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tv   Today  NBC  October 8, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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this morning on today's take, golden globe winner jenna else elseman on finding comfort in her new role. entertainment moments of the past 25 years. we'll catch up with hugh jackman and the cast of "pan." all that coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie!^ geist and tamron hall, live from rockefeller plaza. >> welcome on this thursday morning, october 8th, 2015.
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beautiful day in new york city. i'm willie with al, dylan and tamron. i love this man right now. >> this is leon bridges. i love it especially because this is the remix with d.j. mick. he was the d.j. for willie's party. >> oh, my gosh. >> remix leon bridges. phenomenal cd coming home. this kid has the voice of sam cook, style of otis reading. he brings the old school next level. he's going to be in town, in new york, october 20th. >> you told me about him six months ago. down load the album. play it start to finish. old school, motown sound. he's incredible. >> the kids can listen to it, as well. it's got a flow. d.j. mick remixed it, and it is awesome. congrats. >> i'm glad i didn't pick the song.
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provided that much information. >> people are telling me what to say in my ear. >> just like everything else we say. our top story has to do with this magazine. popular magazine. "people" tackling the issue of gun violence this week. it pays tribute to the victims of last week's roseburg, oregon, shooting, then calls on readers to do something about gun violence in america. the mall sooen pub gazine published the contact information for the members of the house and senate, urging readers to contact them. the editor said it was heartbreaking and infuriating, to think how many times over the years the magazine had to cover mass shootings. he noted president obama's speech following roseburg. >> somehow, this has become routine. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium
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ends up being routine. the conversation in the aftermath of it, we've become numb to this. >> this is "people"'s way of grabbing attention. they say it's not a call to one side or the other on the issue, be but they want people to talk about it in a civil way. >> the host of "hardball," before that, had a long history in the political world before he got on television. he said in all his years working with lawmakers, writing a letter still getting attention. he says that people believe obviously mass protest, great, but to know your member of congress and write them a personal letter, he, chris matthews, said you'd be stunned how the letters get read. whether it's someone on the staff who passes it on. whatever the topic -- >> the hardest part that stops people from doing that is the extra effort it takes to find the information, the contact information. if it's right there, readings can read it. you know what? i'm going to do it.
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>> it's a great public service for whatever issue, because a lot of people don't even know who their representative is. i think it's -- no matter where you fall on the issue, it's great for people to are the information. >> no matter where you fall on it, now you have the information. >> "people," if they're going to write the senator, be specific about what should be done, and it's a nice concept of what would you do. another hot topic. this shocked -- he's a radio host, but he's an edgy radio host in atlanta. he's been suspended for tweets aimed at eespn congressmen kate kate -- commentator jessica mendoza, the first female to call a baseball game. he tweeted a sexist comment from the comedy "anchorman."
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news with ron burgundy and [ bleep ] mcgee. >> this guy tweeted out, yes, tell us, t mcgee, when you're up there hitting a softball, you see a lot of 95 mile an hour cutters. he said, you guys are telling me there isn't a more qualified baseball player espn can use than a softball player? give me a break. for the record, mendoza is a gold medalist and one of the game. mike has apologized. he said, i want to take this opportunity to say to jessica that what i said was dumb and hurtful and apologize for putting that garbage on twitter. show. experience. this is always chicken and egg. the apology came after he was slayed on twitter and other places. you say, were you sobered up in your thoughts, because people sincere? i'm not questioning it. i'm just putting it out there. >> i have to say, this feels like a comment you would have heard 10, 20 years ago, from someone speaking about a woman
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who is one of the best softball players of all time. four time all-american at stanford. she knows baseball and softball. worked up at espn and deserves to be there. sometimes radio hosts try to walk the line. they say things to grab attention, but in this case anyway, he may have stepped over. >> got caught up in the moment. realized, whether because people pointed it out or not, the overused term, a teachable moment, learn and had apologized. >> she did a great job. >> i don't know if it's a teachable moment, and i don't know if he kind of stepped into it. i think it probably is behavior in a certain world that's often accepted. he probably thought people would write back, lol, and i don't know. i mean, i don't know him personally, and i refrain from judging someone's heart, but i do think that a lot of that goes
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guys, lol back at each other. >> people who do what he does now will maybe think twice. >> you think so? >> i wonder why people don't think twice. >> twitter is the problem. it's there. i've been guilty of it. in the moment, you're caught up in it. then afterwards, it's like, oh. >> i'm happy people say what they feel. then i see how you are. we all have things we regret. i've had tweets. celebrities now hire people to look at their tweets before they send them out. >> tweet editor. >> a lot of celebs, ashton kutcher, lena den unham, got off twitter for comments they regretted. there's a new job. you can be the twitter editor for a celebrity. they have to google. let's get back to it tomorrow. now tweet it. >> you're in a basement. yeah, no, you have to say that. no, no, don't say that.
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>> exactly. >> cigar, yeah, okay. >> bing. make? >> i can't talk to you on the now. i have bieber on the line. >> here's a guy who doesn't need a tweditor. >> genius. >> mr. lebron james. preseason kicking off for the cavaliers last night. lebron james having fun with young fans. he's waiting for the game to start. snaps a selfie. >> oh, my gosh! >> he's not done. invites one of the kids to sit next to him. teammate j.r. smith on the cavs bench. >> look at her. >> oh, my gosh. >> she is about to explode. >> okay. that all happens mid layup. >> wow. >> amazing. yes, lebron. >> that kid is gold.
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>> get lebron on the phone right now. i want to help him tweet. >> that's the power of someone like that. you can take two seconds, and those kids will never forget that as long as they live. >> made the kids' lives. >> he's so good. >> you've interviewed him before, too. >> yeah, he was doing an event at cedar point, the amusement park, and invited all these kids from akron public schools, paid for them to be there, let them have the run of the park and donated money to the school system. he's doing great things in ohio. >> fantastic. another thing people want to not forget is seeing you get dunked. i'm going to get dunked, too, but anyway, remember this last year? tamron, this is you. this is the pink or swim. >> that's right. >> campaign. can you tell me more about what pink is swim is? what is this that you're trying to get people to do? >> we're raising money. we hope to raise money for breast cancer research. we've teamed up with avon again for the second straight year. here's what happened, dylan. thanks for watching our show last year.
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>> rolling in here. i read these cards. >> no reading of the notes, the hoda and kathie. special. if you donate, we could put your picture in here. if you donate, we will have you, you may get the chance to come to the "today" show and be the >> there you go. there's incentive. >> that's major. how do we pick the person? >> we haven't figured that out yet. go to >> keep the donations coming in. we have to hit a mark. >> it's a day we all wear swim suits. willie said he was considering the borat one. >> the one made out of wool. swim suit. >> good morning. a cool breeze this morning, and that will fade away.
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and a mix of clouds and sunshine. temps not as warm, especially at the coastline. boston, 72 today, and worcester hills, the numbers reach the lower 60s. a lot of clouds tomorrow and a few showers by 3:00. scattered and won't be heavy. in any event. your holiday weekend filled with sunshine on columbus day with a warming trend. >> matt wore a bay watch bikini. >> we're on tv. >> thank you. >> donate, go to up next, she won a golden globe. jenna elfman getting a taste of small town life in her new i love you. love you too. one minute. hi. hi dad.
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elfman on a comedy. >> now, she's in a romantic come did -- comedy, "big stone gap," playing the town bomb shell. good to see you. >> you, too. >> another free spirit. we read that you got the job, i think, like two days -- >> i did. 40 hours 48 hours notice. >> figure out the hair, southern accent. 1978 hair and makeup. go! it was awesome. i brought my kids with me, and i learned the accent. it was, you know, flying into this town of 5,000 people, which was amazing. it's these very down to earth, kind, generous folk. i'm born and raised in los angeles, where kind and generous and down to earth isn't really the thing you'd say about hollywood. they were so welcoming and lovely. to play, you know what was interesting, that i wasn't expecting?
10:16 am
and love in a small town in 1978. juxtaposed next to the world we live in now, where is, we're all connected on social media, the internet, and know too much about everybody. we're getting desensitized. it made me realize in the small town, all they know is each other and what's happening. it made me go, wow. relationships with our friends and our lovers and our family was so much more deep and meaningful back then. >> you talked to each other to get information. >> did it you change? >> it did. it made me go, oh, this is how it was, and where are we going? this movie is about the connectivity of friendship and love and relationships. i just loved having that whole experience. being in the town and working
10:17 am
whoopi goldberg, all these incredible actors. it's extraordinary. well-defined. then you have these brilliant actors playing these well-defined characters.
10:18 am
>> you're always fun. please come back. >> thank you for having me. >> can you read in your accent? >> thank yourself. "big stone gap" opens tomorrow. up next, the first of reality tv to the death of michael jackson, a look at the most defining pop cultures of the last 25 years, after this. >> boom! at safelite, we know how busyt life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. clorox knows a family of 5
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oh, she looks upset. should i say something? or should i just keep looking at my phone? gracias. kleenex. someone needs one. time for a little throwback thursday. we apologize in advance for making you feel a little old this morning. >> can you believe it's been 17 years since we first met carrie bradshaw? our friends at entertainment weekly compiled the top moments in entertainment over the past 25 years. here to share some of them the deputy editor. good morning. >> good to see you. >> we'll going to go from oldest
10:22 am
let's begin in 1997, ellen degeneres with a cultural moment. >> that's right. in 1997, ellen degeneres came out on her show, "ellen." it was a watershed moment. to have this major leading character of a prime time sitcom, say on the show, yes, i'm gla, ay, it paved the way for showed like "will and grace," and the l word afterwards. it made it more mainstream in that moment. >> she's gone on to do okay since then. >> yes. >> if my tv is correct. >> a year later, 1998, "sex in the city." >> i was in an episode of "sex in the city." >> you were? >> anyway -- >> throw that in there. so this kind of opened the door to sort of a whole new style, new generation, for women. >> absolutely. "sex in the city" introduced new image of the modern woman for the new millennium. someone who is independent, pursuing her career, relationships, dating in a
10:23 am
before on tv. introduced ed d magnolia cupcake to the entire nation. >> 2000, this was huge, "survivor" coming out as this massive reality show. >> there was reality before "survivor," but the concept of putting ordinary people on an island, having them compete for a major prize, is just proven to be a gold mine. 52 million people tuned into the first season. you can credit requests "survivor" for the blast of reality tv after that. >> in 2004, this one is different. goes back to a super bowl. super bowl xxxviii, this is when we had the coin termed. >> justin timer lake and janet jackson, everyone remembers the moment, when justin exposed
10:24 am
supposed to see. there was a huge explosion about indecency on tv after that. actually, even more than that, it really kind of ushered in the idea of event tv. were you watching it? had you seen it live? if you hadn't, did it find it on the internet afterwards? everybody needed to have seen the moment or you're out of the conversation. >> that was before twitter. can you imagine if that happened during twitter? let's go to 2009. the death of michael jackson. >> i mean, michael jackson created the music that everyone around the world loved. was a child star. we saw his incredible rise in fame, and we saw, you know, the downfall toward the end. when he died, and it was so unexpected and tragic, it was a moment when the world stopped. it was the first major death to play out on social media. a lot of people learned about it on twitter and facebook. about it. i think something like a billion people tuned into his public around the world.
10:25 am
i feel that summer, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing michael jackson's music play. >> my young children know all his songs. it moves to another generation. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> always good to see you. for more of entertainment weekly's top hello. we're ocean spray farmers. when you take a sip of our ocean spray cranberry juice, it's a little like... [ dog barks ] and it's also like... [ laughs ] [ engine revs ] but don't take our word for it. try all of our tasty, good-for-you ocean spray cranberry juices and juice drinks. it's amazing
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taking a look at the headlines, the ceo of volkswagen's american business is in the hot seat today on capitol hill. michael horn faces tough questions on the voks lkswagen emissions scandal. the hearing will explore what the company's deception means for consumers. health officials in mercer county, new jersey are recommending hepatitis and hiv tests for dozens of patients after a nurse reused a syringe over and over while giving them flu shots. the nurse was contracted to
10:27 am
administer the vaccine of employees of a pharmaceutical company. the nurse did use a new needle for each shot but both the needle and the syringe should have been used only once. officials think the risk of infection is low but some patients, as you can understand, are anxious as they wait for the test results. >> norwegian air is hoping to sell one-way tickets from the u.s. to europe for guess this, $69, as early as two years from now. he hopes to use u.s. airports that have low fees and currently have little or no international service. norwegian is the third biggest budget airline. >> and pepsi will go back to the future with a new promotion, it will sell a limited edition of
10:28 am
michael j. fox traveled back in time on "back to the future 2." you have to tweet us if you get a bottle. i want to see it. let's check with al who has the weather. >> one of my all-time favorite movies. let's show you your weekend outlook. tomorrow wet weather from the mid-atlantic into the south. in between things looking pretty good. unfortunately we got rain moving in saturday into southeastern atlantic coast where they do not need anymore rain. sunny and cool through the great lakes, sunshine through the southwest, which will continue into sunday. sunday more rain across the pacific west. things dry out in the southeast and we'll have a few hit-or-miss showers a >> good morning. a cool breeze this morning, and that will fade away. and a mix of clouds and sunshine.
10:29 am
coastline. boston, 72 today, metro and worcester hills, the numbers reach the lower 60s. a lot of clouds tomorrow and a few showers by 3:00. they'll be scattered and won't be heavy. in any event. your holiday weekend filled with sunshine on columbus day with a warming trend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, sir. over the years there have been many add aptations of "peter pan." now the latest adventure "pan" is being called an origin story. i got a chance to sit down with
10:30 am
hugh jackman and runa mari. >> sometimes to truly understand how things end we must know how they begin. >> reporter: >> welcome to neverland! >> my entrance came out of an improve we were doing during pirate boot camp. >> tell me about pirate boot camp. >> during rehearse al, there was a week the pirates were all together and turns out men love playing pirates. >> i tried to find the most strangest, wonderful aspects of our planet and then i put them together in unusual combinations and that was neverland. >> if i'm going to trust you, i need to know your name. >> it's hook. my name is james hook.
10:31 am
>> i thought it was a wonderful place to go. wrooef seen we've seen so many versions of peter pan and captain hook being malicious but you've never seen them being allies. >> if you don't believe, neither will they. >> tiger lilly. for me that was a very interesting view of her. the way she was depicted in the script, it was different than the way we've seen girls being in these categories. exciting to see a female character in a movie this way who is so strong and powerful. >> i'm afraid of heights. >> he beat out thousands of kids for this role of a lifetime. >> i just did an audition and i got a callback and i got flown to l.a. it was my first time in the u.s. it was cool, very cool.
10:32 am
boy who never wanted to grow up. they wanted me to ask a couple of lightning round questions. best part of being the age you are now? >> being able to do all these incredible things and being able to play peter pan. >> best thing about the age you are now. >> watching my kids grow up. >> now you've jilted the other side of the room. >> favorite childhood snack. >> toast. i don't know if you understand. baked beans on toast. >> that's your childhood snack? >> favorite game growing up. >> hide and go seek. >> capture the flag was a good one. >> british bulldog. >> what's british bulldog? >> here we go. imagine baked beans on -- no. you have to get from one side to the other without being tackled. we call it british bulldog.
10:33 am
played british bulldog in "pan," in neverland, everything is possible. >> in honor of our buddy, hugh jackman, i brought baked beans on toast. >> i love baked beans. the toastez makes it -- it's heavy. >> it does, but it's supposed to be probably white bread. we went a little healthy. if you want to kick it off with hot dogs, that's my favorite. don't forget to see "pan." season. our team shows you how to burn hundreds of ok guys, go, go, go. honey, do you have the camera? yes, i do. (punctured balloon) (gasp) ooh... hi, can i help you? ugh, i need an eyeball. we should find something here. ooh! that will work! happy to help.
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we have football fans struggling to stay on track with the snacking temptations to come along with watching the game. jenna wolfe and joy bauer are here to help. good morning. >> how are you doing? >> so the goal here is to pop these balloons by the end of the year. we are kind of doing really well. >> we're getting close. you guys feel good? >> absolutely. >> everybody is happy. you weighed in today. have you been walking, monitoring your sleeping, walking, ready to go? >> yeah. >> let's see how you did. kevin, you lost one pound this week, but it was a total of nine. you are popped. that was not as dramatic as it was supposed to be. rachelle, you only lost one this week, but remember, this is 16 weeks. we're going to pace ourselves. you lost a total of eight pounds. smallest of all time. six, seven, eight.
10:39 am
this week for a total of 14 pounds. >> wow. >> let's all wish us luck. >> it'll take a while. >> let's get ourselves into position. >> it's football season. the pats fans are well represented here. there's a lot you can do while watching on commercials. >> i've been crying to ingtrying to convince you for weeks. we're going to do an exercise i love to do at commercials and halftime. let's get the three of you in position. what are these made of? okay. what i love to do is bear crawls, which works our upper and lower body. all you need is the space of your living room, followed by squats. we'll get our heart rate up and burn calories. get ourselves down into a bear crawl. ten times across your living room. ken, don't be the last to get there. >> these are no joke. >> no joke. grab your football. now we're going to face forward. give me five tap jump squats. we're working our butt, our
10:40 am
great ply yo ometric move. if you can do three to five of these during a commercial break, or 20 of them during halftime, you can burn about 100 calories without thinking about it. >> you're saying during commercials, but it's also a lot about the snacking you're doing while you're actually watching the game. >> absolutely. let's come over here. >> here's some food. >> you earned the sit down after the bear crawls. enjoy it with us. we're looking at some of your favorite snacks and looking how to make them healthier. >> welcome to my bauer bistro. mary loves buffalo wings. there's so much skin, and then it's fried. >> what do we do? >> it's 960 calories, the original. my after, only 130 calories. mary jean, there you go. >> thank you.
10:41 am
>> ken is crazy about spinach art artichoke dip. the original recipe is 300 per quarter cup. not mine. this version, i pull back on the cheese, use low fat mayo, 50 calories for a quarter cup. >> great waiter, alex. >> rochelle loves the layered bean dip. it's made with the beef, cheese and sour cream. 300 calories. my version is only 130. the layers are gorgeous, easy to whip together. if you want to do it in a single portion like this for each person, automatic portion control. >> by the way, thank you all. for all the recipes. on the workout, there was a sell on new england patriots jerseys. i understand why they go on sale. up next, how to prevent a house fire and keep your family safe.
10:42 am
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10:46 am
they escaped but, often, the results are devastating. five children died in this fire south of houston. the fire tried and failed to rescue his kids. in wisconsin, two kids died in this fire caused by bad wiring. examine + like these are eye opening for new mother, kate gonzalez. >> all of the worst-case scenario situations flash through your mind. >> she went to the american red cross, offering free in-home visits to prevent deaths and yurs. >> you always wonder if it could be you next. i'm sure people who have house fires never dreamt it would be them. when i look around my home, i wonder, what are the hazards? is it possible that it could be our home next? >> reporter: volunteer firefighter and red cross officer steven met to gonzalez. we asked him to hour her home and point out the top risks. nearly half of all house fires
10:47 am
start in the kitchen, where cooking is the main culprit. >> people get distracted, the phone will ring, you leave the room and don't realize there's stuff on the stove that could turn into a fire. >> reporter: the take aways? keep an eye on what you fry. set a timer when you use the oven. keep a fire extinguisher for electrical fires cloe s s closeby. sleeping areas, smoke alarms are priority number one. >> it's important to have them in the hallway, outside of bedrooms is an excellent place to have a smoke alarm. >> reporter: gonzalez has one in the halfway, but they should be inside of every bedroom on fefr every floor. when fires start, every second counts. >> within seconds, a smaller fire can be a larger fire, which can block your way of getting out. >> reporter: gonzalez is warned to keep 12 inches of space around candles.
10:48 am
make sure the iron is always unplugged. as temperatures drop, space heaters come out. he spots one in the nursery. heater? >> space heater. >> reporter: heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fires. the red cross recommendation, keep anything three feet from the heat. with the warning signs flagged, it's time to make an evacuation plan. think two and two. with as little as two minutes to escape, two exits should be identified from every room. >> the escape plan, combined with properly working, properly positioned smoke alarms, are the key steps to preventing and maintaining your safety and giving you the best chance of survival. >> reporter: the advice is sobering for this new mom. by being proactive, her family might avoid becoming another tragic statistic. >> with a daughter who isn't able to walk yet, she's safety. it would be our worst nightmare
10:49 am
to have something like that happen. we'd like to do anything we can to prevent it. >> now, just the time it took for that story to air, statistically, house fires would have been reported in two more homes.
10:50 am
drip, drop, drip, drip, drop. >> i love this song. >> watch "empire," and you know the song. >> i learned it from her. >> julie andrews and emma walton hamilton will be with us. >> we have billy eichner.
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