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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  November 24, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CST

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sandbags have been piled up and there are fears that the weight of rain on top of snow and buildings might cause it to some other roups the collapse. new york's mayor says resident should move valuables into the basement and a packet back and prepare for the possibility of evacuation. >> good morning, which continued as the warm temperatures early today but the temperatures will billy dropped quickly later today. send the children to school with severe cold. temperatures are in their 50s this morning when they come home today we could see some 10 and 15 and 20 degrees cooler as the cold air moves then. rinse moving to western illinois and will be here at lunch time today. so there will be rain came to us know what the
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potential for termination especially north of chicago along illinois and wisconsin border. we could see 3 in. of snow. 33 degrees afternoon temperature 23 by late tonight the mouth like a pitcher 31, wed. 35 temperatures tumble again for thursday 27 degrees at thanksgiving day. >> dr. tony will be here to talk turkey and for your pet you have some safety tips. >> a boy carrying a fake gun at a live shot by police and ohio, will have the latest details on the investigation. >> as well tell you why the city christmas tree is getting day heavecleveland polie
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department investigating fit shooting by two officers of the 12 year-old boy who pulled a bb gun from his waistband. the officers have been done administratively if they responded saturday to reports of the man pointed a gun at people and a park outside recreation center. the caller said the gun was probably fake but people were scared. when officers approached tamir rice people like done with our safety cap removed and died early sunday from two bullet wounds. one person dead others injured when
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a tour bus rolled over on the expressway in northern california. that ban sunday morning. california highway patrol says more than two dozen people were aboard all of them accept but driver were taken to hospital. minor injuries were treated and released. driver fatigue was a factor that brought hundreds of people gathered at indianapolis to pay tribute to one of the victims of terrorists. humanitarian aid worker abdul rahman kassig was beheaded even though each converted to islam. he was captured last year while delivering and burdensome supplies to refugees in syria civil war >> former washington d.c. mayor marion barry died yesterday at 78. he was elected mayor four times including after his conviction for smoking crack cocaine in 1990. he served six months in prison and made one of the most improbable comebacks in american political history. he did have health
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problems including a kidney transplant in 2009. the medical examiner determined heart disease was the cause of his death >> a christmas tree in reading pennsylvania is generating less july as residents complained that he's been the trade is $1 a spirit. it was planned to get a tree from a farm boy wonder went to pick up a farmer would not let the truck's drive on what ground so they found a replacement at a city park. some residents said the tree is pathetic and ugly >> is a pretty sad looking trey. >> it is not the trees fall. >> what would the pilgrims' tent? >> your forecast this week include the biggest travel day of deer and thanksgiving and
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black friday. the big change will come today, rain changes to snow temperatures falling quickly a line of showers going from chicago to all points west canto and lasalle county. we're looking at rain early this morning that will change clause the lunchtime. here is the rain and snow lined with green jake is the white that is where the cold air is moving in coming from the west and we will have ranging to snow by lunchtime today. by 12 to 1:00 what happened from west to east. areas of west of chicago was the the snow firth. it is winter weather advisory going to affect in bone and dekalb county residents but that is pointed the at noon and then as you travel further toward the east 3:00 p.m. to midnight from a candy cane and lake counties we don't have the advisory in effect for chicago. illinois and wisconsin border we
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could see for around 3 in. of snow depending on how much melts and how quickly the temperatures drop. 40 degrees at o'hare today xi temperature is 48 degrees but we'll go down to 33 with very strong winds gusting at 30 to 35 m.p.h.. tonight scan shows hours in will feel like winter. tuesday 31 degrees wednesday 35 degrees as we'll prepare for travel and per day. >> a couple of highlights, we do have an accident outbound 55 right there at the dan ryan taking up one lane. volume is light this will be cleared away quickly. because of the building collapsed late yesterday capulet rates closed from 59 to 57. the numbers look good on volume light will get to traffic updates in a few minutes. >> we learned coming
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up will play the super bowl halftime show >> next in sports much more coverage from soldier field as the bears over, a slow start to beat the buccaneers >> if you think about hitting the house and thanksgiving will carry about specials around town for example if you are good poehler will take it to a place offering free turkey if you blow a turkey. that story is coming up.
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good morning planet team as bad as the buccaneers picas 15 good minutes is all it takes. the bears were good on defense all day but plain scared of offense. mediocre execution and tentative game plan except in the third quarter when the defense when the afternoon. love smith made his return to chicago and might be triumphant. first quarter this gave tampa ball on the their site of the field and then tampa bay quarterback hit wide receiver and the " bigger player injured themselves and this court is cut down the west and nothing can today at halftime.
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this is where the bears defense took over three turnovers before the quarter was out. it took mat for tate one play to put the bears in front for good. 24 they touchdowns who passed is a a gale sayers on abortion touchdown list and they stagger to the second straight win by the same score 21-13. >> to hang in there at halftime bring it together tough conditions today will take the wind. we played good football team will take the wind and excited to move for it thursday in detroit. >> pressure and sacks and from the start of the game to the variant guys work force and to
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throw the ball early and then it's a place. we could not be happy with the result. >> the bears made it two straight. the bulls are playing you talk with some of the injuries will see who shows up to play. >> cox lose to the vancouver 4-1 and cowboys' defeat the giants' 31-28. katy perry will headline super bowl halftime show. she was rumored in august among finalists. she tweeted the news out from australia where she is gone to war. super bowl 49 will take place cirque refers to an arizona. >> xbox continues his straight week of games of the dow up 91. the nasdaq up 11. one man's bent is causing quite a distraction on the road. this because
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it looks like this and flipped over. it belongs to when i was a mechanic it is the second of van that he built like this so he drove the first one cross- country to convention and and after that was gone he sold it. shortly after he created at the belly up van to point though. it is the upside down and lifted off the frame parts are assembled around a ford ranger pickup truck. >> they're very clever and creative. >> this could be my next car. >> 20 degrees current temperature. expects temperatures to fall quickly as
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rain changes to snow. snow showers by 2:00 p.m.. 29 degrees five reasons to be glad u.s. pet for thanksgiving-not president obama explains why he will lay low during the 2016 race for the white house. >> caught on camera up what is this rare creature found 1,900 ft. on the ec. it will show you the video gamow's will have the big winners an
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after a south side building collapsed we live with the latest >> protests continue in force as an overnight as a grand jury postponed a decision that >> government when it may take away a big pension when leaves office at the death coming up next. >> 429 this morning >> a little snow on the way. >> not with unspoiled the booker is warmer than normal for a change. it was good yesterday. today is a different story temperatures will fall quickly as you look at the
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numbers will show them a second you make what is in the schools with a heavy jacket as a head, lunchtime temperatures will be 10 to 20 degrees cooler but then as they go to school this morning. raines also into portions of western illinois. it will make its way here at lunch time so we will have a plane with wendy conditions changing to wendy grains nomex and then all snow before the day is done. winter weather advisory issued and goes into effect at noon. blind snow will be your issue also was windy conditions as much as 3 in. nearer illinois and wisconsin border. aha is your seventh day forecast, temperatures fall 31 degrees tuesday and wednesday 35 degrees,
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>> accident on the rise of 30 as well, it is still blocking one line. closure at calumet farm building collapse is the date you will not be able to get through between 59 and 67th. >> new overnight, fire crews rescued through women and a dog trapped in rubble of a building collapse >> an apparent explosion in washington park bolides with details >> 78 year-old woman who was on the second floor at the time of the collapse was brought to the hospital in serious but critical condition. the 51 year-old woman who was on the third floor of the, the collapse was taken to your visit chicago hospital in serious critical condition. the fire
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department said both women were talking at the time they were pulled from the rubble >> no official word yet on whether it was an explosion or just the collapse, but we do know that just before 7:00 last night the fire department got several calls sang a building explosion and leveled a three story apartment building in the south calumet block. the first woman was arrested in 20 minutes the other
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>> of the grand jury in the ferguson was a ripple the shooting at reconvenes this morning >> will report a life as the city is on edge as protesters await a disappointing outcome >> reason prod the seven small but persistent. peaceful for the most part but not completely. on a protest in south st. louis monday night an argument started over traffic. while the l.a. times reporter was recording his video he says something hidden annette >> i did not see anybody for anything i can see what was. i felt like a cop on the head >> he tweeted a fall after getting patched up. there's been no sign of sporadic looting and
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vandalism seen a few months ago. community leaders admit it clear that a law that qaeda vitas to happen again.they don't want that kind of violence to happen again. inside the justice center at 12 member grand jury meets again to try to decide whether to indict officer wilson in the fatal shooting of on aren't 80 year-old michael brown and so on what charges. the line barricades were secured have the weekend the decision could come soon but does not have to be made until the january deadline. the father of the victim to a time to help a charity handouts thanksgiving turkeys ahead of what will be a difficult call this season for family >> is not going to be the best because my son is dogon of
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what i'm going to get through as far as i met someone else happy >> taking a look at cause stores this morning. add extra alarm fire killed 32 horses in as stable in north woodstock. five horses escaped and were found in a nearby pasture. losses were estimated at more the $1 million >> account commissioner jesus garcia said he will file its nominating signatures before today's mat line to get into the election. bob fioretti testified the day. it mayor emanuel file this decision last monday. >> a zagat of the archbishop's archbishop blase cupich archbishop blase cupich apologized for the pain that former priest inflicted >> the bears overcame a 10 point
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deficit and open the second half for 21 unanswered points. the defense forced four turnovers and sacked the other quarterback five times. the bears won 21-13 for a second step when spam bought the president obama says he's not sure what will it will play in 2016 campaign. he used a bit of self- deprecating humor to explain why he may while low. >> when you've been president for six years you can get danes, i think the american people want that new-car smell the what drive something of a lot that doesn't have as much mileage as me. >> the president said he considers every clinton a friend and she would be a great president as what other democrats >> did not expect a nuclear agreement between the u.s. and iraq any time soon after it observers
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say iran and its united states and for other world powers are far from a deal that was the iran promised to dial down its nuclear ambitions. also state department of fish said today's deadline it will be extended. just last week the supreme leader of iran's call for the destruction of israel >> of the gov. quinn leaves office in january he will take a nice parting gift for his work for the state of illinois. this get $136,000 a year. he has not said when or if he will be collecting. he began as an aide to then gov. dan walker in 1973 to serve as state treasurer and lieutenant governor before taking the top spot >> signed on the road telling drivers to stop for pedestrians are a big hit on chicago drivers literally. more than 75% of all sides have been replaced after being hit or run over by cars many of the
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sides had been replaced more than once at a cost of $500 per sign. still, the transportation chief says money spent on those signs are a good investment in safety. >> researchers are in six sighted about a rare elusive fish, this is the last cd about three and a half inches long. it was seen as a the ocean can off the california coast. it is a predator with sharp tooth and the body that is like a flashlight that uses to track its prey. >> we're looking at rain early this morning gains in over to snow all around lunchtime today so we can expect to see some snow showers in our region and the snow will stick. it will accumulate especially north and west of the chicago. the higher potential will be dedicated
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and snow. right now we're getting rain and it will affect us for the morning rush hour commute a lot of showers beginning to press a little north of chicago and everyone coming from the south you will be needing them are plagues this morning. this afternoon as you have to pack some patients and be on the look out because it will be wendy with a potential force now. for the decrease your current and deferred that number will go down, year after a temperature will be 33 with rain and snow developing our lunchtime at the mouth high temperature 31 degrees and dry out wednesday at up to 35. >> still ahead, dr tony kremer joins us live with date is for your pet for thanksgiving >> marcus tell us about any spots that unconventional turkey dinner. >> and then claimed the of the bill cosby pay off thousands of when and where the details later >> a pregnant man is in trouble with the law, will tell you what he's up to now.
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then skidding three as a way, dr tony kremer with lifesaving text for your pet >> good morning. >> this is a good
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guest right here. more and shoot three guys for thanksgiving. it is very good example of something without water pat to get into. we'll talk about chocolate boys and for pets and wanting to bring to light is that i made these, and they have been conducted in the period that is something that people is a way worse than in getting it to melt chocolate >> much higher in protein that causes them problems with doing a lot in this type of year and make sure the dog does not ramp off the counter at belmont you talk about causing them problems, what kind of things could we see if they were to eat this? >> s the enough chocolate it's like a super dry's caffeine, park races they could have a heart attack from that. they could be hyper and you notice something wrong in they even offer that it could be very serious. it gets into the vegetarian and then
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use of bombing to get out of them >> we will talk about a couple more things, 34 days ago we had to take by dr. the set because she got into raisins we did not realize that she was poisonous and release date. >> something of a lot of people don't know that raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure in debts. again something yet to keep out of their reach. you talking about bones >> amount is getting the biggest thing is that's getting into something they shouldn't, getting to the garbage eating the ball to maturity even guess giving them the turkey legs or something. they can be a big problem that cropped shot and splinter and perforate their intestines. no real bonus, there are synthetic things out there do not give them real bonds. >> let us suppose of the light is that
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ban on what should be the first thing that you do as a pet owner? >> if we know yet they've been injected, the veterinarian in the lead because there's a much more we can do in a few hours once it is gone and moved into their intestines then you take x-rays and having to do surgeries to remove something like that it becomes a big problem much quicker. >> will talk about five reasons to be thankful for our pat >> the first thing is breathing easier it does not sound like it makes a lot of sense as the severe allergies but studies show that children in seven ways around that have a less chance of having allergies. that this their body gets used to it and less chance of having to analogies >> and no. 2. at indiana university of the guys with these dogs
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>> pets can be great icebreaker's what kind of that you have, what you do for dinner? it deftly works. >> #3, a healthy heart. >> a healthy heart come to the fact that pat had been shown to reduce blood pressure to have a calming effect on people with lower blood pressure less chance and less risk of heart attack >> next unless you're all personal trainer and man's best friend. there are blockbusters >> #1 is the personal trainer, those who walk the dog are getting more exercise and eat healthy and lastly on people are sick or older can just basically are happier and they stay in helping them >> that is so much, and thank you for the treat. >> you can follow him on twitter and
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others website. >> rain continues across the region early today changing over to snow before the day is done. be prepared, we're looking at is the mix in this afternoon and into the evening. out to the west we have the rains across portions of western illinois expecting to see showers changeover to snow up by lunchtime today. this could be an issue as you send the kids off to school at some of prepare for much cooler temperatures. we have an upper 40/50's but temperatures will fall into victories by the time they
4:48 am
get along great winter weather advisory for aires to the north and west of chicago as much as 3 in. potential near illinois wisconsin border. >> outbound van ride from to 90 to this date 553 lanes out to 5 this morning a pretty significant stretch where things could get to that of its low for you. and it looks like you can get through without problems. at a lot of work on jane addams out about randall two right lanes, work downtown area almost all of this should be fixed up the next 15 to 20 minutes making in these are right. some numbers look good systemwide to break those down for you coming up. , there's a place in
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town, pinstripes if you pull a turkey they're all mont three strikes and a rope you get free turkey. you can, turkey's or turkey. of course i or the house cooking, where what the sec, bolt have some fun will have your turkey dinner here as well we also like to quote >> the pinstripes' locations throughout the area will be off and on thanksgiving day at 10:00 a.m.. in between it bought the ball or bowling, there will be serving up their roast turkey platter. >> roasting turkey for about four hours making a an italian
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food with eggplant >>, long a few bold a turkeall month long if you pope a turkey you get a free turkey platter. >> it only took me 30 tries to get that down. >> there is a pinstripes' the location of around there's a phone number and website all must not just on thanksgiving if you believe turkey all month long you get a free turkey platter at $19 a value. >> that's where the record to go for thanksgiving now.
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>> some other places are the chicago barbecue person is and 60 north dearborn are doing a free rein smoked turkey and cranberry range compost. it also if you like to get out and exercise or ron, turkey day 5 @ k and tailgate in they can park at the race starts at 9:00 a.m. you can never site and register on the web site. it will be called so your turkey costume. the more stuff coming up in the next hour. >> time for today's early bird special the question is 01 artist of the year and last year's american music awards. if you know the answer launch or website you could win a 55 minute massage the winner will be chosen later
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today >> coming up, who won a big get this year's american year's american music awards.
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this year's american music award she also received the first ever dick clark award of excellence. the artist of the year with one by one direction are as the deer was katy perry. also at five seconds of summer and sam smith. iggy azalea also want. >> jennifer lopez closed out the show with a steamy rendition of bloody with iggy azalea, not celine a gomez it debuted racing go for the first time live. the song is about, on and off again boyfriend justin bieber.
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>> and ex nbc employee claims he helped cause the payoff thousands of women. he said he would arrange a monthly payments at a solemn oath was standing guard. the supposedly brought copies of money orders as proof. >> top stories coming up next as well as weather and traffic. stay with us at ar
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