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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 19, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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wgn news @ 59 tonight to a memorial to below the direction of a surrogate the killed hit and run driver. top story around the country tonight. questioning person of interest tonight's case the deadly hit and run. wipe with the latest area central police headquarters with the latest. >> late breaking developments sources tell wgn man questioned in his fifties detectives bring in witnesses tonight to identify
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this person in a lineup. tonight's nikki bostic jones remembered as a woman who really never knew a stranger described as loving and probably not just with family but to everyone. $15,000 check dropped off to her husband tonight's consolation of little consolation for life lost in an instant a woman making her way to work >> she brought the best out of nate >> and james jones said goodbye to his 38 year-old wife at 1030 over the telephone it never knew it would be for the last time struck by a hit-and-run driver allegedly behind the wheel of this in navy blue with and blocks from the scene of the crime recovered it was the blow
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from second oncoming car that killed the officer driver co- worker in squad car. >> kleberg in that event please come forward. just took a wonderful woman out of our life. she was a loving mother and wife and will be dearly missed >> is the four lanes of traffic hub long been a source of aggravation people forced to cross correctional officers begging for crosswalk gibbs the sheriff said requests for help that years for at least a year.
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have to go through quite a few >> james jones sits in disbelief one day after his wife killed in an instant they knew each other 18 years lost three children before the miracle baby was born she is now six years old james left to raise her alone out of work for a year but no they will survive i do miss her. nikki bostic jones >> no official word on anybody any charges at this hour person of interest held here tomorrow to 7:00 a.m. outside of the jail co-workers will be holding a vigil of balloon release
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marking hour would normally have home from work the night shift. back to you >> police headquarters suddenly safe the word from sauk villag staye to environmental watchdogs issued what is called clarification quality of local water sauk village sorting this out >> bombshell dropped by the mayor tonight details in the letter from illinois environmental protection agency suggesting the cancer scare local water appears to be overblown tough to find a lot of people who drink the water. who actually believe that. sounding like 180 degree turn the sauk
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village story residents turning up all day with visible anchor in writing to 90 illinois epa says to hold on the level onvinyl chloride no restrictions on the use of water from the wells. water could be used for drinking they think cooking or other normal use. the mayor broke the good news packed public meeting tonight simply cannot believe this. >> they tell me i cannot make ice but the water cannot make anything hot with the water what
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to do? >> business owners a mandatory meeting told to use the water or nothing and not even washing dishes. doing everything we possibly can >> sums up the way residents here feel. told reporters getting closer source of the contamination yet to offer any specifics live >> he swore an oath to uphold the law now chicago officer could go to jail for breaking this edward howard jr convicted aggravated battery prosecutor said he repeatedly slapped a
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handcuffed suspect knocking him down causing several cuts and bruises one of three people park arrested in lot fast-food restaurant 79th and vincennes october 2010 edward howard jr facing up to five years behind bars sentenced next month. ultimate political punishment has not happened in a century several lawmakers recommend expelling the indicted rep. derrick smith from the illinois house committee voted 11-1 to strip the west side democrat of his seat. federal bribery charges accused of taking $7,000 in a bribe if the house agrees rep. derrick smith would be the first legislator 100 years to be kicked out. >> with a heavy heart that we take this action today i think i speak for each and everyone of us. sad day for us. very sad day for the illinois house of representatives. his lawyer
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argued nobel should not be penalized before his legal trial. west side democrat remains on the ballot for november election. the witness who brought down governor of sao blagojevich tons to present himself a former insider in the ad blagojevich ministration convicted of fraud and money- laundering 66 years old stuart levine on the right to schemed to squeeze millions of dollars from firms that wanted business with the state pled guilty to thousand six part of plea agreement under the deal stuart levine agreed to testify to other members of blagojevich inner circle tony rezko aunt william cellini both convicted. prosecutors lauded his cooperation but still recommended a 5 1/2 year prison term chicago alderman office burglarized happened in the office 22nd ward burglar took computer laptop to television's air-conditioner units ricardo munoz office try to figure out police out there broke into ricardo munoz office. cost com
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ed immerse still waiting to get lights on severe storms struck weather system responsible starting a fire possibly house 3800 block of north newland ave. marengo and carpenterville large trees also knocked down 175,000 customer com ed is initially lost power 525 crew still working for problems. fire investigators say lightning might have caused this blaze gas leaking lyons illinois during last night's storm rushed 43rd street this morning people living had to leave their homes closed 1st avenue between 47th and plainfield road crews worked to put out the fire addition to much-needed rainfall yesterday's storms brought cooler temperatures tom skilling with how long that will last hello tom skilling. amazing story of
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survival woman is alive and well after house exploded with her inside carted buddhist priest tracked down charged chicago accused of fathering a 15 year old girl's child and live in cooperstown ron santo soon be inducted into the hall of fame.
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wgn news @ 9 thunderous blast explosion flams a couple of contractors doing landscapes rescue a woman's life explosion destroyed her home southwest suburban manhattan township in the newsroom with this story. >> 2500 square foot home leveled in minutes after the explosion the woman second-floor bedroom the house caved in two men working next door able to get her out in time. just before 11:00 a.m. firefighters called to quiet subdivision manhattan township home on fire after explosion firefighters say most of the house collapsed by the time they got there. on the scene found house totally leveled probably about 2500
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square feet. two stories tall totally on the floor in the fire >> 52 year old will tammy chaffin is the only one home getting ready to take her dog on the walk heard the explosion. tammy chaffin fortunately dan michalak and bob rust were working in the yard next door heard the explosion at sot the house start to collapse. batt but i looked over to not know what to think i looked back and heard a loud crash could not receive the house the tree the house had collapsed inside itself >> ran over to the home to see if anybody it inside she needed help quickly >> shue was in what was the second story bedroom first side
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of the wall was gone she was standing in the bedroom which was now on the ground second story bedroom at ground level basically helped her out through the wall. >> might not have turned out so well >> knott. >> they made it out alive treated at local hospital return to neighborhood this afternoon. >> it was a well built house did not get injured i was right in the middle angels looking after me >> spoke with the woman's husband off camera no idea what caused the explosion no natural gas lines in the neighborhood and the propane tank was not damaged. >> tonight buddhist priest charged with sexual assault suburban teenager decade ago camnong bual ubol escorted back
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to chicago area today after arrested alaska accused of fathering a child 15 year-old worked at temple survivors abuse by priests alerted cook county sheriff 61 year old went into hiding paternity test confirmed he was the father. new education center built chicago mayor also touting job growth in the city spoke illinois institute technology south side. city of chicago largest unemployment of any major city in this country 15 percent. not growing economy. second largest employment growth in the city in the country major city >> made his comments or an exhibit showcasing new state of
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the art innovation center workshops and media laboratory students design things like mobile applications and three- dimensional models center will cost $30 million to build construction starting next year. governor pat quinn opening of new railcar production facility west of chicago co. of japan and testing a $50 million in the plant which will be united states headquarters facility employ 250 people metra purchasing 160 new rail cars from the plant next few years provided to the governor's illinois jobs now capital program. cook county board president toni preckwinkle announcing new business advisory council cook county headed by the aerial investment ceo john rogers and retired northern trust ceo william osborn 21 member council economic advisers turn three recent studies struggling regional economy into
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reforms counterpart to chicago world business chicago program to your rahm emanuel revamped to try to recruit new companies to the area still ahead tonight the parents of trayvon martin spontoon statement and george zimmerman no regrets killing their son and medical watch benefits of a good night's rest and wgn welcome mat for those guys right there zach galifianakis and will ferrell stop by the morning news today. >> with hotwire's low prices i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ ♪ ♪ eat good fats. avoid bad. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam?
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appeared on television in new defense minister not seen since a rebel bomb killed three leaders in his inner circle meanwhile residents in the control at the border and united nations china and russia blocked resolution would have imposed tougher sanctions on the syrian regime. paris trayvon martin responding tonight to comments made by george zimmerman man facing criminal charges for killing their son parents appeared on network news of been reacting to what sen george zimmerman during his first televised interview said he sympathized with the family but no regrets. parents were offended by state george zimmerman meant that he was following god's plan when the incident unfolded and he shot their son. >> absolutely ridiculous and god did not have a plan for him to die and for him to shoot them for no reason. parents say their
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son was racially profiled pled not guilty to second-degree murder killed him in self- defense he has been free on $1 million bail since earlier this month still to come wgn news @ 9 candidates using facebook without one state turning to the website to get more of you to the polls and medical watch white men want to have more fish and their diets illinois lottery drawing is next.
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in fish can't rest highest amount of all my guthries of 40 percent less likely to die from disease. another study found fish oil reduced the number of rapidly dividing cells in prostate tissue potentially reducing the chances of the disease spreading to other parts of the body. >> another sticky day around chicago could get a brief break tomorrow forecast next. outspoken congressman skips republican convention. every year we pick a new city to explore. ever but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because they get us ridiculously low prices on really nice hotels and car rentals. so we hit boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next?
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thunderstorms. swallowed by a falling tree ryland man behind the wheel blocks away but out any injuries driver thought a small branch huge tree on top of the car no other passengers inside the vehicle. amazing number of people who died seriously injured by these trees. quite interesting statistics on the rainfall. some fantastic pictures look at this cloud to ground shot one of the storm's approach last night this
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captured lightning displays last night towering a thunderhead cloud of from which lightning emanates get the picture we could use six or seven more scattered over several days northeast wind may start with these tomorrow but turned sunny big storms a developed weather watch to the south couple of showers upstream that may come
9:31 pm
in here storms to the west a big hot air domed developing over the weekend might be flirting with 100 degrees clusters of storms like these might pepper the area from time to time to keep their rainfall areas elevated speaking of the elevated rainfall could not fall downstate necessary but in our area midway valparaiso the final tally o'hare each case happiest individual rainfall in years and this summer averaged only 3.1 in.. just 56 percent of normal split from the third driest summer to the 19th driest still in the top tier of dry summers
9:32 pm
interesting in july rainfall above normal at waukegan monthly total is there to the one site in this cluster below average for this time of the year you can see the high pressure backing into the area of northeast wind will not erode these clouds sprinkles out of them as the day goes on dry air clouds of operate stark grey and sprinkle late improving from their temperatures across the metropolitan area 78 degrees broke the seven day string of nine days in chicago one of four days this month temperatures did not get above 90. you can see the high temperatures across the area the dew point is still very high drought and now covers 80
9:33 pm
percent of the country dry weather interesting we sought a believes today indicates geological survey drought is the nation's most costly national disaster six and $8 billion flooding in the course of the year about half that amount drought is nothing to fool around with we are getting pretty good rainfall numbers next seven days. the spread between the model forecast certainly no rainfall tomorrow. could be thunderstorm clusters that developed next week big hot air don't jet stream running through this. storm clusters form along the jet we may in bed within 100 degree days some intervals of thunderstorms outflow crops temperatures in joining the cooler temperatures of three degrees cooler than 24 hours ago across the area high
9:34 pm
temperatures today look at this pushed to the west and south as you can see. it will be resurging over the weekend and by monday near 100 after mid 90's on sunday. pretty nice. eighties will feel air- conditioned by comparison mostly cloudy cooler tonight north wind at 10-22 tomorrow early-morning clouds sprinkle or light shower mostly sunny with high temperature 84 degrees northeast went 10-22 and drier air with time not to draw enough to create a fog patches and spots when it will die next to nothing quiet environment 68 degrees tomorrow night himeji's creep higher and mid 90's with
9:35 pm
humidity surging higher on sunday thunderstorm in the afternoon interesting with all of the key to still a big rainfall numbers if that holds could be interesting to sign the more moisture corn crops damaged terribly pollinating season requires rainfall told soybeans fans lined up early for the midnight showing of the most anticipated movie of the summer maybe the year. dean richards lets you know if the dark knight rises meets expectations. new way to encourage voter
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president not worried about money in the election fundraising numbers show rival mitt romney out raised $68.2 million last month >> i have been counted out before but to every campaign what has always given me hope is the american people. for the is rich with the electoral votes of 29 up >> surprised the president has not met with his job counselors in the last six months. and the white house asked why and they said the president has a lot on his plate to took a look at his schedule over the last six months he has done 106 fundraisers >> republican presidential hopeful challenging the president to focus more on jobs and less time fundraising. three
9:40 pm
republican illinois congressman joe walsh skipping the republican national convention says just excuse to mingle with insiders spent time with the elite. district does not want another insider. facebook encouraging americans to vote with a new way to register. facebook microsoft and state of washington allows facebook users to register to the state new my vote app could be launched as early as next week my vote app users can access on secretary of state facebook page report privacy concerns not able to access any personal voter
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information. tom skilling hinted at the hundreds creeping back into the seven day forecast next and this time the joke is on them what happens when a funny guy zach galifianakis and will ferrell stop by wgn. live in cooperstown baseball hall of fame getting ready to honor ron santo. >> with hotwire's low prices i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you do ♪ ♪ something to me ♪ ♪ that nobody else could do ♪
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get in seats for the premiere of the latest batman movie midnight showing crowd at the theater complex east illinois street downtown. dean richards says big bang for their fat man balked.bat man buck >> best film of the year so far does this work? does batman die? never tell you that director christopher nolan lubbers nothing short of a four-star movie jaws dropping surprise after another nonstop last half hour no need to watch the last two films but it will enhance your experience with the dark knight rises in nearly eight years, from city has been a
9:45 pm
crime for a batman bruce wayne christian bale to seclusion nothing stays quiet for long with the emergence of the essence of evil bane played by tom hardy ultimate battle for the body and soul of batman drawn back in but for the life or death of the gotham city and its citizens artfully written statement exploring the dark secrets of the main characters bigger sense the evils of access and the excess of people and the dangers of good intention. batman brouthers gary oldman michael caine and morgan freeman joined by new oscar banner marion cottiliard and joseph gordon levitt write the city cop and wonderfully twisted portrayal by anne hathaway slinky self-centered cat woman or the trilogy conclusion two hours 45 minutes breezes by the only complaint difficult
9:46 pm
sometimes to understand the dialogue between batman crumbling and the mask on bane's face only slightly hindered great storytelling ingenious movie making completely exciting action and affects nearly perfect deans list a. >> wgn morning news rolled out the red carpet for will ferrell zach galifianakis here to promote the new movie the campaign met everyone from president clinton to missus o'leary's cow to "da coach" the campaign hits theaters august 10th they also talked about upcoming movies anchor man it to end of the hangover three. >> skipping over three and just doing 4 >> what can you possibly do this time around? >> that was my question as well
9:47 pm
very excited. wrote myself a part up against some top notch actors. >> a will ferrell and zach galifianakis also got great souvenirs plan the grand prize game. tom skilling seven day forecast >> it will be warmer as we head to the weekend and next week could temper the heat with thunderstorms could be interesting couple of showers coming down the late tonight northeast wind midnight here is daybreak scattered showers and the clouds in the area starting overcast and these north east wind will eat into these clouds should have sunshine breaking through mostly sunny and
9:48 pm
afternoon still hot montana down to oklahoma and arkansas 72 degrees in chicago. thunderstorm watch yellow area down to the south but the heat is backing up out to the west expected to research and our area temperatures tomorrow the day bake from the dakotas into the ohio valley comfortable 84 degrees clouds at the beginning may be light showers sunshine in the afternoon and a beautiful day with 92 degrees lake breezes after noon saturday widely scattered afternoon thunderstorms same thing on monday can hit 100 degrees
9:49 pm
managed to stay warm with these week from towpaths upper 90s back middle of next week hot weather pattern. >> coming up fenway park nail biter white sox try to make good another great performance and talking about the chicago cubs hopped wrapping up series with the florida marlins sports next. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips.
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baseball is great i hear something bad happened looks great sports office was a game baseball game designed to break your heart sums up how white sox fans feel tonight jam on the hill from jose quintana to be aims to help from splitting able to shut down a good hitting team huge replacing john danks and the rotation 1-0 lead great defense of support bases loaded and the seventh grounder changes direction ramirez gets double play started still 1-0 in the ninth couple of hits three run shot addison reed off cody ross
9:53 pm
sox lose three-one he had to three run home runs last night game and a half division lead. mark buehrle at his luck cooling off the cubs no go scoreless in the fifth with alfonso soriano it's a line drive into the basket his 18th of the year chicago cubs make it 4-0 with reed johnson into how about a diving catch to cap off a stellar afternoon for reed johnson wrapping up the home stand at 5-1. big week ahead for the family of ron santo at all chicago cubs fans ceremony at cooperstown york year and half after his death now from the hall of fame gathering chicago cubs legendary third baseman mark * color analyst on wgn radio.
9:54 pm
>> most of the hall of famers in tomorrow as well the ron santo family things will start to jump around on friday. i know ron santo would have loved every second not just the acceptance but even more the camaraderie among the athletes and the ambiance of this place talked to a couple of chicago baseball icons told us that is why they come back to cooperstown every year. the 25th anniversary of billy williams hall of fame induction number 12 for carlton fisk they played in different * different size of town's total agreement on the magic of cooperstown >> the hotel has so many stories appear in the expense overlooking the lake more stories to tell come in contact with all of the players here the next couple of days feels like you are in a family. feels like
9:55 pm
your second home here >> some of the guys play american league some and the national league but all in the hall of fame you can see the next couple of days the joy of the celebration what we have it is a fun time the next four days exciting to come up here to be with the guys just enjoy the game. i really do look forward to this the most some guys i have played with my teammates some guys i did not play with american league to see him up there to get to know them for the years has been beautiful. >> understand exactly what it says having been here for a few of these cannot undersell how cool it is to be at cooperstown induction weekend more tomorrow and again at 9:00 live from cooperstown >> the chicago's defensive
9:56 pm
tackle suspended first game of regular season nfl substance abuse program chicago bulls signed vladimir radmonovich to a contract.
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