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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  November 17, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: breaking news at noon on this tuesday. philip chism, the teen accuse of killing his high school teacher now refewing to come back into the courtroom. court officers say he refuses to leave his cell. he is saying he can't handle it. and that he didn't want to hurt the court officers. >> jadiann: it looks like the trial is going to move forward. we have the very latest. >> reporter: jadiann, this is the second time that this has happened so far during this trial. the first time was during jury selection. and there was a several-week
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prosecutors say they feared something like this would happen again. and defense attorneys are asking for yet another evaluation and right now, the judge is in observing the 16-year-old murder suspect. philip chism sat quietly and emotionless on day two of testimony, listening to colleen ritzer's mother on the stand and various police officers. the judge then called a recess. after the break, the chief court officer came in and under oath, told the judge that chism was refusing to come out, saying he just couldn't take it. chism's defense attorney says that he was twitching and shaking. earlier in the day, peggy ritzer, wearing pink,
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remarkably composed when she took the stand. she told the jurors about the moment she began fearing that something bad happened to colleen when colleen didn't come home. >> i did try to call her on several occasions. one time the phone did ring. el is times before it went to voice mail. then when i tried it again later, it went directly to voice mail. and at that point, we started to get worried. laura became very upset. she could see that colleen had not been on facebook all day. you can tell when people have been on facebook. and colleen was regularly on facebook. >> reporter: again, court is in recrest right now. the judge observing philip chism. the judge told the prosecution and defense that so far, he doesn't see any reason that this trial would need to be further delayed. it is defense immediately asked for another competency evaluation.
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once this current recess is over, we should have more information about how the judge wants to proceed. live in salem, victoria warren, 7 news. >> christa: jonathan hall on the scene of an accident where he is being told at least three workers were hit. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: we have an update for you. we spoke with the captain from lowell police. apparently, four people in all are injured. two in the car with injuries. maintaining some natural gas this woman apparently went around the cones to avoid some traffic. and hit the construction crew. captain tim crowley is with me now. captain, how did that happen? >> she was traveling down the highway. he struck the front end of a
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the impact of that striking caused the bob-cat to spin 270 degrees and the bucket hit a worker standing in the street and launched him in the air about 30 feet. he is the most seriously injured. detail? >> we had two officers on this one and further down, we had slow traffic. the most serious is the worker that got hit on the ground. >> reporter: okay. thank you, captain. they were digging up the street here. there was asphalt in the construction vehicle. that went flying and it started shattering of windshields of cars waying in line. osha is on site. they are investigating. quite a scene here.
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jonathan hall, 7 news. >> christa: breaking news from overseas in france. officials there just announcing they are now searching for a second fugitive. wanted in connection with friday night's terror attacks. this comes as the french military launches a second wave of air strikes against isis in syria. and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry meeting with the president of france this morning. he is reiterating america's commitment to a strong relationship with france. now president francois hollande will come to the u.s. next week. he will be meeting with president obama. once again right now, authorities in france say a second person directly linked to the terror attacks is on the run. bill neely is in paris. he has more on the developments for us right now. bill? >> reporter: this is the man france believes is behind the massacres. abdelhamid abaaoud. once jailed in belgium, now believed to be in syria. he was close to at least two of the attackers. french police carried out another 120 raids overnight. on suspected isis supporters.
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attacks on isis positions in russia, syria. the french vowing to detry aircraft carrier closer to iraq and syria. the secretary of state john kerry meeting him today. isis, their common target. >> they are feeling it today. they felt it yesterday. they felt it in the past weeks. >> reporter: france's muslim leaders condemn the killings. they honored the dead and sent a message to isis. >> whatever you do,, no matter how long it takes, we will beat you. >> reporter: a city of high emotion and many tears. still mourning the dead of 19 countries, including the u.s. most of them young and murdered in what france calls an act of war. and there is still no trace of that man on the run. police across europe are hunting for him. intelligence agencies across the world hunting for the wider network behind these massacres. back to you.
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>> jadiann: well, the governors of two dozen states do not want to accept refugees. governor charlie baker is among those with concerns. at least one of the paris attackers did pose as a refugee to get into europe. some governors say they won't accept refugees under any circumstances. baker is taking more of a wait-and-see approach. >> well, i think any this has to start with whatever process the federal government is going to put in place. that is something we certainly want to know a lot about. i think at this point in time, we would have to be very cautious about accepting folks. >> i will not roll the dice and take the risk. on allowing a few refugees in. simply to expose texans to that danger. >> jadiann: president obama says shutting access to syrian refugees is not the right response. and be sure to stay with 7 news for the latest on the terror in paris. we will bring you updates
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on-line, on air and on your smartphone app. >> christa: a man from beverly accused of trying to kill his estranged wife will face a judge. the 45-year-old tried to strangle her inside her home locate on penny lane on monday. she was then taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. right now he is being charged with attempted murder and strangulation. >> jadiann: the department of children and families making major changes to policies and procedures. today governor baker joinsed dcf as they announced a new vision designed to keep children safe. kris anderson joins us with the details. kris? >> reporter: governor baker has spoken passionately in the past. and in fact, downrooigt angrily about the insistence of the changes he said had to be made in the department of children and families. this, in the wake of high-profile tragedies. today the governor unveiled the first phase of the plan that he says will help keep these children safe. after pledging to revamp the
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embattled department of children and families, governor charlie baker today announced the first phase of the comprehensive plan. >> and this administration will not stop until the policies and procedures at the department of children and families are aligned with best practices. >> reporter: these new policies are primarily focused on the intake procedures. a ten-point outline that aims to speed up the screening process, the formation of screening teams, and criminal background checks for all household members over 15 years old. >> hopefully, we fix these, we fix the process and a whole bunch of other things and this stuff doesn't happen. >> reporter: case-loads are also critical. >> we reported that in july, the case-load was 20.66 to one. as of august, it is a little better. it is at 19.82 to one. >> reporter: baker says dcf has been using policies dating back to the 1980's. that is why he also decided to
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first in dcf history. this, he says, will strengthen the department's efforts to support social workers who are working to keep children safe. >> these policies will be followed through and executed. 3,000 people, that is a big number. okay? if we do the work associated with following through and delivering on, this i do believe we will do a better job in the commonwealth for providing the protection and support for these kids and their families that they deserve. >> reporter: of course, the governor says this is what it's all about. again, this is page one. in march, they expect to begin phase two. he says there is a long way to go to make sure the children are safe. he wants to do everything he can to implement those policies. he wanted to thank the speaker in the house and senate for giving themle the resources they need in order to keep the children of the commonwealth safe. kris anderson, 7 news. >> christa: once the highest paid actor on tv. now charlie sheehan is opening
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up about a very personal issue. the actor has been battling a serious medical diagnosis. for years now. the 50-year-old is as infamous as he is famous. now he is coming clean about his health. >> i am, in fact, h.i.v.-positive. >> christa: he doesn't know how he contracted the disease. he was diagnosed about four years ago. >> it started with what i thought was cluster headaches and insane migraines. sweating the bed. completely drenched. i was hospitalized. i thought i had a brain tumor. i thought it was over. >> christa: sheehan has been taking a cocktail of anti-viral medications. he now has an undetected level of the virus in his blood. they both say with protection, the risk of transmitting the disease is slim. sheehan has had a long history of battling drugs and alcohol. even after his diagnosis, he says he still continued the behavior. >> i was depressed by the
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condition that i was in. i was doing a lot of drugs. i was drinking way too much. i was making really bad decisions. >> christa: he says since contracting h.i.v., he has been blackmailed by several millions. >> are you still paying some of these people? >> not after today i'm not. >> christa: he hopes by going public, he can help others. >> i have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people. >> christa: sheehan has five children. he is told the... he has told the oldest one about the diagnosis. his ex-fiancee has been tested repeatedly. she is h.i.v.-free. >> jadiann: also on 7: he is used to take on tough match-ups on the field. now nat solder and his family are facing the toughest battle yet.
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that little baby. we have the latest from foxboro. >> reporter: jadiann, just heartbreaking news. solder says his four-month-old son, they got the diagnosis last month. they say that he has a tumor on his kidney. tiny four-month-old hudson is already proving he is just as tough as his dad. tackle nate solder. solder told a crowd attending a cancer benefit that his infant son has kidney cancer. >> there was a thousand people in there tonight. there wasn't a dry eye. >> reporter: little hudson has already begun chemotherapy. his father wrote "thank you, everyone. support the joe andruzzi foundation." the foundation benefits cancer patients. solder opened up about his battle off the field. this is the second cancer diagnosis in two years for the family. in april of last year, solder
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told espn he had testicular cancer and then beat it. >> he really kind of touched my heart. he has been through it. and now he has his little boy going through it. he is so strong. >> reporter: at the time of the diagnosis, he said he wanted to share his story to others. >> god gave me the opportunity to shine some light on this issue. the sooner you detect it, the the less of a problem it can be. reporth now he hopes that awareness will help save his son. little hudson is undergoing treatment at boston children's hospital. solder telling the crowd he didn't actually want to make the announcement last night but said his wife encouraged him to. saying that he knows there will be many more families waking up today getting the same heartbreaking news. live from boston, 7 news. >> jadiann: coming up at noon, you have probably seen her on "morning joe."
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to get what they deserve. >> christa: tom brady making one fan's wish come true. >> jadiann: a new england dietitian prescribing unique treatment to help breast cancer patients. why she says olive oil may do the trick. >> christa: if you would like the share a tip with us here at 7, we would love to hear about it. the tip is on the screen right now. also, if you have a story
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>> christa: we were talking about the fact that it's unfriend day on facebook. >> jadiann: you had to teach me. i didn't know that i was, like, free to unfriend people today. >> jeremy: i think you got christa. >> christa: i think i did. i know who my real friends are. compared to yesterday at this
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time, running about 15 degrees cooler than where we were in boston. right now, the city is at 44. norwood at 46. bedford at 44. it is a cool day. november has been very warm. i mean, most of the month has featured warm days. then you run into a day like today, you are like, holy cow. it's cold. actually, it is november. and the numbers are about where we should be this time of year. technically, we will average out a few degrees cooler than normal. certainly, much cooler than yesterday. we reached 61. we are high pressure from canada. it is cool. that is also the case tomorrow. f another cool day tomorrow. upper 40's to around 50. nice late-fall weather. across new england for the next couple of days. then we watch the weather system which right now is across the center part of the nation. generating a lot of severe weather across the central and southern plains. and on the back side of the storm, a fair amount of snow. the front range of the rockies. we will be on the front side of this storm system. so there are no snowflakes heading our way. and there is no severe weather either.
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some beneficial rain moving toward new england. thursday. and more likely, thursday night and friday morning. so today and tomorrow, dry with the sunshine. thursday, cloudy skies. with some light rain shower activity arriving around 6:00 or condition p.m. then the chance of rain will go up thursday night and be us through the first part of friday. most towns, an inch of beneficial rain on the way. temps this afternoon, mostly sunny skies. our normal high is 52. i don't think we will get there. boston later on today, around 47. jaffrey at 45. tonight, mostly clear. chilly. lows heading down into the upper 2's to around 30 degrees. around midnight tonight, and early tomorrow morning, the leonid meteor shower will peak. we are moving through. we as in planet earth. the dust trail from an old comet. you look off to the east, northeast. around midnight tonight. again, the constellation look like they will be coming at you. it will be cold out there
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thursday morning dry. rain into thursday night and friday morning but warmer. >> christa: still ahead, an ms-nbc co-host tackling the gender wage gap.
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>> christa: this is something that working women face every day. it is the wage gap.
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and now one of the co-hosts of morning joe is taking a stand about it. >> jadiann: she is hitting the road educating women on how to get the salary they deserve. while in boston, we had the chance to sit down with her. it's a powerful message for so many women. know your value. >> we are here today to learn how to stand up for yourself. get more for yourself. morning joe live from manchester... >> jadiann: she has made it her mission to spread the holding corns in major u.s. cities. she says many women feel bad asking for more money and... in work. >> it is really primeal and basic. >> jadiann: she was making 14 times less than her co-host. she almost quit her job. with grace, we can be tough as
12:23 pm
and there are times i think we you do need to know how to switch gears and you do need to know the rules. >> jadiann: she said practice is key. >> it could be advocating for your kid in school. volking for someone else. >> jadiann: the biggest mistake women make "saying i'm sorry." >> that has to go. that leaves huge pile of money on the table. it literally does. >> you say sorry, you are saying don't pay me. >> jadiann: and that awkward silence that comes up during the meeting. embrace it. the room with words. look, after you have put your is there to say? wait for them to talk. and if it feels awkward, you have done your job. >> jadiann: one last tip. worry about being friendly with your bosses during the negotiations.
12:24 pm
if they are truly your friend, they will understand and your friendship will survive that tough negotiation. >> christa: up next, the celtics on a hot streak. could they win a third straight game in houston?
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>> christa: all right. 12:27. some breaking news to pass along in the philip chism case. the judge has now dismissed the jury ff for the day in the murder trial. chism is accuse of killing his high school math teacher two years ago. court officers say the teen refused to leave his cell, saying he can't handle it. also saying he didn't want to hurt the court officers. so the judge apparently, went to the cell and now what they are doing is they are advising jurors not to speculate on why chism wasn't in court. we will have a live report
12:27 pm
coming your way in three minutes. stay tuned for that. >> jadiann: meanwhile, the celtics on a three-game winning streak after beating the rockets in houston. c's legend kevin mchale is in his 50's and is head coach for a long night as he coached against his old team. isaiah thomas scored a game-high 23 points. bench to add 21. boston, won. 111-95. c's host the mavericks tomorrow night. >> christa: much more to come including a young massachusetts boy going through tough times and getting out to live out his dream to protect and serve. >> jeremy: sunshine for the afternoon. we are tracking rain. i'll let you know when it arrives up next. >> jadiann: more on this breaking news. a teen accused of killing his math teacher in danvers now refewing to come back into the courtroom after emotional testimony. and also a search for second fugitive now wanted in connection with friday night's terror attack in paris.
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>> christa: philip chism, accused of killing his math court. after a morning recess. court officers say he refuses to leave his cell because he can't handle it. looks like court is dismissed >> jadiann: right. this comes after colleen stand. a lot of emotional testimony. victoria warren standing outside the courthouse right now. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the jury has been dismissed for the day. they were supposed to listen to testimony until 1:00. the jury did dismiss them early so they could address this issue.
12:30 pm
the judges calling in a clinician after philip chism has once again, refused to come back into the courtroom after a morning recess. awe morning long, philip chism sat emotionless and quiet during that morning testimony. that morning testimony included colleen ritzer's mother. during the recess, a court officers says chism told him that he couldn't take it anymore. and that he didn't want to hurt the court officer or anyone else. chism's defense attorney says he was twitching and shaking. the judge then went in to observe the teen, saying he saw him lying on the floor mumbling. the judge, though, says at this point, the court does have options. >> there are two options if the defendant is competent. one option is that he waive his right to be present. or two, that he brought... that he be brought into the courtroom forcibly and if
12:31 pm
necessary, in shackles. neither of those options are available to the court if there is a question of competency that needs to be pursued. addressing that question of competency once again. this, after a three-week delay during jury selection when there was a full competency hearing ordered. what's going to happen today is the judge has dismissed those jurors for the remainder they have called in a clinician to do some observations. they are in recess until at least 2:00 this afternoon. then based on what the clinician observes, the judge will then decide how they should proceed from here. the jurors, we are told, will come back tomorrow. a little bit later than they normally report to court. in the morning, they will further address these issues. >> christa: all right. also tracking some breaking news out of lowell. jonathan hall is live on the scene of the accident here. we are told some workers were hit. what else are you learning
12:32 pm
right now? >> reporter: well, right now, a flat-bed truck has been called in to route 110 in lowell. appleton street remains closed as they try to remove this mazda, a greenish-colored four-door sedan involved in the crash. a woman in her 60's tried to go around some orange cones to get around traffic and struck a construction crew that is preparing some natural gas lines here in lowell. 266 appleton street. the air bag did blow up. were hit. including one that was on a backhoe. that spun around and then hit another worker on the ground. the worker on the ground seriously injured. the one in the backhoe suffered moderate injuries. two people in the car including the driver are being observed for medical asi answer the as well. so the police are investigating. state police chopper was up overhead here a short time ago.
12:33 pm
grid. they are all doing investigations, trying to figure out what happened. point. but we have four people in the hospital. we are live from lowell, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> jadiann: all right. thank you so much, jonathan. breaking news from france. are now searching for a second fugitive wanted in connection with friday night's terror attack. this comes as the french military launches a second wave of air strikes against isis in syria. secretary of state john kerry met with the president of france this morning. he is reiterating america's commitment to a strong relationship with france. president francois hollande will come to the u.s. next week. president obama. right now, authorities in france say a second person directly linked to the terror attack is on the run. bill neely is live in paris with more on the developments. france believes was behind the massacres. abdelhamid abaaoud. one jailed in belgium, now believed to be in syria. he was close to at least two
12:34 pm
of the attackers. french police carried out another 120 raids overnight. on suspected isis supporters. french warplanes launched more syria. the french president vowing to destroy isis and ordering a french aircraft carrier closer to iraq and syria. meeting him today. isis, their common target. >> they are feeling it today. they felt it yesterday. they felt it in the past weeks. >> reporter: france's muslim leaders condemn the killings. they honored the dead and sent a message to isis. >> whatever you do, no matter how long it takes, we will beat you. >> reporter: this is a city of high emotion and many tears. still mourning the dead of 19 countries, including the u.s. most of them young and murdered in what france calls an act of war. and there is still no trace of that man on the run.
12:35 pm
hunting for him. intelligence agencies across the world hunting for the massacres. back to you. >> christa: all right. there we go. bill neely reporting for us today. we will turn locally to your weather now. much cooler day than we experienced yesterday. definitely need the coat. lots of sun, though. that's been nice. let's get over to meteorologist jeremy reiner for the forecast. >> jeremy: yes. compared to yesterday at this time, you do need that coat. and sweater. through the afternoon. cooler right now than yesterday. middle 40's. boston, 44. worcester at 40 degrees. plymouth at 45. we will have abundant sunshine throughout the afternoon. high pressure drops out of canada overnight. and doing so, that shoved 60-degree weather to our south. cooler compared to yesterday afternoon. 52. these numbers closer to where year. as opposed to yesterday.
12:36 pm
yesterday was awesome to be outside. this afternoon, a nice late fall day. lots of sunshine. great for yard work. boston, 47 this afternoon. nashua, 46. taunton, 48. >> jadiann: all right. thank you so much. developing overseas right now: a russian security agency says the crash of the passenger plane in egypt last month was the result of a terrorist act. russian officials say that a homemade explosive device blew up on the plane. all 224 people onboard were killed. >> christa: a key clue could be the break in the case that federal agents need as they hunt for the person who stole high-powered weapons from an armory out in worcester. they want to know who the man in this photo is. he is standing behind a dark bmw hatchback. the f.b.i. says among the stashed, pistols, m-4 rifles, seeing. the governor wants answers as
12:37 pm
to how exactly this could happen. >> well, i'm just concerned about the fact that some high-caliber weapons were stolen from a military facility in the first place. >> that is kind of scary. having those weapons out on the street. >> now somebody is running around with those weapons possibly. >> christa: the f.b.i. is not terrorism. there is no threat to the public, people say. they are stepping up security around the city as a precaution. >> jadiann: new details on curt schilling's bankruptcy. about his failed video game company. earlier this month, representatives asked schilling to testify. the oversight committee may ask for a subpoena. studios from massachusetts to providence after receiving a $75 million loan guarantee in 38 studios filed for bankruptcy two years later. a friend of convicted killer aaron hernandez will not have dismissed in a ruling monday,
12:38 pm
attorneys for ernest wallace. they asked that the indictment be thrown out based on a lack of probable cause and claims of questionable integrity from the grand jury proceedings. wallace and carlos ortiz are accused of helping hernandez kill odin lloyd in 2013. the former patriots tight end was convicted of the murder in april. he is serving life in prison. f >> christa: the governor tackling addiction at the statehouse. governor charlie baker that extreme. but given thepike in overdoses in the state, he says it is necessary. the boston mayor marty walsh who backs the bill says the goal is to give addicts life-long treatment. box of many tools. i have never been addicted to taken. i have taken them since i was 18 years old.
12:39 pm
please don't punish me. >> christa: governor baker hopes lawmakers have the bill ready to sign within the first two months of next year. >> jadiann: the national transportation safety board announcing it can't find the black box among the wreckage of a cargo ship lost at sea. teams will no longer search for the voice recorder. last week, crews found the ship but they have found no sign of the device. the cargo ship sank off the coast of the bahamas last joaquin. 33 crew members went down with the ship including three people from massachusetts. only one body was ever found. deputies in california apparently beating a suspect. and now the suspect's mother is wondering what happened to the belief innocent until proven guilty. >> for me, the images of
12:40 pm
you see someone beaten beaten over and over again. his face is swollen. >> christa: the man's attorney is asking for the deputies to be criminally charged. investigators admit the video seen by thousands also >> the public trust is important to us. the two deputies are being investigated for misconduct and excessive force. >> whatever people think of this incident, it does not reflect the daily things we do every day in our community to make it a better place. she is grieving: i sat with her. she was talking to her son. she was crying. >> christa: his mother questions the depp di' actions. >> they came to this country
12:41 pm
treated like this. >> christa: the man's attorney says his client has several broken bones but is alert and talking. >> jadiann: still ahead, a dream come true for a young massachusetts boy going through a tough time. details on how he gets to live out his goal to protect and
12:42 pm
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>> jer emy: sunny skies for the afternoon. a cool afternoon. that is the case again tomorrow. and rain, that will be our next storm end of the week thursday night and friday morning. first part of november, the first 15 days of the month, the third warmest start to the month of november. temps running about 6.5 degrees above normal. i think moving forward, our temperatures will be more in line with what we find. meaning a day like yesterday, where we were near 60 and then a day like today where we don't make it out of the 40's. a normal high around 62. it will be cool today and again tomorrow afternoon. right now, the city at 44. bedford, 44 degrees. with all sorts of sunshine. thanks to high pressure. the blue h. he came out of canada. that is why it's much cooler this afternoon. high pressure is with us tomorrow. lots of sun. but still cool. then a weather system which right now is generating a lot of severe weather through the center part of the nation.
12:44 pm
england very late in the day on thursday and thursday night and friday morning. i don't think it has severe weather. but it will bring some beneficial rain into new england. probably the brunt of the rain with this weather system is just after the commute on thursday evening. and more likely overnight thursday night. and into friday morning. then maybe some locally heavy rain for a short time. this is not going to be an overwhelming storm. we could use the rain. we had unsettled weather last week. we are still running for the month of november, an inch and a half below normal. you take it back to october. this has been dry really. many cities and towns running between 3.5 to four inches of rain. below normal. we don't want four inches of rain on friday morning. we won't get that. most towns, a half inch in some locations. close to an inch of rain from that weather system. between now and then, go rake some leaves. great fall weather. grant, a little bit on the cool side. this afternoon, boston, 47. north of town, middle and upper 40's.
12:45 pm
the thing about raking leaves today, too, not much wind. the challenge is you rake it over here. the next morning, you are back in the same spot again. you don't have much wind today and tomorrow as well. temps this afternoon, upper 40's. tonight, mostly clear. chilly. tomorrow, lots of sun. still cool tomorrow. upper 40's. your forecast: there is the late-week storm with temperatures actually warm. only rain-drops to contend with. no snowflakes. the weekend, 50-50. saturday, the nicer of the two days. by the way, saturday evening, they are playing football. b.c.-notre dame at fenway park. >> christa: can you tell we are just a little excited about that? >> jadiann: this is a dream come true for a young boy battling cancer.
12:46 pm
simple. this dream belongs to five-year-old chavez. to be a police officer. >> there is a lot of other stuff our personnel are publicly and behind the scenes. >> reporter: forte was diagnosed with a stage four neoplasm. officer derby answered the call to spend time with chavez knowing he could make his dream a reality. >> people in uniform are their heroes. you know, that is what they see on tv. they want to be a fireman. they want to be a police officer. and catch bad guys. he got that opportunity today. >> reporter: on monday, he was given full tour of the station. even save the day. all in a day's work. >> that is a closed case right there. >> reporter: when a police officer takes their oath, they must exemplify what it means
12:47 pm
to be a friend, to wear the badge, to serve the community. >> my whole goal is to help those in need. that is ultimately what we are here for. so it's kind of taken over me emotionally. i'm almost at a loss for words sometimes. >> reporter: on monday, chavez wanted to be a police officer, but he has been a hero for so much longer. >> now i have a friend for life, you know. help does as well. ... he does as well. >> reporter: coming up, a new england dietitian prescribing a unique treatment to help breast cancer patients. why she says olive oil can help do the job. uggle with type 2 diabetes, ely, many have dicine that lowers blood sugar. rimagine what it would be like to love your
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12:50 pm
getting it may be as easy as a trip to your grocery store. a research dietitian has been prescribing olive oil to help a patient fight breast cancer. she claims it makes a major difference. so do her patients. >> i had started to use olive oil a little bit. but when mary talked to me it. i think people look at it and say wow, it has calories. but you know, i think of them as good calories. >> jadiann: experts say virgin olive oil improves memory, can prevent heart disease and weight loss as well. smoking is on the decline here in the u.s. according to a new government statistic. the amount of smokers has gone down by 10% over the past 18 years. the study found under 15% of americans currently smoke. that is lowest percentage since 1997. >> jeremy: for the afternoon, lots of sunshine. cool this afternoon. f one last look at that forecast up next. my constipation
12:51 pm
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>> christa: some breaking news flight. here is cheryl fiandaca. >> reporter: yes. state police will be meeting a flight at 1:30 at logan airport. apparently, a passenger tried to get into the cockpit. this is british airways flight 21. that is inbound from london. a passenger onboard apparently, tried to get into the cockpit. the massachusetts state police will be meing that flight at 1:30. those are all the details that we have. of course, we will bring the very latest to you as soon as we get it. >> christa: all right, cheryl. thank you. right now we will check out the weather situation. jeremy, you are standing by with that. >> jeremy: right now boston at 44. bedford, at 44 as well.
12:53 pm
mostly sunny skies. norwood at 46. high pressure is with us through the afternoon. so it's certainly cooler than yesterday. but it's a nice late fall day. with temperatures finishing in the upper 40's to around 50. much cooler than yesterday. yesterday, we reached 61. normal high is 52. we will be below normal. but closer to normal. boston, 47 this afternoon. hyannis, 49. for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. still cool tomorrow. upper 40's. your 7 on 7 forecast. lots of sunshine. through the day tomorrow. thursday we start with clouds. i think we will see some rain arrive thursday evening. that is a good chunk of rain thursday night, early friday morning. then we dry things out friday afternoon. saturday, lots of sunshine. sunday, a few rain showers. there may be a couple of wet snowflakes within those rain showers on sunday afternoon. patriots-bills next monday night. looking good. >> jadiann: all right, everyone.
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