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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 13, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm CDT

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going. stacey: he is a high energy guy. he is going to come in and get offensive rebounds. you saw eans offensive brown dunk, setting screens. he is not asked to score. he has been a guy who comes in and plays high energy and does a lot of hustle plays. neil: hinrich this -- in a hurry. taj gibson ben traits laid it off. that is stolen by budinger. stacey: again, the spacing is just not there. everybody is trying to make a play but again, you can't make these tight quarter passes. he traveled. neil: traveling is the call. out of bounds to the bulls.
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nate robinson facing and then firing and missing. the rebound by amundson again. he has become beast amundson here in the late game. stacey: he has nine rebounds. neil: to go with his five points, including a dunk and a block of taj gibson. he has played very well for rick adelman down the stretch. shved to the rim with the left hand. that looked like rubio. back to taj. raises up. the rebound taken down by minnesota. one and done right now for the bulls.
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two on that sequence and then thrown away. nate robinson runs all the way in and the lay-up is good. 79-70. that was nearly picked off by jimmy butler. barea, the veteran telling his guys, come on, we have to finish this off. a nine-point t-wolves lead with 55 seconds. barea runs through traffic. [whistle] and then back to budinger. they can offered to run some clock here. shot clock to 10. shved inside. pekovic, no. but he is going to get to the free-throw line. the foul is on taj gibson.
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that is his sixth. gibson fouls out. 18 minutes, 1-5 from the field, five rebound and four points. stacey: the bulls are going to have a couple of days off before they have to get back on tuesday. again, this is going to be a process. so many new players. missing luol deng tonight, and rip hamilton, who would have made a difference. neil: and those were not injuries. tib just wanted to give them a night off. you see this happen all the time in the preseason. stacey: and it may be other players later. kirk hinrich has played a lot. he has 31 minutes and jimmy butler has 47 minutes. he needs to get as much time playing in the preseason as possible.
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neil: hinrich knocks that down. it is 81-72 with about a half minute left. budinger knocked away and then hinrich tried to wrestle it away from him and picked up the foul. that is his fourth. we will walk to the other end. back to the free-throw line goes minnesota. minnesota with 49 free throws attempted to this point. stacey: and 69 personal fouls. neil: wow. total in the game. stacey: total in the game. look at the free throws. that is a lot of free throws being shot. neil: budinger makes that. the lead is back to 10. stacey: and the free throws is not like going to the basket
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type free throws. these are stoppage of play fouls. unbelievable. neil: kirk for three and that is good. he is going to play this all the way out. 82-75. 19 second left. they get it to barea. barea had it knocked free. now robinson fires. that won't go. rebound hustled for. it is out of bounds to minnesota, i believe with 11.6 left. budinger nowhere to go, and he gets a time-out. a 20-second time-out taken by rick adelman. last night in champagne we saw cleveland go into one of those stretches where it was at least
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four and may have been more possessions where they couldn't even get the ball across the eight second line. stacey: you saw there the bulls put always full-court pressure on, forcing minnesota to call a time-out. barea is small, and they put a body on him. you are not going to get that call. being a point guard you have to be strong and split that trap. neil: you can't take that ball to the sideline either. you have to get the ball in the center of the floor where it is much more difficult to trap you. with the 20-secretary time-out, rick adelman gets to advance the ball into the frontcourt.
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shved to inbound with 11.6 left to play in the game. barea catch. now budinger. circles. skip back to barea. and that is going to do it right there. [buzzer] 82-75 minnesota, in a foul fest. they win the basketball game. we will be back after these messages.
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next on the w-g-n news- a chicago bears player has organized a benefit for the family of a fan who was murdered while visiting jacksonville to see the team play. a vigil tonight for a missing northwest suburban woman and her two children. and the slow motion shuttle. endeavor creeps along the streets of los angeles. the news is next.
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surrendered it again. the next wgn telecast of bulls basketball will be wednesday, october 31 when the bulls open the regular season against the sacramento kings at the united center. jim: us at 6:30 for "bullseye" on wgn tv. your final again tonight, the timberwolves, 82, the bulls, 75. chicago bulls basketball in high definition brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most life sports. for dan roan stacey king, i am neil funk. good night from minneapolis. stay tuned, the wgn news is next. and present. hundreds attended a
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fund-raiser at the helped organize for the family of a murdered fan >> live on the north side with tonight's top story... >> this fund-raiser was a huge success. everybody is having a great time. it was organized by friends of the family. so far there raised more than $20,000 >> an enthusiastic crowd of about 300 people celebrating the life of the man was killed one week ago in florida. based say the suspect slit his throat... tonight friends are here from all over to show support. for the support his wife said she
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and her children are overwhelmed by all the support >> i am shocked. he would be smiling down >> i want to say thank you >> current and past chicago bears players were here tonight >> it is nice to help and givebacks back >> all of the proceeds go to help his family >> i want to say thank you from
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the bottom of my heart. i know he is looking down >> friends are also raising money online... more than $30,000 over the internet >> a 20 year-old woma a 20-year old woman in the cragin neighborhood on the northwest side... was shot and killed this morning the chicago tribune reports the woman has been identified as nawal aysheh by official sources and neighbors. she reportedly was shot inside the home on west wolfram... then a family member carried her outside. a detective on the scene said the homicide was domestic- related. >> sadness and mourning
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tonight... over the killing of a man and what might have been a case of mistaken identity >> he was very nice >> they're heartbroken this morning after a well-known janitor was fatally shot a round 715 friday night. >>-identified the man as a 73 year-old. residents say drug and
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gang violence has increased. they say he was likely mistaken for someone bounce else >> he had a black hoodie one >>n >> he often planted flowers and tell people fix their homebut not everyone in the neighborhood knew who he was >> everyone in the neighborhood knew he was. i do not understand >> he is going to be truly messedissed.
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>> and no one is in custody >> family friends and neighbors and strangers all gathered for one cause it to hold a vigil for a missing woman and her two children. more than 100 people showed up tonight to pray and support the search. they have not been seen it since last saturday.. police say she has not used any of her credit cards or herself on. > >> i am a little surprised that they're looking in the lakes for them >> thousands of posters are also
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being circulated. the national center for missing and exploited children has been alerted. truck drivers are on the lookout >> slow going for the space shuttle endeavor. next the giant spacecraft continues to go through the streets of l.a. towards its temporary home >> also an anti violence either endvent came to a halt when a cook county commissioner collapsed just as the mayor began speaking >> i will have the full forecast straight ahead... break
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bond of 800-thousand dollars is set for a melrose park man -- charged with running down two men who laughed at his date in a river north nightclub last weekend. 37-year old alejandro escobar is charged with attempted murder. police say he fought with the men in the nightclub -- got into his car -- and ran them over in the 100 block of west ontario. a bystander pulled one man out from under escobar's car. witnesses say he backed the car -- and drove over the other man at least three more times before speeding away. both men were critically injured. >> the mayor and county board president joined forces for a common goal to reduce the
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violence and strengthen city neighborhoods. the community activist group care is also part of the effort. their goal is to provide safe environments for school children and encourage education >> we need to provide safe neighborhoods >> the plan includes setting up after-school programs in high risk neighborhoods... providing mentoring and educational support. also creating three new centers to help high-school dropouts to return to school >> at that meeting today shortly after the mayor took the podium
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and incident disrupted his speech and stopped the news conference. county board commissioner who was standing among a group of people near the front of the room collapsed. people rushed to a side paramedics also came to his aid. no word on what caused his fault but he is said to be doing fine >> sometime later this evening or during the early morning hours of the space shuttle endeavor will arrive at its final resting place after a very slow journey on the streets of l.a.. the spacecraft has been going along at 2 mi. per hour after traveling in space at 17,000 mi. per hour. for the past two days endeavor has crept from the l.a. airport and will arrive at the california science center. with its 78 ft. wingspan hundreds of trees had to be cut to clear a path away and power
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jim ramsey joins us... >> soggy weekend... rain this m orning... the real rain event will take place after midnight tonight... time lapse pictures... reports of fog... this is the system at to our weout to our west. we do expect it
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may be as much as 2 in. of raimaybe 2 inches of rain... probably nothing severe here but there were tornado watches in texas. tuesday we will see clowns develouds develop... this is a wind advisory... up to 45 mph winds tomorrow... these are severe thunderstorm watch as an flash flood watches


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