goal it was tied with five minutes left the stars centering pass was redirected by michael ryder for the go-ahead goal crawford gave
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up three goals in the final 11 minutes the hawks lost three-one their four game winning streak is no over the visit with los angeles tomorrow the white sox camp is rolling along in arizona and it's much quieter compared to years past under ozzie guillen general manager kenny williams says that he is impressed with robin ventura and his staff thus far and he is letting him run the show pitcher jake petty has been injured off and on during his time with the sox but he said that he's entering camp completely healthy he said he has a lot to prove to white sox fans this year and expects to make all of his starting games nationally most viable player ryan braun has won his appeal for a failed a drug test he will not have to serve a 50 game suspension for having elevated
12:40 pm
levels of testosterone he denied using performance enhancing drugs but did not dispute the high testosterone the appeal was based on major league baseball not falling protocol in handling his sample major-league baseball is not happy about that ruling braun is the first player to win such an appeal and he reports to milwaukee brewers' camp today that's a look at sports know your live illinois lottery drawing ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 1 7 5 here are the winning pick four numbers: 1 7 0 6
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there's an $83 million jackpot for the mega-millions tryingdrawing
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common paint stripping chemical to the deaths of 13 workers who were refinishing bathtubs. the cdc said that the warning is based on research that began in michigan state university found 13 deaths between 2000-2011 the victims used methylene chloride to strip paint from residential bathtubs with inadequate ventilation it says that manufacturers and trade groups should publicize that chemicals extreme hazard to bathtub brief finishers alcohol abuse rates among surgeons are higher than the general population this according to a new study published in the archives of surgery researchers used information from a survey taken by 7000 surgeons the fed does 15 percent admitted to having a drinking problem the surgeon's
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most likely to abuse alcohol were those who had made a major medical mistake in the previous three months and those who were burned out or depressed researchers have found a compound in citrus fruit that may lower a woman's risk of stroke. the anti accident compound found in oranges or grapefruit or other citrus fruit improve in your blood vessel function and reduce inflammation the study found women
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wini moranville is author of the bonne femme cookbook: simple splendid food that french women cook every day >>it's really not that hard ... we have done some advance preparation but i am showing a 30 minute meal it is very quick. french women also worked outside the home like american women do and they like a quick meal just as much as all of us here i have already sauteed some pork chops. i am making a foil tent
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and that redistribution of the juice and moisture in the pork chops will give you just enough time to create a sox ...auce i have sauteed shallots and i have added some wine. that's the basis of many french sauce recipes i finish this with a tablespoon of butter that's all just 1 tbsp. of butter. this
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will serve four people. we finish this off with dijon mustard. this eds brite flavoring and thickens the sauce a good thing about the recipes in my cookbook is any time something thickens too much you could 0 weighs said a little bit of wine never hurts ... can't renounceuin yit.. we garnish with cornichons --
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those little sweet pickles or you can use capers.. there are lots of similar suggestions in the cookbook for many recipes there's a whole section in fact. we have 250 recipes in this book. you just put the sauce over the pork chops and serve this with some green beans.
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i also include a souffle in the book everyone should try it just once and you will get hooked. it's a foolproof recipe. wini moranville will be signing copies of this book at the bookstall in winnetka this saturday from 2 until 3:00 p.m. and for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment once again
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1988, paterno pas variety received how many curtain calls after an opera performance in west berlin? the answer was an impressive 165 curtain calls.
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can we now call this the saskatchewan screamers something else like slush it really produced a big snowstorm to the north we have some snow flurries blowing through the back side ... we're getting ready to hear about some intense thunderstorms happening along the southeast coast ... is a second it storm taking in northern tracking this afternoon we are looking at 30 mi. per hour wind that will continue into the morning
12:56 pm
and dissipate in the afternoon tomorrow. sunday we expect gusts 40 mi. per hour. looking at the jet stream coming from canada we see that flattening for sunday to give as milder weather monday is not bad we will be in the low 40's tuesday we will have a storm approaching we will get warmer we will get sleet and snow turning to rain tuesday night wednesday that cold air will be back with macy's some flurries and then another push of war mayor followed by colin farrell later next weekmore flurries
12:57 pm
followed by cold air later next week this is a pattern that continues we're looking at snow showers when state thursday and friday of next week thank you for joining us we hope you have a good weekend we are leaving you with live music from merplay
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