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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 16, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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today we're gonna continue... a man is listed in fair condition after firefighters rescued him fallen the building collapsing on the city's far south side. good afternoon everyone think for joining us today. >> skycam 9 was over the scene earlier. this happened and the west pullma neighborn code. fire officials rescued a man after they responded to a building collapse before 10:00 a.m. this morning. early reports indicate the roof did cave in there is
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no report of any other people inside of the building at the time of the collapse. upon arrival we got one person out of the building. we sent a ladder to the victim and then we had him brought to the hospital. >> three teenagers have been charged as adults and the brutal beating death of the 62 year-old man and the whole beating was videotaped and then posted to facebook. >> we are outside of the cook county criminal courts building where the three suspects are now
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appearing before judge. >> all three teenagers are in court today. the 16 year-old has been charged with first-degree murder and has been held without bail the 17 year-old and 18 year-old are both charged with first-degree murder and robbery. the attack on the 62 year-old man happened on tuesday in an alley. the man was looking for cans and scrap metal for his family. he has been on disability for a shoulder injury and he would salvage scrap metal to get extra money for his family. a passer-by found a man's body bleeding everywhere he was then rushed to the hospital where he died. police officials believe
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this was gang-related when they take a formal target and then attack. vulnerable targets and then attack. one mother of the boys says she knew were some was in trouble because he was involved with gangs at an early age and we spoke to the sister of one of the boy. >>s my heart goes out to the family might a worries are with the family not about my brother. >> the family is in serious financial need and they are accepting donations for more information on to help the family you can go to the web site. funeral services will be held tomorrow back to you guys.
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>> we have received a lot of calls about this story if you would like to contribute you can donate to the defino more fund at any chase bank. >> an independent arbitrator is due out this week with his recommendations and a new contract for chicago public school teachers but both of the teachers' union in the school board are planning to reject the suggestions. we are outside of the teachers' union headquarters but what it might mean for contract talks and a possible strike. >> they are hoping the arbitrator will help but rejecting the report can make contract talks even more intense as of right now there will be no end in sight. the contract
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expired on june 30th and 90 percent of the teachers have already voted yes to a strike if an agreement is not met. the arbitrator will recommend a 15- 20% for the first contract year and that is to compensate teachers for a longer school day and it includes races based on experience and teachers working on a graduate degrees. compare that to the 2% increase that they offered last year. the school system says it cannot afford a double-digit rates it would lead to layoffs and larger class sizes. if either side rejects of the report contract talks will have to continue. we were denied an interview with both sides of the story.
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>> we have maintained all along that these negotiations are not just about the bread and butter but it impacts the school system and studnents. >> we may hear more about this later this afternoon. >> illinois is officially in the drought. gov. quinn is scheduled to speak in southern illinois today to outline plans for responding to the extremely dry conditions. it is the first time cook county has reached a moderate drought this year but the worst has yet to come. experts expect to two-thirds of illinois to experience a severe drought and snapping out of the dry weather will not be easy
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officials say we need to get at least 6 in. of rain in several days of rain in a row to help us out of the drought. >> charges could be filed today against the man who fell into a canyon. police were called to the site yesterday afternoon after a 20 year-old man had fallen into ferrench canyon. that man did not suffer serious injuries and then was arrested moments later another man was found injured at the bottom of the canyon he is in critical condition police say all played a role. >> a soldier died in afghanistan. his vehicle was destroyed friday by an improvised explosive device he died of his injuries he served in the army since 2004 he leaves
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behind a wife and one child. >> a former marine from the western suburbs is being remembered with a street named in his honor. village leaders have dedicated the street where he grew up. >> a memorial service will be held today for an obama campaign staffer who collapsed and died last week appeared this 29 year- old first volunteer to work for the president during his 2004 senate run. he collapsed last friday morning at the president's chicago campaign headquarters and was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> the city of chicago paid out $80 million last year for police disability claims including some to police officers who have started new careers have gone to college are moved out of the state. the chicago sun-times reports 347 police officers are on disability leave
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if you're driving around chicago without a city sticker you could be facing a big fine beginning today city stickers must be displayed on your vehicle window or you could be slapped with a $20 ticket that is twice the price of last year's fine. coming up next the violent reaction to the secretary of state henry clinton's visit to egypt. >> and why presidential candidate mitt romney is asking the president for apology. >> the new scrutiny over london's olympic security plans and to the u.s. olympic committee makes an announcement about the uniforms american athletes will where next!
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authorities in egypt have reports of the two americans were kidnapped last week have been released. an army general says the 61 year-old pastor michale louis and the 39 year- old woman at already security facility in good condition the three were adopted friday during a tour prompting a prayer vigil.
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the kidnapper has demanded the release of a relative from an egyptian jail but officials said those demands were not met. secretary of state hillary clinton is in israel where she met this morning with president shimon peres. secretary clinton will also be holding talks today with prime minister the israeli defense minister and foreign minister and palestinian authority prime minister she says this is a time of uncertainty but also a time of opportunity. >> mitt romney says the president to spend more time talking about his own record on the economy and less time criticizing his career as a private equity investor. mitt romney reacted this morning to advertisements aired by the obama campaign this weekend claiming he ellsworth to jobs overseas while he was running bain capital. mitt romney
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campaign released its own ads criticizing the president's handling of the economy. the job issue was at the focus of the sunday news talk shows. >> the mayor emanuel had some pointed comments on the issue when asked about it. he used mitt romney some words against him while discussing his reaction to the allegations. >> stop crying about that defend what happened to bain capital then. >> mitt romney says he was not running bain capital when the jobs were eliminated but documents filed with regulationors during that period that list him as the ceo and president.
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>> the british security firm contract with providing 10,000 guards for the london let olympics has fallen short. as a result 3500 british soldiers had been drafted for olympic duty some of these soldiers were forced to cancel leave to help with the event. that added deployment means 17,000 military personnel will be on duty during the games the firm stands to lose up to $77 million. >> the next batch of ceremonial uniforms worn by the united states olympic athletes will be made in america. chinese factories made this year's uniforms sparking an uproar in congress. one senate majority leader said he thought all of the uniforms should be put in a pile and burned. the u.s. olympic committee says it is too late to start over this year but next year the uniforms will be made in
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we're live from new york with your bloomberg on the money report. >> the worst the drought continues to damage crops and threatens to drive crude prices to record levels. economist says that the drought could be a $50 billion defense over the next year and corn rose to the highest level in 10 months it is now 52% to over. majority of the jobs had been going to men that time says the men have accounted for 80% of new jobs when it comes to
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manufacturing and retail and financial industry. some are going in for a lower paying jobs. we're live in new york. >> our next guest will be performing saturday july 21st at the third annual concert for carlos a benefit concert celebrating the memory of late political reporter carlos hernandez gomez! it is at uncle fattys rum resort on north sheffield! thank you for coming in. >> i was traduced to the music scene bu carlos we all loved the
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to the music scene by carlos we all loved music. >> you will be playing a lot of 80's beatles invasion music right? yes we do. >> before you guys get started be sure to check them out at the third annual concert for carlos the proceeds benefit three great causes the award for carlos
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a u.s. military supply ship fired shots at a boat in the persian gulf killing one person on board. the united states should give a verbal warning as to the boat came closer when the warnings were ignored they fired to disable the boat. when a small boat gets close to a navy ship they open fire an
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investigation is now under way. >> the board of trustees of florida a&m university decided monday to accept the resignation of the school's president ammons effective immediate. the president said last week that he would resign in several weeks his departure comes more than seven months after a student died following a hazing incident. >> the death toll is now wet 28 from flooding and landslides in southern japan after rains that experts are calling unprecedented. for people are missing after river roared over the banks cutting off neighborhoods and stranding motorists. meteorologist say in one area a month worth of rain fell in just eight hours the forecast calls for more thunderstorms and heavy rain. >> it was rock-and-roll history
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i was outside earlier for the garden segment and eight is very hot he is so hot outside already it is so hot outside already. >> we are running nine degrees above normal for this month and we are not going to see a break in this pattern. these clouds are going to stay flat they are not going to produce it vertically into rain clouds. we had only had nine days of the
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90 degree weather and we have blown that away. you can see how the dome of hot air is over the midwest... we are at 93 degrees right now at ohare! the heat is widespread. if you factor in the committee it is bad outhumidity it is hot outside.
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temperatures will reach 98 degrees today and we are at 96 for the heat index already today. today's record is 100 degrees and that was set back in 1895. >> we are almost that he advisor at that heat advisory level today. it is so warm outside that the clouds cannot form into thunderclouds to form rain.
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the hot dome will move into the area again in boise very high temperatures again at this weekend with temperatures reaching triple digits. temperatures are 92 degrees across the state. we are in desperate need of rain so where is it?
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down in kentucky we have rain but the storms in the jetstream will do us no good. the temperatures will be near record temperatures for the next 3 days. the seven day average for rainfall is 44% less than normal. this is a the forecast for the 7 days
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the dome of heat will develop again and then by saturday and sunday it looks to be a very hot weekend. yesterday's temperature reached 95 degrees in chicago! take a look at today's high temperatures. we believe it will reach 98 degrees today and tomorrow temperatures will reach
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triple digits or high 90's. let's take a look at the big picture. the heat goes on! we are almost four degrees warmer than last year. we have it scattered clouds and very muggy temps with temps reaching the mid to high 90's. temperatures will reach at 77 degrees tonight with mild winds.
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today's high temperature will reach 100 degrees and then on wednesday it will cool down to 87 degrees. that will feel like air-conditioned weather for us after days like this the crops are really taking a beating with out the rain. >> it is time for today's triviaforwhy do fish swim in schools? the answer is
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it is time for a look at your sports. with the clock ticking down the chicago bears have agreed to renew a four year contractt with matt forte. the new contract is worth at $32,000,000.80 sell he would be among the highest-paid running backs in the nfl. >> the chicago cubs' lead arizona...
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garza struck out seven batters the only mistake he made it during a game was when he slipped off a routine play. the white sox are playing in kansas city and are scoreless in the first when a line drive solo home run shot to right field. that was at his third home run. >> the and the inning with a great double play the final days to two-one and the sox are up on detroit. that has been a look
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at your sports allies illinois lottery is next. >> [music] the illinois lottery... good afternoon everyone let's take a look at today's when in numberinning numbers. pick 3- 4,51 pick 4- 3,0,04
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onm the medical watch walking could signal cockney kid decline in the need for a dance testing for alzheimer's disease. this is the first time a physical symptom it has been linked to alzheimer's disease doctors have focused on neurological exams in the past scientists may be in the reach of the vaccine for aids.
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the opus 450% defective nets which would have a major impact on the epidemic. there may be the first possible license the vaccine by 2017. >> coming up next in the ♪
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>> steve smith is from franks and dawgs and you have a very impressive rise and may you have worked at many different restaurants. are you going to help us fancy up the sausage. >> all you need is a blender and slide the casingsbut the casing and you can do it all on your own at home.
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>> what goes into these? the meal we are making today is pork on pork pretty much! we make it the barbeque sauce from the drippings. it add sweetness and other great flavors. we need some onions and kosher salt along with celery seed and some cider vinegar give it a mix
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and let marinate for a little bit to soak up the flavor. now you take a pork sausage. >> that is not a typical bun what is that. >> we use a new win glan england type lobster roll it is very buttery and tasteyy. >> you guys have a great seafood selection don't you. >> yes we actually have a new dish that involves mako shark
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it is delicious. >> in the restaurant industry we really do not have time to sit down and eat so over the past couple of years i have been eating meat on a sandwhich as fast as i can get into my mouth because i am so busy. >> thank you so much for joining us today if you would like today's recipe or watch today's segment again log on to wgn's
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it is time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked why do fish swim in the schools? the answer is it to confuse a predator'spredators. >> we have no break in the heatm in sight. the heat index will reach the 100's today. for the moment it is 94 degrees
12:56 pm
these temperatures are reaching accross the state during the day tomorrow we will see temperatures in the triple digit area and we could possibly break some records that were set back in 1942. it will be extremely hot on wednesday with heat advisories' and humidity is 31% the pollen is low today and the sunburn time is at 19 minutes.
12:57 pm
the water temperature is at 80 degrees i cannot remember the last time i saw water temperatures like this. we used the shoreline temperature other areas may actually use water temperatures from a mile off shore and about 6 ft. down that is why they book colder. >> take a look at how the
12:58 pm
temperatures are reaching the high 90s again and reaching triple digits by the weekend. i was at the beach yesterday with the kids and the water was so warm it was not even refreshening. >> i have been hearing that a lot hearingdina. dina. >> thank you tom. >> thank you for joining us today have a great afternoon everyone and remember we are back at 5 and 9:00 p.m.. we are when to leave you with more music and remember they are performing this saturday at the third annual concert for carlos.
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