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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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the plane took frightening fall. tonight passengers talk about emergency on board. two local sailors lost at sea. their cargo ship angie during hurricane joaquin. as search inteps if is i talk to heartbroken wife hoping for miracle. new at 11 is there a real scandal behind those fantasy football websites? allegations of an employees using insider information to win big money. tonight two popular sites respond. also a flood emergency leaving thousands trapped in rising waters. >> nice day today but better one for you tomorrow and warm up in store. >> new tonight, controversy brewing a new england coffee shop after an employee sends a message to a police officer. >> and, wild thing happens when two moose meet. seven news at 11 starts now. first at 11, a flight bound for boston is forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot died in the cockpit
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without any warn a plane took frightening dive mid mid air. susan tran is live with story. >> ryan, we're just learning from our nbc affiliate in utah that the pilot is a 57-year-old from that salt lake city area and he is a father of eight and had been living there and had been flying for nearly three decades. >> the 147 passengers aboard the boston bound flight from arizona knew something was not right. >> i felt something was wrong when we went into quick diddy sent they were saying we were having an emergency due to pilot not feeling well. they just didn't know how bad it was. medical emergency. the co-pilot monday morning radioed in to syracuse airport needing an emergency landing. the they have a way to get on airplane quick will get to captain. only after they got off the plane did the passengers on board learn the captain had died. >> when we landed we didn't know magnitude of what was going on. >> also we saw was fire trucks
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ems, and everything out there. we're like we thought it he was just sick then we found out later on he's passed when we were in airport in syracuse they like blocked off the gate so that no one could see body being removed pilot died in flight. co-pilot landed plane. american airlines releasing a statement saying, we are incredibly saddened by this event and we are focused on caring for our piloting family and colleagues. my heart goes out to the family and everybody involved. >> after several hours on the ground, the passengers say it was eerie to get back on the same plane. and while their hearts were heavy, they say they are grateful they made it safely to boston. if it knows was for the co-pilot using cool head it might have been more disastrous. >> now american airlines isn't saying exactly how that pilot died. but worry learning from our affiliate in the salt lake city area that the family believes he died of a heart attack. we're live at logan airport
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we have breaking news out washington right now the white house has decided to with draw the nomination former mbta chief beverly scott to serve on safety board. scott was nominated at the end of july just a few months after she quit t's general manager winters time failures. we still don't have word from the white house tonight on why drawn. also from the night team coast guard continues their search for disappeared in hurricane joaquin. two of men on board are from massachusetts. keith griffin and jeff mema thy us were on board after that sank off bombs. tonight we talk to wife of one of those men that still holing out hope. kim belly ban man is live with what she has to say aspoke to her from her home in florida. shoe tells me she's she's been up a dated daily on search. there were no new developments today but they will back out there again tomorrow.
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husband is supposed to be home from sea october 13th. the plan is for him to get nursery ready for twins they are expecting and then to find out the babies' genders. she hasn't heard from him since an email wednesday when atyped he was going to bed early because of storm was coming he didn't expect to get much sleep. >> griffin is one of 33 mariners on board el faro cargo ship that sank of bahamas after running into hurricane joaquin. if anybody can pull out of something like it could be keith. winthrop high school football coach who griffin played for and worked under in park and rec department says the 33-year-old is tough, and resilient. just as work ethic was incredible. and his, his willingness no the to ever give up on anything. griffin wife says her husband first engineer who maintains ship operations. >> he's traveled world for are job preparation for he got a mass maritime. >> okay detective are trained view thoroughly in emergency procedures.
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circumstance of heavy weather? >> another graduate from the academy in bourne 42-year-old jeffery mathias also on board that container ship. he livers in kingston, his family asking for privacy until they know more. and griffin's wife tells me she did make doctor's appointment for tomorrow to find out the genders of her babies. she says it's important to her since everything else is so stressful and uncertain right now. reporting live from warren kimberly bookman, 7 news night team. wild weather slams the state of south carolina. a rush of water causing flooding a dam breach forcing new evacuations today and officials fear another dam is in danger tonight. >> high anxiety for mother and her 15-month-old daughter. they were hoisted into a helicopter after clinging to the roof of a car. >> just one of more than 200 rescues carried out by the coast guard. but nine people didn't make it out of flood waters there. a slow moving storm history making as it dumped as much a 16 and a half inch of rain in just
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night team's tim caputo in our newsroom with more president obama signed disaster declaration to speed up recovery efforts in south carolina after weekend storm that officials are calling a one in a thousand year rainfall. >> the rain finally subsided in south carolina but people there aren't out the woods yet. >> this is dangerous. this is very real. 550 roads and bridges are washed out or closed in at least two dams were breached by record flooding. we've got to get people down stream evacuated. because if this dam goes, the 50,000 people are going to washed away. some parts of south carolina got two feet of rain over the weekend. flash flooding led to at least ten deaths and crews made more than 200 rescues rising water filled homes and stranded drivers. there was high drama life or death moments, including this mother and her 15-month-old daughter plucked from roof of tlts their house. by coast guard helicopter aawe focused on was singing abc
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damage is devastating water because up to here at one point. stories of survival are remarkable. two week old started hiccupping and coughing 3 in morning. waking up family members who didn't realize their home was quickly filling with water. >> hiccups saved their lives. 40,000 residents do not have usable water in their homes. hospitals are getting help from the fire department. we're going to continue to provide the water to the sustain it. drying out and cleaning up will take time. and with threat of more flooding still lurking officials are urging residents to be patient and stay off the roads. we're telling them to stay home right now none the restaurants most grocery stores are closed. they need to just stay off the road. >> 1300 national guard troops have been activated and already helping out in places hardest hit. there are no exact numbers just yet but damage is believed to be in the billions, live in newsroom tim caputo, 7 news night team take look sat satellite image that hurricane joaquin which acted like giant
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fire hose feed tropical moisture up koes that caused all that flooding more on that sxing change in air here in new england let's check if with pete but you czarred. amazing to see 24 inches of rain, this after most of south carolina was in a drought for months on end. they get two feet of rain. lawns part of south carolina and southeastern part. and george town myrtle beach with 17, almost 17 and a half million did wilmington 11 and a half. temperatures now cooling off in suburbs. we're down to 41 in norwood. and 44 in bedford. i think we will go into upper 30s tonight. that's not big guess when we're already in upper 30s across parts of southwestern new hampshire. skies are clear and tomorrow, we'll start with abundant sunshine like look as lot blue sky in morning a little chilly at the bus stop our temperature out 48 degrees. in afternoon, we'll come back into the 60s. middle 60s at the coastline with a sea breeze. but upper 60s elsewhere. and then by evening, settling down into the 50s and low 60s. our forecast warms even more by
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mid week. that's ahead. >> a train trip in vermont takes an unexpected turn when an amtrak train goes off the tracks. this one runs between vermont and washington. it went over an embankment into a creek in north field vermont. governor blames freak of nature saying train hit rocks that hadded fallen from ledge on to tracks. 7 people hurt. passengers tell us they are all work together to get everyone to safety. >> all most able bodied people kind adopted an older person got them down train tracks. i threw him on back he was on, he held on to my neck like this. i just told him to hold on. that train by way is vermonter. going to out of service while crew rebuild tracks and clean up all fuel that leaked at that crash site. >> sky seven hd overseer ohs accident. driver losing control of his car and slams into parked van on river street. you can see the van ended up on top of that car.
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the driver of car was pinned under the van until someone came over and was able to pull him out he managed to walk away only minor cuts and bruises he's cited for unsafe operation motor vehicle. dangerous crash caught camera in mall in salem, new hampshire police say an officer confronted a man sleeping in his suv. they say the driver woke right away and sped away crashing into a car and then a fire hydrant. 28-year-old alexander dimaggio was then in court today to face charges. police believe he was under the influence of heroin at the time. >> new tonight, two of most popular fantasy football web facing sear oh questions an employee boston base draft kings used insider information to place bets ask cash in on rival site fan dual. this is being compared k30 insider trading on wall street information being used isn't available to the public. >> you see their ads everywhere and already under heavy scrutiny.
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draft kings and fan dual are playing defense. according to new york time draft kings employee admitted has week to inadvertently releasing data before start third weblg. move they similar similar to inside trading in an employee a mid lel contact won $350,000 rival site fan duel that same week. this now raises questions who had daily fantasy companies has access to valuable data. how it's protected and whether or not the industry can or wants to police itself. the two companies released a joint statement saying in part, both companies have strong policies in place to insure employees do not misuse any information at their disposal and strictly limit access to company data to only those employees who require it to do their jobs. employees with access to this today are rigorously monitor by internal fraud control teams and we have no evidence that anyone has misused it. >> and both companies say they are continuing to review this and working to make sure fans
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in news roomy john could, 7 news night team. turning now to voice your choice coverage. democratic candidate hillary clinton on the trail in new hampshire today. and in the wake of tragedy in oregon, clinton is speaking out on gun control. we've got to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. domestic abuse evers, people with serious mental hale problems. there's got to be better tracking and record keeping. >> republican candidate carly fiorina also campaigning in granite state today. she took on hillary clinton during campaign stop in manchester. >> there's lot about hillary clinton that i admire. she's hard working she's intelligent. i disagree with her profoundly i think she has put our national security at risk i think she lied about her emails and her server and her involvement and what really happened in benghazi. >> a new nbc poll shows feeney is now in second place in new
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hampshire among republican field. >> up next coffee controversy. why a message written on a coffee cup served to police officer in providence has some people very upset. patrick kennedy telling his story about addiction and living in kennedy family. but not everyone in family's happy about it. nice stretch of weather coming lot of sunshine quiet this week for a change. that's ahead. >> millions of boxes of cheerios under a recall tonight. we will tell who's in danger they eat them wild car two moose battle it out. deta baby!| mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea.
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an employee at rhode island coffee shop sending a message to a police officer. can you read that there? the words black lives matter written on that cup. and officer says the employee handed him that cup and also treated him rudely.
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is saying sorry. brandon gunnoe live in providence with controversy brewingryan and kim police force found unacceptable clear insult not only to officer but department as well when he came to this dunkin donuts as we leaving he noticed on the that cup is says black lives matter. when a providence police officers aemployee wrote #black lives matter on the cup and hand it had to the cop. i don't think employee should do that. shouldn't take political stance in commercial place of business. >> but, you know, that's not my political view on it from business standpoint. it happened friday. dunkin donuts on at well's avenue. officer told police union employee was rude to him, and then handed him cup with slogan on it. phrase became mainstream last year during nationwide protest police violence against black men. do i agree with exactly what happened on i don't know context.
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i don't know kind of how things went down. but, but, i agree with the movement. i don't know what happened at the dunkin donuts. released a statement saying dunkin donuts and franchises share commitment to well being and fair treatment of all of our guests. franchise owner has apologized to the police officer, on behalf dunkin donuts and counselled the employee who has apologized for the incident. the police union called incident unacceptable said phrase black lives matter condones violence against police. i think the black lives matter movement is a movement that's stems from people feeling they've mistreated in way. it was my employee i would want them counseled well too. but, that's, their choice. >> now speak thing of that employee we're told has been counselled but not fired. we're live in providence, rhode island brandon gunnoe, 7 news night team. we're folly more news tonight. we want to hear this one before breakfast in more than general mills issuing a recall and
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trouble company says almost two million boxes of cheer res and hone nut cheer reowes cereals are labeled gluten free but also contain wheat. they are calling an isolated incident but it affects chaoer rio and honey nut cheerios with july use by dates. >> form rhode island patrick kennedy opening up about his family new book eerie veils secrets about his father former massachusetts 7 ted kennedy happy about. you know i think he definitely had a problem with alcohol. and code of silence broken. patrick kennedy revealing family secrets. in his new memoire a common struggle and a 60 minutes interview koungest child. says he watched his four live in silent desperation he says his father self medicated with alcohol after the assassinations of two brothers. when my uncle bobby was killed it was like, absolutely the
11:19 pm
his brother was killed. >> boom. over. show over. those tragedies led to fear. >> the former rhode island congressman says his father was afraid he would be killed during hi 1980 presidential run. writing a letter to patrick that would only dlifd in event his father was assassinated patrick says father struggle with alcohol was long lasting detailing a family intervention in early 1990s which his father he felt that we really had no place, no place whatsoever to question him. some kennedy family members are upset about the revelations. ted kennedy jr. release a statement that reads in part, i am heartbroken patrick has chosen what write inaccurate recollection of family events and ticking our parents are quite different from my own. >> patrick kennedy now 5 years sober details his own struggle
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hopes in breaking silence he can change the way illness are treated in america. >> now, seven weather with chief meteorologist pete bouchard. beautiful evening. don't know if you saw the think matt. i am maud from boston. hard to pick out favorite. there were so many on my twitter pictures. thank you all who sent them. all right, milder days ahead. we're staying most dry here over next few days at the end week we might see couple showers. certainly no big storms brewing. so keep breezes light. thankfully we can say the winds have eased and finished along coastline out to cape islands. it's been three-day stretch. i think we're ready to see change. temperatures in 40s already. almost ready to go into upper 30s in norwood. no big surprise here. our temperatures are cooling off because clear skies in longer nights. it's not just to say very cold air mass. this is just radiational cooling which goes on here in new england.
11:21 pm
and it happens at night. coolest spots will be in lowest locations. there's joaquin still an 85 mile per hour hurricane headed off shore. there might be a couple of clouds on cape and islands. otherwise a sunny day tomorrow. lot of blue sky. fair weather clouds, dot landscape everything you love about obligate is in tomorrow's forecast. cool start, nice recovery in the afternoon. it become mild we head for are mid and upper 60s along coastline are water temperatures are now cooled into the 50s. so the sea breeze has a little bit of bite to it and enough to drop back into mid 60s. but upper 60s to near 70 degrees elsewhere. grand stuff coming up for tomorrow. a little bit milder on wednesday. i think even boston will take part in that as winds turn southwest. big issues with foliage you make plans to go up into new england to view it, this weekend you're probably a little disappointed. there wasn't much color. typically late september, early october across northern new england. this year very low color across central new england and only
11:22 pm
most vermont, new hampshire, and western maine. hmm. it's because we haven't seen much cool weather. that's for sure. 68 turns to 71. then we dip on thursday. then or friday maybe, maybe in long range, next week i see some really cold air trying to build in here. mostly clear, chilly suburbs 36 to 50. then 66 to 70 tomorrow. even when we dip we still remain close to normal or a little bit above over the next few days. thursday 62. 67 on friday. with showers and weekend looks okay at this point. okay, great i'll see you tomorrow. all right thanks pete happy day for one of coaches on nbc's voice pharrell is releasing new children's book tomorrow. do i like reading? yes. why do you like to read? because i guess i get to explore and see what i can find in the books. and learn something from it. >> that's video posted by farrell teasing the picture book
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an epic battle on family's front lawn in alaska. those two moose go head to head over a female father and son heard commotion and got it all on video. they say after fierce struggle one moose finally wins, sending his competition running down the street. >> and now, time for seven sports with joe amorosino. back to reality for patriots bye week is over and relt an is patriots are best team in football. and ready to blow out cowboys team missing two of their best players on offense. the pats with perfect attendance in practice today. offensive lineman ryan returning to the field after missing first three games while recovering from undisclosed illness. that will be illness. hicks make his first appearance on practice field in foxboro. there is considerable buzz surround former saints defensive tackle who came to new england last week.
11:27 pm
in a trade from michael. six foot 5, 324 pounds, now wrooel learn to play football patriot way. very functional organization. look forward to my time here, and i'll back. i definitely want to be as i have in past. just look for it to playing in new team and you know i don't have hold on it yet but i look forward to 1-800-alearn. as a year goes on. >> dolphins act quickly first to fire their head coach in nfl this season. joe philbin flew back with fins avalos in london to jets and he was cut loose today. just 24 and 28 three plus seasons in south florida. he never took the dolphins to play-offs, they dropped 3 straight after winning there season opener miami on to their eight the coach since 2004. tight end coach dan campbell just six years removed from his own playing days. take over cut down day in nhl quickly approaching teams need to trim their roster down 23
11:28 pm
bruins get a jump on that placing veteran forward max talbot on waivers. his days in black and gold may not be done though. talbot could still pass through waiver and wind up in providence. but the bs clearly going younger on their fourth line. celtics get set for first action preseason they visit italy
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we're out of time for tonight tonight show starry jimmy fallon is next. we have hugh jackman and shaq o'neill to look are for. that's an interesting combination. enjoy everybody 7 news continues a 5:00 a.m. with today new england. here if you need us. have a terrific tomorrow. good night. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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