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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 9, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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putting in a spin on curbing violence. the afternoon. >> laugh and the ankle with neighborhood with a more on your top story. >> it is a community center named after clio barrett. she was a sheriff's deputy shot and killed seven years ago. >> if idea for this and i've violence campaign came about a week ago. stations
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will run public service programs of this issue. >> the announcement comes after a series of shootings that injured at least 15 people from thursday evening until this morning. fajup the victims included a man who shot multiple times while walking near pulaski. a man and woman who was shot near 104 and rosalind. two men were wounded in a north side park during a barbecue. this is about one city speaking with one voice. >> we do policing we do prevention. >> we also need parenting. the
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message is simple. put the gun down. >> we hear that message over and over again. the mayor says he is not going to stop here. >> reporting from the south side. a developing story. a student from from a bathroom window. >> christine staffer providing counseling to students. police have charged a man in connection with a violent robbery.
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charged with one count of felony robbery. the sat and the car and then off guard and parking lot wednesday evening. police were able to arrest smith after he used one of the women's credit cards. the party system that matches the description of the man wanted in a string of armed robbers. the south side teenager charged with trying to get away with the gun used to kill a 14 year old. one of six people charged in connection with the april 28th shooting death of india martin. both are charged as juveniles. an autopsy it was done this morning on the woman who apparently drowned in waters off of a lake
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forest beach. the victims identified a 32 year-old. >> being laid to rest today. >> friends and family gathered for a funeral service said the church in arlington heights. his father and mother or their visiting john and his family. authorities have still not said what might have led to the shooting. under investigation in which the two were allegedly involved.
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>> has yet to respond to the new report. many raising concerns about a questionable deal involving the clerk of the circuit court. >> the better government association reports that the cook county state's attorney is now looking into unusual real-estate transaction. >> they square-foot parcel of land was essentially given to brown by a longtime campaign contributor free of charge >> gave the property to cook in 2011 without any payment. the property was then transferred to brown's private for-
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profit develop the company. the chicago tribune says talk of a way give the property. the lawyer told them that the land was eventually on syllablunassailable. as a walk and $70,000. the government watchdog says the deal is ethically questionable. >> a free parcel of land from one of her major contributors. them to run around and sell the parcel for $100,000. >> means a realistic view increases scrutiny. the cook county state's
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attorney let it be known that the prosecutors are already investigating a hundred and 66 bowman dollars in grant money. >> republicans say the controversy grant program amounted to a campaign slush fund. no word yet from the clerk's office. the illinois senate passed a measure to keep the state's only poison control center from closing. >> someone from oslo's ahead a half million dollar deficit. the center will get an annual funding from a state phone tax that is already in place. the measure moves to the house for a vote. the first poison center in the nation. the sec >> the largest school district in the state is turning
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down a federal lunch program that is supposed to provide healthier meals. >> the national school lunch program that will cost the district $900,000 federal subsidy. the board thinks it is worth it. it is a federal guideline and will result in unappetizing choices. to my school that water is renaming its studio theater in honor of her dreams. >> he died in february at the age of 69. the theater will be dedicated next saturday. >> later there's a new bear. >> the bears used
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the 14th overall pick in this year's nfl draft >> another donald sterling audio tape this week. >> a
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>> the big storm sweeps across the great plains bring a
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strong wind heavy rain and tornadoes. three tornadoes hit minnesota yesterday including this one in st. james. the storm chasers shot this video says it was a hundred miles wide. two tornadoes touched down in colorado. there's a tornado warning in texas or seven on our winds were reported in some spots. damage was reported. several military allies are now in nigeria. >> there will work with a team to search for the girls and create strategies. the organization of beck of the girl's last month from a boarding school. amnesty international claims nigerian forces were warned hours before. >> the final resting place for the remains of some victims is causing
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anger for some period of bring in closure to others. the unidentified man to be moved from the medical examiner's office. >> the remains will be transferred in a solemn procession. some people are angry. they want their remains and to end above ground on the memorial plaza. >> at least three people were killed and 25 others injured during clashes today. the violence comes on the same day as the russian president. >> democrats will decide today whether to participate in a select committee to investigate the deadly than does the terrorist attack.
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tennisthe american ambassador and three other people were killed in that attack. a special panel will examine the circumstances that led up to the attack. a political ploy to keep controversy and play. obama administration is warning state and local school districts not to deny enrollment. u.s. education and justice department sent a letter saying they have become aware of the room and practices that will discourage participation of students. the letter did not single out any school district. >> the mayor is throwing his support behind hillary clinton for a possible run for the presidency. the mayor joined the ready for him every group. headlining to
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fund-raisers for the super political axes committee. he has seen firsthand how she has inspired people of all ages and could move the country forward. the wife of clippers owner donald sterling does not want to give up her half of the team. >> comes after a new recording that is believed to be of her husband. >> you do not think that. you know i am not a racist. the recording was posted by radar on line not >> you cannot for someone to sell property in america. the teams commissioner wants the other owners to force starling to
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sell the team. the second stage its first performance since the shocking accident that injured nine performers last week. >> >> they're recovering they're in great spirits. >> a feel your thoughts they feel your concerns they're so grateful to you. there'll be no aerial acts until the investigators determine how to make the apparatus safer. >> >> schedule pre bring your own marijuana concert.
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the city says will the sale of marijuana is legal in colorado promoting public consumption of pot is not. the sympathy could face fines if they go ahead. >> the woman's car was broken into she suspected her neighbor did it. >> told a bulldozer driver than she wanted a trailer and septic tank destroyed. she said it was ours. showed >> neighbor's trailer was destroyed by the end. police arrested him fofurfur criminal mischief. walgreen's response to reports that they may be considering moving their headquarters to downtown chicago. >> later in lunch break a childhood
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ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. lost ground after a weeshocking week. the dow off about 28. published reports say walgreen's considered moving its headquarters from deerfield to the side of the main post office. the owner of the old building negotiated with walgreen's without reaching an agreement. >> what the approach the state of illinois about possible tax incentives. nothing came of it. walgreen's will only say it is not currently engaged with developers on any location. >> to have settled charges with the federal trade commission that they deceived customers.
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fauteuils and videos and using application are supposed to disappear after a set time limit. there's several ways for people to save files sent to them. the company did nodeny. in new attraction opens downtown. it is sure to get your heart racing. >> instead of simply walking up into a big glass box they can move. >> 1,000 ft. above michigan have in a period opens to the public tomorrow. teen-age sweethearts separated by war finally married after 70 years. but the happy couple in indianapolis. met and fell in love just before world war two broke out.
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the lost touch after the army sent albright overseas. after he told the story to a local magazine the reporter tracked her down. he did not waste any time asking her to marry him. popped the question after just one month. >> after all of these years. >> wedding you're not going to forget. >> i love it. after being reunited he says he will make sure to never lose martha again. >> next in sports the barris like a cornerback carl fullekyle ♪
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not shift to safety. he is a corner. that is how we see him. we see him as a guy who has a lot of versatility in terms of coverage. in terms of covering different types of athletes. former heisman trophy winner went to cleveland with the 22nd pick. tonight there select 19 in the second round. the cubs finally found their offense. the lights up a run in the third until into the rizzo puts the cubs ahead with a to run home run. only lasted four innings for the white sox. the chicago cubs up three. the first grand slam of his career. every cubs player has at least one hit. they avoid the sweet 12-5. andrew shaw will not play in game 4. he
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has not played since suffering a lower body injury. >> shook up: the hawks got back to practice yesterday. then smith moved up to the top line. move to the third line of his back in the lineup after getting benched. the lineup after gettceisbenched. e atel ng t resanhyo,an thym eaicis-8
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a dark and gloomy start to the day. and as court is out there now. the weekend is going to be ok. well timed is its smothers day
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weekend. it will not be in all weekend rain. check, the rain gauge. that is a volunteer her observation of group. i do not know why we would do without observers like that. the sun came out last evening produced this double rainbow. these are these prison like array of color that show on patches of clouds. they're all in capturing attention as today. taking a
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picture of the lake front scene right there on a beautiful and warm almost summer like it. enough to convince this fella and his rabid colleagues just to try to take it easy of there. that was a sudden the version in summerlike warmth. here are those on this guys became three rainshowers. heavy rains more than 2 in. in some areas. here's the review of those things exiting the area. for the most part we my pop an isolated sure. it looks like most of the rain is over for now. it will be tonight. but mothers do we could get some the storms to come into the area.
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>> a real soaking at midway airport. he tells us he received 2.07 in. of rain. scatter dried down the gulf coast. another tornado and southern missouri. it will reunite again as storm number to move into the picture. that was a record parco. ups of the ears and going back to 1920. at a hammer that is
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the warmest may 8th and a half century. even the lakefront was 25 degrees warmer. the afternoon is pretty nice. this is what we call a drive slot. brett where the jet stream plows into and spins up a storm system. we will have sunshine gusty wind and slowly lowering humidity's. he thinks 76 tomorrow and 81 on mother's day. it is interesting that yesterday we were warmer than the primarilphoenix l.a.. look at the temperatures there. everyone of them was below the
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89 that we had in chicago yesterday. >> and is 70 malan chicago. there's been modest cooling. it is a beautiful day out there. >> there's a flood advisory. winter storm watches. the next one could lay down another and children. actual amounts may vary. you will be touching some rain. here is a map of how much rain through monday morning. these will come in bursts. it will not be in all we can bring. chance of thunderstorms rest of the day. 70
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percent on monday. there could be severe weather on monday or monday night. 74 at midway. nothing shoddy about those readings. can cut and degrees of of a temperature of 20 degrees above normal >> the wind is sustained at o'hare. we have a water temperature of 56 decrees. unfortunately all of the pollen is off the chart thai.high. >> here goes the storm that made the rain this morning. another storm begins to develop. we go back into the '80s during the day on sunday afternoon.
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>> severe weather will the south and west of us tomorrow. could be some very active weather as we bring that warm humid almost summer like air and for one more shot. >> unseasonably cool the middle and end of next week. kind of that to the same pattern we have been in. it shall pass. for this afternoon not quite as warm. still way above normal. lower humidity would win diminishing and a low temperature down to 53. >> bills must be fireworks in the background because it will not be lightning tomorrow. i have to
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hit the lightning bug and on the computer. >> any time you forecast a 70 degree weekend against the fireworks should be going off. >> canonized by pope benedict the 15th. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor
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before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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the latest great for the nation's report card are in. they're not showing much improvement for high-school seniors. apparently not improved in reading or math in 12 years. scored at or above proficient in reading while 26 percent met or exceeded the proficiency market. asian-pacific islanders did best in both categories. african-american scored the lowest in reading and math.
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the owner. he is taking part in the chef playground
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event. he is here with a recipe. it is a lot healthier. it is a little bit more playful. >>i think they are adorable. >>we are making an avocado puree. basil, limejuice and blend it. that is it. >>you typically think of cilantro. it gives the green color back into avocado. it is a prettier shade. >>here we will make the feelingfilling. >>add asian spices. it has citrus overtones. a little yellow curry. let
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that cook. it simmers and develops the flavors. already made up plates. >>a little cucumber sals. i like to call it. garlic peanuts. add to that crunch. homemade hot sauce. they are perfect. they look adorable. >>it is for a good cause. it happens on may 15th. >>there will be
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about 20 chefs around there. it is for agc. >>it is all of us who get to taste the wonderful treats. it is our version of taste of chicago. >>we go back to our childhood and remember what our favorites are. >>make it at home and you can taste it at the event. >>tickets are still available. >>still tickets available it is about 200 dollars. you get meals from
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all of the different chefs. >>we are going to have a great time. >>a lot of chefs have had a beautiful ambiance >>you gave us all of the recipes. we will have those on our website. the second annual playground event benefits the acggc. >>for tickets playground. we will have that link on our website.
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barbaric a cool air. watch out of warm air research's again. that is because the storm is going to lift out of the central rockies.
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'70s are forecast this afternoon. eighties are forecast on sunday mother's day. here's a closer look at the temperatures. there'll be lake breezes on the beaches. that goes away on mother's day as southerly winds blow. you can see the next form coming into the rockies. precipitation up there will be proliferating as the system jumps out and opened up the gulf of mexico watched the cloud spinning. look at the isobars pack. right up from the gulf. a direct feed of tropical air. it looks like
12:57 pm
on monday we can get 70 percent thunderstorms. >> the cooler air starts coming into the area. 76 tomorrow. crowds wilclouds will increase. monday and monday night as well. pretty good showers and storms tuesday. three showers and '60s the rest of next weekbrief showers d '60s the rest of the rest of next weekbrief showers d '60s the rest of the week.
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the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. ( bell ringing ) ( radio playing latin music ) mrs. feffer says my hands are too small. i say your mouth's too big. she says maybe i should switch to the clarinet. proves my point. next year, i get to be in the band. whoa, they should put you in the corner at shea. i'd go for a hell of a lot less than 29 mill.


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