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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 25, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm CST

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a violent crash this morning in beltane, a four year-old girl is dead. >> good evening the little girl was airlifted here to children's hospital in two as originally taken to st. margaret's hospital in indiana and we learned that she died from her injuries just a short while ago. the accident happened just before 11:00 this morning in built-in we are told to suvs were involved in this
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accident and hyundai's santa fe, a family of four's in one of the suvs, a mother father and their two children and son and a daughter the little girl we are told was pendent underneath one of the suvs, we are told both children were taken to comber. it the other driver of the suv a female was treated according to police. family members of the victims are leaving the hospital right as we pulled up to go see the mother, who is still being treated in indiana but we did speak with one relative about 10 minutes ago. >> we don't know exactly what happened earlier about which is now that the baby was pinned under the car and they just pronounced sur dead not too long ago. and right now cory seemed
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to be stable but we were not able to go in and see him as of yet. we're not quite sure how the mother is doing they were going to transfer her to see her baby but there were not able to move her, she was not stable enough to be moved. >> again for year-old girl killed in an accident, her older brother remained hospitalized and expected to make a full recovery police are investigating the accident and so far no expectations have been filed. >> a veteran chicago police officer died, 48 year-old at about 9:00 a.m. he was taken to
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northwestern hospital in grave condition where he later died. bela police are still without a suspect after a south shore woman was found stabbed to death in her apartment on friday. on what may have been a robbery which turned deadly. >> we don't know what happened or who did it. >> i am talking on the phone and i saw my child laying here on the floor on the other side of the bed. i just lost it. >> martin lived next door to her daughter and worried after phone calls went unanswered friday
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morning, she believes robbery may have been the motive so police are talking. >> they took her jewelry we can not find her iphone. we cannot find it and it is still going to voicemail. >> this is a 18 year-old daughter kia when she got the call to come home on friday, her father met her at the door. >> i wanna know who did that to my mom. >> its grief that is still very fresh tortillas who is was taking classes with her mom at a college, she was studying criminal justice and was set to graduate in may. for now to enter grandmother have each other to lean on as a chicago police investigate this brutal crime so close to their home and
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to their hearts. >> she wasn't going to let a stranger in her house at all she kept herself. but i guess a person who breaks into your house instils don't care who you are. but he or she did have to kill her. >> a call today by the president of the chicago teachers union to publicly elect members of the chicago school board, a teachers' union president karen lewis and the rev. jesse jackson strongly disagree with their decision this past week, to close or phase out seven schools, lewis and jackson say the city should return to publicly electing them. >> we are still responsible as a
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community, parents students and teachers to take this to the streets because that's where it needs to go. >> returning to an elected school board would require a change in state law and another option would be to take the issue before federal courts. a new plan for public transportation on the south side one ottomans idea to improve the safety and quality of your next ride in the somber gathering in the northern suburbs or family marked five years since this man was last seen alive. >> strong winds will push milder air over chicago tomorrow, details next.
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wow, that's you? [ female announcer ] new intensive professional effects and public transit getting a lot of attention as chicago police look for the man who attacked a writer on the red line with the knife. some economic development will help address the security problems. public transit on this city's south side must be better that was the message the sixth port alderman in several community activists said at a public forum at chicago's safety, the infusion of money currently headed towards redline improvement should also be directed to creating businesses around cta stations. we need to raise awareness that we do not have these things and we should
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have these things, new businesses around transit hubs will create new jobs in new taxes within the city therefore stations, these things create an economy i tell people a lot of times you cannot buy a newspaper on the ell stop, i mean that is ridiculous. >> just yesterday a 26 year-old woman was robbed and sexually assaulted at knife point well writing southbound on the red line between roosevelt road and 79th street, despite the rash of robberies police say writing the eta is still safe. it's had its safety concerns as well liked in january when two men entered this train station displayed a handgun and ordered everyone on the floor and demanded all of their money and valuables, they
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are still at large. those here in chicago think they should be just as efficient and hope we can build up a strong relationship with the cta to make these corridors safe. family and friends have advanced from st. charles who has been missing for five years. the 45 earl was last seen in february 2007 universal construction near west chicago which eco ronde. his sister said that he continue to assist in did not go missing bow was murdered. we
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have to let officials a dupage county and the sheriff's department know that this is a really important case and it's not going away. following their remarks there now treating spirits this appearance as suspicious. jim ramsey says warmer temperatures are on the way.
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>> definitely julia there tonight. >> but we have the snow-covered to deal with and clear skies and right now it's only 20 degrees at o'hare airport. a high temperature today only made it up to 27, that's 12 degrees below the normal for this day but with those clear skies up their expect the tempters to drop into the low teens. look at that milder down south. miami boys the nation's hot spot, it
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was 60 degrees warmer in chicago with a high of 87 degrees but at this hour across the area is jolie. these are air temperatures not wind chills. many areas already reporting wins out there a couple places we're watching, someone is pouring down along the gulf coast, we're not expecting to get much more than of a strong southerly wind ahead of it and meanwhile this is a winter storm warning as winter weather advisories some areas could get 4-6 in. of snow. another system coming in behind it will be affecting as late tuesday afternoon and tuesday night and it could put down anywhere between one quarter to half an inch of rainfall as you can see
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by tuesday afternoon just a few spots beginning to show some sprinkles but by tuesday night it should be running hard. here's our forecast for tonight: skies mostly clear in the wins will be dying down a bit low temperature 12-22. sunday partly cloudy skies. tomorrow night partly cloudy and cold low temperature in the '20s and then on monday we will start the day with some sunshine but by afternoon clouds are expected in the area, are 70 forecast shows ran coming in on tuesday and by tuesday night there may be a passing thunderstorm it could actually end on wednesday morning maybe with some snow flurries with temperatures throughout this coming week not to battle, another system coming in next friday could produce some rainshowers and maybe some snow mixed in there it doesn't look like a big system but we will watch it. another cool day next saturday.
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>> and lots of four days in that forecast. tonight's local lottery drawing is next and a derrick rose to its the jackpot again hear from the bulls all- star as he signed a big contract and the black hawks had west without the capt., rich king has the highlights coming up next in sports. before you tackle your projects, stock up on craftsman innovations at the tool mega sale, this week, only at sears. get up to 50% off all craftsman mechanics tool sets and craftsman tool storage. plus hundreds of other craftsman tools are on sale, craftsman. trust. in your hands.
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to make it look like i ate it since before i could walk. [ sigh ] if only mom knew about kraft homestyle macaroni & cheese. i can dream can't i? [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni & cheese. you know you love it. before you tackle your projects, stock up on craftsman innovations at the tool mega sale, this week, only at sears. get up to 50% off all craftsman mechanics tool sets and craftsman tool storage. plus hundreds of other craftsman tools are on sale, craftsman. trust. in your hands. rich king joins us now to talk about the black caucus who, not so good tonight.
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>> not good tonight in l.a.. the blackhawks had no luck in california against the l.a. kings. the hawks a blend into the game without the power play. dustin brown knox in a rebound. and the second. the kings short- handed the hat trick here halfway through the game. hawks' go down, the final was 4- nothing. derrick rose, getting ready for the national spotlight in the nba all-star game tomorrow. a lucrative endorsement package for rose, has reported adidas shoes give him a 14 year deal for a cool $216 million.
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>> how fulfilling is that for your long-term plan for the future? >> it is self-fulfilling. it is so fulfilling. i couldn't really think about the amount, it was crazy and i'm really blessed. >> the nba slam dunk under way tonight. the contest still under way. the first ever n.c.a.a....
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freshman drove in a foul for the wildcats tied, 2 seconds left in that game. makes the top acrobatic layup. alex tosses up a rock here at the end. they lose 61-50 dropping them to 12 and 4 in the big east. another close one, six seconds left. dante henson and this is a story 73-712 and 14 in the big
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east. bothdan roan covering both of the cubs and socks. >> third base was a revolving door for the cubs for years until ramirez showed up and now he has moved on and stewart is in from colorado, he had a rough ride in 2011 but for now she is the man answered. >> the more i play the better i do. half the battle is on me, i have to do well to be in the lineup. i don't want to give them any reason to feel like i need to sit for a few days or get a breather or anything like that. >> john day was one of the happiest guys and the socks and not to mention one of the wealthiest. his five-year deal seem to come out of nowhere into
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now he is venture is likely to opening day starter. for me coming off of my toughest year i am very appreciative of it and excited to be here except the tournament. >> in glendale dan roan. >> they won that game 67-66 a big win for them. they could be in the n.c.a.a. for the first time ever for them. >> that will deliver us tonight, thanks for watching we will see you tomorrow night.


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