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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 1, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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to shut down the federal government. let me be more specific. one faction of one party in one house of congress in one branch of government shut down major parts of the government. call because they did not like one longaw. shutdown did not have to happen. i want every american to understand why it did happen. republicans in the house of representatives refused to fund the government unless we dismantled the affordable care act. they have shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of americans. they demanded ransom just for doing their job. many representatives including an increasing number of republicans made it clear had they been allowed by the speaker to take a
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simple up or down vote on keeping the government open with no partisan stripes attachestrings attached, it would have kept the american people government open and operating. we may not know the full impact of the shutdown forfor some time. we do know a couple of things. we know the last time the republican shut down the government and hurt our economy. unlike 1996 our country is still recovering from the worst recession in generations. we know that certain services and benefits that business owners depend on most people on hold. sort and offices along with every national park and monument must be closed. last night i signed legislation to make sure or 1.4 million active duty military are paid through the shutdown, hundreds of thousands of
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civilian workers many are still on the jump, many forced to stay home are not being paid. even if they have families to support and local businesses that rely on them. we know that the longer the shutdown continues, the worst the effects will be. more families will be hurt and more businesses will be harmed. and i urge house republicans to reopen the government'. allow the public servants who have been sent home to return to work. it is only going to happen when republicans realize they cannot get to hold the entire country hostage over ideological demands. i'm prepared to work with democrats and republicans to do the things that we need to do. although
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i should add this shutdown is not about deficits. our deficits are falling at the fastest pace in 50 years. we've got them in half since i took office. the shutdown is about rolling back our efforts to provide health insurance to folks who do not have it. it is all but rolling back the affordable care act. this more than anything else seems to be what the republican party stands for these days. i know it is strange that one party would make keeping people uninsured the centerpiece of their agenda but that apparently is what it is. what is more strange as that shutting down our government did not
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even accomplish their stated goal. the affordable care act as a law that passed the house, the senate, the supreme court ruled a constitutional. the central issue in last year's election. it is here to stay. because of its funding sources and is not impacted by a government shutdown. these americans are here with me today because even though the government is close, a big part of the affordable care act is open for business. for them and millions like them, it is a historic day for good reason. it has been a long time coming. to the americans and of the force to go without insurance cannot visit the web site and enroll in affordable plans. that starts today. people have six months to sign up. over the six months people are going to have the opportunity in many cases for the first
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time in their lives to get affordable coverage that they desperately need. if you're one of the 85 percent of americans who already have health insurance you do not need to do a thing. for the 15 percent of americans who now have health insurance this opportunity as life changing. a few years ago she left her job in new york to take care for parents. for a while she had temporary insurance that covered her multiple sclerosis. when it expired many insurers would not cover her. she ended up paying $1,200 a month. that is nowhere near affordable. starting today she can get coverage for much less. today's new plan cannot use your medical history to charge of more than anybody else. sky-
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high premiums once forced nancy to choose between paying her rent and pay and health insurance. she pays all of her medical bills out of pocket and put some on theiher credit card. starting today she could get covered just like everybody else. she was laid off from her job year ago today. six months she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. cannot and ford insurance lucretias not receive treatment yet.her daughter is considering dropping out of school to help pay her mother's bills. starting today thanks to the affordable care act she can get covered without forcing her daughter to give up on their dreams. the
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storestories of hard- working americans that sound familiar to you. you and your friends and family and co-workers to get cover to. you can compare it insurance plan side- by-side this family would shop for a plane ticket. you will be presented with a list of quality affordable plans that are available in your area. you'll find more choices, more competition and in many cases lower prices. most uninsured americans will find they can get coverage for $100 or less. do not take my word for. co on the web site. show it to your family and friends. help them get covered. there is a
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hot line or you can apply it over the phone. you can get help with the application. get questions you have answered by real people and 150 different languages. when it hundred 3182596. 1803182596. we can get america covered once and for all. so that the struggles that these folks have gone through and millions have gone to a four years finally get addressed. let me remind people that think this is so important. i heard a striking statistic yesterday. if you cancel your 70 percent more likely to live another five years if you have insurance then if you don't. think about that. that is
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what it means to have health insurance. set aside the issues of security and finances and how your impacted by that. this is life or death. tens of thousands of americans die each year just because they do not have health insurance. millions more live with the fear they will go broke if they get sick. today we begin to free millions of our millionfellow americans from the fear. already millions of young adults have been able to state on theistay on their parents plans. already seniors of gotten a discount on medicine. it means more choice, more competition, lower costs for millions of americans. it does not just an economic security for our families.
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we're finally addressing the biggest troubles of our long term deficit. it means a stronger economy. most republicans have made a bunch of predictions that have not come true. cost has not skyrocketed. they're growing at the slowest rate. the last three years since i signed the affordable care act are the three slowest rates of health spending growth on record. contrary to republican claims, as has not destroyed our economy. businesses have credit 7.5 million new jobs. we learned our manufacturers are growing at the fastest rate in 2.5 years. the factory and the affordable care act, they do not think it is a problem. the constant series of crises and the unwillingness to
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pass their reasonable budget but a fraction of the republican party. like every new law, they're going to be glitches in the sign up process. along the way that we will fix. i've been saying this from the start. we found out that there have been times this morning were the site has been running more slowly than it normally will. the reason is because more than 1 million people visited the web site before 7:00 a.m.. there were five times more users in the marketplace this morning than had ever been on at one time. and gives you a sense of how important this is to millions of americans around the country. that is a good thing. we are going to be speeding things up to handle all of the demand
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that exceeds anything that we had expected. consider that just a couple of weeks ago apple rolled out to mobile operating systems. within days they found a calypso a fixed it. i do not remember anyone insisting apple to stop selling iphone or ipad. that is not how we do things. we do not actively route for failure. we get to work, we make things better. we keep going. in that context i will work with anybody who has a serious idea to make the affordable care act work better. as long as i'm president i will not give into reckless demands by some of the republican party that the ninth affordable health care insurance to millions of hard- working americans. republicans in congress should know that the study americans that you
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would her if you're allowed to dismantle the and finally have the ability for security. the notion that you would make a condition for reopening the government to make sure these folks do not have health care. that does not make any sense. it does not make any sense. let me make one closing point. the republican shut down part in our economy.britain's part of our economy. the timing is not good. a lot of the republicans in the house ran for office two years ago promising to shut down the government. apparently they have gotten their wish.
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the irony that the house republicans have to contend with is that they have shut down a bunch of parts of the government but the affordable care act is still open for business. this might be why you have many republican governors and senators were telling the extreme right to knock it off. pass a budget. move on. i want to underscore the fact that congress does not have to end their shot down and reopen the government. they generally have to stop governing by crisis. i have to break this habit. that is a drag on the economy. it is not worth a of this country. one of the most important things congress has to do in the next couple of weeks is to raise what is called the debt ceiling. it is important to
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understand what this is. thi is a routine vote. they have taken this vote 45 times to raise the debt ceiling since ronald reagan took office. it does not cost taxpayers a single dime. all it does is authorized the treasury to pay the bills on what congress has already spent. think about that. if you buy a car and you have a car know, you do not save money by not paying your car know.note. if you buy a house you do not save money by not authorizing yourself to pay the mortgage. you're just going to get foreclosed on. that
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is what this is about. this is not a concession to me. it is not an unreasonable demand. this is what congress is supposed to do as a routine matter. they should not wait until last minute. the last time republicans threatened as course of action in 2011 our economy staggered. our credit rating was downgraded for the first time. if they go through with at this time and forced the united states to the fall on the obligations for the first time in history, it would be far more dangerous than a government shutdown. there would be an economic shot down. i will speak more on this in the coming days. let me repeat, i will not negotiate over congress's responsibility to pay bills that are
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already racked up. i will not allow anybody to track the good name of the united states through the mud just to extract ideological demands. nobody gets to hurt our economy and hard-working families over a law that you do not like. a whole bunch of things that i would like to see passed through congress that house republicans have now passed yet. i'm not out there saying, i'm going to let america the fall unless congress does something they do not want to do. that does not help adults operate. certainly that is not our government should operate. that is true whether there is a democrat and his office or a republican in this office. it does not matter whether it is a democratic house of representatives or republican
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controlled house of representatives. seven rules that everybody abides by because we do not want to hurt other people just because we have a political disagreement. my basic message to congress, pass a budget and government shut down. pay your bills. do not wait. do not delay. do not put our economy or people through this any longer. i am more than happy to work with them on all kinds of issues. i want to get back to work on a ththe things american people sent us here to work on. we are better than this. the american people are a lot better than this. what we have accomplished
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proves that even when the obstacles are many who we are and always will be a country that can do great things together. thank you very much. cub bless you.gtod bless you. >> you have been listening to a live news conference talking very briefly about the government shut down. how ending the shutdown would prevent economic shut down. very critical of the republicans. in that criticism really no call to action to the american people. no real idea about ending the stalemate. the government might be shut down but the affordable care act is up and running. he called that a historic day. millions of americans consider signing up for coverage.can start signing
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up. >> you heard the president talk about how the government with such receive five times as much traffic this morning as they had anticipated. in illinois the governor picked off a program of debt covered in illinois here with a room full of physicians and nurses and health care providers. they all seemed quite excited and applauded when he arrived. >> days are called historic and this one actually is. a very special therefore health and wellness and the land of lincoln. we know that the vast majority of heart attacks and strokes can actually be prevented if we know
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our number again with our doctors and create a prevention plan. thankfully today with access to health insurance for those millions of illinois and we're going to see more people can get with their doctors and prevent countless jokes.strokes. >> covering cholesterol screenings. who should and wilenroll? >> we have another one we will tell you about. more than 1 million uninsured people in illinois. those include young people who can assume that they will be covered. employees. people
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who lost coverage for any reason. people with pre- existing conditions and then denied coverage in the past. people of not been able to afford coverage. in illinois there is a bronze, silver, gold, platinum plan. we can go there and look at these plans and decide which one of these plans best fits your needs. you might pay higher deductibles and pay cheaper monthly payments. he might have higher monthly payments and pay is cheaper deductible. out of the different plans that are available you can choose the one and types of plans that fit you and your family a good way to do it
12:23 pm >> 800,000 federal employees began on plant and on paid vacation today. the government shutdown means all national parks and museums along the national mall are closed. agencies like nasa and the epa are closed. still contained in a measure to cripple obama care. the government in >> close. because of the irrationality of what is going on on the other side of the capital. democratic leaders in congress finally have their prize. the government shut down that nobody seems to want. >> federal workers in the chicago area have to scramble to pay their bills.
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military bases are also being heard. >> we're starting to feel the effects. the shutdown is hitting hard here in chicago. 1230 guardsmen and women are being furloughed without pay. >> it will be devastating if this thing last very much longer. they're working full-time for the state of illinois as military mechanics. their paychecks come from the federal government. the captains like many others here. he has been deployed to combat zones in the iraq and afghanistan. putting his life on the line. he and the nearly 1300 guardsmen and women are losing their and comincome.
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>> this is different. it is not six days spread across six weeks. it is your entire paycheck. it is going to have a big effect on family incomes. thousands of others who were paid by the federal government are being furloughed across the chicago land area. told to leave the work stations when the furlough officially kicks and on midday. it is the same story. >> i think it is unfair. they need to get it together. it is sort of emotional but i'm ok about it. >> we have seen people get the most noble oemotional about this. stay with us
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for continuing coverage of the government shut down. how can a train car leave the rail yard without a conductor? thousands were injured when an unmanned car collided with another passenger train. >> was it a ghost or human error? they have brought in several specialists to get to the bottom of it. after a late night investigators were back at it this morning trying to determine the cause of the cta train collision. the train had been out of service for a week of waiting preparators. gaining
12:27 pm
speed to around 20 mi. per hour before going head on into in a car train. 33 of them suffered minor injuries. the rules no operator at the controls. no signs of forced entry or vandalism to the train. they say it they will be conducting a thorough investigation. we want to establish that it is a signal the issue. that is the first thing they want to rule out. if it does not signal, mechanical, you look at operational. the harlem blue line stop is closed. >> has been hectic.
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i miss store manager i have to get to work. it is frustrating. it is confusing how to get to the places. it is confusing this morning. >> officials say they are not concerned with the rest of the systems. saying they are not seeing anything to indicate that they should be. >> we are checking into the markets and just how they are reacting. ♪ [ male announcer ] riley is always there
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i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. >> wall street is reacting today. so
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far investors are refusing to be rattled by the partial shutdown of the government. markets are higher. putting money into stocks dying government shutdowns has been a smart thing to do. the 12 months after it shut down, the s&p has risen 11% more than a normal year. one thing that was not supposed to be impacted was the enrollment in the new health-care exchanges. things did get off to a rocky start with many websites >> meant to serve 36 states was unresponsive. federal officials are aware of the delays. they're working to fix them as quickly as possible. at least $300 million a day in lost economic output. the impact of likely accelerate if the shutdown continues.
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>> kind of gray out there. when will the clouds break? we have some answers for you coming up. it is going to get a little bit warmer. happy october. our second fastest cooling month is under way. have you noticed the fall colors? made for some beautiful sunsets last night. gorgeous sunset and the metro area. when the fog lifted and there were spiderweb all over cover it.
12:33 pm
that made for quite a shock. another beautiful perspective. we will see more scenes like this. a lot of those recently. these are definitely stratus clouds. going to come back and after that. the clouds again kind of see the area shrinking from the sides. as you get warming around the periphery of the cloud mass, you separate the temperature and dew
12:34 pm
point. the clouds tend to disappear. we expect the sun to come out this afternoon. look how close the temperatures are to the dew point. in prospect we have a 92 percent humidity. the dew point is the temperature at which fog forms. the temperature of which the relative humidity its 100 percent. when the temperatures on the dew point are close to it. the moisture level of the atmosphere is high. 90 percent humidity. at least a year off the 100 percent mark. you can even see the ceilings are coming up here as we look at skyline. here is the view from across the lake up to the northwest of chicago. we close the books on a warm september around the area. 2.6 degrees warmer than normal.
12:35 pm
also try compared to normal. 72 percent of our possible sunshine occurred. a typical september season. it is fairly warm. the cold there has retreated north. we are at 68. it looks like we will get into a cooler weather regime. we might get some much- needed rain. temperatures exactly where it was at this time yesterday. much of the midwest is modestly warmer. the jet stream winds moves any cold there. this ought to set up our first real all the storm.
12:36 pm
autumn storm. it brings humidity into the area. will be and as early as thursday. 70 at midway. we have a way to go to hit the 80 degree mark. dew points have come up. they were in the upper '40's low 50s. this is fairly humid air. the wind is critical. these will mix some of the cloud cover up. humidity is 83% at the moment. the barometer is taught in 994. the mold, still high. seven days yesterday. we're going to have babies during the day today. you can see our corridor of
12:37 pm
cloudiness. the storm out to the west has not plugged into gulf moisture. lots more cloudiness developed. cloud formation begins. but thursday and friday we will have some rain going around the area. this afternoon generous sunshine emerging from the stratus. july lovell temperatures before it is all over. a high of 84 today. one of the warmer opens to october and 37 years. southwest and will shift to the northeast. tomorrow partly cloudy. low '70's at
12:38 pm
the beaches. the wind is back around to the assault on there is this. >> 80s again on friday. good afternoon. >>first game up is the pick3.
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the fireball is 1. 0-2-5 fireball 1 time to play the pick4 games. >>best of luck.
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plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. >> hello, i'm alex trebek. for over ten years now, i've been representing the colonial penn life insurance company, and i'm here today to talk with some of their insurance representatives about their guaranteed acceptance life insurance. hi, everyone. i thought it'd be interesting to hear from you what your customers say are some of the things they like best about colonial penn's whole life insurance. who's gonna start? >> well, it's guaranteed acceptance for people over age 50. >> they don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. >> and it gives them peace of mind knowing that their family has some insurance to help cover funeral costs.
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>> and other final expenses. >> great point, and that's something everybody needs to plan for. especially in this economy. >> it costs just $9.95 a month per unit. >> yes, and that rate never goes up. >> and their coverage never goes down because of their age. >> they can get permanent insurance at a price that fits into their budget. >> do you want to help protect your loved ones from the burden of final expenses? if you're between 50 and 85, you should call colonial penn now. for just $9.95 a month per unit, you can get quality insurance that does not require any health questions or a medical exam. your rate will never increase and your coverage will never decrease. that's guaranteed. now whether you're getting new insurance or supplementing what you already have, call now and ask one of their representatives about a plan that meets your needs. they're waiting to hear from you. so call now. ♪
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>>the executive chef at slurping turtle. congratulations. i see you are trying to turn the burner on. >>maybe we can get some technical help. we talk a little bit about the upcoming season. >>it is going to be crazy. it is interesting. >>normally we can see you in chicago. tell me about the name. >>i am a chef over
12:48 pm
there. all japanese inspired food. >>we have the burner on. >>we are making >>we are going to move kind of quickly. we are going to get our burner hot. >>salt, pepper, nutmeg, cayanne, cumin. take that and mix it in a bowl. the importance is to ensure even cooking throughout the entire loin. when it
12:49 pm
shrinks up it is one solid. >>it is really quick. a simple process. you do not need to do much to it. make sure it is all kind of even. >>you made it look easy. >>take our spice rub and rub it all over it. both sides. nice and covered. next step we want to serve it raw but we want to seer it so the outside gets a crispy cover. cocoa
12:50 pm
butter is good for seering. >>all the chefs, no one has told us that. chill it down for about an hour in the fridge. you are going to have your seered loin. we are going to slice it. all you want to do is slice it as thinly as possible. only important thing is to have a sharp kni fe. >>not the most important part. you will be able to accomplish anything
12:51 pm
you need to. that is going to be the venison. >>some apple cider vinegar. it is going to be sweet and sour from the vinegar. black pepper and salt on everything. >>20 seconds it is. we are going to mix everything together. we are going to put a salad together real fast. >>the premiere is tomorrow night.
12:52 pm the full recipe. the hey, have you guys heard about probiotics? for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways? it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today.
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>> we are back in the weather office. looking for sunshine which will come this afternoon. tomorrow a bubble of high pressure keeps the sun shine going. as it passes off to the east southerly wind blocks back and thursday and friday. diesel open up the gulf.these will open up the gulf. heaven knows that we can use the rain. it has been driving around here. we might get a pretty reasonable range. this is the biggest number to come out of our models. the individual predictions run from 42 hundredths of an inch on the low end of the forecast spectrum. one model goes as high as 422. the important number as the 7 t of an inch. all of these numbers are above that. we can use some of the rain. it is very dry. half our
12:55 pm
normal rain since july 1st. the way they vary across the metro area. temperatures '80s to that. this map will show you '70s tomorrow. that is because there's a breeze off the lake. we go back into the 80s again on friday. at that time the air is warm and humid. look at the cooler air diving into the west. temperatures are blowing and off the lake tomorrow. they're not doing that today. once the sun comes up, we expect temperatures to warm up. it pfizer's for wind of the great lakes.if pfizer is for wind off the great lakes. >> the cooler air dives and. it is going to get a lot
12:56 pm
cooler. it will really feel like all outumn. our 7 day temperatures. we have 78 for tomorrow. 81 on thursday and 83 friday. 75 saturday. i would like to say thank you to the american red cross for what they do for the community. this past spring you heard us talking about the used weather radios. these are the ones that provide the warnings in the middle of the night. it turns out a part of the proceeds we are donating to the american red cross. this is made possible by your purchase. i'm happy to welcome to the program today the ceo of the american red cross. thank you for coming in. i want to present you with your part of the proceeds from the is weather radios. $3,000
12:57 pm
check. a big thank- you to the american red cross for all that you do. thank you so much. where would we be without the american red cross and this country? >> your support is truly needed. whether it is storms in oklahoma or floods in colorado, the red cross is there to provide shelter. >> it is amazing. it has been a stormy time in this country. we've certainly seen our share of problems in this area. you guys always do wonderful work. we are pleased to provide this check to you. >> thank you for supporting this effort. >>that is it. effort. >>that is it.
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captioning made possible by sony pictures television man: all right, pal. you got the money? i don't know. you got the stuff? the stuff's on its way. ok. then the money's on its way. you know, mr. montana, we've been checking up on you. seems you've got a habit
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of backing out on deals at the last minute. ok. you don't want to do business with me, suit yourself. suit yourself. hmm. way to go, gage. don't let him push you around. hold it. you'd really walk out of here? absolutely. do you even know who i am? you're bart slocum, the number-one money launderer in dallas, but you're also somebody that stands to make $100,000 on this deal, if you've got what it takes to back it up. oh, i've got what it takes. not that i've seen. that's $1 million in class-a negotiable bearer bonds. you satisfied? he bought it. now you show me the money. come on. you don't trust me? no. and i don't like surprises.


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