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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 8, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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in a fight with two people. investigators say the victim had several stab wounds, and the attackers ran from the scene. there is now a large crime scene set up on the common. it's not affecting mbta he service, though. information as soon as we get it. a logan passenger's plans went up in smoke. he was caught with 100 pounds of marijuana. it appears he almost got away with it. >> he was able to get through security on the west coast, but here in boston, no. we have a report from logan. >> reporter: as soon as he got off the plane, police were waiting for him. this is the hundred pounds of pot that was found, allegedly, in that man's bag. we're told the california man got off the plane. he was flying a delta flight from san francisco, got off
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the plane, and d.e.a. agents along with state police were all there waiting for him, along with that canine dog. they acted on a tip. of that marijuana. hard to believe that man allegedly got it inside his suitcase. he was arrested, arraigned in court earlier today. we asked mass port and state police if this is a common occurrence, and they said, no, we've never seen anything like. this reporting live from logan airport, kelli o'hara. police say a pickup truck was hit by another car wednesday evening. the driver of the pickup was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the other driver appeared to be under the influence. the road was cleared -- closed to clear. leaves are being cleaned off the rails. it hits the rails with 50 gallons of water per minute,
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leaving the rail free of leave residue. that prevents the trains from having to use their brakes more than necessary. >> just like you have challenges with weather, driving to work in your car every day, you have to reduce your braking because of reduced traction on the road. same for us. we have to reduce our braking. >> crews say this should prevent details due to wet leaves throughout the fall. a toddler is dead, another fighting for his life after being exposed to e. coli in maine. the parents believe the children were exposed after visiting a petting zoo. now the cdc is checking out links between the two cases. 17-year-old miles jacob hers chaft is suffering life-threatening kidney failure.
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with daily dialysis and blood transfusion. his mother says he and his wife are by the child's side 24/7. >> reporter: on monday, 20-month-old colton lost his battle with this deadly disease. the families didn't know one another. this barn is where both fathers believe their sons picked up e. coli -- the petting zoo at the oxford fair. >> this is an extremely rare event. >> reporter: the spokesman says they're working with the maine cdc on both cases, and says the state veterinarian has collected the bedding and droppings and will test for e. coli. meanwhile, people at the fryburg fair are warning visitors to frequently wash
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their hands if they're around any of the animal. >> it gives us all pause and reminds us to keep in mind some protocols to help prevent these problems. >> reporter: the maine cdc is investigating if the two children have common exposure to e. coli other than that petting zoo. a driver inside this truck was killed when the truck crashed. it immediately caught fire. the turnpike was closed for hours, reopening early this morning. the accident happened yesterday afternoon when a pile of mattresses from a cargo van broke loose, spilling all over the highway. a car swerved into the truck, causing it to flip. nikki haley says there is a major threat of flooding as storm water works its way toward the
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fema workers will begin formally mandatory evacuations in um the coming days. >> in the next 12 hours, georgetown will start to flood. it will get worse, and it's going to last up to 12 days. this is something that we have never dealt with before. this flooding is going to get bad, and it's going to sit for a very long time. >> the safe evacuation of at-risk communities is the state's no. 1 concern right now. an entertainment magazine with a call of action, the editor making it clear now is the time to act. people magazine has a message for the people: rise up, reach out, and tell congress to do something. >> one thing is very, very clear, and that is, as a country, we are not doing enough about gun violence. >> reporter: people posted and published the contact information for all 535 voting members of the senate and the house, along with this fact: over 10,000
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year alone by guns. editor jess cagle says he was inspired by president obama's speech after the shooting in oregon. >> this is becoming routine. >> i rolled my eyes, there is nothing done about the last mass shooting. >> reporter: he says this is not about an agenda. >> i think any time you try to start a conversation, some people take it as you want to take away my guns or my liberties. i was very careful not to even take a side. >> reporter: he says he's tired of the rhetoric. >> let's hold our representatives' feet to the fire and let them know these routine responses are just not going to cut it anymore. let's find out what you are doing. >> reporter: like it or not, people's call to action as thrown the magazine into the political fray. on social media, there was applause along with calls
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there was a silent vigil at community colleges to remember those killed in oregon. rupert murdoch posted on twitter: >> he recommended a new york magazine article asking whether or not president obama has done enough to help the american people. later he said he finds president obama and ben carson to be charming people. after a month on the loose, a king cobra has finally been found in florida. the cobra named elvis slithered away from its home early september. animal control tracked down the eight-foot-long snake
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under a drier about a half mile from where it escaped. the owner, mike kennedy, faces charges for not reporting the escape. red line service has been suspended. there will be bus service. putting a rivalry on the sidelines to help somebody in need. how a star quarterback is helping a rival battling cancer. and a quincy marina goes up in flames. and a worcester school bus driver loses control
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>> they might be rivals on the football field, but two michigan teens are on the same team. a star quarterback is trying to help a rival battle leukemia. >> he is trying to raise money and the spirits of his rival as well.
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his goals: >> to win the conference championship. >> reporter: another goal: raising money for a fellow player. >> it was awesome to see the response. coming into it, i was guessing a couple hundred dollars. when i saw the paper that we raised $92, that was awesome. >> reporter: but it was for a rival player. logan has leukemia. the team wanted to raise money for a fellow player. >> i wasn't expecting them to do something like this. >> i received over a half million dollars worth of bills for logan, and they're continuing to come in, so we have a lot of money going out. just the generosity from the community, outside, just truly touches my heart, my family. >> reporter: the head football coach is is says he's happy the team is learning about giving back to the community that
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>> this community, it's amazing. i can't go on. >> reporter: he's just happy to help. >> it's something nobody should have to go through, and at the end of the day, he's still sick, and to brighten his spirit and help anyway we can. >> reporter: turner is feeling much better and is about to get tested to see if the treatment has worked. logan's school has set up an account to receive donations for his family. dangling and in danger. crews in texas rush to the rescue. a fantastic forecast for the holiday weekend, but we have to get through showery weather first. and nowhere left to go. an 800-pound man was kicked out of a new england weight-loss program.
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>> look at this incredible rescue. a worker hanging on as he dangles over a bridge over the houston ship canal. the man was doing preventative maintenance on the bridge when he slipped off a catwalk. he was lifted to safety and taken to a local hospital for treatment. chinese tourism leaders have closed a glass walkway after it cracked under pressure. dozens of tourists heard a loud bang and saw the cracks. it was a single pane that shattered into coin-size segments. nobody was in danger, because only one of the three layers of glass that shattered. >> one lay ser breaking is enough.
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i'm getting out of there, or passing out, and someone hopefully dragging me off of there. good news, though, it is beautiful outside. >> are you a heights person? >> are you kidding me? i'm over here sweating! live television, how we doing here? vertigo, i gotta tell ya, heights do not do it for me. i'll keep my feet on the ground. light wind, 10 miles an hour. our highs were in the low 60s into the mid-50s. see what you did to to me just with the heights there? 56 in beverly, boston. 65 still in norwood. we had the bright sunshine today. temperatures are not taken in direct sunlight, so you step out in the direct sunlight, it can easily feel five to ten degrees warmer. high pressure is going to slide off. that's it for the sunshine, overnight tonight, clouds on
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the increase. even though we're going to see a boost in the temperatures tomorrow, we're going to see some rain coming down. near 70 for tomorrow, cold front makes its way through. for saturday, cooler temperatures. clouds moving in for the early hours ever tomorrow morning. but i still think mostly clear for most of the night tonight. we'll allow for those temperatures to drop. still a cool night in store for us. kids at the bus stop will need a jacket but not a rain coat. no showers until the afternoon. there are scattered showers from about 2:00 until 9:00 p.m., and while we can't rule out the potential for isolated thunderstorms in that action, i'm not all that confident that it will happen. if it does, though, some gusty wind's a possibility, and also some localized heavier downpours. but it's not a whole lot of rain. i don't think we're going to stay dry in southeast mass, but a tenth to a quarter of an inch generally speaking
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for most tomorrow, not a washout, just sort of a wet, drizzly day as we get into the later hours of the day. then a fantastic weekend in store for us, dry weather. i always think of cool, crisp weather in the fall, crisp like apple crisp, plenty of sunshine for apple picking as we head through the columbus day weekend. columbus day looks fantastic. pretty cool, 46 in the suburbs to around the low 50s for boston. afternoon showers tomorrow, again, it happens later in the day. these numbers look pretty good, but i don't think we'll be going out trying to get a tan or enjoying shorts tomorrow. topsfield fair looking better for saturday. we just have to get past a little bit of wet weather for tomorrow. sunshine sticking around with us until another raindrop as we get into tuesday, but the temperatures look awesome. see you in a bit. >> thanks, bri. the patriots are back in action.
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that could be good news for your team. >> or bad if you have any part of the pass offense. we have who to sit. >> welcome to fantasy fixer. the pats on the field against the cowboys. who are you rooting for? >> got to like the patriots runningback, think it's a good matchup. the falcons, putting up good numbers. the game winner against new orleans, more of the same for the patriots. lewis, a breakout star, a three-touchdown game against jacksonville last time out. either of those runningbacks to start. >> they are hurting: no tony romo, no dez bryant. are they capable of an upset? >> i don't see that happening. no shawn lee for the cowboys, either. they are getting greg hardy back.
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the patriots offense, a bad matchup for anybody right now. >> peyton manning, got his on my team, but he's not playing like we're used to him playing. >> manning is looking a little old right now. the raiders, a mess against tight ends. >> go set your lineups. if you have a verizon cell phone, the company will be planning unlimited data from $30 to $50 a month. most of these low prices were grandfathered in. the white house is taking a stand against sitting too much. according to reports, the white house wants to set aside $700,000 for standing desks. public health research has
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sitting for obesity and even early death. the cost for standing desks would be spread out over the next five years. we're following breaking news coming up at 6:00. there has been a stabbing at the commons, at park street station. as you can see, a huge police presence. we're live with the latest. a drone captures video and helped crews battle a big fire at a marina in quincy. new video of a bus driver involved in a crash in worcester last month, as we learn more about what happened there. and a man who raised dz -- who weighs 800 pounds needs help and a home. ordering a pizza got him
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>> on the buzz, not playing around with his latest hits. >> the latest is about a high-stakes gambling operation. >> reporter: in nbc's "the player", this guy has gone rogue and gets wrapped up in a secret organization where the world's wealthiest people bet or crime. >> they choose which side they're going to bet on and which side they're going to
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whether or not he's going to win. there is a lot of jason bourne. >> reporter: this guy is -- >> he's the fast hands. he's grae greased lightning. we had a little fight scene, and he just whoopd me. we trained with thai special forces and south african special forces. >> reporter: it's all been a careful balancing act for this new dad. you might see him and his new family around the hub. they say boston is one of visit. >> catch the player tonight at 10:00. heroes reborn at 8:00. the blacklist at 9:00, and we'll catch up on the news at 11:00. there is another 30 minutes of 7news just ahead. >> starting right now.
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>> breaking news at 6:00. a crime scene in the common, a man stabbed. police looking for suspects. plus, up in flames. a drone captures video and helps crews battle this huge fire at a mar even in -- marina in quincy. >> we just sold everything to do this, to move on it and live on it. >> we have the latest on the investigation. and a dangerous drive. new video from a school bus crash in worcester. when the driver loses control, the whole thing caught on camera. and a desperate plea from a man who weighs almost 800 pounds. >> i was supposed to stay there and lose all my weight, got down to 550 with the gastrick bypass. that was their plan. >> how ordering a pizza got him kicked out of the hospital. we begin with breaking news at 6:00. a crime scene just clearing
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police say a man was stabbed several times near the park street t station. not only was he stabbed, he was kicked several times while he was down. details. >> reporter: ryan t was quite a scene. as you know, this is a very busy section of boston. they just cleared the area. a man was lying as he was bleeding from stab wounds. the two people responsible, police say, took off, and them. sky 7 hd over the scene, and you can see it's a large area that police had blocked off so they could collect evidence. witnesses say they heard a group arguing, then there was a tussle, and the man was stabbed. the male suspect ran off while the woman kicked the man even though he was lying on the ground and bleeding. witnesses this area say it
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was a very scy scene.
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