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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the toddlelast seen around 3:00 a.m. when her mother checked on her. i couldn't believe it. things like this don't happen in our neighborhood. this is a beautiful neighborhood neighborhood. >> anchor: from the air and on the ground, police scoured the area until a break in the case. 8 miles away, the toddler is lob lobed on harrison circle in rowley found on the side of the road. her head shaven, naked and suffering a head injury. right now the child has been found. she is being, she was transport transported to beverly hospital for observations. >> anchor: by late morning her father urn return to the family family's home before heading to the hospital to be with his daughter . any parent's nightmare for sure. i couldn't imagine. we have two daughters. kelly and cherry and any parent parent's nightmare for sure . >> anchor: by late in the day state police were back on lincoln avenue executing a search warrant at the toddler's home. scrambling to piece together a story that has left so many
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all i know is i'm just so happy and grateful that she is found. >> anchor: short time ago that yellow police crime tape that was surrounding this house here in lincoln was taken down by crime scene investigators from state police and hamilton police who now have come and gone after executing the search warrant here. what they found, what they took from here is unclear tonight. now the police chief says residents around here have no feed to worry given some indication that's what happened here earlier today wasn't a random act. live in hamilton tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: so tonight police are talking to a person of interest that is connected to this case . >> anchor: sheryl fiandacca has the latest information on this person and sheryl joins us live in our newsroom . >> anchor: sources say police are questioning a person of interest in connection with this incident and we are learned there are are quite a few disturbing details about the child's injuries. as you know, sources saying the bobby was found naked and her head was shaved and she had cigarette burns on her body. sources say the person in
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custody is someone the family knew and at one time trusted. that person is cooperating with investigators and is answering questions and there are a lot of questions here including how and when the child was taken from the home and how she ended up on the side of the road with all of those troubling injuries. now police have not yet made an arrest but i'm told this investigation is unfolding very quickly. the baby my source say was found by a couple on the side of the road this morning. this called police. so far, sources say the pen of interest in this case is talking and an arrest could be made in this case shortly. in the news room, sheryl fiandacca, 7 news . >> anchor: a husband and wife that sheryl just mentioned were on their way to work this morning hen they spotted the girl . >> anchor: the couple is from ipswich. that's where our john cuoco continues team 7 coverage tonight. john? >> reporter: the stunning find was made by two people just on their way to work, driving down this road right here. she was shivering.
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wrapped her up and immediately called the cops . >> reporter: two people shocked by what they found off a rural road on the inwhich rowley border. little lyndon albers who disappeared hours earlier from her home in hamilton . she found her on the side of the road up the road from us, neighborhood, placed in leaves like someone left her there. her hair was shaved. she had a contusion tuition on her forehead apparently . >> reporter: samantha is a family friend and lives with the couple that discovered the child amesbury. identified. she is a mess. she does not want to have any . >> reporter: she say at hers and woman and her husband didn't know what they were looking at . at the thought it was a boy . >> reporter: then it clicked. this was the little gil they had morning. she said she then got a tent shortly after . she must be joking. this can't be real. oh no, quite real.
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>> reporter: she said now her friend are just worried about the child and her family. live in ipswich, john cuoco, 7 news . >> anchor: the little girl was fund alive on the side of the road . just a nightmare and she was quickly then taken to beverly hospital. jonathan hall live in rowley with more of our team 7 coverage coverage. jon? >> reporter: kim, adam, such a sad story here in rowley. residents have been gathering along this road. the child found right behind me for hours. they have been talking about, this i have been praying. all they can do now is shake their heads. an active crime scene in rowley. local and state police hunt for clues along the rural road where an older couple driving along in a car spotted two-year-old lyndon albers . i saw an ambulance going by with a police escort heading i would say this would be a northerly direction. >> reporter: before all of the local and state police showed up there was just one car, an older
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model toyota corolla pulled up by the side of the road . it was an elderly man, tall man, and a short woman that were around it looking around. >> reporter: bore said he was out for a walk. he said it almost looked like the couple el was lost. they kept looking at the leaves by the side of the road of he couldn't see what they were looking at. others may have seen the toddler as well. somebody had told me that there was a woman up the street that made a call this morning saying that there was a doll on the side of the road. >> reporter: newbury road is a heavily wooded bedroom community community. neighbors are shocked, including one man who worked at the sex offender registry for years. he finds the details that the toddler was unclothed with her head shaven disturbing. for someone to do this to a child. it's the most horrendous things. horrendous thing. >> reporter: residents comfort comforted by the fact the girl is alive and getting medical attention. live in rowley, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: stay with 7 news on
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we are also posting updates on our mobile apps, face become an twitter. >> anchor: there is more break breaking news this evening. candidate chris christie running into travel trouble on a flight boston. for that, let's go to brandon gunnoe in our control room with details. kim, governor christie's plane had to turn back to the gate before it even took off. this is a photo taken about i a passenger moments before the plane started boarding in san francisco this afternoon. that's kristi there in the middle sitting at a table. now we've learned that governor kristi was about to take off when a passenger was removed from the plane. san francisco police say that passenger was taking cell phone picks of the flight crew. another passenger had seen the man's phone and told police they saw picture on it of a cell phone with wires sticking out so at the request of united airline the passenger was then taken off that plane. christie's campaign released a astatement that read in part at
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interact with this passenger nor physical threat to the governor. the plane is set to land in boston later tonight. brandon gun oh, 7 news. >> anchor: also breaking tonight, islamic extremists storming the hotel in mali taking hostages officials say the death toll is rising right now. the raddison hotel in the capitol city there of bamako, a popular destination with western westerners. 7's ryan schulteis live in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: adam those extremists armed with guns and grenades stormed a luck are we hotel in mali is a capitol this morning and guests were freed floor by floor. the hostage crisis is over at the raddison hotel in mali's capitol city but the military operation is still ongoing. officials say at least two alleged gunmen are dead and an unknown number of others are hold up on an upper floor of the hotel as police and military forces try to note their surround i. according to a french press agency the death toll is 18 and there are fears that number may
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rise among the hostages as authorities continue to assess the situation going room to room looking for more victim. u.s. officials say six americans that were inside the hotel were among those who were safely evacuated. although it is unknown whether any americans were killed. the belgium parliament confirmed one of its civil servants in mal mali died in that attack. this all started about 7:00 local time this morningen a group of gunmen apparently breached hotel security by displaying diplomatic plates on their vehicle and once inside they began collecting hostages. at one point asking hostages if they could recite a muslim declaration. those who could were then free. shortly after that list in military forces responded french special forces are also helping in this hostage situation in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> anchor: now to the terror in paris. the remains of a third suspect have now been found after that police raid this week in the suburbs. discovery was made in the debris of an apartment hit by 5,000 bullets. forensic teams found the remains
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she is or exactly how she died. people still in mourning one week to the day after the attacks. many gathering at the national stadium where three suicide bomb bombers blew themselves up. they sang the french national anthem and paid silent tribute to the victims. isis claiming responsibility for those attacks one with week ago and the group is now drawing dig digs on the campaign trail with donald trump getting pushed back from other candidates. 7's elizabeth noreika joins us with that angle of terror story today . >> reporter: donald trump and ben carson are tapping into a fear of muslims that's apparent apparently risings in our nation nation. the congressional christmas tree arrived i'm holiday symbol and reminder that this is a christian majority nation and the lincoln memorial american muslims protested being a focus of fear after paris. muslims condemn terrorive. muslims contempt isis. >> reporter: donald trump saying he would monitor u.s. muslims as back in the spotlight. look at all of those cameras rolling up there.
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that's beautiful. >> anchor: asking about registering u.s. muslim set up a database saying you sign they up. do good management procedures of we can do that. that's nice. >> reporter: would you go to mosques? different places. you sign them up but it's all about management. >> anchor: shocking rhetoric hillary clinton sweet tweeted it should be denounced by all seek seeking to lead this country and republican front runners pounced. i find it abhorrent that donald trump suggests we . i am a big fan of donald trump's but not a fan of government registries . >> reporter: trump tweeted i didn't suggest a database, a reporter did. we must defeat islamic terrorism and have surveillance. ben carson wants surveillance of u.s. muslim . if there are mosques where there is a lot offing a tasty going on that's radicalizing people, they must be treated differently. >> reporter: a debate about religious discrimination to try to keep america safe over holidays and after. opinion muslims protesting isis
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today say they are afraid of a terrorist attack too. in the newsroom, elizabeth noreika, 7 news . >> anchor: there is more news today. marathon bowling survivor adrian davis getting her prosthetic leg back after worker at american airlines misplaced it. her $250,000 prosthetic in luggage didn't come back after a flight earlier this week but after a tense wait, she tweeted out it's been found. >> anchor: she looks beautiful dancing there in the marathon line, finish line. a bus crashed as a real number on a strip mall in pennsylvania. coming up this evening, the extensive damage to two businesses and why police are having a hard time finding the driver now . >> anchor: at 5:30 more evidence released in the trial of the teen accused of killing his math teacher at danvers high school . >> anchor: in just one hour week do have continuing coverage of the two-year-old girl from hamilton found alive on the side of a road today. head shaven, contusion on her forehead. crews are working to bring the latest details on the health of this girl and the investigation.
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>> anchor: plus, a crash on the commuter rail. a pickup truck colliding with a train newbury. those stories and more headed your way on 7 news. >> reporter: we all know what celebrities chefs can do in the kitchen . . this week it's all about cooking up the perfect recipe for a spin class. go, go, go. >> reporter: see who did it
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>> anchor: a major mom mall mess in pennsylvania. so one crashes a stolen school bus into not one but two businesses. the person behind the wheel jump jumped out of the back of the bus and took off running . >> anchor: now police are hoping some surveyance video might help them crack the case. i did not need this today. not at all. i didn't need this any day . >> anchor: but it happen. so one stow the school bus, crashed through a bulling it came to a rest invite side the vitamin stop in monroeville, pennsylvania. it was right around 3:30 a.m. when a 911 call came in. an alarm had gone off inside the vitamin shop . the bus was stolen out of the school bus garage which is actually loaded on the monroe monroeville plumb line. >> anchor: the suspect brief it through the fence on a property . looks like he came on an
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next to the little strip mall shopping center . >> anchor: after the crash, the suspect jumped out of the back of the bus and although there is a camera on the bus it, would have been facing the back, not the driver. drove over grass area, over curb area, into that parking lot lot. then to a small side parking lot into the side of the budding . >> anchor: most of the damage was here at the vitamin shop. the owner hopes to reopen within a weekp smashedburger in business for less then a year also had some damage of the owner says it could be next year before he is back in business. it's pretty significant in the kitchen. the kitchen wall got buckled about 18 inches. the hood over top of the cooking equipment looks like it was moved. the ceiling tile moved. the front counter where the cash registers are got knocked about 18 inch as way from the wall. i was kind of hopeful maybe some of his teeth were stuck to the steering wheel of the bus. >> anchor: okay. well police say they are check checking all video, surveillance cameras at every restaurant and shop in the area.
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they do not believe the crash was an attempt to rob the stores stores. >> anchor: up next, sure, you can call uber for a ride but you can also get some help to. to too . >> reporter: that's different differentment our forecast for the weekend is also different. we have a couple of sprinkle as well. details are next. >> anchor: there you go. at 5:30 a mother outraged after a school scuffle between her son and his teacher was all caught on camera . >> anchor: just a quick remind reminder, news is all happening and you can get caught up wherever you are, whenever you want by using our ipad app to stream our newscast, geting news and watch a number of breaking
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>> anchor: it's beginning to look like christmas on capitol hill. the capitol christmas tree arrived on the back of a big old flat bed truck today. you need one of those to haul that thing around. crews brought the tree about 4 4,000 miles from alaska. speaker of the house paul ryan will light the tree on the capitol's west front lawn on december 2. >> anchor: i'm starting to get heart palp faces when people put up trees but not lights yet. not until december 2. that's pretty decent timing. we want to enjoy thanksgiving first. >> anchor: although it's not always a bad idea to put outside lights up now while it's still .
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>> anchor: you can do that too. do oh now . >> anchor: my friend a tree she left up all year with the lights up and everything. was kip of jealous. it's petty, but sounds weird . >> reporter: it's beautiful. beautiful.. . . >> reporter: no, no, no. big tabu. yeah, so our trees in town too thanks to the folks in halifax for that tree. they just sent it down, a gift because we helped them out in the halifax exlotion. if you want to learn about that learn it. lunenburg at 1.37 but thanks, the tree is beautiful. east freetown 1.33. this was a great drink of water. we really needed this shot in the arm boston just under an inch but danvers john had a little over an inch and millis had 1.18 to be exact. highs today gorgeous weather up and down the coastline even new hampshire. what a treat. i mean once that front moved offshore, everything was golden
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and the breezes were light but we're already dropping down into the 40's and 50's. 56 now in boston too. so the showers offshore that ribbon of clouds you can see it from the cape. you could when the sun was out. evening. we might find a few clouds by the time we roll into late night and also into tomorrow too. a partly sunny day, very november like, close to normal. our warmest temperatures lawrence to framingham, down to attleboro, taunton may squeak into the 50 degree range but along the coastline from cape ann to cape cod we're in the 40's thanks to a sea breeze and easterly wind. fenway football tomorrow the kickoff is a little late. 7:30, but 44 degrees at that point and then the end of the game about 39. the eagle take on the fighting irish and it will be a chilly one. you will need the coat. clouds but no precipitation expected on saturday as high pressure is in command of our weather. once that slips away though, we watch this low pressure come out of the plains and the midwest and it looks like we'll be on the warm side of this. clouds will collect on sunday.
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that's not a bright day. there are a few scattered showers and then eventually cold colder air gets in on sunday night. you saw some that blue on the map, did you? there is snow right now in iowa and back into southern minnesota and leaving over to the windy city and, yes, it's going to snow there. we'll see it from afar. we'll think of you often and fondly in rockford and chicago with a little over a half foot. this may be a set up for a snowy thanksgiving by the way. there is another storm that may affect them next week too so that's the hot zone for the snow and cold. notice through minneapolis nada and through st. louis maybe an inch or so. ical la in a zoo six inches so cold that comes behind this weather system and behind that snow in chicago will be with us for monday and tuesday but it's just that. cold. certainly the chance for a flurry or two because you have that wind coming off the great lakes. then mid to late week that's thanksgiving week we're looking into now. dry and milder. again, we warm up ahead of another weather system that will be out over the midwest and
5:24 pm
the backside of that. so here you go. that seems to be the pattern that we're setting up here as we head into december. cooling off mostly clear, 30 to 37 winds northwest at five to 12 12. cooler sun and clouds tomorrow, 47 to 51 degrees. winds turning easterly. sometimes in december we do get these 70 degree days. i'm just throwing that out of there. have you six of them in the past past. that's just out there. i'm not saying anything about that any more. thanksgiving looks mild. the week is quiet and maybe 60's on black friday. see you at 5:30. >> anchor: before we talk about flu shots i wasn't giving you a hard time and now i get it. you get the lights up then presto you put them on and . >> anchor: right. that way it's all done and good weather. >> anchor: i wish you could come to my house and help me. nobody will help me. bri eggers feeted she has her tree up and is very excited . >> anchor: you made me cry for giving me a hard time. to heck with that. do it yourself. just kidding. you look like a light today. >> anchor: don't tweet and say
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it's much less sparkly in person person. i guess we have to do the news. let's talk about uber . >> anchor: yeah, uber is doing more than just offering rides. they are providing, this is a little weird but they are providing on demand flu shots. uber . >> anchor: like a travelling clinic. uber users can request their shot through uber health and a driver brings a registered nurse provides a wellness become pack and free flu shot and up to nine other people. $10. >> anchor: everybody has the right to choose whether they with young children or older people, i think you have to protect yourself as well as those people. >> anchor: a republicer at boston children's hospital created uber health. >> anchor: i like it. good idea. ahead on 7 news at 5:30 a boy battling cancer finds true love. his mother says someone special is lifting his spirits . >> anchor: and then new at 6:00 a happy holiday season for a family in mattapoisett as they adopt four children.
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>> anchor: fbily friday and terrific to be with you as all. we got another hour of 7 news ahead. i am adam william . >> anchor: stay right there for 7 news at 5:30. >> anchor: breaking news, a two two-year-old found miles away from home leads to a criminal investigation. >> anchor: chilling images, jurors get a closer look at the moment a teen-ager allegedly killed his teacher . >> anchor: food fight. new rules about jeanette beingly modified fish leaves some with a bad taste in their mouth. bragging news first here at 5:30 5:30. a missing two-year-old girl from hamilton has been found alive. she was found miles away from her home .
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>> anchor: right now she is at


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