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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 23, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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mayor went through to see how foot patrols are working in some neighborhoods. the superintended this is the governor's suggestion of having state police or the national guard help with the violence. the two suspects facing the murder charges will appear in court tomorrow morning . >> while the mayor has made it clear that he is opposed to outside help when it comes to tackling the city's violence. once outside alderman says he it supports the governor's push to supplement chicagos law- enforcement efforts with state police. more needs to be done for the 20 afford it and dog neighborhoods that deserves better. the deadly standoff
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between kenya's military and terrorist stretched into the fourth day today. kenyan officials say security forces have taken control of most of the shopping mall. more than 60 people have been killed and dozens injured since the siege to the mall on saturday. and help guide ellington terror group has claimed responsibilitand al qaeda basedp is claiming responsibility. meanwhile officials say they are looking into claims that american citizens were involved in the attack. >> concerns are rising over whether a similar incident could happen close to home. >> the fact that civilians and a mall were targeted strikes at the heart of some here in the united states.
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>> this manner ranges travel to kenya. he says the mall in kenya with the easily into american culture . >> ... it is a place that is very well guarded. >> the spoke with his niece the
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terror attack she says has brought families and can get closer togethekenya closer togen chicago life continues with a normal police presence. new york police commissioner said he would open up patrol in large public menus.the venuesvenues.
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>> the best way to fight terror is to go about living a lifyour. >> new tonight are reports that two women were sexually assaulted. investigators are interviewing six people of interest. prosecutors say they are reviewing the case but no charges have been filed. the women are both 19 a student and her friend told police they were socializing at an apartment complex and were attacked when it returned to dorm. two charred bodies discovered in a southwest suburban cemetery. police tried to figure out how they got there. y. bears legend gayle sayers is dropping charges against the nfl over head injuries. the weather forecast
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a community of our over robberies. criminals are attacking people on the sidewalk and stealing their valuables. >> the robberies are happening in high volume areas. there have been three robberies in this area, a man and woman approached people walking on the sidewalk attack them and then steal their personal belongings before running away.
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>> i will definitely keep my eyes open more. >> police say be aware of the problem and tell your neighbors. do not walk alone and state and wild areas.91 state in well lata thibe aware of your surrounding. >> police questioning two peopl
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police questioning two people to night after the bodies of two women were found. firefighters responded to a burning car on saturday night. when the plans were put out they found a 70 year-old mother and her 50 year- old daughter in the car pulled strangleboth of them were stran. >> gayle sayers is dropping his lawsuit against the nfl. the suit filed last week accused the nfl of failing to protect him from concussions. gayle sayers says he did not consent to the lawsuit that and other former bear player shaun gayle ask him to me with an attorney
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about it. >> today was the chicago police academy graduation today. the mayor telling the new officers the city has welcomed over 800 new officers to the ranks of thisthis year. why congress is having such a difficult time trying to reach a deal to avoid a government shutdown. the woman at the center of the irs scandal that target conservative groups is about to move on. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh.
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with less than a week ago on capitol hill lawmakers are still lots over a budget deal. the sticking point remains the president's health-care law. republicans have already passed a budget that would defund at the log analysis the senate's turn to debate the issue. if some sort of deal cannot be struck by next week many government programs would be shut down. >> nobody benefits from a government shutdown it makes us look at a roomful of clowns. it started in the house. >> many polls indicate a majority of americans oppose the new health-care law polls also suggest people do not favor defunding it.
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>> a. keith figure in the scandal over the irs targeting tea party groups has retired. lois lerner was director of the tax-exempt decision when she testified before congress last may. she was placed on leave after a meeting the irs gives extra scrutiny to conservative political groups. she publicly apologized for screening of the group's the irs confirming she has retired. the accused boston bomber will learn by january if the federal plan to seek the death penalty. his lawyers have asked a judge today for more time to make their case against capital punishment. he pled not guilty to the bombings that killed three and injured more than 260. his lawyer said prosecutors have not turned over to the evidence. prosecutors must make a
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recommendation to the attorney general by october 31st then he has 90 days to decide whether or not to ask for the death penalty. the syrian government has been turning over documents about its chemical weapons as part of an agreement with the u.s. and russia. the syrian president says some outside countries may urge the rebels to attack the weapons inspectors in order to put the blame on the syrian government. they are adding that insuring the inspector security is his government's responsibility. there's a large quantity of chemical weapons in syria as they have been producing them for decades. the vice-president travel to colorado today to survey the damage in areas from last week's severe weather. he and the gov. and the fema director address the media. meanwhile the bottobody of the eighth victim was discovered today. damage estimates are in
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the billions of dollars. the chicago congressman teaming up with civic leaders today warning of the dangers of global warning intense urban flooding lower lake levels affecting fishing and even mercury levels. he wants federal lawmakers to pass environmental controls that he says will create jobs and help the economy. he praised the president's executive actions regulating coal burning plants, improving, fuel efficiency in improving boosting mass-transit and alternative energy sources. >> you may soon be able to use our ipad during takeoff and landing. this week and faa advisory panel is expected to
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reap write the rules for technology on planes. proposed new guidelines would allow you to read it the booke books, lisc and watch videos. the new fingerprint feature on the new iphone may have already been hacked td. the new model comes h a fingerprint scanner which is supposed to stop thieves from breaking into the phone. in a video posted on youtube backers claim they fooled at the center by taking a picture with the fingerprint and making a fake finger. the raw sewage in chicago waterways is one step away from being cleaned up. the project will expand the underground reservoirs. since
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1998 more than 152 billion lbs. of stone believed to be 400 million years old has been removed from the reservoir. the tunnel prevent floods of homes and businesses on the south side and south suburbs. >> after two close calls almost killed him see how we former dentist bicycle injuries and changed his life and his art. >> when you should roll up your sleeves and get a flu shot. what almost caused oprah winfrey to have a nervous breakdown. susie is dying to meet you.
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once a dentist to bicycle accidents change the landscape of his career. i broke a couple of ribs and my right hand and have almost no movement in my thumb. he eventually started a consulting business want to cover he kept on writing. riding. >> a racoon came out in front of us while we were top speed i slammed on the brakes and broke both shoulder blades my collarbone sternum and my right hand. i had a lot of memory
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loss nine months later i started coming out of this fog i cannot even remember my wife's name. i had a head injury but did not know what it was. people noticed my artwork changed a lot. i don't know if my brain changed or my attitude changed but something did. my whole right side hurts. i started using my left hand a lot. prior to the accident this is post accident you can see the colors changed a
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lot in the form is much more calm. there are many connections and many different parts of the brain that work together. during a brain injury other parts of the brain can take over to make up for the weekend part. the entire time that i ride the next is always in the back of my mind. i get really nervous sometimes. >> fall has begun we could see
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[ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. our high temperature today was 67 degrees. we will stay pretty close to this for the next couple of days before temperatures start to rise. by thursday we could see temperatures around 80 degrees. this weekend we could see some storms. today was a nice clear sunny day. temperatures out to
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our west are much warmer. some of that there will come to chicago the next few days. there is more cool air which is pulling up to the north which will come our way by sunday. it is currently 61 degrees. the humidity is at about 72%. take a look at the current apertures. temperatures . the wind is at about 10
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m.p.h.. the water temperature along the shoreline is in the '60s. at the moment we're watching a couple of things like this cold front and the pacific northwest. there could be heavy
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snow at elevations above 7,000 ft.. there's a flood warning in effect for parts of florida. here is our forecast tonight we have clear skies with a low temperature between 46 degrees and 53 degrees. we're looking get a nice day tomorrow mostly clear skies. the high-
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the city is looking to stay one step ahead of flu season this year. health leaders are starting to roll out their vaccination plans and there are more options than ever before. there will only be to methods of vaccination either a shot or nasal spray. but this year there are more vaccine choices. and local health experts stopped by the studio today to talk about a new nasal spray vaccine that targets more strains of the flu. >> it does not matter what kind
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you get the important thing is to get a flu shot. >> the metropolitan pier and exposition authority has given a thumbs-up on the design for the proposed glass wall depaul basketball arena at mccormick place. the $7.2 billion contract was unanimously awarded to a connecticut-based company won of six architecture firms conceding focompeting fore deal. last week's powerful winter has come for but has little interest in a public celebration. the winner has chosen to remain anonymous. the man is from south carolina. he stopped into a convenience store hours before last week's drawing to get some hot dog buns. he did not find the bouns but he did
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oprah winfrey is revealing more details about what she calls her near a nervous breakdown. the media mogul said she was doing too much and could feel herself becoming unglued. she said she felt the during the filming of the butler when she was also struggling to save for cable network. she said it was during an interview with the director who had a breakdown she said she realized she had the same symptoms. >> a couple of surprise winners at the emmy awards and a one-of- a-kind acceptance speech. >> the movie that was put on hbo
9:43 pm
because movie studios thought anyone would care about that is the story of the emmys. the biopic of liberace won best actor for michael douglas and other emmy awards. it won the most awards of any show this year. breaking bad took on the top prize for best drama. modern family won best comedy for the fourth consecutive year. jeff
9:44 pm
daniels took the best actor award in a surprise upset. my favorite moment was the standing ovation for bob newhart.
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>> let's take a look at the 7 day forecast. it is currently 61 degrees. by thursday we could reach 80 degrees. showers and thunderstorms could come in over the weekend.
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>> charges in last week's mass shooting in a south side park. the two suspects are accused of attempted murder. they played a role in the murder but neither are believed to be a gunman. a thorough has been released to the shootings youngest victim. 83 year-old boy who is recuperating at the hospitaa ths recuperating from the hospital.
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kenyan officials say they have most of the mall secure from that terror attack. >> the bears are 3-0. sports is next... ♪ need advice on how to juggle those big family meals?
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the bears are living the high life right now. the attrition process has begun for them as they will be at without their defensive tackle for the remainder of the season. and the fourth quarter number 69 you
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concede that wobble in his left knee. he has a torn a cacl. he l be missed in more ways than one. >> in terms of his personality is a guy you want in your locker room. he's a great player and a guy who continues to get better . injuries happen the next guy does have to be ready to step up. >> more the game heroics from j. cutler. a lot of people are talking about the shot he delivered on robert golden at
9:52 pm
three crucial third-down run that capped the drive going. the perfect pass to earl bennett who got the toes down forebears' touchdown. >> are offensively we have some great geyser complacent football. these guys are playing great football. he is very poised and is ready to take on any opportunity. he studies a lot and is ready each and every week. >> we entered the final week of
9:53 pm
the baseball season in chicago with both the cubs and white sox playing at home. the cubs have a chance to be a spoiler. the pirates hit two solo home runs which was enough to defeat the cubs' two-one. this season has been terrible but this kid has some serious star power. the
9:54 pm
black hawks lost in pittsburgh tonight. the regular season begins tomorrow night. it is obvious that brandon bollig is not known to be a stickhandler. if they paid him for that he would probably starve to death. >> thank you for watching have a
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