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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 3, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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ety display it does not go as planned and looking back at the life of television icon andy griffith. wgn news @ 9 most of us preparing to celebrate fourth of july thousands: with no electricity temperatures continue to rise. top story around the country tonight live with more of those without power are dealing with the heat >> clean up from the weekend storm continues now under excessive heat watch com ed says still 22,000 customers without power those who did not have a generator busy all day throwing out food with refrigerators now
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preparing for another hot long and uncomfortable night. day three with no power for family thousands still sweating it out after sunday's storm widespread damage at the suburbs. working around the clock tower completely restored, doing everything possible to get customers back in service the heat does not help these situations. the heatwave left more than 700 people dead in chicago. book wrote about the disaster >> response was catastrophic the city had emergency plan that developed and they have for got to nobody activated went on used
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many lessons from 1995 heat wave want it take heat wave seriously >> the city has done a better job of communicating with the president's opening cooling centers executive director chicago says requests for well- being checks down significantly from last year the difference better neighbors checking in on each other and better technology >> 1995 horrible heat wave last than 50 percent of homes air- conditioning. 2010 at more than 80%. >> extreme heat can be a killer especially for the elderly doctor say important to stay hydrated do their best to keep cool down the list into your body carefully. and it really
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try to protect the people all around you. look at your neighbors. people at risk extreme age very young or very old. that's not just a reminder if you could not have power or air-conditioning do not have to suffer in the heat state has 120 cooling centers across illinois coach to department of human service offices or the tollway oasis city of chicago call 311 to request well-being check or find a cooling center nearest to you. let us check with tom skilling in the weather center >> more on the heat wave gripping chicago how long that will last >> statistic since june 1st the warmest summers in 41 years chicago did this again today 96 the great 41 states exceeded 90
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degrees 19 made it to 100. o'hare made it to 96 degrees on the track to tie a record for the longest streak of 100 degree or warmer days. most recently 65 years ago 19473 consecutive 100 degree days together. we can't do that tomorrow thursday and friday when everything works right looks like that will be the case. high temperatures and more tomorrow 16 states under excessive heat advisory's including watch in chicago look at these temperatures amazing hundreds up to the twin cities to near the pittsburgh pennsylvania tomorrow for the fourth of july forecast on
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thursday and friday look at the continuation of the hot weather. he'd indices it dangerous tomorrow over 105 degrees rainfall this weekend and more later on. >> dangers of fireworks on full display. take a look. fireworks safety demonstration in mount prospect did not go off as planned shooting into a crowd of media and officials injuring director of illinois fire safety alliance burned on the foot taken to the hospital fire officials say an accident when people set off fireworks and sparklers. fire officials said
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you should really leave the fireworks to the professionals this fourth of july with the dry conditions we have been happening tomorrow the fourth of july city of chicago has cancelled a fireworks display go to navy pier for display tomorrow night at 9:00. all active members of the military can't ride the ferris wheel for free tomorrow. the city of evanston getting ready for fourth of july parade resident staking out their spots for the celebration claimed days ago >> the city decided it they had to establish a date to do this got a silly about the chairs on the side. evanston version of to
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not take my spot of the pieces of paraphernalia special location or area person have a prime position for the fourth of july parade. savings bonds chicagoans who labor to clear out a car or parking space wanted it known to the area was theirs. residents of evanston had begun to stake a claim on a covered shady areas along the parade route to watch the bands and floats at the marchers go by. >> 1130 saturday night put shares little flags the kids get excited we get excited primarily it does get crowded out here and
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we like a shady spot >> evanston residents a bit more sophisticated family gathering or other more elaborate shares kiddy chairs for the youngsters long rows upside-down chairs which worked just as well >> a lot of people to take their pride in this i do not even want to be here for that long is so hot. i'd like to move on to see my friends and move on >> part of this great tradition putting your chairs out this early >> with temperatures expected to reach 100 degrees understand why shady spot is so important. >> coming up trying to find hit
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and run driver killed a five- year old girl tonight community coming together at 12 year-old girl turns to the internet to gather support in her fight against plastic bags and dog on the loose on the express stevenson way talking to people who helped capture the runaway dog. wgn news @ 9
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wgn news @ 9 tonight chicago police investigating a shooting of three people on the north side to women critical condition man in serious condition shooting outbreak 4400 block north racine avenue bullets from a drive-by shooting rushed to hospitals 12 people shot in chicago since 5:00 this afternoon latest two people shot moments ago 2300 block of west washington on the west side reported to be in serious condition. the judge ordered former chicago release ald. ambrosio medrano from custody last week correctional center discharges 16 years after
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served more than two years in prison pay offs and the operation silver shovel scandal prosecutor said largest charging latest charges separate bribery schemes time working former cook county commissioner joe moreno also charged in the alleged plot kickbacks from companies seeking to supply bandages to stroger hospital. >> does not feel good i think this situation is different. nothing more that i can say just like to apologize to my family and those people who put faith in me when released the first time. for this predicament. >> ald. ambrosio medrano posted bond mother in law posted her house as security. reward offer to help chicago police catch hit and run driver who killed a five-year old girl witnesses said monet robinson running across the street to play with
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her friend speeding car hit her happened last 1500 block of millard avenue ald. michael chandler is getting the word out about $1,000 reward information leading to arrested police looking for a man in his twenties driving green four door pontiac grand am neighbor said asking for speed bumps on the street where the accident happened. >> called the alderman's office the other day said something not enough renard revenue generated in the area or something we had to just keep on trying. >> this afternoon ald. michael chandler said speed bumps will be installed sometime this year. still to come on the news paying tribute to the television icon andy griffith remember tonight at trying to bring the crime scene to the court room last- minute legal maneuvering with drew peterson trial.
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ep crworwgn news @ 9 latest development
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in the trial of drew peterson murder losing a bid to bring bathtub >> drew peterson the court room and judge faced a flurry of legal motions most notably the question of whether prosecutors could bring the bath tub into the courtroom now in possession investigators eight years after kathleen savio found dead
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>> only partial view of what the bathroom looked alike could not find evidence that drew peterson had anything to do with kathleen savio death. >> prosecutors begged to differ say the judge bolstered state position on a crucial testimony so-called hearsay testimony top prosecutor says will point to drew peterson as the killer. >> arguments he set the record straight. i believe his interpretations are completely in line with the a lot in the state of illinois >> when it comes to the bathtub and jurors would still get a chance to see this judge permits state to be installed the top kathleen savio home leading to trial jury can find themselves struggling to the bathroom to see the reconstructed seen the >> judges left the door open if the top is be installed to potential for the jury overall
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very pleased with what happened in court today >> drew peterson on trial for allegedly murdering kathleen savio but still considered to be the prime suspect in the mysterious disappearance of his fourth wife stacey prosecutors hoping to introduce comments stacy peterson reportedly made to others hope will incriminate drew peterson. >> pair of downstate county clerks in court today defended the state ban on same-sex marriage the move direct response to gay rights lawsuit filed two months ago against cook county clerk clement to violate the equal protection clause state constitution. counter lawsuit plaintiffs in the of original lawsuit trying to exploit county officials might be sympathetic to the cause. 12 year old girl petitioning governor quinn over something should take seriously abby goldberg from grayslake
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wants the governor to veto a bill aimed at blocking local efforts to limit the use of plastic bags online petition selected more than 150,000 signatures delivered to governor pat when office this morning last month state legislatures approved a proposal to require plastic bag recycling programs but prohibits communities from banning plastic bags or charging for them. andy griffith who played mayberry sheriff andy taylor the way today television's most beloved star also gained a round of television fame playing defense attorney "matlock" dean richards takes a light look at the life of andy griffith. there are only a handful of tv original runs in the 1960's. the andy griffth show isne of them. today, we lost a legend. -- with its familiar whistled- themed song, the walk down the dirt road in the fictious town of mayberry, north carolina is
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where america fell in love with andy griffith. this morning at 7am, he died at his home in dare country north carolina. andy griffith was the straight man to the likes of don knotts, ron howard and a beloved cast of regulars, noted for it's homespun humor and small town values that was a hit for 8 seasons on the network and in reruns ever since....for the last 41 years, here on wgn. he began as a singer....but took his down-home humor to comedy albums, on broadway, and in the movies. his character as a small town sheriff was first introduced on the old danny thomas show that was spun off and became a tv classic. from 1986-1995, he starred as the southern lawyer who always outsmarted his opponents in his 2nd tv hit, "matlock." in an interview with the archive of american television griffith talked the amazing longevity of the original series. --
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in 2005, when receiving the presidential medal of freedom then-president george w. bush said tv shows come and go, but there's only one andy griffith." there was no cause of death given. andy griffith was 86 years old. president obama called andy griffith performer of a coronary talent. at home hiv test gets the green light from federal regulators and this quite the story to tell daring adventure of the day stevenson expressway
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and suburbs across the area capsuling celebration's one city with the show must go on and did well in a few minutes pregnant this to you live.
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medical watch first over-the- counter rapid test hiv soon available for home use gave approval today oraquick of managed hiv test swab the upper and lower gums of their mouth sample into a container results 20-40 minutes a positive result does not mean a person infected but additional testing should be done medical facility center put disease control intervention estimates 1.2 million people an american living with hiv infection about one out of 52
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not know rapid test expected to be available in stores and online early october. infection that starts cat's litter box might be linked to suicide attempts among women. researchers analyzed information 45,000 women and denmark when men one and half times higher risk of committing suicide and that with no infection one-third of the population carries latent toxoplasma most will not know they have that or attempt suicide as a result. treatment best known for taking care of wrinkles could also ease tremors for patients with multiple sclerosis researchers randomly gave botox placebo injections to 23 patient ms with tremors and there are after the botox patients reported significant improvement in tremors and the ability to write and draw. treatment requires several times the amount of botox used for
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wrinkles not yet approved by the fda. get ready for intense heat or more of this tom skilling says could see three-100 degree days in a row. forecast next. ot sfilodour
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areas dentists check most. ♪ ♪ new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. for extra plaque protection try new crest pro-health clinical rinse. records here at all over the country keep coming just
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amazing first six months of the year the warmest statewide ever another one warmest summer in 42 years in chicago 20 above 90 not the only ones fed up with the heat. this picture comes from ab weregreat shot. very nice. some of the storm damage that has plagued the western suburbs. this thing came and looked at this lohan and cloud funnel cloud to many people and this morning big thunderstorms through the upper midwest weather service office green bay wisconsin. does this look familiar? parade of those
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through the midwest last couple of days first on friday 1,000 mi. to produce havoc throughout the mid-atlantic. today these cumulus clouds desperately into thunderstorm not enough to break. critical factor in how warm we get the next few days. we might get hot enough thunderstorms through this if that happens quite a thunderstorm. pollution in building air pollution action date for tomorrow and thursday and the heat and humidity movement to a record three consecutive one hundreds official station in town a possibility. look how the first five days gave way to
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considerably cooler temperatures stayed hot air don't moving north jet stream shelf clouds power. the jet is pulling no. you can see these things. most of these storms organizing by the jet. we tend to scatter thunderstorms. moved through friday and saturday turned northwest we bring relief and to the area over the weekend could get a front to parallel the upper air flow set up good to thunderstorms over the weekend moving to cooler temperatures 16 states under heat advisory is. thunderstorm
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watchers and red flag warnings for fire southwest. model forecast air temperatures thermometer readings tomorrow cooler air starting to show up to the north he'd indices by combining temperatures and into point. you can see pretty uncomfortable above 105 degrees dangerous. up close and personal tomorrow high temperatures lake breeze possible well after all close to the century mark. the scope of the warm air absolutely amazing 41 states with 90
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degrees or higher. records from alabama to montana today springfield missouri 102 degrees at st. louis 101 degrees. they keep running at this out were still 91 degrees south dakota. important to keep the liquids coming be careful. uncomfortably
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muggy tonight at 76 degrees at o'hare but 82 degrees in the city. tomorrow mostly sunny intensely hot and humid lake breeze could initiate a thunderstorm late in the day. storms will be powerful atmosphere energetic but only 10 or 20 percent of the area. back to 102 degrees on thursday with the sunshine second day of triple digits the third could be on friday have to go back 65 years to 1947 to find a strain of days like this back to 1911 happened only twice whether records here. serious record territory when you have to go back that far. >> tell you more with the seven day forecast coming up.
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>> these pictures from naperville fireworks display pretty to look at live look more fireworks live report coming up two minutes from now. abrading fourth of july it sold your warm welcome from afghanistan.
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like peach/raspberry. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. wgn news @ 9 independence day festivities canceled throughout the suburbs after a weekend storms but not naperville the show must towanda that is where we find wgn down not does not matter fantastic light show behind to make naperville people all over the area will not see a fireworks show at this year go right ahead peek up their heat advisory in affect 7 am tomorrow starting 7 m tomorrow wednesday morning
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through thursday night so many suburbs not take the chances major disaster and some areas not the case naperville power outages major problem for some areas of forcing cancellations shows are canceled may be delayed until a later date maybe not talking about this for days down trees came down power lines generators for not all of this temperatures continued to soar this weekend try and are meant outdoors fireworks program next to a possible for so many here naperville fire chief says
9:41 pm
the show can go on the largely a credible resources training to react and the resources that is like teams of people in up water great volunteer corps i am told at teamwork coordination between police emergency management center. read the fast add extra ambulance at the ready. light show is so great. naperville wgn news @ 95 >> still coming up happy ending
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stevenson expressway had people glued to their television sets fall when dodger and cars started just after 638 at the dog spotted on the shoulder venture to all of the busy highway onto haarlow took a couple of breaks still managed to slip away from people trying to catch him until 2 wgn to dealers tracked him down. now i've rescue dogs saw this dog close to my home is instinctively ran outside not scared to grab the thank it was barking and rolled onto his belly and i just grab them pretty much said he got caught >> took the dog to a nearby
9:46 pm
animal hospital appears to be 2 year old to talk coucal next higher dehydrated had some glass and as paul budde healthy other than that tired microprint microchip traced back to puppy mill and i was resting at the animal hospital hot day to go for a run of the heat made it run wild and very tired and tom skilling >> what a happy ending to the story. what have been the things you cover your eyes had worried about. good going. very happy story. happy fourth of july did not say that to you earlier. inclined to go swimming we discovered 76 degrees at navy pier two weeks earlier than a
9:47 pm
first 76 degree shoreline water temperature in lake michigan yesterday at these temperatures 92 degrees in st. louis and turns what the right to the books after not sure how many records in st. louis. these guys told me more records fort smith arkansas lot of records look at these readings are around chicago 99 degrees again park. look at the heat and to cease and the third i led indiana still 89 degrees university school hot out there ross pollen was moderate air quality was bad of a dead pollutants some of the caseestern wildfires smoke track big thunderstorms east and
9:48 pm
west jet stream couple of those near the area as we get to saturday the front up to the north. always found it 2 in. up evaporated water is trouble 300 friday eighties over the weekend nice break in the heat looking forward >> rolled out the red carpet south suburban crestwood soldier returning home on beat illinois patriot guard in mckinsey
9:49 pm
officials welcoming army specialist brad liberio of crestwood overseas for more than one year mostly afghanistan also asked everybody to remember military members will never see a warm welcome home. bellmont not only people out there but those who give sacrifices of their lives all four months before returning to active duty catch-up on news family and friends 20 of fireworks on the south side hits keep on coming war night highlights next in sports.
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