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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  December 2, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CST

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>> a gas explosion and fire levels a south side home. >> know much remains.
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>> no one was in the home when this occurred. >> in the deaths or injuries as a result of this. it appears a family pet was lost in this fire. >> and there were here because there is a ruptured gas line because there is a work those being done on 107 plays. public's work project. it appears a ruptured gas line and a short while later the fire erupting on explosion occurring. fortunately the fire department was already on the scene able to put a lot of water on the fire. issued an evacuation
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order to get people away from the ruptured line. her the loud boom. some of my dishes shock. i took a look around to see if the dog is not something over. i heard the sirens and saw the smoke. >> i just pulled back up into the driveway. just as i parked the car i heard a very loud sound. at first opposed construction but then i thought they did not have any big equipment that did not sound right. i jumped out of the car and looked. the front end of the house had all fallen and. there were smoke coming out. thank god it was not a time when kids were home from school. >> that is the realization that everyone is talking about. >> could have been a
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lot of children walking around on the street when this explosion occurred. >> fred is working to put up still smoldering embers inside what is left of the single-family home. once again the fire department confirming for us that no injuries no deaths as a result of this house explosion. this is under investigation. it is not clear exactly who ruptured the gas line. there were utility companies out there as well as city crews. trying to understand how this occurred. >> five years later we hearing about a terrorist plot against willis towers.
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>> live on the near west side of all of the details. >> the conspirators allegedly resented oprah power and fame. plan involved a u-haul trailer filled with plastic explosives. terror plot was just revealed by the traditional watched blood. targeted the willis tower and it hardball's studios. the conspirators have been arrested for separate crimes. now being held in jail on charges of making a false car bomb threat after leading chicago police on a chase through the city. >> been held in the el paso county jail. a arrested this summer for driving what intoxicated. federal charges have come quickly. charge
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for the third time in five years with the entry of a deport alien. it is unclear why the men and the facing federal conspiracy charges associated with the list of our bomb plot. >> what i'm intrigued by as a hispanic man who we would not think of as a likely target. >> really not so much at tha sympathizer. have to see at this point. cook county court date. a lot of this afternoon in the west loop. >> the wife and son of a leader of isis and reportedly arrested near the level on syria border. life as a powerful figure. heavily involved in the extremist group activities. taken into custody during
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a planned operation about 10 days ago. these two are said to be carrying fake ids. a fugitive and there's a 10 million-dollar bounty on his head. >> been to appear in court. if the 27 rural fernandez lopez both facing multiple felony charges after the shooting. that happened over the weekend. taken to the hospital in critical condition. the information is emerging and the dead a black friday shooting. come down by her ex-boyfriend before he took his own life. >> the son of to chicago police officers. he once held a valid firearms owner id card. abusive and
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intimidating even after the couple split up one year ago. never showed up in court to pursue in order of protection against because the family was afraid. >> try to please the permit will begin testing by the cameras on officers. follows a growing national trend. these cameras are about the size of a pager. are intended to capture and officers and direction. the technology is backed by the aclu and police union. >> plan to vote any minute on a plan to raise the minimum wage. we expect that a vote anytime. attention now they are around 400,000 minimum-wage workers in the city of chicago. they too are keeping a close
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eye on the city council vote. all the men here say that people who are making minimum-wage often have to work three-for-ups just to stay afloat. >> i think 13 is very compromising and fair. considering the fact that i am one of the ones that signed on to the $15 an hour. >> the better question would be raise the minimum by how much? >> we spent a lot of time looking at 13 vs 15. wanted to go to 15 but when you look at the cost of business is a dramatic increase.
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they can spend money in the community and take care of their families more. gas prices go up around goes up. people need to make ends meet. >> the mayor has pushed it to get passage of the rate increase before state lawmakers and enact a countermeasure to raise the minimum from $8.25 an hour to $10 an hour. that would possibly block efforts in chicago to the chief $13 an hour. >> other supposed to stay there without the increase? >> is going to be an opportunity for us to take a look at some things. to make sure that there is not a huge adverse affect with this. i'm sure they're going to be some adjustments that we will have to make. >> opposes the
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increase saying the higher hurt business owners. it might force them to lay off some workers or even close their doors. >> forcing me to raise prices an additional 10%. i'm from the south side of chicago i do not know how much my customers can stand. >> our jobs and never meant to >> we look at entry- level and trying to bring as many people into the workforce. >> of that increase to $13 an hour would not take place all at one time. >> 3 foreign students to attend did international in up to a year. a judge knocked down an illinois high school association by lot that excluded
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to international students from competing in athletics. until december 8th to appeal. came after it three different players led them to a state title last season. first best boss at game of the season is today. >> captain of the wrecked crude shipped takes the stand for the first time and an italian trial. progress in the ebola epidemic. how the world health up with theorganizations fighting to meet the goal. >> t
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of developments. authorities aren't investigating whether michael brown stepfather intended to start a riot. spoke to a crowd on november 24th after the announcement that the officer would not be indicted in the death. ferguson police chief says no charges have filed in the incident. which a major time's video shows emerging protesters to burn the place down. jackson said that they're not spoken to him about his actions. and 10 gun doing so. sparking months of protest. president obama is expected to nominate carter has thsecond as a
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as a secretary of defense. hegel announced that he is stepping down last week. will stand office until a successor is confirmed. a broad understanding of the defense department's bureaucracy. smart about what type of weapons to buy. >> list the travel ban against a couple in the united states cleared and the death of the adopted daughter. the year- old daughter died last year. the couple was sentenced to three years in prison. >> the couple could leave tomorrow. president obama will visit with wounded to service members at walter reed medical center this afternoon. later on the president will tour the vaccine research center at the national institutes of health. researchers recently published results from phase one clinical trials. the president is expected to use the
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visit to prompt congressional action. >> madam nations and world health organization reporting progress to halt the spread of the ball up. the united nations set a target of having 70 percent of ebola victims buried safely and 70 percent of patients treated in isolation beds. guinea and liberia have met both targets. sierra leone does not have enough beds to isolate ebola patients and treatment centers. the u.s. and world health organization say overall the tide is turning peterson will try to get back onto the football field with a hearing today. appealing the league's decision to suspend him without pay for the rest of the season. cannot be reinstated until april 15th. that punishment came after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault charges for using a tree branch to discipline his four year-old son. rtc should not be
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punished under the league's current domestic abuse policy since the crime happened before was in effect. the cap >> of the cruise ship capsized off the coast of italy took stand in his own defense. a makeshift courtroom in southern italy. the captain of the costa concordia when it hit rocks and capsized in 2012. charge of manslaughter causing in maritime disaster and abandoning ship. lindsay recommend indonesian helmsman who did not understand his orders. also blames the cruise company for failing to provide maps that showed where the rocks were located. a federal report is out today. we'll tell you who is to blame >> which seat on an airplane is the cleanest? how to avoid terms during holiday travel. >> we are making spicy barbecue >> we are making spicy barbecue
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new from one a day better than expected readings of construction data sending stocks and two striking distance of another record close. tribune co. is gone public again. tribune media began trading at. >> says the move will help the company: a broader pool of investors. on several television stations including our own wgn tv. when private after sales seven years ago. >> insufficient testing and a poor understanding of the innovative that a real contributor to the grounding of boeing 787 fleet. according to a new report by the
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national transportation safety board. regulators started investigating the fleet after a fire at boston's airport and another incident in japan. safety board investigated the boston up so suggested for the first time that manufacturing flaws caused the fact that allowed the battery cell to fail. >> to is the season for giving back. today is giving tuesday. creating a national day of giving at the start of the holiday season. it is meant to be a charitable response. >> chicago city council has voted 44-5 to raise the city's minimum wage to $13 an hour by the year 2019. >> girl scout cookies are going to be sold on line for the first time.
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troops in chicago in northwest indiana will actually not be taking part in that. >> major internal database overhaul. >> could implemented in january of 2016. you have to buy them when they're standing outside of the grocery store. >> the chicago bears tried to get over their disaster in detroit and prepare for the cowboys visit to soldier field on thursday. >> we leave you with music.
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they've never been further from that after that loss to detroit. >> all limited. has been cleared of a concussion. still not expected to play due to >> compared to just 48 passes against alliance top-ranked rushing defense. >> running the ball helps. the coaches say they know they have to do a better job against the cowboys 22nd and ranked run defense. >> means not been able to pull four quarters together. their multiple as we have said. that is what we're trying to improve on. rarely in the first serious of the third quarter we were able to, and move the football down the field. we did not finish the drive. >> the dolphins
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visiting the jets. hands off to lamar miller for the game- tying touchdown. >> attached trying to drive in the final minute. >> a 7-5 record. the chicago bulls finally returned home to face the mavericks after a successful 4-3 road trip. it is unclear when he will return. expected to play third day in a row. back at the united center tomorrow night and that is a look at sports. still to come this in the day. t
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the sunshine as we were driving and made it seem like >> it was warmer. it is amazing. we look at this forecast. what a change from an autumn dallas the 11th coldest on record for looks to be like a much wildemilder are sheen. temperatures going into them above a normal mode. a huge chunk of north america. if that is beautiful sunset. river forest was the site. gorgeous sunset. to look at the shot from this morning. capt. both the waves and the beautiful sun rise. nighttime chicago
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from the hancock. so beautiful had to send it along and share it with you. looking south from the john hancock building across the looped around town. this is almost a mesmerizing shot. he was downed visiting his daughter in st. petersburg. from the chicago area. look at that. these are mid-level crowd clouds. >> you must feel like you can walk into the water here. this is miami beach on black friday. in a beautiful country sunset with a wind mill there. some gorgeous sunsets around here recently. kind of nice that we're not talking about the onset of a snowstorm or anything like that. the weather pattern is quite quiet. a great deal of sunshine pouring down across the area. that has boosted temptress from the chilly here that we were in yesterday. we'll
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tell you about the temperature. it is really quite remarkable here is the satellite view. >> pretty cloudy morning in that part of the area. the arctic chill is continuing to ease. will do so the rest of the week. yesterday for december 1st the high of 24 much of the afternoon as in the upper teens. 16 degrees above normal. interesting it was the coldest open to a december since 1896. we are surprised by that. it seems like we've tackled the decembers. subzero temperatures way up north. apparently content to stay there for a while. >> more moderate brand of cooler air to the reason. the windchill of 24. out
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into nebraska right now. how much of the country and continent is warmer than 24 hours ago? by a substantial margin? 24-hour temperature increases. a look at that. double digits everywhere. you're 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. 21 degrees in south dakota. double-digit increases extend into the chicago area where readings had exceeded 32 in many locations. including midway airport. 33 at what he can. waukegan >> means 20s going right now. feels like 24 adele hair or the wind is averaging about 10 mi. per hour. >> that is the bitterly cold air. we are straddling the southern boundary. the seven day animation shows that it is going to retreat even farther to the north. what
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may happen as a disturbance that come along this boundary dollars tonight and some monday morning. for the weekend we ought to go into the 40's around here as pacificare comes and carried bell turned cold early next week. low pressure passing north of us will drag a from through here tomorrow. the wind will turn northwest during the day. >> in california that could not by a drop of rain. very heavy rains coming on shore. in what looks to be a real colonial type pattern. the doppler plot of the rain that has come down. these folks need it. weeks of rain like that. to improve the situation. actually flash flood watches and l.a. and san diego. warnings
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uplight san francisco. >> and it sinks in drugs by the time gets into the center of the country and we are left with the warmer air. a kind of shows you where it all comes from. the cloud elements moving up from the tropics indicate just how that warmer air is spreading across the country. the flow pattern and cut off our to care that will lead to big brains on the west coast and the next 10 days. milder than the average temperatures here. look at this 10 day forecast. the bright colors are wind with a whole series of storms. look at this strong wind that comes in off the ocean. oceanic and is warm. you do not develop cold air over oceans the way you do it in the arctic. the
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mechanism by which we're going to warm up. going to the middle of the month much warmer than average around here. just because of some passing clouds. high clouds mostly high 35 today. south to southwest wind at about 10-18 mi. per hour. not quite as cold tonight. tomorrow some time with some clouds. more moderate level of chilled. >> sometimes followed by increasing clouds thursday. >> a weekend seasons returning to the low '40's around here which is pretty nice. a man of much of a north america warmer than normal.
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>> which of michael >> which of michael jackson's hip video premiered on mtv jackson's hip video
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diabetes and middle- age may increase the risk of memory problems later in life. >> showing 19 percent greater decline and type of skills over 20 years. scientists believe the effects could be related to the way diabetes affects blood vessels. same effect as unnoticed and people. powerful in the aisle seat. here is the science. a researcher in arizona took slops of airline seats and tested them for bacteria appeared he said i'll seats carry a lot more bacteria. the reason people who have just used the rest from failed to wash their hands and then they grabbed the seat back to keep their
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balance as they returned to their own seat. >> that is a wonderful segment before lunch break. >> this is something we've never had on lunch break before. we've never had on lunch break before.
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what if your morning routine... weren't so routine introducting one a day vitacraves chewy bites... ...complete multivitamins with nutrients like... ...b vitamins... ...and vitamin d... hard shelled, chocolatey chewy bites. new from one a day we're making a spicy signature dish. many more productive go on and on and on. also launched the initiative. the fund is a rhythmic and help, as well. the disk that we're making today. use it is the most
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requested item on your men and? >> this is perfect. it is super simple delicious and healthy. >> as you do that we can talk a loss of the other things that are coming up. great sweet local character going to blend some of water that contains barbecue spices. >> we decided to take it into a different direction and do it with vegetables. salt brown sugar and white sugar, and peppers paprika celery salt garlic.. etc. >> pick up some of the flavor from planting more. you can either grow them roar through
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the milan and hardened to the pan. i'm going to make a simple flavored yogurt does quick and easy. >> and chopped red onions. it gives me the creeps. >> a little salt and pepper. people did not realize you can flavor yell there with anything. we've gone to drizzle it over. >> as of the extra additives. some zest. basically what i have done as i have added some of the barbecue spices to the water over here. >> mia going to cook those until they're
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just cooked through. it is not as strong necessarily. >> kind of setting the foundation. >> i know you are and a half dozen schools. tell me about this program because i think it is so terrific. we've been doing this for about four years. >> we started with the and tend of making an understanding of food part of every child curriculum. we relate food to every subject. >> the kids go through a lesson. they get to sample food. the antique healthy food. we've made a huge difference and a lot of kids' lives. >> i think they do want to eat more healthfully.
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>> the feet your mind benefit as this sunday. there'll be lessons going on so you can see what we actually do. there'll be great music. >> making kids a lot healthier and happier. ticket prices going to go to really helping out the kids. >> will supply all the produce from the form. >> our oil is good and hot. going to put a little bit more of the barbecue spices on the carrots. he is going
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to hammer them. >> that is hardly hammer in box. he had his hand close to that hot oil. i'm impressed either way. a great auction item. a lot of fun. corrections be lessons going on. >> it really truly has made a big difference in a lot of kids' lives. >> the second annual pilot lights gala benefit is going to take place. >> will also have a link on our web site as well as the recipe today. t
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much of michael jackson's videos premiered on mtv?
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>> the 13 minute music video with the first world premiere video. it was amazing. >> the biggest selling album in history. look at this. the storm: and to the west coast. i have smaller sizes of the blue areas of east of us. barely flood watches and warnings. the storm warnings up in the months. lots of precipitation in the state hundred for some moisture. they have been through a terrible drought. a series of systems like this. storms like that that's been the warm air on shore. >> we straddle the cold air mass.
12:57 pm
sealift out a little bit over the weekend. we will go into the '40's. it shoots back down here for a couple of days monday and tuesday of next week. the real warmup takes place. look at the warmth of the planes. models are suggesting much of north america may be warmer than normal. here is the reason the jet stream is blowing in from canada. if that works out that is a real warm spell. i could be very nice. a radical change from the cold all that we've had so far >> little icy perhaps. 40 in the afternoon. ford is over the weekend with partly sunny
12:58 pm
skies. maybe rainfall by early next week. we will turn colder in the early part of next week. later next week we really warm- up. let's see if that holds up and we will keep you posted. >> thank you so much for joy in the house >> thank you so much for joy in the house todayjoining us to the
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in the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. no, no, no, the next time your college friends come to visit, i'm sick. they used to be very interesting. so was donovan. good morning. how are you? great. what time is it? uh, it's 10:15. no, no, no, i-it's 10:18. fine. 10:18. what time? get your hands off me! woman: michael! ( siren blaring ) you people having a problem here? yeah. there's something wrong with him. he tried to steal my husband's watch. hey, pally. how you doing today, eh? what time? what time?


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