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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  January 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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cut, check it will cost you to live like mike in highland park. last-minute packing and exciting standoff's politicians and supporters alike all had to washington on the second inauguration of chicago's president barack obama. the private swearing-in happened on sunday the public ceremony happened on monday its the first for many chicagoans even though it's a second time for the obama's. they are making the trek students performers supporters all heading to
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washington d.c. to witness history. they know the drill they have been through it many times before but never in front of a president. it's exciting. you get scared to meet the president. 54 young people representing the south shore drill team in the presidential inaugural parade and it almost didn't happen $25,000 trip people all over this city heard the story, $5 per year, $10 bear and generous donations for corporations and philanthropists. i don't even know how to explain it. the rich central high school band will not be performing in the parade but they're on their way to d.c.
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to witness the inauguration and compete in the presidential inaugural heritage music festival in baltimore. this is like history coming to life being a part of something that they will never forget to chicago six years to chicago sisters wrote essays about what it means to them and they were selected from their school to attend the inauguration. i think it's going to be a great experience i will be really excited. to see how we as african americans can really succeed. the grandmother who raised them couldn't be prouder. i can see the growth of the children and just to know that the children are still excited about what is to come in the youtube video posted by the inaugural committee the president talked about what it
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means for him to be sworn in using the bibles of two men that he admires most in history dr. katie and president lincoln. they're actors, the movement there represented are the only reason it's possible for me to be inaugurated. at chicago union station congressman danny davis boarded an amtrak train for a 17 hour ride to the nation's capital with high hopes for what lies ahead. the president was reelected which is an indication to us that this continues to move in a positive and progressive way. the south shore drill team is gearing up right now they are going to hit the road later on tonight they needed $45,000 to make this trip happen so far they have raised more than 50,000. the 500 lb.
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cheesecake made right here in chicago always in front of the camera for the big events around the country. this is their fourth inauguration trip celebration cakes for the president's first one the white house releasing president obama as second presidential portraits days before the inauguration this time he opted for a smile the new photo was shot in the oval office on december 6th. join us monday for his second inauguration. our special coverage at 9:00 a.m. the theme
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of this year's inauguration will have the parade the speeches into the night of the parties. detectives take a step towards solving the murder of a lottery winner. finding out if he was killed for his lottery prize money. toxicology results still a few weeks away that will likely give us the how, how the poison was introduced into his system bringing investigators they hope closer to might have killed him. the exhibition at rose hill cemetery on the north side took 90 minutes this morning the autopsy a couple of hours. they took samples of most of the 46 year-old organs hair
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and fingernails samples as well even juror from the grave site in case there is a need to prove that cyanide in the body didn't come from microbes in the ground it is very thorough being paid for by the county to come up with answers about a west rogers park man who won $1 million state lottery then died of cyanide poisoning. it is a death originally attributed to natural causes until a relative of his suggested that someone should take a closer look they tested his blood found the poison, and changed the cause of death homicide and today they dug him up the body has been in the ground for six months there are no guarantees about what this testing will reveal. cyanide over the post mortem. can essentially evaporate. it's possible that it's no longer in the tissues after several months we will just have to see how the results play out. most of them
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are saying they have good results with cyanide there will be independent testing as well his widow who has obtained a criminal defense attorney says she is very anxious for the truth about this case to come out. that looks like there is a judge in the manslaughter case of former mayor daley's nephew. appearing in the courtroom today but he didn't speak a judge has been assigned to the case probably because of potential conflicts with the judges. he could have contested in court today but he chose not to. more from lance armstrong tonight during night #two of the oprah interview he said he would like to make a comeback right here in chicago telling oprah that he owes an apology to our
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supporters and offenders as well as to those who fought to expose him. he'd tear up when asked about confessing. there has been a lot of questions about my career i have always denied that and i have always been defined about that you guys have seen it. it just makes me even sicker. the conversation always to turned to his band from athletic competition he says that he believes the dirthe deserves punishment but not a lifetime ban. new information tonight on the hoax as opposed to the
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family we talked about the phone call that he got on december the sixth after she had allegedly already died the woman on the line claiming to be his girlfriend said the chief viktor death to escape drug dealers. this and many other questions are still unanswered. a big change coming for chicago public school students a new calendar could send kids back to school before labor day. a fight over the american flag by a property group one of the vfw posts to remove old glory and a 20 degree temperature drop over the weekend look who's here jim ramsey will tell you how low it will go. with the connecticut school
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shooting still fresh want local district is arming itself not guns to protect people inside of
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buildings what is taking place in south west suburban frankfurt. from now on anyone visiting grand prairie elementary school in frankfurt will have to pass through one more level of security before entering the building, a background check previously visitors only had to leave their driver's license on the front desk but now they will be scanned using a system operated by a company called group technologies. we run into the rafters system which basically does a screening for the illinois state police database for sex offenders child related offenses and once it is determined they are good to go then a photo id patch or sticker will be given to them. this is superintendent of district 157 and he says the background checks will only road out registered sex offenders it will
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not look at criminal history dui is or even traffic tickets he says it's an extra level of security backed by parents and the school board. after the tragedy in connecticut we decided we would accelerate the process and do it districtwide out one time all other doors are locked visitors can only enter through the front parents spoke with this afternoon say they are in support of the extra security i think it's great i think it's just one more step to get kids safe again the superintendent says he does not support having armed guards at all of his school's if all the sudden we are having to put forth an armed guard it creates an environment that will be very tense for children and it's a great cost he admits this background check is not a foolproof way to keep guns out of the school he says its most important that parents keep keep school officials informed. we have to respond in
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a partnership with the police in families to make sure that we are as protected as possible. cps also releasing another plan today this one is the calendar for the 2013-2014 school year all students will have the same start and end date the highlights include having the first day off of school june 10th would be the last day of school and a three day thanksgiving holiday and no more scheduled have days as far as a special holidays there will be seven during the academic year defending old glory and veterans' group fighting to keep their flag flying and patrick fitzgerald the former u.s. attorney has a new job.
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a febreze experiment. to prove febreze can keep this car fresh,
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we loaded it with fast food, sweaty hockey gear and a smelly dog cage. and parked it at a mall. in texas. for two days. then put a febreze car vent clip on the dash and let in real people. it smells good. like laundry fresh out of like the dryer. yeah. a man fresh out of the shower. nailed it. oh yeah. proof. febreze car vent clips keep your car fresh. another way febreze helps you breathe happy. there is a veterans of foreign wars post dirt and its members are fighting in defense of flax the vfw says the landlord is telling them that their black a prisoner of war missing in action poster must be taken down. this is all based on revenue and money but some things are much deeper than
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money the glendale heights veteran says it's an outrage after decades of the same vfw post in a tiny strip mall a new owner bought the property in this summer and that's when these veterans of the iraq in the vietnam war say that the trouble started. most of the guys who left their souls in southeast asia we see it as a slap in the face. shocked i cannot imagine anybody wanting to bring the flag down, anybody they showed us a copy of the latest letter dated june murray tent from the property manager. informing the veterans that the flags and the van in the parking lot were in violation of the lease and a the latter goes onthe veterans say the accusation is completely unfounded and not something that is grown men would do we don't
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break bottles and do all that kind of wild stuff we call the man named steve who refuse to give us his last name or title scoffed at claims saying that the flags will stay up but the veterans say that given everything they have been through the want to see it in writing. there are flags flying outside midway's realty offices in nearby oak brook terrace we went to their parent company the equity financial group to get concrete assurances from the company but despite numerous phone calls apparently no one with madeleine realty and development is ready to make any firm promises to the vfw in a letter from the property manager gives them five days to address lease violations or faced default the property manager going so far as to warn them you will be pursued by our legal counsel the post commander says
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he doesn't like the tone of a letter there is a new job had for the former u.s. attorney patrick fitzgerald gov quinn the illinois board of trustees he served more than one decade rod blagojevich and george ryan. i sat down with him and he told me how he wanted to get involved help men and women across our state i thought this was a very good area for him to serve and he is a man of service. fitzgerald is now back in private practice they are expected to confirm his appointment next week. peter
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lorre and longtime television producer programmer and executive with discovery channel and fox entertainment i sat down with him today asking why you would take on the company challenged readers or listeners or viewers a desire for story, a desire for narrative desire for information which is have to do a better than anyone else it will focus on developing our original program one of his past successes was the show net talk raising big dollars for a cause near and dear to her heart.
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still way out of most people's price range michael jordan dropping the sales price of his north suburban home.
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inspired by her young daughter's fight with cancer in both a mother wages her own battle for more research dollars the journey took her to the state capitol now she wants you to know how you can help. you wouldn't notice that she would have had cancer she is happy and driving in five years old but she fought hard to get here diagnosed with leukemia 17 months old she underwent treatment at the university of chicago's children's hospital. she started a very aggressive chemotherapy treatment but now
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their darkest days are behind them. her hair has grown back, she has found her glow again she is full of life it's a trait that she likely gets from her mother since her daughter's diagnosis she has immersed herself in the search for information they need the funding to continue that work. it lists nearly one dozen charities you can choose to donate part or all of your illinois refunds. she enlisted support from sheila quirk a
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local blocker who writes about her daughter's cancer. it's a story that she feels compelled to share her daughter fought a rear and elusive brain tumor until she passed away at age 4. we are focused >> i was able to go to my local illinois state representative and i went and i presented her with the facts so she agreed to sponsor the bill than next task is to climb the state capital. they're hoping that others will seize the moment and donate to the illinois childhood cancer research fund. this is an opportunity for average illinois
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taxpayers to make a difference, to really make a difference. they must raise $100,000 each year or they are removed from the list temperatures could get close to 50 this weekend. new season and new hope we will take you inside the beginning of the 28th annual cubs convention going on right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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you just heard what happened inside just a short while ago dick and still see the massive crime scene approximately six chicago police officer detectives are interviewing those who are in store they say that these two guys came in demanded some cash and apparently held a couple of the employees and customers hostage for a brief time
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witnesses tell me that there was a brief exchange of gunfire they took off and ran down the street i spoke with a brother of one of the customers who was in the store at the time to suspects entered. they robbed the place and then they took off? >> yes. a few blocks from here at 47th and st. louis there is an act of crime scene sources tell us that perhaps the suspects were hiding out in that neighborhood. we also saw police
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interviewing witnesses here so again our interview information is still coming from them. we will keep you updated on our web site 1 is how much clouding as we get into local begets tonight this morning we dropped to 19 it is possible we could come close to 50, a look at this time lapse pictures from earlier today we had a lot of cloudiness across the area but also a few patches of blue sky up there. you know it was difficult to keep your
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balance we had wind gusts in excess of 40 mi. per hour by temperature again today at 43 degrees. some of the year will be drifting towards chicago we will not get quite that cold but it will be uncomfortably chilly from sunday through tuesday. look at the temperature right now though. those costs will be
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continuing tomorrow and then as we get into sunday as well so it will make the air field very uncomfortable at times. it will eventually come down of course. wind chills could run 15-20 below zero monday night low temperature 32-35 degrees.
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temperatures will start to plunge. a lull between 12-16. some areas might tickell 20 but that is about the best we can hope for. some very cold air coming and we will talk about that more in the seventh day. still ahead one lemonade stand raising thousands for a special organization. i had a lot more energy in our second debate. a
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look back at some of the lighter moments of president obama is first term. onwiouem nt f [ washer
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at just 12 years old and young girl in highland park is putting fund-raisers to shame because she has raised close to $25,000 for a suburban therapeutic horseback riding program it program near and dear to her heart. it's a lemonade stand on steroids... on this warm september afternoon last year gabrielle of with her best friends at her side held for seven cookies for charity at a corner in highland park. it's not your typical lemonade stand. that is when the cookies for charity came about. how long did
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it take you to memorize all of that? i memorized it when i was 5. every year since she was 05 she has asked france to help purcell lemonade and cookies courtesy of mom to raise money for equestrian connections in lake forest a stable filled with about 300 therapy horses it's a special place for children and adults with a ride range of disabilities. whenever you are ready we're going to start to come to you for comfort and therapy. it is where her disabled sister danielle gave her the courage and strength to walk later she started writing only with m j her therapy course. she is also raising
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money to adopt another horse for reagan she went out and raise money for this girl to get her therapy she has really been an inspiration to everyone and i'm just disappointed that cannot hire her right now. cookies for charity doesn't survive on lemonade alone gabrielle solicits huge donations from several businesses that raising money is no easy task. she has
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raised $24,000 so far for equestrian connections it is for good heart and spirit that makes her memorable. she is a mover and shaker. that is gabrielle and she always thinking about what she can do for others and how she could make a difference in this world. that is why she is one of chicago's very own. her mother tells me that her daughter is already working on
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chicago-based balling is no longer delivering the 77 streamliners pending fda approval to release a statement today saying it will begin delivering until they approved a means of compliance trying to figure out what the lithium ion batteries in the 77 are sometimes overheating michael jordan is making a move to make out of get out of his living space jam the bulls brought down his asking price for $29 million to $21 million the property which has been on the market 11 months has 15 fullbacksfull bathrooms
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and naturally an indoor basketball court. jim ramsey has our forecast. it's got a lot of variety imminent. no accumulation expected. you would hear a lot of reflections about the defining moments of his return but we're looking at the
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lighter side, sometimes funny. a song you may haveas you may have noticed i have a lot more energy in my second debate. no one is happier and no one it is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter like where are biggie and tupac?
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all is well that ends well. the bulls led most of the way in boston and then they tried to kick it away. the bulls down at no. 2 before they forced a jump mall the ball going down court kirk heinrich eventually gets it and he will berry 88-88. the
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bulls have one more shot in this one he gets just enough room falling down three seconds left. surviving 21 turnovers. chicago cubs baseball is on the air. it comes conviction under way tonight.a cubs conviction under way tonight. it was pretty good i
9:55 pm
think we will have a pretty good chance. this is the garza show he brings the energy to the clubhouse. as promised the bears have acted rapidly to fill out their coaching staff. they named tucker as the defensive coordinator from jacksonville. the runnings back coach is from the cowboys and he comes in from montreal. we finally began the hockey season day one of the black caucus tomorrow afternoon. enjoyed by the hawks
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just three years ago. it's going to be a pretty intense game i'm sure especially with what they have going on tomorrow. it seems like we want to get that feeling back in here. we went through that process just how hard it is to get back cup. big names in golf missed the cut coming up short in dubai. hard to swallow. he is number one of course in the world, there he is. continue
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to play and caught fire. officials looked at the area and the world's 82 shot penalty out woods unbelievable. he wouldn't have made it. we don't know what he said yet. that is the news for this friday night. [ washer
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