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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 25, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> and we just saw all these cops flying down the street, we got a report of shots fired. >> haigh workplace shooting puts an illinois community on high alert to the gunman is still on the loose tonight. we begin with randy bellows selmarandy. >> once the gunmen opened fire an employee pulled the fire alarm so others could run for cover but one man was shot at least three times. it was just before 2:00 this afternoon in this warehouse when a gunman opened fire shooting another man several times before getting away. the ambulance drivers were
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flying out of here. >> the county sheriff's department reports that the shooter and the victim appeared to be employees of the facility but the incident is not work- related. authorities are now questioning witnesses who worked at the warehouse and which mars chocolate north america occupies the police have released the following statement: it's what makes you wonder where
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is this guy at. >> many residents are unsettled in disturbed tonight that such violence happened here in the middle of the work day. >> i thought the worst, i thought is this like it columbine or even what happened at the theater. >> these events are unpredictable and often times proved impossible to explain. >> and you never know who was going to pull out a gun and start shooting. >> we don't know much about the victim's condition other than he was able to talk to detectives while he was being transported he is being treated tonight at st. mary's hospital in kankakee. >> residents of south suburban village meeting with state environmental public health officials as a result of carcinogenic fluoride in their suburbs well water
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>> the meeting scheduled to be ending now but they are still talking in there and some news has been officially broken here they are confirming it will begin independently and quickly working to clean up the contaminated stock village water supply, that announcement made it to more than 250 people, the public is here tonight to voice their concerns about their drinking water into their health after the news broke last week that their village wells were contaminated with cancer causing fluorides. >> i have this water coming out of my faucet now and i have to talk about some of the bad side effects from this. >> we have been reaching out to
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the attorney general into the government about this we are trying to get some help because we're going to need some help and somebody else can come in to assist us in this problem. it's a lot calmer than meetings past, it's been very well-received they want to be moving as quickly as next week to get scrubbers in place cleaning out the villages wells while the village looks to lake michigan for a longer term, maybe permanent solution. >> undersea advisory until 10:00 tonight hitting 100 degrees for the fifth time this year it's a double emmy for people without power. whammy for people without power.
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>> it's been a difficult few days to say the least for people living without electricity the storm struck yesterday leaving 3000 customers to fend for themselves in blistering heat, only 3200 customers remain without power at this hour overall, 600 of them reside in chicago, we're told about 99 percent of people are back on line of for the unlucky one percent and they wait and they sweat, that was the case in this south shore neighborhood, until the lights finally came back on just a few moments ago behind me. all open hydrants, the chicago fire departments will tell you it's no but try telling the kids to shut it down when the power was out and even
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drivers couldn't resist a quick wash courtesy of the city. just relax and you will cool off. they wait for power to be restored to their home. a tree landed taking down power lines and shutting off the electricity, he has a wife and four grandchildren who live there with him and one of the grandchildren is just two weeks old. >> my concern is for my parents because they are diabetics and their medication has to be refrigerated. >> help from friends, a sense of humor into the cooling bosses are getting them through it. i think it's wonderful i have been at my friend's house so i have been very lucky not to be
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home in this heat but when i did come home they approached me within minutes letting me now to go into the cooling station so we are going in there. >> i keep my generator going the beer is cold in the icebox and i can use lights. but in south shore people's patience is wearing thin, this seven story apartment building is filled with a frustrated tenants fans in their windows as they watch and workers tanker with wires. tinker with wires. >> i am not angry with anyone and i can't get mad at mother nature because she does what she do that's it and we just have to deal with it. the good news here is that the wait is finally
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over as i mentioned electricity just came on a few minutes ago most of comets problems however remain in the southern region they hope to get everybody back on line if not tonight tomorrow. we are watching some big storms move across iowa and wisconsin, the mississippi river is here, here we are in illinois and these are the storms marching across iowa. a few nights ago we told you there were 5000 joules per kilogram of energy we are 4000 tonight. we are only six degrees from 100 right now, 100 degrees in this city so this atmosphere is loaded with moisture and energetic, but thunderstorms have developed to the north and
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west of us, hill reports up to a golf ball sizes have been coming in these are key adviser raised in orange but the yellow areas cover parts of seven states including northwest illinois and southern wisconsin, these are thunder storm warnings in effect. this after a day which saw 16 states in the 100 and here in chicago we were among that group. the lakefront topped out at 101 degrees. it's the 29th consecutive day above normal the most in five and a half years we have storm's coming later tonight and tomorrow morning. >> there is some hugh relief coming to end great pictures
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from viewers. whypolice say the suspect in the colorado theater massacre send at least one package before his deadly rampage.
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now, that's progressive.
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a woman and her daughter are killed in an apartment fire and they may have lost their lives in an act of retaliation over a video game. >> she didn't deserve this, she went to work every day and took care of her kids. >> michelle grave today at the news that her sister and niece perished in a fire in gary. we received a report of a fire at approximately 1241, we responded and were met with heavy fire and smoke conditions. it was so intense for people trapped on the second floor of the two-story building had to be rescued by fire crews. when they
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finally got here it they came to the front first but the back was engulfed in flames. >> there were kids standing in the window and i just kept telling them jump, i didn't know what else to do. >> 33 year-old kang a mother of six intra 14 year-old daughter angel harris and didn't make it out and were pronounced dead at the scene. she was a sweet girl, she was only 14, she was in school. they say the fire is suspicious in nature in its being investigated as a homicide residents say a few between a group of teens over eight video game system will lead to shots fired in the complex than that before, they believe the deadly fire was set in retaliation. michelle is pleading for answers into justice. >> turn yourself in the period. this
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is not fair to her. we have kids missing their mom and their sister. >> an air marshal is assisting police in this investigation they have no one in custody but anyone with information about this suspicious fire must call them at: >> the suspected colorado's theater gunman send a package to the university of colorado to the medical school where he was a recent drop out, it was delivered monday and turned over to police within hours the hour evacuation of the building, officials say that he did poorly on an oral exam june 7th and dropped out three days later the man charged with setting a fire that killed his ex- girlfriend is denied bond today
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and is in jail tonight. he's accused of setting a fire at the home of paul morgan on her 25th birthday party. they were not sure if he was invited to the party, he allegedly sent morgan several text messages before starting the fire. >> too much time is bad for everybody but it may be particularly bad for young people. this is the plan for back to school. introducing share everything only from verizon.
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epyesterday chicago teachers and
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administrators celebrated but today is a different story it didn't stop teachers from protesting they marched on the chicago public school headquarters demanding a new contract while they say they are happy about the school to compromise its only just the beginning, we have been offering them solutions for months, this is the first when they have taken us up on so hopefully there will be more. >> our partners understand so i think we will work through these issues in an appropriate amount of time in the next few weeks. right now officials face a $665 million budget deficit. in chicago alderman wants to keep chic-fil-a restaurants out of his ward because of the owners' stance against the marriage, he
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was guilty as charged for supporting the biblical definition of the family unit as he put it, the chicago alderman calls that discriminatory and will not sign the paperwork to open the restaurant and logan square. in the logan square. >> we want responsible businesses he could believe what you want but if you have a discriminatory policy is that we take a second look at having that business open in our ward. >> funeral services with police escort being held tomorrow for the cook county jail guard killed last week by a motorist who struck for a while she was driving to work, she was hit while crossing california avenue at the jail complex a visitation services wrapped up a short time ago on the funeral
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home on the west side, she lived near the jail back to the mayor and business. a suburban company opens a city location. they opened 120,000 square foot technology development center along the river they design and distribute electronic and digital game machines for the casino industry they are investing in employees adding 100 more jobs to go along with the building. the dangers of sun exposure and a young age on the medical watch tonight. also from suburban chicago to the alaskan wild a local man preparing for dog sledding's biggest race. the incredible video of the killer will attacking a trainer at sea world is released years
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later. whale attacking its trainer at sea world is released, years later.
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in tonight's medical watch some blistering facts about sun exposure and the damage it
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causes especially in the kids and young adults in local dermatologist sheds light on the specifics and warns everyone to cover up. >> i think everything looks better when you are tanned. >> when this girl is in baking goods she is baking her body in the sun a habit she fell in love with in grade school. , in fifth grade it started and when you came home you had to be the darkest person, it was a competition and i had to win and i did. >> but now rachel faces a new opponent, sun damage. i got this from burning my chest over and over again when i was 23 i woke up one morning and they were there and it was sad sunspots, the first outward sign of sun damage. did it change my habits, no. i hate to say it but no. you'll also find her here at the
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dermatologist's office with sunspots popping up she comes in to have her skin checked. the first when i see is the big one on my chest, a routine biopsy will show if it is cancers or not. one blistering sunburns like a told rachel can increase your risk of skin cancer by 50 percent and just five sunburns alone can increase your risk of skin cancer by 50 percent and it's alarming that one person dies of melanoma every hour and people just don't realize that. it's not the most common form of skin cancer but it is the deadliest for women between ages 25-30 cancer death. so before the age of 40 it's more likely to be women and after the age of 40 it's much
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more likely to be men and when it comes to tanning beds anyone younger than 18 who sits inside drives up the risk of melanoma by 75 percent. tan is radiation and inflammation, it's not healthy. that's why she focuses on the young kids that can't form safe sound habits that will protect them. they should between the hours of 10-3 protect themselves and reapply sunscreen every two hours you're supposed to put on at least 2 ounces of sunscreen every two hours, that is to shot glasses worse, they should wear a hat and a shirt. we need to tell people that fair is beautiful and if you are diagnosed with melanoma doctors will tell you unlike other cancers there are no effective treatments, there is a great deal of study and there is a fund-raising effort for research. there will also be
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yet another scorcher. we will seeshow you some tallies on 100 degree-days so far in cities all around the midwest say lewis made it to 109 degrees today now we have storms marching in our direction. look at this shot from andrew of illinois, look at the tree damage there, we have three of these and we may have more headed our way. and steve of montgomery captured a beautiful shot of the storm as well. richard was vacationing in the florida keys and he said how often do these happen, these funnel clouds are not at all
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uncommon in the florida keys and of course we have tornadoes appears well, those tend to be more docile breed of tornadoes generally they occur over water. it was scorching hot we had two points in the '70s. temperatures shot up to the century mark into night big storms are on the march again these have been ploughing across iowa with a 75 mi. per hour wind gusts and golf balls haleil reported. big storms have also exploded at east winnebago in wisconsin. as we say it one and three-quarters inch diameter haleil. the counties
9:33 pm
that are orange are under thunderstorm warnings and even some flood warnings in michigan, these will be high wind and heavy rain producing storms and tomorrow a pretty good chancedriving it all is an extraordinary area of heat. the '80s extended up into st.
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101 was achieved at 4:20 p.m. this afternoon and 99 at o'hare the most consecutive 29 of them since 5 1/2 years ago. other 100 said hundreds today: and tonight it still to 93 degrees with lots of humidity in the air. gary at 95 degrees. look at the temperatures behind the storms, the wind gusts that have roared through iowa. lots of weather out to the west of us. these are
9:35 pm
current temperature readings 92 here in chicago 99 in st. louis at this hour where 17 degrees they could be really gusty near these thunderstorms. the potential for thunder and strong winds and downpours in some of these thunderstorms later tonight. a lot of damage has
9:36 pm
been done to our farms and gardens. when the warm and muggy tonight scattered thunderstorms will develop later this evening or tonight. low temperatures tonight just 76 and winds shifting northwest after the final passage hyde tomorrow 87 not the 100 that we saw today. a sauna club mix on friday with a few widely scattered or isolated shower is in the afternoon and a high of 85. sunday it starts getting human again so we will talk about that. i wonder what the
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fall and winter are going to be like. we have an el nino forming. a suburban man training to make his alaskan dream come true next how he is preparing to raise the oiditera.
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the chicago area man at setting aside for a dream that will take him 3,500 mi. away to alaska. i did auroranot only does he have geographic challenges he has a medical condition and he is a rookie but none of that gets in the way for charlie. under the summer sun at charlie's dog still enjoys the heat these retired racing huskies maybe in illinois now but they have spent most of their lives here. in the back
9:41 pm
country of alaska, this is her in action at mushing last january and yes, that is 200 mi.. it's not exactly florida here he has raced in three events enough to qualify him for the grand daddy of all sled dog races, the iditerad there are only 54 signed up now and only nine rookies i am one of those. take a look at the map it starts in anchorage and it ends all the way in nome, that's roughly 1,150 mi.. starting in october the professional landscaper ditches the muller for a sled, he trains in alaska where he spends half of the year along with his two dozen dogs.
9:42 pm
we will start out two or 3 mi. a day that we start running up to 50 or 60 mi. per day. to say he is close to his dogs is an understatement. all of the dogs are very smart if you're having a bad day they can really feed off of you and you can do the same off of them, the competition is set for march to gather it they will face extreme temperatures low landis, fatigue and even hallucinations' due to lack of sleep and add to that he is a type 1 diabetics. pretty much everybody said you are crazy there is no way you will do it you don't know what it takes i like when people say that because i like to prove them wrong. he says in his rookie year when the great race is out of the question, just
9:43 pm
finishing it happy and healthy for both man and beast is enough. the race is set for march 2, 2013. get ready for your new eating options the alderman gives food trucks the green light. the bears' first workout is tomorrow but some are already looking forward to the end of camp.
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it's yes food. some frightening video released recently ac world san diego courtesy of a government court hearing shows a trainer nearly drawn in by a killer will attack back in 20 06, the whale drags him under and eventually the trainer gets his foot free, less talk about the thunder that could be happening soon. it's pretty rough out to the west of us. parts of our area could be in some trouble later tonight this looks like a forest of
9:47 pm
clouds towering up to the north and west of us, just look at the latest doppler scan these are up to 59,000 ft. tall where they are producing haleil is in the blue areas. bigot cluster when to cross a northern michigan this morning you will see these storms blow up in tendon our direction so this is a pretty formidable batch of thunderstorms that are coming together ought to the west that could become more numerous in the early morning hours. wisconsin has had wind gusts.
9:48 pm
tomorrow will not be 100 degrees and there will be a lot of humidity and the air. another front settles out on friday. intel high pressure comes in on saturday a day that should be pretty nice. that's why we keep the showers around for a couple days and hopefully get some rain fall out of this which we sorely need. that he researches again late in the seven day. it looks like another hot week with above normal temperatures around the
9:49 pm
metro area. we of course will keep an eye on this. the food trucks on the streets of chicago is expanding the city council is passing an ordinance to allow the owners to cook on board, and intel now they had to cook food elsewhere in the event load the truck, it will also have to have gps tracking systems and their subject to $1,000 fines for parking violations. coming up, the white sox hope stand may have been short but it was long on home runs. it week of trade
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a-two white sox lead. six innings in the stifling heat allowed only one earned run and the sox take it all. >> we played good team baseball nice to come back after the road
9:54 pm
trip we had. it was 2-1 in the sixth when ryne dempster given up. that is a to run double. the game winner three-two ryan tore up the dugout. he said he just wanted to stay in the game. the braves are now out of the running for dempster appeared. everybody
9:55 pm
else seems ready to roll, a veteran team with the new talented addition ready to play football yes but ready to train, that's another story. >> it kind of drugs on, we are 0 and 0 right now. drags on. >> we really love football, there are not a lot of negatives to it. u.s. women's soccer wins
9:56 pm
its first game at the olympics, 4-2 over france. that was the second out not the third. in philly carlos gomez of the brewers, and that one is gone. gomez was already in his store by then when he went all the way around before they broke the news to him. his only strike. whoops. that is pretty good, pay attention people. that is the news for this wednesday night.
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