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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 17, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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breaking news from overnight. beverly man waking up behind bars. he attacked his estranged wife. a pair of developments this morning. a women downed a passenger plane while france strikes back at investigation continues >> it's back to court for the danvers teenager accused of killing his teacher and some emotional testimony is expected today. good morning, everyone. its 9:00 on this tuesday. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. still waiting for the warm up that never seemings to get here after we were spoiled. we were. i will totally admit that. it's sort of like we knew this
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was coming. i don't know how long it will stick around. it's certainly off to colder start this morning compared to yesterday morning with temperatures 10 to 15 colder. boston at 39. norwood, 39 worcester 35. and now that we are rolling through the middle of november and heading for december and january that sun not capable of warming from a cold morning like you typically find in september and october. it's a chilly day. we'll make it out of the 30s. with all sorts of sunshine. but i don't think we will get out of the 40s this afternoon. yesterday boston had high temp of 61. this afternoon the numbers will actually finish a little bit below normal. upper 40s city later on at 47. worcester at 47. nashua, 46. much the same for tomorrow. sunny skies, cool, upper 40s. mild air returning and i'll let you know when in about 15 minutes . >> let's get to breaking news from overnight. beverly man in court this morning after police say he attacked his estranged wife.
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jennifer eagan live at the courthouse with a closer look at exactly what happened. jen? >> jadiann, neighbors say the victim is mother of two young children. she suffered life threatening injury ands rushed to beverly hospital. neighbors also say they first noticed police at the home along tiny lane around 5:00 yesterday evening. they stayed for several hours late into the night collecting evidence. they seem to be focused on the women's estranged husband axel sure is under arrest charged which attempted murder and strangulation. right now police are not saying who called 911 or how they tracked down sure. he's due in district court later today. we should learn during his arraignment this morning. jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." now to developing news. the catch of the passenger plane over egiment
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ypt was the result of terror statistic attack. a homemade bomb blew up the plane. all of the passengers onboard were killed. russia offering 50 million reward for information leading to arrest of those responsible. developing in france the french military launching a second wave of airstrikes against isis and syria. early report indicate a command post and training camp in racca have been destroyed. john kerry met with france's president secretary kerry is reiterating the u.s. commitment to a strong relationship with france. in fact, the two leaders are also talking about the future of the campaign against isis. let's go to kris anderson. he's following all of the developments today. the french president has called now on the u.s. and russia to come together in that fight against defeating isis. german police say three people have been arrested in connection to the paris attacks. it isn't yet known what their
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direct involvement may have been. we're learning more about the men behind the attacks in france. and the newest threat from isis to the u.s. the hunt is on for two men, one believed to be mastermind behind friday massacre in paris. the other loan surviving attacker. police say 27-year-old abdelhamid abboud planned the attack. salum benghalem is on if run. but they let him go because he had no criminal records. his brother was one of the men who died in friday's attacks. french police searched two hotel rooms on the outskirts of paris that were booked in the name of salum benghalem. now isis has released a new video online. threatening to attack the united states specifically washington, d.c.
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will not change the isis strategy or put troops in syria. president obama: the strategy we are putting forward the strategy that ultimately is going to work. in a sit down meeting president obama and russian president discussed the attack. to defeat isis they call on the united states and russia to work together in the u.s. said it's committed to fighting terror. it's unclear if it will form any military coalition with russia. as france is stepping up it's approach against isis with more airstrikes. they urge to extend the state of emergency and enact new laws that would make it easier to deport french born terrorist. while there's no credible threat here in the united states, the head of the cia said that we should all still be vigilant. that's the latest live in the control room. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." governor of two dozen state say right now they don't want to
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governor charlie baker among those with concerns. at least one of the paris attacker did post as a refugee to get into europe. some governors say they won't accept refugees under any circumstances. baker is taking more of a wait-and-see approach. i think any conversation has to start with whatever press is federal government will put in place to vet people through that process. that's something we want to know a lot about. at this point in time we would is to be very cautious about accessing folks? i will not roll the dice and take the risk on allowing a few refugees in simply to expos texans to that danger. president obama said shutting access is not the right response. stay with 7news for the laft on the terror in paris. we will bring you updates online, on air and on our smart phone mobile apps. the first witness is set to
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take the stabbed in the philip chism murder trial. he's the ten ager accused of killing his math teacher. here's victoria warren with more. pecky ritzer with her head in her hands emotional as the trial gets under way. peggy wore a pink scarch and bracelet. peggy set to take the stand and tell everything she knows about the day her daughter died. they were subjected to painful details. they showed a bloody box cutter with blood stick sticking out. 16-year-old used it to murder colleen who was his math teacher. >> the defendant strangled colleen. the defendant used box cutter he had to cut her slice or throat. ritzer stabbed 16 times. her body dumpeded in the wood
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chism showed know emotion. police say he was carrying the box cutter along with ritzer along with driver license and credit card. saying he used it to go see a movie. chism was 14 at the time and in opening statement his attorney admits he committed the crime but said why he did it is the issue. the answers severely mentally ill. he had been suffering from a psychotic disorder since the age of ten. colleen ritzer's mother set to take the stand today. opening statements were yesterday. and these opening statements came after a very lengthy jury selection process that was p even halted when philip chim mental competency to stand trial was called into question. 7news "today in new england." he's used to taking on tough match-ups.
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his son is battling cancer. nicole oliverio has their story. >> reporter: tiny 4-month-old hudson is already proving he's just as tough as his dad. patriots tackle nate soldier. in a heartbreaking announcement he told a crowd attending a cancer live that his infant son has kidney cancer. there was wasn't a dry eye. he posted sons picture on twitter. he wrote thank you everyone support the foundation. he was speaking at the foundation event which benefits cancer patients when he opened up about his new battle off the field. in april of last year he told espn he had testicular cancer and then beat it. >> he touched me heart. he's been through it and now he he's so strong. at the time of his diagnosis he said he wanted to help share
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his story to raise awareness and help others. i think god gave me an opportunity to shine light on an issue effects lots of men. the sooner you detect and get to doctor the less of problem it can be. >> now he hopes that awareness will help save his son. he told the crowd he didn't want to make the announcement last night. but his wife encouraged him to. he said they know that today another family will beginning the same heartbreaking diagnosis. from gillette, 7news "today in new england." a judge new york has denied a temporary restraining order that would have kept dailly fantasy sports from operating. last week attorney general didn't allow fantasy sites in their state because regulators believed it to be a form of gambling. supreme court will hear arguments next week. still ahead, you have probably seen on morning joe. out in she's teaching women how
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to get what they deserve. and a hollywood star making quite the admission more on charlie machine charlie charlie sheens announcement on his health. >> forecast coming up next. dietitian prescribing a unique treatment to help her breast cancer patient. why said said olive oil really helps. it was a real mess on the northbound side of 128. that pot hole crew is out of the way. traffic not backed up here now. look at the expressway. it's a slow go from the south shore all the way downtown. 93 stoneham suffered all the way in and the turnpike route 128 right down to the city gets a hard go there too.
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>> good morning to you everyone. morning. it's been cool for sure. i saw you worry out the parka. i don't blame you one bit. i will have to tweet a picture. it's a huge coat with fur over the hood and everything and people here really tease me about wear thing coat. i get it every time. it's a wind tunnel. she's defending me which i appreciate. i take no chances on being cold, jr. >> i understand. it's fantastic colt. if you haven't seen what we are picture. first glance i'm reminded of hath. wars." it does look like that. the lady stays warm. let's not knock her for that. compared to yesterday morning at this time. temps about step degrees colder. cambridge 37. wesley 36. hall at 39.
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let's not tell her about winter around these parts. i guarantee this winter is not going to be as cold as last winter. yes, it will be winter in new england but i don't think we will nearly as brutal as last year february. holy, cow. wareham, 30. sandwich, 44 and chat a.m. and brewster also 44. high pressure dropped out of canada shoved the # 0-degree weather further down the eastern seaboard. high pressure good in the sense the air is dry. lots of sunshine. because the blue h came out of canada at not up the eastern seaboard. cool today. here's a weather system. a lot of cloud thursday. most of thursday stayed dry. this weather system is just slowly crawling to the eastern seaboards.
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some computer model suggest a brief burst of heavy rainfall. probably not until after thursday evening. more likely overnight thursday night. maybe into friday morning. friday morning commute could with dicey with some very heavy rain. that will move out midday friday. normal high is 52. for a change theable in cooler than normal. tonight mostly cool. speaking of to night. more likely after midnight through early tomorrow as we h passing through the debris. a comet and meteors will appear coming out of the constellation leo. get that a check. through the day tomorrow. mostly sunny sky. cool tomorrow. upper 40s tomorrow. this is something that
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working women address every day. we're talking about the wage gap. now one of the coast host of msnbc is take a stand in helping women know talk about their value. educating women how to get the salary they deserve. it's a powerful message for so many women, know your value. we're here today to learn how to stand up for yourself. get for yourself. cohost of msnbc has made it her mission to spread that message writing about in her book and holding conferences in major u.s. cities. many women feel bad asking for more money at work. i think it's primal and basic. i think for some reason we feel it's our responsibility to make everybody in the room feel
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comfortable. she said at the comboechation table you have to be tufr but not over the top. i just think elegantly and with grace we can be tough as well. there's time i think we can be aggressive. you do need to know how to switch gear and you need to know the room. >> she said know what the bosses are looking for and then practice is key. it could be getting up in church and speaking. going and advocating for your kid's school. advocating for someone else. the biggest mistake women make saying i'm sorry. >> that has to go. all of that leave a huge pile of money on the table. if you say sorry you are saying don't pay me. that awkward silence that comes it. it's not your job to fill the room with word. just sit there. after you put your data on the table what else is there to say. wait for them to talk. and if you feel it's really awkward.
9:19 am
you have done your job. it's important that you don't worry about being friendly with your boss's during the negotiations. she said if they truly are a friend of yours they will understand that your friendship will survive a tough negotiation. just kind of make your case and step back. i think that's really good advice for not just negotiations by any skill. in this business just kind of be quiet. let the other person talk. let the awkward silence play out. you have yourself a great interview. >> gives you the upper hand too. all right. just ahead. charlie sheen speaking out. more on the disease the actor now admits that he is suffering from. ahead at 9:30. new details on high powered weapons stolen in worcester. the clue that may lead investigators to a suspect. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold.
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and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded by over a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. he was once the highest paid actor on tv. charlie sheen is opening up about personal issue. actor battling a serious medical diagnosis. 50-year-old is as infamous as he is famous and now he's coming clean about his health. i'm in fact hiv positive. he doesn't know how he contracted the disease but was diagnosed about four years ago.
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it started with thought i based on series of cluster headaches and insane migraines and sweating the bed completely drenched that i was emergency hospitalized i thought i had a brain tumor. he's been taking cocktail of anti viral medications and is doctors said he now has an undetected level of the virus in his blood. they both say with protection the risk of transmitting the disease is slim. sheen had a long history of drugs and alcohol. even after diagnosis he still ehavior. i was so depressioned by the condition i was in. i was doing drugs. i was drinking too much and making bad decisions >> since contracting hiv he has been black maled by several people to keep his secret quiet and paid them millions people? >> not after today i'm not. in 2011 he lost his starring roll on 2 and a half men after a
9:24 am
now he said he hopes by going public he can help others. i have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people. >> sheen has five children. he has told his oldest and his ex fiancee adult movie star bri olson has been tested repeatedly and is hiv free. ahead at 9:30 kurt schilling takes the mound. he will take the stand over his failed videogame. olive oil helping breast cancer patient patient stay healthy. when the best time are to
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something sparkly the biggest bargain biggest jewelry for jewelry very thanksgiving day average of 25% off. if someone wants clothes the better deal happen closer to holiday. your children grow out of their things like coats so quickie >> shoes twice in year we're shopping for that stuff. good luck. calling up in next half hour. investigator hoping a picture will lead to an arrest. >> that's after some high powered weapons were stolen in worcester. we'll have that. >> sunny skies for the day. but cool. forecast up next. >> the latest on that brutal attack in beneficiarierly after
9:29 am
>> day two in philip hism murder trial. the victim's mother takes the stand.
9:30 am
the women seriously injured after an alleged brutal attack. why police say her estranged husband to blame. police want to know who is in this picture, why it could lead to whoever stole weapons in worcester. >> welcome back alternate 9:30 # 1. you were doing a story about christmas shopping. we've been listening to christmas music because 38 days to go. just over a week until thanking. jr, how are you doing over there? >> last week i was in disney world it was 90 degrees. they were playing christmas music and i'm like i can't do it. i need stuff like this. welcome home. compared to yesterday morning at this time temps running about 7 degrees colder than we were. middle to upper 30s. city at 39. 37. high pressure dropped from canada last night. chilly air is dry air.
9:31 am
mostly sunny skies. that will fade away during the afternoon. as you work into the afternoon say it's still cool out here. yesterday afternoon low 60s. but this afternoon upper 40s. normal high is foo. below normal, boston, 47. fitchburg 46. tomorrow much the same sunshine still cool tomorrow. thanks, j.r. philip chism the teen accused of today. the first witness was colleen's mother and she took the stand describing the night of her daughter's death and how she become worried when colleen didn't come home at her normal time. here's victoria warren with more of the emotional trial. peggy ritzer with her head in her hands. under way. peggy war a pink scarf and bracelet. color. peggy herself set to take the stand and tell jurors everything she knows about the day her
9:32 am
the family subjected to painful details prosecutors showed jurors a bloody box cutter with the blade still sticking out saying 16-year-old fittip chism used it to murder colleague his math teacher. >> the defendant strangled colleen. he used box cutter to cut or slice her throat. ritzer was stabbed 16 time. her body dumb npd the woods behind the high school. he showed no emotion. they described finding the teen walking along the side of the road. he was carrying the box cutter along with her driver license and credit card saying he used her credit card to see a movie. he was 14 at the time and in opening statements his attorney admitted chism committed the crime but said why he did it is the issue. >> the answer is he was severely mentally ill.
9:33 am
cottic disorder since the age of 10. breaking overnight a man from beverly accused of trying to kill his estranged wife will face a judge today. police say the 45-year-old tried to strangle her in her home on penny lane monday. she was taken to the hospital with life threatening injury. he's charged with attempted murder and strangulation. >> developing overseas the head of russia security agency said the crash of a passenger plane in egypt was in fact, the result of a terrorist act. officials say a homemade bomb blew up onboard the plane. all 224 people onboard most of them russian tourist were killed in the crash that happened last month. also developing out of france the french military launching now a second wave of airstrikes against isis and syria. a command post and training camp in racca have been destroyed. french police conducted nearly 130 overnight raids in the country as well. more news today.
9:34 am
a car slams into a poll and burst into flames. this happening in auburn. at the intersection of upland street. no one was hurt. power crewed were called to the scene to repair the downed lines. new details on the hunt for high-powered weapons stolen from an armory out in worcester. key clue could be the break in this case that federal agents need. they want to know the man in this photo. someone broke into the army reserve center between 6:00 saturday and 1:00 saturday morning. and took off with 16 guns. the fbi said among the stash ten.9 millimeter m-11 pistol and cisse m-4 rifles similar to what you were seeing that one right there. governor wants answers as to how this could happen >> i'm just concerned about the fact that some high caliber weapons were stolen from a military facility in the first place. >> that's kind of scary. having all those weapons on the street.
9:35 am
worcester with those weapons, possibly. the fbi not linking this crime at all to terrorism. police say there's no threat to the public. but they are stepping up security in key locations around the city just as precaution. new details in kurt schilling bankruptcy. the former red sox pitcher declined to testify about his failed videogame company. earlier this month representative asked schilling to testify. the oversight committee may ask for subpoena. he moved company 38 studios from massachusetts to prove against after receiving a 75 million dollar loan guarantee in 2010. 38 studio filed for bankruptcy two years later. a friend of convicted killer aaron hernandez will not have his murder indictment dismissed. the ruling monday the judge denied the request by lawyers for him. they asked that the indictment be thrown out based on lack of probable cause and claims questionable integrity from the grand jury proceeding.
9:36 am
while they are accused of helping kill oden lloyd the tight end was convicted of the murder in april. he is serving life in prison. a new this morning daily revenue from state first casino is down. just barely the casino brought in 30 million. that's one% decline. official hope they would bring in 200 million in first year. but it's on pace to fall short of that projection. happening now. police umass are searching for a man accused of exposing himself to women on three separate occasions. those incident that happen over the past three week with another reported monday morning. the suspect is described as wearing a gray sweatshirt and sweat pants what you are looking at composite sketch of suspect released to help people identify him. national transportation safety board announcing it can't find the black box among wreckage of cargo ship lost at sea.
9:37 am
teams will no longer search for the voice recorder. they found the ship's brink deck where the black box would have been stored. but they found no sign of the device. it sank off the coast of the bomb baum last month during hurricane joaquin. 33 crewmembers went down including three people from massachusetts. they were onboard only one body was ever recovered. happening today the secret service will be under the microscope on capitol hill. the as a matter of fact and homeland security will take a look at secret services protection practice following friday attack in paris. u.s. secret service director joseph clancy is expected to testify. most women fighting breast cancer are given prescriptions for medication. but how about for olive oil. research defigures in rhode island has been doing just that for years. and she claims it makes a real difference.
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you can practically drink extra virgine olive oil. she prescribes it. at least three tablespoons a day. one of hers first breast cancer patient was this women. 23 years ago when diagnosed at the age of 3. she credited her one-year-old daughter at the time. she and i were playing and we just i felt a lump and the rest is history. again hat lumpectomy and underwent chemo and radiation. >> i have started to use olive oil a little bit. when mary talked to me about it. she learned a few things. how cooking your veggies is a good thing. nutrients. and then there's this. i think people look at it and say wow it has a lot of calories, but you know, i think of them as good calories. mary said she done the research to back it up. plant-based dirette breast cancer risk went down.
9:39 am
ist surprised to find out lost more weight with higher olive oil and lower level of insulin and glucose. another stamp of apatrol for this nutrient dense liquid that mary refers to as medicine. what they found the women who consume mored olive oil had enorm lustily decreased risk of breast cancer. >> sinks the mid 1990's there's a number of study looking at the health benefit of extra virgin olive oil. can prevent heart disease and help you lose weight by incorp incorporating it into your diet. smoking on the decline in the united states. the amount of smoker has gone down by about 10% over the past 18 years. the study found just under 15% of americans currently smoke. that's the lowest percentage since 1997. we have much more ahead including a snow storm out west.
9:40 am
snowfall possibly even a blizzard. a young massachusetts going through a tough time gets toly outside his time to protect and serve. >> sunshine for the day.
9:41 am
check this out.
9:42 am
not here an intense winter storm making its way through denver. this video of denver's airport where more than 200 flights have been cancelled. the national weather service has issued a blizzard warning as much as 18 inch of snow is predicted to fall with winds up to # 0 miles an hour. makes me feel very grateful. we'll take some cooler temperatures that's no problem. at least we don't have zero visibility outside. could be a lot worse. a year ago tomorrow that's when buffalo got pummelled with snow. tomorrow one year anniversary lake-effect snow storm in metro buffalo. this year all the cold air has found home across western north america and here in the east november has been warm. granted right now the numbers are a little bit cooler than yesterday at this time upper 30s. boston at 39. plymouth at 44. fitchburg 37. high pressure with us. the drop down in canada. all sort of dry air. cooler air as well. this over here this is actually on the front side of that
9:43 am
weather system it's snowing on the backside in denver. front range of rockies. on the front side it's warm. eventually this weather system will move into new england. we'll be on the front side of the weather system. i'm only advertising rain drops. it's slow moving. and that will not bother late in the day thursday. today and tomorrow cool conditions with partly to mostly sunny sky. thursday a lot of clouds. then the weather system starts to make inroads into new england by mid-to-late afternoon. thursday at 2:00 you notice still dry. steadiest of rainfall holds off until perhaps we get throughening commute. thursday before the rain awrys. if we do, we'll then will overtake the region thursday evening. thursday night and then into early friday. friday morning commute may have early morning rain. that's winding downing as step through the morning hours on friday. it's slow moving. that's why the next couple of days are dry. once that rain gets in it will be here about 12 hours. getting rain isn't necessarily a bad thing. i know friday morning commute
9:44 am
but you go back to first of october we're running 3-4 inch of precipitation below normal. getting that rain would be good. i think most town have a shot at picking up an inch of bishl rain thursday night and friday morning. until then it's about the sunshine and cool condition. the city this afternoon. 47, yesterday, boston was 61. you will feel the cool air all afternoon. cape ann merrimack valley. new hampshire seacoast. middle and upper 40s. worcester hirls middle 40s. and out on the cape and island lots of sungshine chatem at 48. nantucket at 49. tonight mostly clear. chilly into the 20s to around 30. and for tomorrow lots of sun. still cool. upper 40s tomorrow. your 7 on 7 forecast thursday cloudy skies with rain during thenning. that lingers into friday. i think we dried out friday afternoon. the weekend feature a mix of cloud and sun saturday. sunday some rain showers.
9:45 am
there may be a couple of wet snowflake that mix in at times sunday afternoon. >> oh, boy. for years police have been battling to protect serve the public. now a boy has been sworn in and he's vowing to do just this as the dream come true for the young man battling cancer. >> when broken down to purest simple. this dream belongs to 5-year-old chavez forte to be a police officer. besides our sworn duties, there's a lot of other stuff in. both out there publicly and behind the scenes. welcome to the department. before swearing in fortay neoplasm. they answered the call to spend time with him knowing he could
9:46 am
>> people in uniform are there hero. they want to be firemen or police officer and catch bad guy. he got that opportunity today. he was begin the full tour of the station even saved the day. all in a day's work. that's a closed case right there. when a police officer takes their oath they must exemplify what it means to wear the badge to serve the community and be a friend. my whole goal in wearing this uniform to help those in need. that's ultimately what we are here for. emotionally. it's i'm almost at loss for words sometime when with him. on monday chavez wanted to be a police officer but he's been a hero for so much longer. chaes promised the chief he
9:47 am
help out at home as well as be brave and strong. >> edelman is out after an injury but he's sending a message. tom brady made one young man's wish come true. he said he did with special guest he received.
9:48 am
>> good morning. if all goes well the patriot's should enjoy a fist round bi in the play off. patriots number one receiver had
9:49 am
yesterday and now on the mend. edelman tweeted tough times don't last tough people do. go pats. in for a long night in for former team. celtics down by as many as 15 in the second quarter. marcus smart with the steal. celtic within 8. thomas at 23. then right before the half avery bradley will pull up. drill the three capping 15-0 run. celtic come all the way back. tied at 55ed a half time. celtics blow this game wide open. he will throwdown. 21 points. celtic roll to third straight win. 111-95. on monday night football the texan handing the bengals their first loss of the season. 10-6. patriot's and pathers final undefeated team in nfl.
9:50 am
have a great day. tom brady zmroochlt gabriel gave me $10 give to people in need. i'm going to keep in locker for good luck this season. and then at the end of the year donate it. it was really a great experience. that so sweet. 6-year-old survived long battle with leukemia. the $10 he gave brady his way to do a good deed. he asked him to pay it forward. i remember a story about brady keeping picture of his kid that they had drawn for him. >> so cool. up next in the "the buzz." lion king is back. found out when you catch new movie. >> chicago fire maybe chicago pd more your tile. get ready for the series from the windy series.
9:51 am
day. one last look at the forecast up
9:52 am
people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded by over a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
9:53 am
we're back topping the buzz. the lion king is coming back in a big way. they are back for a new sequel. new lion girl. >> lion guard return of the roar will return. rob lowe will replace broderick as simba. it will be followed by a tv series that will premier next week. there were stories about what happened. >> it's true. as "star wars" fan get another look at the "star wars" movie the latest trailer revealing a bit more about what the plot of movie may be.
9:54 am
"star wars" the force awakens comes out on december 18th. rumors swirling. lord was lip sinking. they said she sounded a little bit too good. you can't win. on snl she denies the rumor saying she takes it as compliment. the drama the latest nbc series that include chicago fire and chicago pd. some of factor from chicago have made crossover appearance on the other two shows. maybe you can expect more. chicago med premiers to night at 9:00. followed by chicago fire and then get caught up on the day's 7news at 11:00. enough of the chicago business. boston med. i agree. that's all i'm saying jr. >> or maybe a store i like a bar owner that used to pitch for the red sox. it's never been done; has it? >> boston right now about ten
9:55 am
degrees colder than yesterday at this time. 30s and 40s. everyone would know your name. stuff like that. i think he's on to something. there's more "today show" straight ahead. i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson. have it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online
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