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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 28, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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our top story:: a 12 year-old boy has confessed to setting a series of fires in plainfield the worst of them nearly killed a woman and her son good afternoon i am steve sanders. and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the internet >>julian crews as the top story >>he is being held under observation and there's a sense of relief in plainfield knowing they have caught this 12 year-
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old foster child to according to detectives was caught in the act yesterday morning and confessed ... demo you have to remember we're dealing with a 12 year-old boy a juvenile, i would imagine that he does not understand the full scope of what he has done >>joliet police may have prevented another fire ... as they caught the youngster breaking into a car in the same neighborhood where other arson fires destroyed multiple cars causing severe damage to a town house on hazelwood drive in plainfield ... it unnerved the community fearing that they had a serial arsonist and that he would strike again ... it cost
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nearly a quarter of a million dollars in property damage and one homeowner suffered extensive damage >>the things we lost our irreplaceable we were very saddened by this, and it was during the holidays so it didn't make for a good one >>the identity of the perpetrator has not been identified because he is a juvenile >>just and cullen a third person has died one day after the school shooting in suburban ohio it happened yesterday morning at chardon high-school 30 mi. east of cleveland witnesses say that t.j. lane walked up to a school cafeteria table off and shot the boys sitting there ... daniel parmentor died ... russell king
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jr. was declared brain dead this morning the third victim has not yet been identified but we did get word that he has in the past ... >>he is a very confused and upset young man he is very distraught himself and remorseful >>t. j. lane is a junior at an alternative high school he was described as a loner who had been bullied others describe him as having been a pretty good kid ... he could be tried as an adult a 15 year-old boy was killed when a gunman opened fire inside of a washington park apartment building. the building is located on 53rd and king drive police said the man dressed in black was standing in the building's entrance when he began shooting around 8:00 p.m.
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last night 15 year-old george howard was fatally wounded three others were also shot police said the shooting appears to be gang-related >>we're learning new details about the murders of the jennifer hudson family her mother and brother were shot to death that the family englewood.neighborhood home in october of 2008. her neighbor to her nephew's body was found in an abandoned car her strange brother-in-law william belfour is charged with those murders new court documents show the jeff rutzen told police that william balfour had threatened and harassed her sister julia hudson in the pastifico jennifer hudson's family also suspected that william balfour stole the 45 caliber handgun from their home that's the same caliber as the gun that had been used in those murders his trial is set to begin in april jennifer hudson is on the witness list it
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is unclear whether or not she will testify and and as in chile after he confessed to a deadly hit and run to the victim's family ... >>i asked him if he was going to come forward now and tell the police and he said he had to think about it ... >>melissa lech was killed when she was hit by a car and dragged in joliet in august of 2008 david mccarthy visited the home of her family in plainfield sunday morning and told them that he was that driver who killed their daughter he stated the home for 10 minutes but did not apologize her sister said that she took down his license plate number after he left the house police arrested him shortly thereafter prosecutors say that david mccarty told them that he now has a clear conscience he has been convicted of reckless driving and domestic battery sense that hit and run that killed machemelissa lech
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>>under the dark cloud of pretty police brutality allegations north chicago's police chief has retired it was the death of darrin hanna in november that set up a rash of brutality complaints against the police department ... >>i think he made the right decision had he not retired he probably would have been fired because there was an abundance of situations where the police looked the other way and did not do their job >>is a very good chance that darrin hanna would still be alive had these policemen had better training and better
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policy and enforcement of these policies >>if the mayor had to go ... and the chief had to go ... the mayor said he did appreciate mike knew somenewsome and the job he did an interim chief has been named to replace him voters are going to the polls today in michigan and in arizona to make a choice in the republican presidential race ... a total of 59 delegates are at stake in today's primaries
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mitt romney said he's planning to win in both states most polling shows that he is leading in arizona and analysts say that a win in michigan could give his campaign a very big boost but a loss in that state could seriously hurt his bid for the republican nomination singer killed rock a michigan native paid a visit to mitt romney is rally in royal oak yesterday performing the official campaign theme song " born free " the two front runners mitt romney and rick santorum are running in a dead heat in michigan according to the latest polling both candidates have campaigned heavily there has been most of their time in that state since last thursday the rick santorum campaign is hoping to benefit from the michigan open primary where any registered voter can take part they're using "robo- calls" to encourage michigan
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democrats to vote for rick santorum texas congressman ron paul was making his third bid for the white house in michigan including this year's rally yesterday in east lansing ron paul hopes to pick up some delegates today but he is mostly looking ahead to saturday's presidential contest in washington state as well as the super tuesday primaries and caucuses where former house speaker newt gingrich is also focusing coming up next at noon a second student has died from yesterday's school shooting in ohio what is being said about that gunman the sister ship of the ill-fated costa concordia has its own drama at sea and it's now being towed to safety through [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a pantented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ try align
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a fight between two young girls over a boy in california it leaves one of them dead. fight had an 11 year-old fighting a 10 year-old and happened right after school last friday following the altercation 10 year-old joanna ramose was throwing up and had a headache she fell into unconsciousness and was rushed to hospital she died after surgery for a blood clot on the brain authorities are now carrying out a homicide investigation but have not made any arrests one neurosurgeon said that it is very rare for a girl that young to die from a blood clot. >>six weeks after the costa concordia sank off the coast of italy its sister ship the cost of allegra has some problems of its own to contend with boston allegra lost power on the indian ocean yesterday after a fire and the engine room. no one was
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injured, but the ship was drifting in the indian ocean and there were concerns that it could be targeted by pirates. it is being towed to the island of male and is expected to reach port by thursday at the latest about 1000 passengers and crew members are on board including eight americans. there is no use climbincrying over spilled beer that was the motto at a recent event in germany a waiter named martin was all set to serve some beer to chancellor of angela merkel and her colleagues ... the whole thing was caught on amateur video martin the waiter was so nervous that he dropped the entire tray of beer 5 glacis spilled onto chancellor brought angela merkel back the waiter let out a colorful four-letter word he was
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chicago with today's business headlines ... stocks are still at a four year high of riding on the consumer confidence numbers better than expected thanks to a drop in layoffs but there is another drop in home prices should real estate markets around the nation ... the only
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other city with a bigger drop was detroit ... over the past year chicago is home prices are down 6 1/2% this all means that the housing market is not yet stable the feds are shaking things up for the cme group ... a federal grand jury investigating m f global has lots of questions about what was known by the cme group which incidently iss cooperating with these investigators research in motion is struggling to compete with the i pad for
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its blackberry's applications many people are saying that the privacy changes initiated by google are not enough ... google believes that it gave ample lead time for its account users to review the privacy changes >>if you have a google account in your online activity is being monitored ... google keeps track of every web site that you visit and beginning thursday it will combine this with a history with information from your other online activities nancy loo is in the newsroom to demonstrate
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how ... you can have your search history tracked by google regardless of the device you are doing your searching on so in your web browser you need to go to google .com \ history once you get to that page it will take you to your web history and you will see a list of your activity and how much time you spent reviewing your results ...
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if you go to the top of that activity log there will be a place where you can click to remove all your web history. you can also go to your settings to disable it but the easiest way is to just use that google .com \ history page >>it's a bit unsettling to go back and look through your search history ... >>if you do not have a google account and just to random searches with the google's engine you are ok but if you have a google account or a g mail account which is also part
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of google you will be subject to this kind of tracking so you have a choice to erase that coming in next he was the original king of comedy here in chicago and the street will be named in his honor [ male announcer ] in her natural habitat the tissue monster was quite mild. achoo! [ male announcer ] but when she used tissues, she went crazy wild. tissue after tissue, she always took a ton. until mom explained with puffs ultra soft & strong you only need one. two times stronger than the leading value brand they always win this test. soft non-lotion pillows, they're sure to impress. now the tissue monster had gone away, and puffs ultra soft & strong saved the day. a nose in need deserves puffs ultra soft & strong indeed. for those who prefer lotion, try puffs plus lotion.
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the day you sign up with deductible rewards, and another hundred off every year you don't have an accident. down to zero! you'll be dancing too! let the good hands people give you great protection and a great rate. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ a state lawmaker has come under fire for handing out taxpayers' sponsor scholarships to students outside of her district. if state law allows each general assembly member to grant tuition waivers to two students from their district every year but the chicago sun-times reports the rep monique davis awarded at least 10 students who did not live in her district since 1999
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the better government association said that her political supporters benefited from the scholarships she had no comment ... the former chicago fire commissioner robert hoff has a new job less than two weeks after he resigned from the city's fire department. he is now the deputy chief in west suburban carol stream. the carol stream fire protection district also covers parts of bloomingdale winfield, and glendale high surf he said he wanted to spend more time with his family ... he has also gone on record opposing mayor emanuel's plan to reduce the number firefighters assigned to each truck. >>chicagos churches are suddenly being confronted with a major unexpected expense and that is installing water meters mayor rahm emanuel is cutting off free water for churches and nonprofit groups while the water perk will be phased out over the next
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three years 400 churches and thousands of nonprofit organizations are having to purchase water meters churches that ignore the city's order to get meters may lose their status as charitable organizations chicago is naming a street in honor of comedian bernie mac it's in the englewood.neighborhood ... where he grew up that is where we find robert jordan who joins us live >>it's bernie mac street! >>no longer 69th and sangamon it's bernie mac st. local clergy dignitaries and family
12:26 pm
members turned out to see what was named after someone who grew up bernard mccullough ... his popularity was huge but he never forgot his roots ... he always referred to chicago as his home ... >>hull bittersweet this is bike to able to be stand in here right now and be able to show my daughter his granddaughter something that honors him warms my heart >>bernie mac found a foundation that worked to find a cure for
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the disease that killed him ... >>navy pier is offering special discounts this year in honor of leap year people will be able to enjoy free rides on the ferris wheel and free parking on wednesday as well as 29¢ admission to the chicago children's museum the museum of science and industry is also offering a few special discounts this wednesday the museum is offering free general admission for people who live in illinois about the science of leap yea
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late february typically means that we have to get out our snow shovels ... >>well that will be true in the upper midwest there are 16 in. of snow on their way to the twin cities ... upper michigan and the dakotas will be getting big snow as well ... we are on our way to the warmest winter clothesclose we expect strong wind tomorrow we will have sunshine but powerful wind after a night of rain and thunder ... for
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it is still partly sunny but the clouds are closing in from the west and the big storm is coming together the energy has been writing to the southwest with that jet stream and once it crosses the plains states there will meet more development of the thunderstorms as the moisture from the gulf and the warmth north ... ice and snow was on the way to michigan's lower peninsula and that the upper peninsula should get big snow ... and that's true for western minnesota and the dakotas where there is a blizzard warning in effect ... the store is developing between the warm and the cool air here are temperatures in the '60s and oklahoma city and 68 little rock and in dallas ... but the wind is picking up and the wind
12:32 pm
chill factor is lowering the feel of those temperatures temperatures will crash here in the afternoon tomorrow the wind will be gusting over 30 mi. per hour tonight tomorrow expect anywhere from 35 to 45 maybe 50 mi. per hour gusts this will be the first season to not produce a subzero temperature here in chicago in 30 years of pretty astounding we will remain under the nose of
12:33 pm
this moving jet stream tomorrow from colorado to nebraska to minnesota we see that heavy snow banned making its way east there may be flurries or sprinkles here tomorrow night. there could be severe thunderstorms that could produce tornadoes in parts of the plains states and the midwest ... but the headline here in chicago is rain and thunderstorms the accumulation of rain will vary anywhere from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch followed by some drier
12:34 pm
conditions tomorrow if big windy conditions march will be the fastest warming month when it gets here by thursday we expect a warmer than normal temperatures tomorrow. 40 degrees in west chicago 40 at midway 39 at o'hare those are the temperatures around the region we have sprinkles up in the clouds ... you can see on the
12:35 pm
map the cloud formation with the rain making the thunder and lightning are very tall ... here is the forecast cloudy this afternoon the rain will arrive by 10:00 with embedded thunderstorms through midnight and the early-morning hours we began the morning with the showers leaving us and sunshine coming and escorted by a howling wind bringing us 40 mi. per hour gusts by the afternoon ... the immediate chicago forecast as it clouds increasing this afternoon with occasional sprinkles in
12:36 pm
some areas but the big rain will come tonight ... we have downpour generating thunderstorms over night by morning there will be a 37-44 temperature the wind will move around and we will see 55 degree temperatures sunshine in the morning sprinkles later that day flurries tomorrow night partly sunny and mild on thursday 48 degrees ... will have the snow accumulation projections for the upper midwest later in the broadcast
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prior to the nhl deadline but they were not the blockbuster is that some fans wanted ... the blackhawks traded for a veteran defenseman johnny oduya from the winnipeg jets in exchange for a second and a third round draft pick. they needed a defenseman and he skates well although he is not a big a goal scorer the hawks also sent in for sir john scott to the new york rangers for a fifth round pick and the recalled andrew shaw from rockford c stan bowman said that the hawks have enough to win the
12:40 pm
stanley cup the daytona 500 raced after a day and half of rain delays the second lap elliott's sadler is set off a six car accident including jimmy johnson dennis patrick, and defending champion trevor bayne ... and it during a caution with 40 laps to go juan- pablo montoya slammed into that jett dreyer 200 gal. of fuel spilled onto the track and court fire the race was delayed two hours but nobody got hurt it was nearly midnight when matt cannes sethkenseth crossed the finish line for his second daytona 500 victory notre dame was visiting no. 11 georgetown hoyas the fighting
12:41 pm
irish were down six in the first half there was some nice passing from georgetown and great whittington dunked for two of his game-high 15 points lost their second dinner row 59-41 to georgetown here's your live lottery drawing ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 6 2 7 here are the winning pick three ffour numbers: 9 7 6 3
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branch davidian compound near waco, texas. on the state agents tried to serve an arrest warrant to the cult leader david koresh. gunfire erupted and four agents were killed. a standoff took place for the next several weeks. on april 19th agents
12:45 pm
launched a second assault on the compound. that compound burst into flames and about 80 people inside were killed many of them children. >>japan withheld crucial information about the meltdown's at a nuclear power plant. that is according to in your report a powerful earthquake and tsunami hit the country last march causing the meltdowns. the rebuilt japan initiative foundation said that government leaders played down the risks to their own people and to the united states the study took six months and more than 300 people were interviewed. >>fetch plans for new oil pipeline in the united states makes a comeback ... but on a much smaller and less controversial scale. transcanada announced that it will build a pipeline that will stretch from oklahoma-texas the company initially wanted to build a pipeline that ran from canada all the way to the gulf coast oppose a concern that it
12:46 pm
would hurt the environment proponents of the plan argue that would create thousands of jobs and bring down the cost of gasoline prices the latest proposal does not require federal approval because it is a domestic construction project in the medical watch a new study finds commonly prescribed sleeping pills are linked with a higher risk of death. researchers announced data on 34,000 people including more than 10,000 who were taking prescribed sleeping aids those aged between 18-132 doses a year or four and half times more likely to die than the code control group tested for those to took less than 18 doses per year were three and half times likelier to die details on how those people died were not disclosed and the authors stress that they found it not a cause more americans are heading to
12:47 pm
hospital emergency rooms for routine dental visits such as toothaches that could have been avoided with regular checkups and report says that the number of emergency room visits for dental problems increased by 16 percent between 2006-2009 and many emergency room dental visits involve the same patients returning for additional care taken off for pain relief and medicine for infected gums but not much else many patients cannot find nor can there for follow-up treatment and they end up back in the er fish you can't count on active videogames to boost your child's physical activity kids to
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... it is a sweet aromatic blend of spices that is essential to traditional indian creekcooking we are opening a new restaurant march 10th at the french market ... we are going to give you a classic take on a roasted chicken dish ... you have a few secrets to help us make this at home chicken tikka spice rub.. goram masala is traditional you
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can adust the mix according to taste. the key is using clove you have to use it sparingly because it is strong and distinctive whole black peppercorns cumin seeds whole coriander seeds whole cinnamon cardamom the second most expensive spice and the world is very good for nausea and seasickness by the way
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if you come visit us at the french market we can answer any questions you have about these ingredients you blend all of these spices together you want to roast these in a dry pan so that the oils get released you will grind them after they are heated in your blender or spice grinder this is the tikka blend , so we had turmeric, chilipowder sold andsalt and the garam masala ..
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this is a rub you can use for anything fish or poultry or meat .. today we use it for chicken.. we bake this in the oven.. let's get some yogurt. now we will make the raita -- a cooling agent.
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will be spicy! >>we are wrapping up a mild winter tom skilling. >>that's right it's already in the '50s and st. louis and in the '60s in southern missouri ... but we do have a big storm developing ... up in the upper midwest ... but that will bring cloudy and sprinkles today here
12:58 pm
in chicago with showers and thunderstorms mixed an overnight we will see that in waves overnight there will be showers tomorrow morning and it will clear out and get very windy here tomorrow ... back to the upper midwest ... there will be in for quite a blizzard: it's the second one in half a week up there duluth will have 16.8 in. ... marquette michigan will get about a foot ...
12:59 pm
we will see gusts of 40 mi. per hour winds tomorrow here ... temperatures will stay above normal as we finish out february into march ... we may see 60 degrees by tuesday


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