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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 12, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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her little boy is left abandoned inside. it is all caught on security camera. we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country. the blowing it is recovering. more on our top story. >> if three-year-old is recovering here. more than likely to good samaritan save this child life. the time is just after 1130. a busy intersection of 59 and damon. just mrs
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hitting another car. it is hard to see but the driver flees the scene. the three-year old still in the backseat. the good samaritan rushes to the vehicle. he can cpr life-saving measures. a police sergeant soon arrives and helps resuscitate the child. the almost 12 hours later the vehicle is gone. the police tape and debris remains. >> and one thing is for sure if phil is not for the good samaritan the story could have a much better ending. please continue to search for the
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driver. hospital officials really can't tell as much of the time that the three rows condition has stabilized. >> this developing story. the cdc has confirmed a second case of mers. officials say this new cases in florida. in travelling from saudi arabia contract officials and the florida department of health have scheduled a press conference. >> about one-third of those to develop symptoms from it died. severe thunderstorm warning is now in effect for parts of the chicago area. some are still
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cleaning up after sunday's role of there. storms have trigger an explosion in tthe deep tunnel. fortunately no one was hurt. engineers with the water district here to come up with a plan about what to do next. this is not the first time this is happened. people who live nearby heard a roaring sound. of a sudden i saw it explode with water. sand and water everywhere. they spent apartments left a mess. it was like an ocean wave. cost
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explosion created a crater at heritage. indiana firefighters rescued a family of six from histology. southbound near 84 flooded. the roof of the hotel collapsed in the 4200 block of west jefferson. >> during this morning's rush 145th and harlem. engineers thought their fix was added accurate. it is
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a very complicated system. it is a huge system. there is nothing like this in the world. we're going to do everything it can to ensure that it does not happen again. >> the last time engineers redesigned the cover. this time the water still powerful enough to lift up. the district says it could take two months to make this fix. >> residents and nebraska were left to clean up massive damage from another midwestern it up. heavy rain pummeled beat area leaving thousands without power. the city of sidon was the hardest hit. this is the worst weather that seen in decades. so far only one minor injury has been reported. 75 homes destroyed and
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hundreds of people forced to evacuate after a wild fire broken out in texas. fire began yesterday near amarillo. no injuries have been reported. a fire is 45% on conducthe fire is 45% under control. >> more than a foot of snow and counting and colorado. a major snowstorm dumped 12 plus inches of snow on denver. one day after temperatures at the '70s and '80s. created some rough conditions. the fire started on the second floor of east high school. about 30 people were in the auditorium for a school play. no one was hurt. the building was evacuated as it was filled with smoke. the high school is closed today and tomorrow while school officials were gun relocating classrooms and
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activities. the cause is still under investigation. the suburban and is held on $50,000 bond after being charged with giving take place to the marijuana to a top there. >> confronted by police he turned the takeover to officers and men he knew what was in it. state police nearly triple the number of tickets written for distracted driving during the first four months. the new law went into effect at the beginning of the year. >> compared with 1200 tickets for the same period last year. chicago which banned hand-held cell phones issued
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more than 16,000 tickets from january to april. many of these drivers say they did not know the law changed. former treasury secretary blasts the senator and his new book. and the book he criticizes dirk forewarning officials in china in 2009 not to buy u.s. treasury bonds because u.s. spending was driving the country towards the fall. say he was undermining american interest on foreign soil. a longstanding political tradition he did not criticize the united states while your abroad. >> the terror group that kidnapped hundreds of school girls. phew the mother of a victim is speaking up. mother of a victim is speaking up. >>
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released in video showing some of the girls during moslem headdresses. the terrorist group leader claims the girls have converted to islam and he says in the video he is willing to exchange
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them for prisoners. nearly 300 girls were deducted from the school on april 14th. some later escaped but it is 276 are still missing. >> israel plans to send a team of terrorism experts. pro russian rebels in eastern ukraine say about 90 percent of voters supported seceding. the vote was held to legitimize to independent people's republics and eastern ukraine. >> western governments have also rejected the referendum. respect the results of the vote. it is not clear if the two provinces declared independence will seek to be annexed by russia. all three victims from a disaster have been found. the balloon was following. it
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caught fire and crashed. the bodies of two passengers were found on friday. the official said he had more than 30 years of flying experience. all of the balloons had up-to-date safety record and retract up before the flight. the national transportation safety board is investigating. a psychologist testified today that the south african track star has an anxiety disorder. he is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. he says it was a tragic mistake. testifying for the defense psychologist told the court that he is an anxiety disorder brought on by his unstable child had. he says it would have been impossible for his parents to comfort him after the surgery because it was done at such a young age. also cited his parents' divorce. we learned last week that police are reopening in 1991 murder case in which five
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teenagers were wrongly convicted and they served prison time. today the mother of the victim is speaking up. reopening this case puts her back and an emotional roller coaster. five teenagers were arrested after an investigation in 1991. with the 37 tennis. wanted to be an accountant. she is a good girl. i was trying to move forward until i got the call sane they are going back corp saying they're going >> back to >> and open up more wins. i had to live through
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all over again. i thought it was all over with. we have leads. if things that we're more aggressively working on. it is really something where we tell it to everyone to do this the most thorough way. the lead on this case as well. they do have a name attached to that dna. that is the evidence that set the five men free. police are not rushing to charge him right now. he is a convicted sex offender. just want to make sure they have a rock-solid case. >> the l.a. clippers owner is not apologizing for his racist statement. spoke about the infamous audiotape or he was heard telling his girlfriend that he did not want her associating with african americans. during the interview took responsibility for what he said. he also blamed his
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girlfriend for baiting him. >> am i entitled to one mistake after 35 years? >> i love my leak. i love my partners. it is a terrible mistake. i've never do it again. it is hard for me. it is very hard for me. i am wrong. i caused a problem. i don't know how to correct it. fellow owners are scheduled to hold a vote to force him to sell the team. the washington monument is reopening its doors to the public today after nearly three years. the reopening ceremony took place this morning to commemorate the newly constructed land park. $15 million facelift after being damaged by an earthquake. the first public tours will begin this afternoon. tickets are currently sold up until mid june. a dog living in an
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animal shelter once that is very slim chance of being adopted. until volunteers turned the disability into the right fit for one family. rosie is a three year-old pit bull who is also a deaf. a volunteer at the humane society decided to teach rose a sign language. rosina's them all. finally a family with a special connection to adopt a rosy. her new owner is also deaf. >> the family already know sign language. learning her signs is easy and they plan to teach her more. >> in the report suggests that apple might released in the iphone earlier than expected. staggering unemployment rates. illinois ranks in the country. clear
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leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. [ roars ] market indexes were pushed to all-time highs. the company said it would be acquired by kosher bams. the dow up just a hair over 100 points. nearly after five years thereafter the recession and a plan that rateof unemployment ranks third. the jobless rate in illinois peaked at 11: 4% before slowly dropping. experts point to several factors including the state's housing slump and a decline in manufacturing and a temporary tax hike. also ranks of the bottom of the list for creating new jobs. the iphone
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6 could be released earlier than expected. the company is moving away from its earlier stand for a small handset. according to reports apple moved up the launch date for the first model to august. as we just reported in illinois on a point rate is nearly the worst in the nation. that is one of the topics being discussed today. >> thank you for being with us. what takes place at these events? >> will we hope to accomplish is to have an enormously large public square. have these conversations across our region what
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we're finding out is what is on people's minds. i can tell you first him from having attended to mealtime conversations that is what is on people's minds inspirational. they have a passion and cared deeply about their community. they want to work together. >> also putting these ideas on the table for improving the city. i'm amazed at how many people you want to get involved. behalf of her a thousand different. more than 10,000 people are a gauge: one day. the conversation about the future a cut of your >> lot of this deals with problem solving. we just mentioned and it is unemployment rate.
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>> people clearly talk about safety and educational opportunities. people are not complaining. people have great ideas for what they could do to make their communities better. to create better opportunities. then proving outcomes for residents in the southern suburbs to stabilizing and neighborhood like beaumont to insure the home ownership remains strong. >> you're also employing social media's of room to have everyone can have input. >> that is a way to gather additional ideas. we have an active social media we're coming in towards the top of the twitter list already. a lot of people are sharing their thoughts.
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we'll take all of these ideas and we will use them to help chart our course. was there a catalyst for this? this is our 99th anniversary. we were realizing that 100 years ago a small group of people have the idea for the chicago community trust. it has served our community for 99 years. almost $2 billion in grant resources have been available and distributed. the fish small group of people could have such a powerful idea what would 10 thousands people's ideas amount to? >> i invite
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everybody to come out. if you go to bear on the table 2014 had to beg, there is a listing of restaurants that are hosting mealtime conversations throughout the day. look at our web site, the table 2014. we've really generated extraordinary energy and enthusiasm to appear, to keep that going. a lot of discussion on on the table discussions. the black hawks pulled ahead of the minnesota law old.wild
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already has four game-winning goals in the playoffs. he made sure the hawks stayed undefeated. he goes from end to end and gets his own rebound to put minnesota ahead.
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still up one goal in the third. his sixth of the playoffs. still tied at one. he places on that. he finally pulled stood and. they could clinch the series in game 6 tomorrow night. several white sox smothers throwing out the first pitch. he hits a high fly ball to center. ms. judges and falls down. it to run home run. the white sox only landed four hits and they lose five-one. the cubs trying to avoid a sweep. he hits one deep to right and off the wall. a drive deep to right. to round score and it is all tied up. puts the price back
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up with a solo home run. only gave three runs over six innings. 12 games below 500.
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some pretty scary storms last night. some roman and wisconsin are not areas north of the city. we're under it thunderstorm watch. we're not done with this yet. many view submitted some spectacular photos of the storms last night. dramatic cloud moving in right there. that is something. the storm produced hail and lots of it.
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shuttle's main storms were widespread. they affect many areas. the rainfall was stunning. it produced this flooding. send us the shot of sunday night's storm. looked like a sideways tornado. that is an observation. look at this. this tree down by sunday night's storm. one of her
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neighbors called this the wicked as stormy as seen in 50 years. suspected it might be the product of microbursts. those are those little gusts of wind. they have extreme velocity. at the ground and spread out in all directions. this is the view looking north of lake shore drive. we have some pretty good storage trucking up to the north of us. these things are formidable. they reach up to 35,000 ft. in the atmosphere. there uc
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the storm's coming along and there are returns coming in on the returns. we have a lot of rain. the southern suburbs favored for the heaviest rain. we will show you some of these rain numbers. here are the storm the reports. look how widespread the latest spring storms reaches. the circulation was on the ground. you for the interstate 55. you get into the snow storm on the backside of the system. this is one of your full purpose storms as you can see. here's the view from geneva. a
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beautiful weekend ahead of all of this. the warmth and humidity that powered the storms. 81 was the high on mother's day. these are the warmest saturday sunday daytime temperatures that occurred in chicago. there is a today animation. you see these repetitive clusters of thunderstorms they look like explosions taking place. the thunderstorm watch was in effect. flood watches and these green areas. the storm has a wide reaching consequences. unseasonably cooler air comes in. there are flood advisories and winter storm warnings. here's a
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severe weather risk area today and tonight. the current satellite view. >> here's where the showers will be this evening. here is the forecast at midnight. what comes across and is hope for trail is the fact that these things will be scattered. where they occurred they could have wind and gusty windhail and gusty wind. 84 at st. louis now. a closer
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look at some of the chilly temperatures smiling on the mountains. 77 at lansing at this hour. it is a warm humid day with a strong wind blowing from the southwest. even without thunderstorms their sustained. the wind is at 13. even the mold spores have come up to moderate. not a very comfortable day in that respect. that is a sprawling canadian high. a
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little break coming after some really spectacular temperatures. we have some of them right now. could be a little sunshine and muggy this afternoon. a high of 85 today. a thunderstorm warning is in effect. showers and thunderstorms in clusters with low temperatures overnight down to 65. showers and storms tomorrow morning turning partly cloudy not as warm in the afternoon. only 61 on wednesday with early son building and yielding the instability caused. to the
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at lord hospital in naperville is using robots and you see lights to kill germs. killing germs and bacteria on surfaces and in the air. several chicago area hospitals also use robots and patient rooms and operating rooms. the system can reduce their rate of hospital acquired infections. the new prostatic arm would be the first device to respond to several commands. the arm which has now been approved uses the electrodes to detect missile detection. it has
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six career patterns. the next that the company is now looking for a commercial partner to manufacture them. >> this is not any tapioca. it must be very fancy. we're making tapioca with distinctions
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it is our inspired but tone of my favorites. what is the other? and is almost like a kool-aid. . we're making a little tapioca. starting with 3 c. of heavy cream. when the head and got us going. his sweet creamy taste. a half a teaspoon of sentiment.cinnamon. >>some gelatin in
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iceo cold water. we use sheet gelatin. you can also use powdered gelatin. the sheet is easier to work with. i like the results better. >>this is going to give us the bubble texture. kind of like a rice pudding. we are going to chill it down over rice. heat it up and cool it down. we have a finished product. we have layered some
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vanilla cake. we make something that tastes like homemade cinnamon toast crunch. i love the fun ideas. >>t3ell me a little about this one. she loves cheez its.
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>>brought a couple of other desserts with you. >>we sell that at little goat. >>this is one of the desserts. >>we promised there wasw going to be some rhubarb. >>not quite so crunchy. we do have all the directions. thanks for coming all the directions. thanks for coming in.
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making us number one in motorcycle insurance. isn't this romantic. it was. going the distance to save you more. now, that's progressive. he have some powerful storms cruising southern wisconsin with the temperatures on the plains states. about ready for an extended period to go into the northwest. a late- season version of arctic air. but ultramar to the mid
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to upper 60s. you can see the cool air and the way it takes up dominance. there is a cooler air on wednesday thursday and friday and saturday. the irony is that it has softened in the case. >> 70 tomorrow. morning rain and thunderstorms partly cloudy in the afternoon. instability showers. to be up to the mid to upper 60s by sunday and monday i'm afraid not repeat on the 80's and 70's this coming repeat on the 80's and 70's this coming weekend.
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the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. how many times, manuel? i don't want to go. it's no longer an issue. my mother will take care of felice. please, manuel, it's hot. i don't speak the language. but you loved it the first time. you thought it was romantic. well, i like chocolate chip but not every night. happy birthday, mom. happy birthday. i don't get it. i did voice, dance, movement. two call-backs for guys and dolls. i still can't get a part. maybe you don't have any talent. hey, that's my corn brulee. i don't have any talent? who are you-- tom cruise? ( gunfire )


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