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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  October 2, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> christa: we are tracking hurricane joaquin this noon. the category four storm has battered the bahamas. but here in new england, we will not get a direct hit. >> jadiann: right now joaquin is is a category four storm with winds of 130 miles per hour. it is moving north. it is just under 1,300 miles from boston. good afternoon, everyone. lucky for us, joaquin is staying away. >> christa: we have our own lousy weather to deal with today. take look at this video. there is a cleanup right now
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on the green line. service is suspended between fenway and reservoir stations in both directions. workers removing a large tree branch hanging over the tracks. and it got tangled in the overhead wires. some of the damage from the strong winds we have seen. we have team 7 weather coverage. let's begin with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: it's nasty right now. on the south shore and the cape and the islands. city of boston and north, we are been wholing off the rain from advancing from the south for the morning hours. i do think this will work in during the afternoon. we will see on and off light rain around the metro. with heavier rain down through the south coast as well as the cape and out on to the islands. in fact, our computer models end daying the deepest shades of green and yellow indicating rain. and again, this is the same weather system that came through new england on wednesday. with all that heavy rain. it is not as strong today. i'm not advertising four more inches of rain. certainly, not that much around the metro. but i do think we will have an inch to two inches of rain likely down through the south coast and out on the cape. north of town, and even here
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in town, not much rain. this is the rainfall so far. again, boston, .02 of rain. as you work down the south shore into the south coast region, buzzards bay, new bedford, a third of an inch of rain. plymouth, .2 of an inch of rain. the numbers jump up on the islands. oak bluffs, close to two inches of rain. you saw the video of the tree damage there on the green line. here is why. northeast winds about 25-30 miles per hour. that is from high pressure up in canada. it is not from a nor'easter. it is not from joaquin. we will have that northeast wind this afternoon. that, combined with leftover astronomical high tides will lead to some pockets of minor coastal flooding. it feels like november out there. temperatures into the lower 50's. and if this weather system here that is not going to move for the next day or so, we are going to hold on to the northeasterly wind. in terms of the rainfall, that will be hit and miss throughout the afternoon. and then that tapers off as we work toward tonight and tomorrow afternoon. and sunday, just features a
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bunch of clouds. still cool and raw. now, for more on the hurricane, bri eggers, it is your turn. take it from there. >> the track looks bet and better for us. we can't ignore that it is a cat-four storm packing a punch in the be him aian islands. it still remains a major hurricane. some brighter news for us and the islands. starting to make that north turn. the national hurricane center takes this line farther to the east. we are some wiggle room and the track may kind of come in between this cone of uncertainty, cone has narrowed and so that means that we are a little more certain that that is where the storm is going out to sea. joaquin can walk the line as it were, because the forecast models are more in agreement, pushing that storm out to sea. passing well to the southeast
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of nantucket. by a couple hundred miles. as we make it into late tuesday. now, i want to mention, too, though, that the tropical storm is feeding the moisture into the southeast. for the mid-atlantic states and down through the carolinas, some heavy rainfall, maybe even up to a foot of rain that we will be watching through the weekend. it's independent from joaquin. but still, watching this low pressure system. and i think this will make headlines for the next couple of days. back to you guys. >> christa: all right, bri. like you mentioned. not from all of the wild weather. the mid-atlantic states are already getting it. flooding along the coast in virginia and high tides could make it even worse. homes and roads have been washed away in charleston, south carolina. waters. north carolina is getting hit hard there. every county in the state has issued. around here, we have our own coastal concerns.
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>> jadiann: strong winds churning up the surf, as we speak. jonathan hall live in marshfield. feeling the effects of that right now. jon? >> hey, jadiann. we sure are. the winds are up. tide is coming in. we are expecting a high tide at 3:15 this afternoon. there will be some more splashover. you can see marshfield has a new ally in this fight. this is a live look at a new 12-foot-high sea wall that the town constructed over the summer. it runs along the stretch of foster avenue. a thousand feet long. the new sea wall. $2.3 million in federal funds to get it built. it is about two feet higher than the crumbling old one. marshfield is hoping for more funding to complete the sea wall renovations along our longer stretch. the high tide, the 11-foot high tide which hit yesterday. the winds are much more today. the waves hit the homes, hit the sea wall yesterday afternoon. it was a spectator sport. people were watching the surf.
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in some cases, getting drenched. town officials report no damage yesterday. everyone is hoping the new sea wall will do a good job with winter storms, no doubt, coming. we have this round of wild weather on the south shore and then hurricane joaquin poses a potential problem, too. even though the storm may well go out to sea. >> we have anticipating a little erosion and some heavy seas from that. then we have joaquin right behind it. and even though it's going east, we still may get some impact, some coastal impact. >> reporter: and the coastal advisory remains in effect especially in trouble spots like this one in marshfield. jonathan. track the rain at or on the 7 news mobile app. we are also posting updates on our facebook and twitter pages. >> christa: we are following breaking news. two airmen deployed from hanscom air force base are
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dead after a u.s. military plane crashes in afghanistan. let's get right out to byron barnett. he is at hanscom with the latest. byron? >> reporter:, well, it is a very sad day, obviously, here at the hanscom air force base. in bedford. now, we can't go on the base, but we are told that flags on the base have been lowered to half-staff to honor the fallen airmen. now, the military plane crashed in yeah lalbad, eastern afghanistan. 11 people onboard were killed. five civilians. and six u.s. servicemen, including two airmen from hanscom. the plane that went down was a c-130 super hercules similar to this one here. it crashed shortly after takeoff. from the air field. no word on the cause of the crash. now, here is some video outside the base there. you see the heavy security. the deceased airmen from hanscom were members of the 66th security forces squadron
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operations. now, the base commander here at hanscom, today said this is a devastating day for our air force and our hanscom air force base. our hearts are heavy with sorrow as we breathe with and for the families of these brave airmen. and the names of the two airmen here will not be the families have been notified. and that is in accordance with the department of defense policy. live from bedford, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> jadiann: thank you, byron. 7 news now turning to the latest on the community college shooting in oregon. a vigil held for all of the victims. nine people died. 7 wounded. the gunman was killed during an exchange of gun gooir officers. >> christa: investigators are making shocking discoveries f in the gunman's apartment. nancy chen is at the breaking news desk. report@number of firearms were found at mercer's apartment. they are not releasing the
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type of weapons at this time. that is on top of the three pistols and rifle that is were also found at the scene. and today a nation is saying "not again" as a community is in mourning. hundreds of people attended a candlelight vigil thursday night, hours after a terrifying scene unfolded on the campus of umpqua community college as a gunman opened fire. >> my teacher had come running into the room in a very big panic. >> this has been a long, sad tragic day at ucc. >> reporter: the 26-year-old shooter identified as chris harper-mercer killed nine people. at least 7 others were injured. many of the victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds. cassandra was in class next-door to the shooting and heard a loud pop. >> i realized something wasn't right. we went out the door to see. a friend got twice... shot twice by the shooter.
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we were in panic mode then. and we closed the door, locked it. >> reporter: last night, officers searched an apartment connected to mercer. the shooter's father says he is horrified by what happened. everybody at what happened today. i have just been talking to the f.b.i. and the police. obviously, a devastating day. devastating for me and my family. >> reporter: the victims were targeted based on their religion. >> he was able to stand there and starting can qs asking people one by one what their religion was. "are you a christian," he would ask them. up. they would stand up. he said "good. because you are a christian, you are going to see god in just about one second." and then he shot and killed them. report tt gunman died after exchanging gunfire with responding officers. use his name. >> i will not give him the credit he probably sought
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prior to this horrific and cowardly act. >> reporter: mercer was not a student at that college. it is still unclear what connection, if any, he may have had at the school. >> christa: a jamaica plain school evacuated after a hazardous materials spill. the bilingual montessori school in boston was in session. that is when some sort of cleaning material spilled. it started giving off a bad smell. the situation is under control now, police say. there are no injuries. and all of the children have now been let back. in also now at noon:s a crash in fall river landing two men behind bars. and two police vehicles were damaged. one officer was thrown into the air from this. let's head out to fall river. victoria warren standing by with the latest. vicky? >> reporter: these guys are facing serious charges. police say they found 900 bags of heroin and they say that a police detective got hurt in the process. fall river police able to make the arrest.
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the driver is a 31-year-old man, carlos valdez and his passenger, 21-year-old norberto de la cruz. they were arrested on drug charges and resisting arrest. valdez is facing charges connected to hurting the detective. this all started when the f.b.i. gang task force made police officers try to pull the car over on plymouth avenue. the suspect smashed into two cruisers and several parked cars, police say. they are accused of still trying to flee, only to hit more parked cars and a marked police transport van not even involved in the chase. a fall river detective was getting out of one of the cars when it got slammed into. >> that car ended up hitting detective lapointe, knocking him up into the air. spinning him over his head and knocking him on the ground. he sustained some injuries to his knees and legs. he went to the hospital. he is going to be okay. he is significantly banged-up. >> reporter: he is ultimately going to be okay. both of these suspects are due to appear before a judge here
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in fall river at some point today. victoria warren, 7 news. >> christa: coming up at noon, days after meeting pope francis, actor mark wahlberg is in boston talking about what the pope said to him. >> jadiann: using bulldozers safe side of hurricane joaquin. >> jeremy: we are not overly concerned about joaquin. we will still monitor the track over the weekend. we will have the weekend forecast on the other side of
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that is located right there. i was monitoring some of the tweets from down here earlier today. they think that 90% of the people in the bahamas will not be affected by this hurricane. that is good news there. yeah, certainly, likely to have some property damage and of course, damage to the landscape down there. closer to home, the good news for us on the eastern seaboard is that these squiggly lines now all kind of coming together. there is one or two what we call outlieiers. they are all by themselves. minority, if you will. it is majority of the models now converging on the track that takes us to the northeast. right now it is drifting north at three miles per hour. the newest track in and bri talked about this at the top of the news, is still well east of new england. at this point here, tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m., as this is passing by new england, it is going to churn up the ocean out here. you know, these things, they are like big stones. you drop that big stone into a pond, and the waves ripple so we are going to have surf on the increase from that
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hurricane. middle of next week. but again, no tret of rain or wind from that. we do have rain right now. now working up the south shore and into the city of boston. having a hard time getting north of the pike. i think that's the scene for the afternoon. the pike north, you have a dry afternoon. south of town, certainly, the south coast and the cape, a driving rain with many cities and towns down along the south coast and the cape and the islands, between half an inch to almost two inches of rain likely on martha's vineyard. and nantucket. even with that amount of rainfall on the way, it is not going to be enough to lead to flooding like we saw on wednesday. remember, that storm had three to four inches of rain. metro-boston this afternoon, a tenth of an inch of rain possible. it is not a storm. this same weather system came through new england on wednesday. it took a nap yesterday. sleepy. no rain. and then it woke up again this morning. we have another band of rain to deal with this weather system. and also northerly winds behind that weather system, leading to pockets of minor
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at the midafternoon high tide. i think we will do that again tomorrow afternoon for the late afternoon high tide. northeast wind making it feel like november as opposed to october. with temperatures in the low 50's. this weather system extends all the way down the eastern seaboard. which is going to lead to some very heavy rainfall across the carolinas. perhaps five ten inches for those folks down there. for us this weekend, a few lingering showers possible tomorrow. even in metro-boston. isolated. then sunday, i think a bunch of clouds. of the two days. this afternoon, 51-56. by the way, high school football games this evening, south of the pike, they will be wet. periods of rain. games will be dry. some sprinkles. 5's for everyone. a few isolated showers tomorrow. sunday that, pink ribbon right there. that is our making strides against breast cancer walk at the hatch. that will be dry. i'm confident of. that dry sunday morning. temperatures, low 50's. sunday is a great day to pick
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some apples. >> christa: still ahead today, mark wall gherg boston talking about his time with pope francis. >> jadiann: some of the high school football games will be played at this flu season... remember this. your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barr\ syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or
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vaccination may not so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose.
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>> jadiann: welcome back, everyone. mark wahlberg talking details
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the first time. >> christa: here is nicole oliverio with the story. >> reporter: fenway welcoming a new kid to its block. as crowds swarmed the opening of the new wahlberger's restaurant. actor mark wahlberg was there, along with his mother and brothers paul and singer donnie. >> it's amazing. this is such an iconic area. >> it was very special. he is an amazing man. doing a lot of great things. >> reporter: the wahlbergs talked about the importance of church growing up. >> they wanted us out of the house. nine kids in the house. you send them out wherever you can. go to church! we like toed to ditch church every now and again. >> reporter: mark wahlberg wears this rosary around his neck which the pope blessed. he said that moment will be one he cherishes. >> oddly enough, he asked me to pray for him. you know, he is a man with a lot of responsibility.
12:23 pm
and my prayers. >> reporter: wahlberg would like to work with the pope moving forward. he says he takes up a lot of important issues like human trafficking. in boston, 7 news. >> jadiann: up next at noon, it is the season for schhits inel. we celebrate oktoberfest in
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>> jadiann: it's time for oktoberfest. restaurants all around the world are celebrating. >> christa: that's right. in somerville, they are serving up schnitzel sandwiches. >> reporter: what better to go with a proper oktoberfest beer
12:26 pm
>> we make big handmade pretzels. we spun off the pretzel and started making pretzel rolls. we sell a lot of schnitzel. then we were like, "let's make a sandwich." this is bavarian. muenster. paprika. these are going to take a good 15 minutes or so on low. >> reporter: while they cook, let's get working on the meat. >> we are using a nice pork loin. an inch thick. it depends how big you want your schnitzel to be. >> reporter: you can use chicken, veal or beef. pound it out now. >> i like a little bit of thickness to it. >> reporter: dip in flour. >> give it a good tap. >> reporter: dip in egg wash. then the bread crumbs. >> we have the medium-hot pan.
12:27 pm
it definitely needs to sizzle when you put it in there. >> reporter: cook about two minutes on each side. for the final touch, take a tablespoon of butter. bit. we will let it finish cooking in the brown butter. >> reporter: they serve this on a pretzel roll with cheese spread. super bavarian. >> reporter: don't forget the sauteed onion. >> we are looking forward to seeing you. cooking. i'm bri eggers. >> christa: not going to let you talk about this story anymore. >> jadiann: thank you. let's move on to joaquin. we are tracking that in the the hurricane has caused damage in the bahamas. looks like the storm will not make a direct hit on the u.s., j.r. >> jeremy: that is great news there.
12:28 pm
we have rain here in southern new england this afternoon. we will talk more about the rain. bri is back to talk about joaquin. taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? h can be a side effect of many medications. t also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biote as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provid relief ps keep your mouth healthy too. while your medication is good, a dry mouth isn't. people who
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>> christa: we are back here tracking joaquin. the storm exploding into a category four hurricane in the bahamas. waves crashing over the sea wall. and winds gusting along the coast. there have been no reports of any deaths. but the damage is extensive. officials had to order evacuations after some people refused to move in to shelter. >> jadiann: right now because of the category four storm, that means it has winds of 130 miles per hour. it is moving north and it is 1,00 miles from boston. meanwhile, we have our own lousy weather to deal with
12:30 pm
today. >> christa: not associated with the hurricane. right? this is our team 7 coverage right now. we begin with jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: we have seen rain on and off metro-boston the last couple of hours. steady rain all morning. down through the south coast. as well as the cape and the islands. north of town, much ado about nothing. afternoon. the radar will look like this for much of the day. where all the rain-drops are focused south of the pike. at times, we will have these little waves of rain break away from the main event. and sweep across the metro. and then driest weather, massachusetts-new hampshire border. here is the steadier rain, some deeper greens and yellows. as we advance our storm timeline, we will have the steadiest rain focused to the south. ironically, this is not really a storm. this left "discovery" front came through on wednesday. rain. it won't do that again today. general trait band of rain. oak bluffs, close to two inches of rain. the cape, about three quarters of an inch of rain.
12:31 pm
south coast. new bedford, a third of an inch of rain. in town so far, only .02. for the remainder of the afternoon, most of the rain, again, is focused south. some sprinkles north. a northeast wind right now. cold, raw. winds gusting 25-30 miles per hour. that combined with astronomical high tides will set up some pockets of minor coastal flooding at the midafternoon high tide. for the weekend, this front doesn't move tomorrow. it does during the weekend. we will have clouds and isolated showers tomorrow. not a washout. sunday will be the better of the two days. still somewhat cool. for more on the hurricane, bri takes it from here. >> reporter: we get the advisories in from the every three hours. since 2:00 a.m., not a lot of change with this powerhouse storm. so a cat-four. winds. not moving very quickly. northward, though, at this point, just very slowly, out
12:32 pm
of the bahamian islands, later on into tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow morning, you can see with the warm water, not much here to fight off. this storm maintaining momentum. turning into less than a major hurricane as we get into early sunday morning. most important part. well east of us. we are talking about quite a few hundred miles here. the cone of uncertainty narrowing in. that means the certainty is there. more than the uncertainty at this point. that is some good news there. as you can see, those forecast models are coming more in line with one another. through the last couple of days, they were all over the place. is there. now, something else we will be this is pretty much independent of hurricane joaquin. all of the flooding rains are expected in the mid-atlantic states and down through the carolinas. this will be reallyy a big focus, a big weather headline
12:33 pm
tomorrow and into sunday. a foot of rain expected in some parts. feeding into the tropical moisture. again, separate storm systems. separate from hurricane joaquin. which is for now, headed out to sea. guys? >> christa: so right now, let's get back to local weather. there are some clear concerns out there today. >> jadiann: there are coastal concerns. not related to joaquin. jonathan hall is live in marshfield right now. jonathan? >> reporter: hey, guys, this hardly seems fair. we just made it out of september. here we are. it is feeling like winter out here. high tide is in just about three hours. you see the wind is up. the waves are up. you can see some of the sea foam that is sitting there right along the coastline. along the sand. so a sign of things to come perhaps. here is a look at a new 12-foot-high sea wall the town
12:34 pm
>> jadiann: i think wind may have impacted the live shot. the weather turned on a dime. >> christa: it really did. the sea wall. it is a foot now. they are hoping it will be able to withstand whatever comes its way. so obviously, folks are kind of out there and they are taking a look at it. you see it spilling over there. >> jadiann: yeah, absolutely. all right. you know you can track all of the rain, weather, on also on the 7 news mobile app. and we are posting updates on our facebook and twitter, too. >> christa: breaking news two airmen have died after a u.s. military plane crashed in let's get out to byron barnett. he is at hanscom with what we are learning today. byron? >> reporter: well, as you can imagine, very sad day here at hanscom air force base. here in bedford.
12:35 pm
but we are told that the flags have been lowered to half-staff in honor of the fallen airmen here. now, the military plane crashed in jalalabad in eastern afghanistan. there were 11 people onboard who were killed. servicemen, including two airmen from hanscom. now, the plane that went down was a c-130 super hercules like this one. it crashed shortly after takeoff from jalalabad airfield. there is no word on the cause now, here is some video outside the american base over there in jalalabad. you can see the heavy security outside. the deceased airmen from hanscom were members of the 66th security forces squadron. deployed to assist in security operations. now, the base commander here at hanscom says this is a very devastating day for our air force and our hanscom air force base. he says our hearts are heavy with sorrow as we grieve with
12:36 pm
two brave airmen. now, the names of these airmen will not be released until 24 hours after the families have been notified. that is in accordance with department of defense policy. that is the latest live from bedford, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> jadiann: thank you, byron. in oregon, a community shocked after a gunman opens fire in a campus massacre. >> christa: president obama spoke out about this tragedy. he was clearly frustrated with a number of mass shootings in this country. at the same time, we are learning more chilling details about the gunman. let's go to nancy chen with what we are learning there. >> reporter: the campus shooter was armed with body armor, three pistols, a rifle and five extra magazines. he walked into a morning class and opened fire. meantime, president obama says americans have become numb at tragedy. take a look here. this picture shows president obama in the white house as he watched the news coverage of the shooting.
12:37 pm
he later addressed the media, clearly angry about what happened in oregon, attacking anyone who does not believe in the need for increased gun control. >> this is a political choice that we make. to allow this to happen every few months in america. i hope and pray that i don't have to come out again during my tenure as president. to offer my condolences to families in these circumstances. but based on my experience as president, i can't guarantee that. >> reporter: opponents of gun control say no amount of legislation could have prevented the tragedy in roseburg, oregon. this latest shooting does bring the total of... number of mass shootings this year to 294 in 2074 days. ... 274 days. >> jadiann: new details in the
12:38 pm
death of a two-year-old from auburn. a new report says the department of children and families failed to properly evaluate the foster mother. governor baker talking tough, calling the findings unacceptable. jennifer eagan has more. >> reporter: two-year-old avalena appears to have died from heatstroke. that was one of the findings of the state review of the auburn foster child's death. >> the failures that are outlined by this report are unacceptable. >> reporter: governor baker says those failures include the approval of the foster mother's license to take children into her home in the first place. >> the lie senning process was sufficient in this case. enabling the foster parent to care for children in an environment that did not meet dcf standards. >> reporter: the review found there wasn't enough space in the apartment for the children in the home. too many children were in her care. the foster mother's health was not assessed. dcf workers made only half the home visits required the first
12:39 pm
six months after the foster mother received her license. the report states avalena was neglected. her condition when she died on august 15 was consistent with being "left unattended" in a temperatures. the governor is demanding change. >> this administration is committed to addressing each and every issue within the department that is necessary to keep children safe. >> reporter: another 22-month-old child was rushed to the hospital that same day back in august. she is now in stable condition. no criminal charges have been filed in this case. the governor says dcf workers will be retrained, including on the policy to approve someone for a foster care license. outside the statehouse, 7 news. >> christa: a robber is on the run in manchester, new hampshire. jordan caruso robbed a bank of america on monday. it is believed he is driving a 2002 black cadillac. also happening today: the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch
12:40 pm
summit on opioid addiction this morning in waltham. at the same time, the state senate approved the bill last night, aimed at fighting the opioid crisis. as part of the measure, patients would be given a list of alternative pain medications that they could use. public schools would be required to question students to figure out if they are at risk of substance abuse. >> jadiann: more news today: a woman from suffolk county has become the second person in massachusetts to die from west nile virus this year. state officials say the woman was in her 90's. she was hospitalized with severe symptoms from the mosquito-borne virus. the west nile risk level in the boston area was listed as high before her death. >> christa: massport will not try to put the brakes on the indy car race in the seaport district next labor day weekend. windy car race organizers are
12:41 pm
they say they don't need financial assistance to make the necessary changes to the roads in the city. >> jadiann: still ahead, hurricane joaquin as seen from space. >> christa: another look at a we are tracking its every move. i should say jeremy rijer is. >> jeremy: powerful storm in the bahamas. we will have that track for you and the weekend forecast
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>> jadiann: we are seeing a unique view of hurricane joaquin. this was shot aboard the international space station. the category four storm is moving over the bahamas. >> christa: looks like we won't be dealing with. this jeremy reiner, you were one of the first to call that this european model was the way we were going. looks like that is what's happening. >> jeremy: well, yeah. we were right there with pete. we were talking. you have that european model. it has a great track record. it was the loan wolfe... lone wolf for a long time this week. thing. europeans. they have invested heavily in their sign tick listens the pond. you reap the benefits with accurate forecast modeling. enough of that. soapbox speech. offshore. that is good.
12:45 pm
unfortunately, it is in the bahamas at this time. with winds of 130 miles per moving north. over the next several hours, northeast. track. and that's where we think the track is going to lock in here as we work through the afternoon. and when pete has a new track for you this evening, it will put a stamp on that and keep that away from new england. as this is moving into the north atlantic, because it is such a big storm, and turning up the ocean as it goes, there will be some waves felt from joaquin reaching new england. week. and we have this turned-up surf now. not because of the storm but because of an on-shore flow. a northeast wind. and we have rain right now. and that's been persistent and steady and occasionally, heavy rain through the cape. as well as martha's vineyard. and the south coast. greens and yellows indicate the heavy rain. boston. of new hampshire. that dry air is going to kind of chew up the northward
12:46 pm
so i think that buys you a dry afternoon north of boston. even boston itself, thinking only just some sprinkles. and intermittent light rain through the afternoon. and the evening commute. that is would include the football games later on this afternoon. and this evening. for high school. again,'s to the north. even up here, i'm thinking that is not going to happen. models. most of the rain happening and the cape. on wednesday. winds. the latest wind gusts between 25-30 miles per hour. back through the worcester hills, winds are feisty. worcester gusting to 23. boston, wind gusts to 30. hyannis, to 30. that, combined with the astronomical high tide leftover from the super moon earlier this week and late are still a bit of an issue with the northeast wind. pockets of minor coastal tide. for the late afternoon high tide tomorrow. as well. won't be as much rain. hardly any rain. cold, raw. feels more like november right now across southern new
12:47 pm
england. this weather system here draped across the northeast. won't move much over the next it will weaken further tomorrow. there will be a lot of clouds. shower. through the south shore and south coast. sunday, for everyone, again, a lot of clouds. some sunshine on sunday. i don't think we will have rain. 51-56 this afternoon. that 56 happens in new hampshire. 51 down towards mattapoisett and new bedford. periods of rain. here is the weekend. again, a few isolated showers tomorrow. sunday, a lot of clouds. breezy. temps tomorrow, low 50's. middle and upper 50's on sunday. early next week, monday, looking pretty good. a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures monday in the 60's. >> christa: okay. maybe we will make it through on monday. coming up, some of the biggest high school football games of the year will be why are you here? why are any of us here? windows people!
12:48 pm
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>> christa: crews are evacuating one area along the north carolina coast because of hurricane joaquin. the national park service is also closing the area to all visitors right now. we will have much more on the track coming your way. >> jadiann: this is something football fans. patriots quarterback tom brady has been named the afc's offensive player of the month for september. brady has led the pats to a 3-0 record heading into this bye week. and he has thrown for more than 1,100 yards. nine touchdowns. and zero interceptions. two high school games will be played the day before thanksgiving. and two more will be played thanksgiving day. the thanksgiving day schedule
12:51 pm
and the latin english matchup. >> this is a great opportunity. a great experience. not many people will be able to say that they played their high school football game at fenway park. that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. i'm blessed. so are these guys. >> christa: this will be the first time since high school football will be played at fenway park since 1935. tickets will be $20. up next, matt damon speaking out in support of one of his closest friends. you will hear what he has to say coming up. >> jeremy: we will take one last look at the forecast
12:52 pm
matt damon is sounding off telling the hollywood reporter that ben affleck is simply misunderstood. >> jadiann: well, the well-known pod-cast "serial" will take a behind the scenes
12:53 pm
pod-cast became one of the biggest phenomenons. >> christa: a few cast members of fuller house taking a selfie on set. the actors who played d.j. and strooef united for a revival of the original show the actor who plays steve scott winger posted this photo on instagram. saying sorry, internet. with the hash tag, i love you d.j. a fuller house will premier next year. >> jadiann: you may have the chance to live like harry potter. or at least like daniel radcliffe. the actor who played. >> boy wizard. he has put his new york apartment up for rent. before you get too excited, the soho apartment is going for $19,000 a month. he bought the penthouse eight years ago. he only lived there for a short time. pocket change. that. right?
12:54 pm
that? >> christa: i don't want to hear about the rent. >> jeremy: i can't afford it. a kootgory four storm moving northeast over the weekend. this is good news for us here for the united states. for the bahamas, different story at this time. it will improve throughout the afternoon. we have a different weather event here. a stalled-out front meandering across southern new england. most of the rain, southeast massachusetts, cape and the islands. light rain. tonight. and into tomorrow morning. the weekend is not lost. there are no hurricanes a few isolated showers tomorrow. low 50's. sunday, that is making strides against breast cancer walk at the hatch. dry sunday morning in boston. then pick some apples after that.
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