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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 21, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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parts of the chicago area started today under water. we are drying out and warming up. we're opening our viewers for watching us around the country. our top story have ukraine hailed damaging wind lightning and flight cancellations as powerful thunderstorms rumbled through the chicago area. in the southwest suburbs over night i 35 flooded. the downpour soaks that area. cars were able to maneuver but there were plenty of delays. many residential streets were also flooded last night as the russian runoff had nowhere to go. some pretty scary lightning over night. one building was hit by a
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lightning bolt from above. >> to the spot where the lightning struck the apartment building. the flames were short-lived the damage was quite extensive. her sons or back this morning to get the room were after things and reliving last night fretting or dill. it was almost like a huge shock on. it hit the side of the building. it went up in smoke. it started smoking. they evacuated everybody and made sure all of the kids wrote. this on the first floor of the 12th in a building in the condominiums and oak forest. i was not that concerned. the fire alarm started
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going off. my neighbor punting on the door saying get out the building and gun fire. than was one of the. >> so loud it snapped. i saw a short flame like fireworks and then it went up. as i get near the building flames burst out of the talks. . and ran over and started hitting all of the buzzers. fortunately everybody made it out alive. >> a woman charged with murdering her young daughter to physical abuse will face a judge at any minute now.
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>> police have been called to the home. neighbors reported seeing yellow police tape around the house. inside officers found hasting mendoza covered in blood with trauma to her head and body. she was pronounced dead at the scene. according to police and the spokesperson authorities remained at the scene for hours going over the house looking for clues. >> please investigation determined that
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they're responsible for the injuries which led to the charges. report >> and had no previous contact with the family. >> that happened about two weeks ago in the old town neighborhood.
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>> to said ending to a rescue attempt on lake michigan. rescuers found more than 100 ft. out from shore. struggling in the water. rescuers got to the spot rather less seen. the victims were 36 and for his role. >> tools approved before the state allowed it. the city
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has collected more than a half-million dollars worth of funds. justices are hearing oral arguments today. the legal analysts as the law could be declared unconstitutional. >> there shall be no local laws that are different than the state lost when it comes to traffic supreme >> court concession. >> present obama is turning to punish.
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>> regulating electronic cigarettes on the agenda.
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>> >> in this city must also sell them from behind the counter. the men have died if not for quick work of chicago paramedics. levitt the fire academy. >> you know the first responders to exempt three work every day. it is not every day that they get proper recognition. that is exactly what happened here this morning. some of those rescued joining in a big show of celebration and depreciation. according to the mom of the three year- old he would not be
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here today. >> know the outcome. if they did not show up as fast as they did. we knew the outcome. they told us. he had to be resuscitated during a family outing. thrill to see lieutenant and crew recognize tibet along with many other first responders during this award ceremony. the heroes were just as thrilled to see him. >> full of life of hope and that is all i wanted. who knows he might take my place. >> an emergency call came from the home of police department veteran john murphy last october. he had collapsed. he was
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revived nine times. when you dial 911 and some people like this show to make people like my wife and two sons >> clearly a lot of emotion to the. points up at the majority of emergency calls on any given day are ems and not fire. >> the blackhawks at a united center gearing up for tonight's game against the kings. >> several members of '85 bears are among the group of exporters suing the nfl over controversial health issue. >> issue. >> >>fow
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it happened early this morning during the state's border. investigators said the bus was rolling along. the bus swerved to avoid the pipes. the driver of the big rig was not injured. the u.s. supreme court. >>
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>> a fund meant for renovating the presidential palaces. sentenced to three years in prison while his sons received for your sentences. there were also fined $3 million. >> open to the general public beginning today. the museum holds a number of items recovered from the world trade center debris. as was the unidentified remains of some of the victims. >> generating controversy over the high commission fees. $24 to get in. the sale of souvenirs. among the items on sale at the gift shop bracelet
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stuffed animals and scarves with images of the twin towers. some families of 911 victims say they cannot what their loved ones remember that way. the memorial and a museum will cost an estimated $64 million a year to run. perceives no government funding and relies on donations ticket revenue and money from the gift shop. three of the '85 bears are part of another lawsuit against the nfl. among 500 retired players who claim the nfl and team is pumped them full of pain killers to keep them on the field. one player says the trucks were handed out like candy which led to addiction. doctors would not warn players about possible side effects and hit serious injuries from them. he played a broken neck and ankle. played an entire season on a broken leg. the nfl has not commented. >> l.a. clippers owner tried to cover
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up the scandal that could cost him his franchise. l.a. times reports the findings of an nba investigation. sterling asked to tell investigators the recordings were altered and that the voice was not his. in the report also says sterling and his wife were not as strange as they appear. i know we're doing the right thing here. it is unprecedented proceeding. >> the nba is giving sterling until tuesday to respond to the allegations. he can defend themselves at a hearing. a controversial ordinance that would of a bullying a crime. penalties for
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the proposed ordinance included a fine and court ordered counsel. when stories of police kids something needs to be done. residents who opposed the measure says parents should be measuring their parents' behavior and the law makers. continues to enjoy the 15 minutes of fame. >> you can see a four year-old boy get attacked by a dog and that is when the cat jumps in and scared the dog away. got to talk the first pitch of a minor league baseball game. the plan was to have the cat hit a ball on the strength. that apparently did not work. what is on board with you when you fly. in a report on the cleanliness of their plans.airplanes.
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hundred and 39 points. markets are all. the doctor about a hundred and 39. target continues to lure shoppers into the stores. recent results include a forecast for the rest of the year. showing the difficult challenges facing the retail giant. target announced the exit of the sea of its laugh lackluster performance.amidst its lackluster performance. >> an interim basis by the seal. the online auction site
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ebay is the most recent victim to cyber hackers. criminals have possession of customer information that includes names passwords e-mail and physical addresses. the company says the passwords were encrypted. there is no telling when or how as a precaution they are resetting everyone's password. the company is not say how many of the 148 million active accounts were affected. a spokeswoman says the tax impact a large number of accounts. the government wanted airlines to disclose fees for checked baggage and other services. the u.s. department of transportation proposed rules yesterday requiring u.s. carriers to specify for costs for those extra charges. this includes online purchases. the regulations also require on-line sites to provide more detailed information on ticket costs. a
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tennis facility that will be built on the south side. the villager will be built on the former site of the robert taylor homes. the $9 million center will have 17 outdoor tennis courts. >> a tennis player from the south side is heading to the french open this weekend. she is ranked no. 202 in the world. we certainly wish her luck. >> the blackhawks are preparing for game 2 tonight against the kings at game 2 tonight against the kings at
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vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. the blackhawks will go for a 2-0 series lead. they'll have to do it without andrew shaw. he practiced. he said he wanted to play tonight but that's not going to shoot for game 3 on saturday. he says the extra days of rest will be good for him and the long run. he has not played since game 1. after practice yesterday talked about how much she hates missing time. you want to be out there helping the team to win. the guys did well. the camera are the first game against the kings. the sox to
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sit back and watch. rather be a hundred percent to come back and be there for the long run. the cubs, and derek yeutter before his final series at wrigley field. the chicago cubs up one run in the fourth. the cubs win their third straight. also the first team in the majors to beat him. the white sox (the eighth. it's a three run homer to dead center for a seventh of the year. the bullpen may interesting. tying runs aboard he makes a stop and those from his knees to end the inning. the white sox and 7-6. the defending champion miami heat trying to tie the series. the pacers down six with only a 10th of a second left in the half. he
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across the sky while the spectacular shot comes from eric hines. >> look at that. those are called streamers' when you get these arcs of light and to get horizontal lightning to go horizontal the across the sky. beautiful light and shot. choses this angry looking sky the isolated lower end of the cloud. the base of the cloud their is often from a feature like that they get a tornado to descend. it is taken in melbourne. hale was a big story last night. jeffrey john shows us this group of hailstones. lightning at the ballpark. the big grain went into late into the cubs
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game. >> check out this lightning discharge over westmont. trees downed and or lend park. wind gusts up to 70 mi. per hour. this total shows us the storm bearing down on the area between sugar grove and yorkville. some any more shots. it had about one facebook on our website. i cannot even begin to think you. it is hard picking the best of these out. they're all spectacular. here's the fog. we looking at lake shore drive. you see the fog coming in the end. a little bit of a breeze off of the lake. but the temperature down to the dew point there. led to the dense fog. it is burning off now. this follows the second warmest day of the year. time of the year were 71 is
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normal. the satellite review shows this explosion of storms right there. those of the once they came across the area. they extended at one point. they sense moving up into pennsylvania. even had a couple of thunderstorms popping down to the south of us. you see towering cumulus net buyinnimbus. >> we are looking at the upper air balloon sightings. the top of the clot 70 below zero. 85 degrees on the surface. the top of the clouds had readings almost 80 below zero. that is how you get hail to form. >> water goes into the top of the cloud where it is cold and you get ice to form. the continuing top draft keep coating of ice with more and more water that
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freezes. if you look at the hailstone some of the pictures we got shall be a regular shapes.showed the regulr shapes.irregular shapes. >> the hailstones were large. that is baseball size of an ogle county. naperville had to and diameter. these essentially were anything from ping- pong size to as much as baseball size. here's where the rain was heaviest. aver the southern suburbs. there were some downpour's up to the north. calumet city had over an inch. here is the fault burning off. revealing the skyline. you will see how the sun shine has emerged
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and the tfog has thinned out. >> temperatures yesterday were in the mid-80s. we will be close to that today. you can see in our current temperature plot how it is only 60 of minneapolis. this is that high pressure that is selling south word in our direction. we will push the warm air out of the way. temperatures tomorrow will be closer to 70. abdul looked north no really cold air there. we will warm up again over the memorial day weekend. temperatures are falling out to the west compared to 24 hours ago. you see how the wind picks up out here. brighter colors sure you are the wind is strong. the northwest winds will come in and blow the drier air. the fog will continue to fade. it will feel less humid. 82 at
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midway 82 it out here. 83 at woodstock and rockford. the wind is not terribly strong now. the dew points which represent moisture are at the gulf coast 60 degree levels right now. as you go northwest see how they drop. it is a pretty dry air mass. much drier than it is in the city. that is what is coming our way. humidity at o'hare is down to 34%. the dew point has dropped to 51. bad news on the palm frond. mold grass tree all moderate, buy wheat pollen.tight wheat po. >> at 4:00 we will get you burn. you want to wear sunscreen. it is getting to that time of the year. >> west-northwest
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winds 8-15 mi. per hour. tonight is partly cloudy. a low down to 55. northwest wind at 8-15. high of 70 in the end. cooler at the lake shore. on friday mostly sunny seasonable temperatures 73. a little lake breeze will bring '60s to the beaches. we'll have a little lake: on saturday getting up close to 80. into the '80s on sunday. might even get up to 89 on memorial day. memorial day is not traditionally nice. >> we certainly had a wild mix. sometimes you get a 90 degree day and there. other days it is kind of crummy. it depends on the season. i still think we're getting into a warm summer. i think we're turning a corner with this pattern. >> we'll talk more about memorial day on the update.
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>>mr.t was born here in chicago. what does his full nam
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>> when you get on an airplane is not just the other passengers you're flying with. dangers' potentially deadly bacteria in person and he colette. scientists
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also learned that the call i can live on a tray tables for three days. >> cut down on the bacteria and use hand sanitizer when you leave the flight. >> assigned to sit atop cancer killers in the united states will be pancreas long and liver cancer. that is according to a new report in the american association for cancer research journal. they look at trends and death rates between 2006 and 2010. combined with expected u.s. demographic changes. there used to predict the numbers. the cancer related death rate has been increasing as a result of improved screening and treatment options. that from prostate and colon cancers are projected to drop that is caused by liver pancreatic
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bladder and leukemia cancers are expected to increase. >> is researchers launching the world's largest buddy. the study will focus on cognitive functions like memory and function. there's been no convincing evidence yet that radio waves for mobile phones affect health. most research has focused on adults. research has focused on adults. >>fow
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perfect for summer weather. we're going to have at this memorial day. we're making a barack salad. using broccoli in every possible way. basically we're making a broccoli salad. a take down my grandma's broccoli and cheddar cheese. >> the first thing we will do. while those are roasting we just take the stems and the park on the outside of the stems.
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>> the outside is not an st. this is the key. a little trickier. . after you shave you have a little lemon vinaigrette. a little salt and a little sugar. let those marinade for about 20 minutes. here we have a little greek yogurt. >> to agree kill there is all the rage. this is broccoli puree. >> what kind of put that on the plate.
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it looks so good. good and good for you with the broccoli that is what i love. >> to real common thing for memorial day. this is in a twist on that. it is pretty healthy. here comes a little and health report. a little bit of bacon just for some saltiness and smokiness. it is ok. a little bit of all men's on the plate. we also have a cracker. >>
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>> we packed in salt and sugar for a few days. what a nice idea. barack lemon kind of a classic combination. to finance the addition of we have fresh parmesan.we have fresh parmesan. >> kind of a visual. >> looks good and it tastes good. everything is better with parmesan. >> this is it. and
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yet on the menu currently. >> we're distorting the summer menu.just starting te summer menu. >> it has been tough this year. everything is a little behind. all the fresh vegetables are coming little bit later. this delicious broccoli salad. if you want more information in the 1729 north halsted street. we'll also have the step-by-step directions on how to make this real accretive broccoli salad.really creative accretive broccoli salad.really creative ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn?
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in the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. those ticket agents-- a 4.50 service charge and they stick us way in the back. at least the music was wonderful. i thought the strings were a bit shrill in the adagio. mmm, that tuna fish i threw out-- would you... would you put it out into the hall? ( phone ringing ) and open a window so we both don't die of the stench. hello, doris. why wouldn't i know who it was? i can't go to the corner store without you calling. lincoln center. mozart. frankly, mazur was not in very good shape tonight. i was very disappointed. however, i'd love to meet the man someday. lisa, is your aunt still up?


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