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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 15, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> evening i'm like i'm a terror. >> good evening i'm like a terror. mike tear micah the while youa potential strike tomorrow because really no movement yet tonight they started meeting at about 5:00 tonight so we are going on for hours in we still haven't heard whether or not they have, plus an agreement a 5:00 meeting started this
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afternoon, still nothing yet were told maybe within the next half-hour someone will come out and speak to was the so far nothing. the school board says if it gives them what they want it would put the district's financial future in jeopardy they have made some headway on things like insurance premiums and rewards for teachers to complete extra course work but the pay is the big sticking issue right now they are pretty far apart on that. the board is proposing one and a quarter we're talking about a two percentage point difference there. they claim that the board made an announcement that if there is a strike health- insurance will be suspended. we haven't heard anything from the board yet on that we are still
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waiting to hear whether or not they came up with an agreement they have set up some activity centers for parents. we will keep you updated on what happens. congressman jesse jackson jr. is in the hot seat again and we're wondering if his reelection campaign could stay on the weight of national scrutiny. the big question tonight is his legal troubles around the corner for congressman jesse jackson jr. federal officials are just wrapping up their investigation for campaign money that was possibly used for furniture and one of his homes. with the election just three weeks with a question is will this latest news make a difference at the
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polls? in that sense it's kind of surprising. first it was carousing the washington race track that it's connected to the embroiled x gov this summer a medical condition kept very quiet, now the latest furniture and interior decorating possibly purchased from his own campaign the wall street journal reports that jackson's lawyers asked the department of justice to hold off on an indictment until after the november election officials said they could not promise anything. allegations of questionable money practices between jackson and his wife cindy jackson. 18 payments in 2001 in 2012 a loan totaling
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$95,000, sandy jackson has her own consulting firm in the political committee donated almost $200,000 to her campaign fund over the years.
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they need stable leadership. >> he wanted the senate seat a matter made clear in court during the blagojevich trial instead jesse jackson jr. remains a congressman 17 years and counting. >> is this really the man we want what he is so eager not to be the representative? >> meier romijn emanuel also gave his support to the congressman today. we're also
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seeking comments not only from spokespersons' but from the lawyers and no comments at all today. >> again what happens in the coming years and maybe a bigger issue so right now this is under the radar. it might be better until after the elections for him. more political news decision 2012 made early for the obama's. first later michelle is casting her vote today seen in this picture holding her absentee ballots in illinois. both the president and mayor romney preparing for tomorrow night's debate everyone has an opinion on it president obama's previous performance. >> i think showing that it is a
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clear choice one from a president who has worked hard and tirelessly to get this economy moving because he believes fundamentally in the middle class. verses another person who when it came to the auto industry said let it go bankrupt. and with the comment 47%. i think he does not understand the concerns of middle-class families. you can see the president's performance for yourself when he and governor romney debate in new york watch the entire debate on our web site and tweet with us. an analysis at 9. this city battles with a 75 year parking meter contract that leaves the city woefully short mayor emanuel is looking for a creative way out. live with of
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the latest move being made. the latest moves being made. >> mayor ron emanuelemanuel once and audits of these, he wants to make sure the revenue collection matches the number of meters around the city $50 million. the mayor inherited a 75 year 1.1 $5 billion lead for the chicago parking meters that the city council okayed in 2008 under mayor daley. the mayor says he does have the power to look at the dollars and cents. it has always existed in the contract
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and it has never been exercised. they keep sending bills assuming that i will do the same old same old but i'm not i will not pay them until i get a complete audit of the books and understand what their expectations are into the premises behind that. some seem to think the more scrutiny, the better. why do we have to pay for it? i don't think it's right. >> the idea of having 75 year deals is pretty absurd so i think it's a good idea to look into it and see if there is something better for chicago. >> they maintain that their financial information is accurate and fair. the audit will be followed by one in the sky way and the lake front parking garages. coming up, who was to blame for the pension
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problem? we will talk about with our political reporter rick pearson of the chicago tribune. hundreds of how much would you pay to commute in a special lane? the miracle center transforming lives with arched one student at a time. art one student at a time.
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discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive. >> we have exposed investigations that contributed to the downfall of our political reporter rick pearson joins us with an exclusive polled think you for coming in. let's start with the first. as you said we have a huge debt of $83 billion
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in unfunded liability to the state governor quinn called the special session in august. as a result the state's credit rating wind down. we are in big trouble with no end in sight so yes, who is to blame for the state's pension mess and what we found is that politicians 51% of course many people the first thing they're going to do is go to state politicians. that's exactly what i think it means kookskahoots, at that level it shows that there is some interaction going on, you have union leaders trying to convene the system i
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think that is a very strong reflection of that so it seems like the viewers into their readers that resonates. in type, we guarantee a back room smokey deals with the politicians 32% agree maybe there is a difficulty maybe that's what's gotten us into this trouble but now we are in this trouble what do we do about it? one of the proposals out on the table has been the state share of pensions for teachers in the suburbs and downstate we ask what you think of this cross ship idea? here
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again, favre 32% a post 47% 21% don't know when you dig deeper into the numbers 48% in chicago favorites. because the suburbs downstate are being used to pay for it but when you start looking at suburban in downstate or even suburban cook county you are talking around 50% or greater saying they oppose it. among white suburban women what used to note as the soccer mom they tend to be the social moderates but they're also looking at educational concerns they oppose a 55%-28 perhaps because they are writing the check. of course republicans have been saying if you make this cross ship we may have to take money out of the classroom
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to pay for a teacher pensions. the poll on who is to blame for the pension mess we are in right now. the difference 27 minutes can make in a child to school day, a half hour helper. commerical center turned this man's life around how the program is creating new pathways for dozens of chicago children. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in
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if you commute to and from the suburbs how would you like to save some time off of that right? a plan that might be able to cut 20-25 minutes of your daily commute if you were willing to pay. on days when the expressway is open and traffic is flowing at the speed limit travel is a great but during rush-hour and during bad weather days expressway can be a nightmare, although many other states have adopted a plan called congestion crisis. it was a little bit over $3 i think.
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>> over the proposal motorists who are willing to pay the extra premium can drive on to a special lane set up for drivers who are charged a toll in this video from a plan to georgia the regular lanes are bumper-to- bumper but separated by two white wines the congestion lanes are flowing at the limits in illinois the roads are route 53 north extension and illinois of route 120 bypassed. plus new lanes on the eye and 90 adams tollway into the eye 90 eisenhower expressway as well as the eye 55 stevenson expressway from drivers we talk to likes the idea but others said they didn't. if it gets me to school on time... >> drivers who want to access and use the faster lance would have a transponder mounted on their windshield similar to the ones used by the toll roads
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today that way when they did activate those lines their accounts could be charged. go ahead, your chair could kill you. the research is hinting at this. perhaps the more comfortable the chair the more damage it could do you. how a mother's kiss can heal and unfortunately, and kidd crisis. every thanksgiving i would celebrate with my mom and have the best sweet potato pie of my life. gabby douglas with her megawatt smile.
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>> in tonight's medical watch the dangers of sitting even if you were active and get enough activity if you sit too long during each day you are still at risk sitting raises the chances for type 2 diabetes heart disease and premature death to
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offset the negative impact doctor suggests interrupting long periods of sitting with 2 minute breaks all late-moderate intensity walking or stair climbing just 27 minutes today to your child's nighttime retain and it will make a huge difference as school the journal of pediatrics reports and a sleep study comparing elementary school students who slept longer or shorter durations at night those for more emotionally stable less restless, and more focused experts say even at 11 years old children should not stay awake past 9:00 p.m. a mother's kiss can heal most milo elements for kids and a new study finds it can relieve a common problem when children paul foreign objects of their nose a canadian medical association journal reports on the treatment were a mother covers a child's mouth with her own blocks a clear nostril and
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blows into the mouth of the pressure expels the object he can even be repeated several times study authors say not only does it work but it is much less traumatic for kids than surgery and invasive procedures. >> mother nature is about to have some serious swings. tom skilling tells you what is behind it in this forecast next. the story behind the great pumpkin takes us to weekend.
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a potpourri of whether this way. we will get to our third 70 in the next couple of days and then tanked later in the weekend. it's the midpoint of october it's amazing. what's interesting is bulls are running cooler than a year ago greenland he appeared discussed so much because of the melting ice there with the climate change here are some views from the air right your courtesy of our friend bruce marcus who is flying from iceland to chicago. there you see the glaciers and ice in the water the powerful thunderstorms did you get in on those
9:31 pm
yesterday? this is from lasalle county jason shows us this rain shaft and a look at the storm with a beautiful rainbow. we have a couple pictures. fortunately, no touchdowns reported there had been some reports there may have been a touchdown some doppler indicated circulation that led to a tornado warnings that set off the warnings but what a difference a day makes, it will warm up in the next couple of days. 51.8 degrees 60 percent of october days have been below normal. look at the war of
9:32 pm
blowing into the plan states there is a lot of wind in this forecast tonight and you expect that when temperatures changed dramatically. we're going to go up, down. a powerful cool front
9:33 pm
hits and in comes the cool air. this is a gigantic wind machine that is going to blow first on the southwest later tonight and tomorrow 50 degrees our current temperature at midway and o'hare. water temperature at 57, here is the storm that brought us the rain here is the one taking shape out to the west of us. we had some powerful wind gusts with interesting looking clouds yesterday. we will get a
9:34 pm
strong southerly wind that will tap moisture and blow up quite a line of thunderstorms later in the day tomorrow. on the update
9:35 pm
we will come back with numbers on the rainfall system and timing in its arrival and we will look at what could become hurricane ross sial. likely to swipe a bermuda in therafael. likely to swipe a bermuda in the next couple dates. days. >> we have breaking news to tell you about we have reports of shots being fired inside at the central high school which is in addison and we understand that the school is on lockdown right now at central madison high school. addison high school. we have been told there is an
9:36 pm
altercation possibly involving a weapon in the parking lot while there was a high-school basketball game going on, the high school has been locked down for the past hour or so with the basketball team participants, by standard and onlookers are all locked inside the school where they remain police appeared to be looking for someone although they will not confirm that either, the impression they are leaving us with is that they have no injuries although they're not confirming a lot of details only to say that this area is locked down there is a strong police presence some of the police are armed with rifles, others are maintaining a perimeter and searching the area, when we know more we will bring it to you. >> reports of shots fired outside, not inside. how the
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a center where children's dreams can become reality. but through the power of performing arts... at first glance it's all about singing dancing and acting but when you talk to current and former students this place is much more than that. the medical center is a year round after school performing arts program with a mission to teach inner- city kids many of them with a very tough reality, a dream.
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when i see kids at the miracle center i see me and i see a lot of areas in my life. we started realizing that these clauses were wonderful but we really wanted to the performing arts, getting them into theater and doing musicals. they staged just five theatrical shows a year and the students have a hand in every aspect of the production.
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you can see these kids transform when they hit the stage. >> tlc was my outlet where all of- my stress wind, and i did have to worry about what happened when i got home. it's about teamwork. i don't want to ever leave this place.
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you don't see a lot of mentor and shipped in the latino community. all of their high school graduates go on to college into many of them pursued degrees in the arts. atm see member since he was 7 years old is currently a freshman in western michigan university going for eight bfa theater. they have helped me so much to branch out and how to express my passion every time you hit the stage. commerical center just purchased a building where it will have its own auditory and plenty of teens to house here. >> miracles really do happen here. >> it's open to people of all ages. >> coming up, step aside a great
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pumpkin brought to you by a guy named joe how he grew this. and another great, gabby douglass wowsers in chicago believes the leotard at home.
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>> we may have some water for
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the pumpkins later in the week. this thing will park over us. we have a lot of whether to talk about, 68 tomorrow. temperatures
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flirting with 70 on sunday and monday around here. we are out in about our warmest season temperatures. it welcome home party for gabby douglass in indiana. she joined her mother in their family home town she was named an honorary state senator for indiana at a luncheon today. >> the words of encouragement ... reminds me of the countless number of people i had in my corner. she was about halfway through a gymnastic champions. coming up the four day break is over for the bears, getting ready for the next monday night.
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full break is over. and nothing like easing right back into it.
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a good game monday night one week from tonight, a lions game. it could also be a night where yellow hankies are flying through the sky. now it's a long week of getting ready for a division opponent and remember the bears do not have a division victory yet. coming in off of the emotional comeback when yesterday over philadelphia, jason hanson finished it in overtime and now detroit and head coach jim swards are coming to soldier field for 2012. schwartz they will get a chance to play on monday night also. we are excited about coming back home.
9:54 pm
last time they played a soldier field the bears crushed alliancethe allianceanimalstigers lions. we know we have to go through one another to get that championship. we just have to stay focused. we cannot let what they're doing get us out of our game. he played 16 years with
9:55 pm
six different teams a chicago guy who went on to the pittsburgh penguins. tonight is a crowning achievement. this is something i was hoping for for a long time. you look at all of the people that have gone into the u.s. hockey hall of fame. i couldn't be more happy of all of the people that have helped me along the way. this is not about me, it's about my family, friends and my teammates. >> back to football the ravens have lost ray lewis the giants lead the cardinals tonight 5-1
9:56 pm
in the eighth inning. northwestern is playing nebraska this weekend. the cats normally do not play at 230 such is to level of disrespect they are given. pat fitzgerald is acknowledging the new kickoff. i can give you a copy of our itinerary, we got up early and we will get them up early on saturday. i'm just this master motivator, let me tell you. we will be taking a nap at about 930 saturday morning. this abc at 230 matter? no, our nap matters.
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