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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 22, 2015 7:30am-8:00am EST

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>> reporter: a home going up in flames in a hyde park neighborhood. crews working overtime to battle the out-of-control inferno being fueled by a rip churd gas line. now investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. 7's kelley o'hara has the latest from hyde park. >> just sad. just sad. everything, everything is gone. >> it's sad. it's sad. heartbreaking. >> reporter: fire and smoke pouring out of an apartment building in hyde park saturday night. flames so intense it trapped some of the people, including two children who lived inside. >> every second does count.
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calls that children are in the building. people are in the building rather than fighting an outside fire. >> reporter: at one point it became too dangerous for firefighters to head inside as they tried desperately to put out this blaze. their efforts hampered by a gas line that was on and feeding these flames. but no matter what these men did, flames could not be extinguished. >> it took them quite a while to shut the gas off, so it was quite a tragedy. >> reporter: one man who has lived here for more than 20 years says it's hard for him to fathom that he will now have to find another place the sleep. >> i'm in shock pretty much. it hasn't set in yet that i'm not going to be walking in there tonight to watch tv. >> reporter: finally, after hours of fighting this fire, the last flame extinguished, not before destroying a home where ten people lived. firefighters say although this building is gone, they're lucky no one was seriously hurt. kelley o'hara, 7news "today in new england." >> anchor: a beverly woman has
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died just days after he was allegedly strangled by her estranged husband. investigators say the 45-year-old died saturday evening from injuries she suffered during last monday's attack inside a home on penny lane. we're told charges against the victim's estranged husband, alex scherer, will now be upgraded to first-degree murder. police say the 45-year-old confessed to the crime and scherer is now being held without bail. >> anchor: also this morning, the massachusetts teenager killed in an attack in the west bank will be laid to rest today. 18-year-old ezra schwartz was delivering food to israeli soldiers thursday when he and four other people were killed. schwartz attended high school in brookline. his funeral will be held in sharon at noon today. it is a private service. private funeral service will also be held this week for bella bond. her face says she will be buried at a winthrop cemetery. bond's story was shared by millions on social media after her remains were found on deer island last june. disturbing new details
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coming out about the former babysitter accused of kidnapping and sauling that two-year-old girl you just saw in hamilton. the girl was found along the side of the road in rowley badly beaten. the babysitter is now facing some very serious charges and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. as 7's john cocoa reports, the little girl is still in the hospital, but the good news is her condition is improving. >> very, very shocking. >> reporter: neighbors in topsfield can't believe a 21-year-old woman from the town allegedly abducted a two-year-old from her home in hamilton early friday morning. >> just horrible. our hearts are with the family. our hearts are with the little girl. hopefulliering's going to go well for her. >> reporter: hours later the girl was found alive, miles from her home on the side of the rural road on the ipswich-rowley border, naked, covered in leaves. she had a contusion on her head, which had also been shaismed sources say lyndon also had cigarette burns on her body. >> her head was down.
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so i took my coat off, put it around her, and then i brought her into the car. >> she was alert but had a big contusion on her head, this big red mark, and it looked line somebody had chopped her hair off or shaved her head. >> reporter: now a former baby is iter for the family is arrested and facing charges of kidnapping, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and on a child and breaking. at hamilton people were beside themselves thinking about what happened here. >> i have children and grandchildren and i think it's the worst fear we all have. >> just nothing you'd ever imagine happening here. >> reporter: the suspect attended nearby gordon college. i spoablg with man who attended that college, knew of the suspect and believes there's more to this story. >> something's got to be wrong. yeah, we're definitely praying for her and for everyone involved because something's off
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ugly situation. >> reporter: john cocoa, 7 news today in new england. >> anchor: now to the latest on a developing story from overseas. belgian officials setting its terror alert to its highest stage. residents are waking in a ghost town. armed officers patrolling streets and shutting down mass transit systems. officials in brussels say they have received a warning of a possible imminent threat. they're concerned paris-style attack and those fears are now creeping into daily lives. armed soldiers, armored vehicles, streets largely cleared of locals, mostly tourists. belgium's capital is a fortified shadow of a city, normally bustling on a saturday night. this after the government raised the terror alert in brussels to its highest level, signaling an imminent attack. fearing a paris-style attack in brussels, prime minister charles michele said we recommend the population the respect the security mushes and a substantial reinforcement of police and military has been deployed.
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he urged people to avoid gathering in large numbers. stadium, shopping malls, mass transit ordered shut down until at least sunday afternoon. "we must be serene, cool-headed, remain call," michele said. "we take this situation seriously and we will continue to do that over next couple hours." in the meantime, the intense manhunt for salah abdeslam, last seen crossing the french border into belgium last saturday, continues. a main focus, the neighborhood where his family lived, which has also become a hotbed for jihadists. several of the paris attackers had ties to belgium. the uncertainty of what's next meant a smaller dinner crowd and less pay for waiters at restaurants. >> it makes us angry. this life is like that. that's it. it has to be like that to save our life. so it's better to be like that. >> reporter: still defiant,
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this group's name is a name isis considers a put-down. >> it's sad to see our city like this. it's not breathless, not the way we were. >> reporter: u.s. officials are warning americans in brusselss to stay inside until the theft is lifted. >> new concerns in the united states about a possible isis threat targeting an arena in atlanta. the hacker group anonymous says isis plans on hacking several places around the world, including a wwe wrestling event scheduled for tonight at phillips arena in atlanta. the f.b.i. says it does not have any credible evidence of a planned attack, but atlanta residents obviously are now on high alert. >> while we should take every threat seriously, there are other issues in our country that need dealing with. >> i do take these things serially, and i think that if the f.b.i. thinks it's something we should be concerned about that it's definitely something we should be concerned about. >> anchor: that wrestling event is currently scheduled to continue as planned, as is tonight's celtics game against
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the atlanta hawks on tuesday. >> anchor: ahead on 7news "today in new england," we're talking football at fenway. the turf is transformed at one of america's best-known ballparks as it plays host to a different kind of fall classic. >> reporter: football at gillette tomorrow night, it will be cold n for that game inch terms of this afternoon, we have to track some rain in here.
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most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. >> now 7weather with meteorologist chris lambert. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. 46 in boston. lower to middle 30s throughout a lot of the suburbs. we've had some patchy sprinkles and even a few showers start to work on in, especially down through southeastern mass. but we've had them out through worcester county, as well. so we're not going to get a lot of rain this morning, but occasionally we'll get a passing sprinkle or a passing shower. that will be the trend through
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about mid-day. now, you see south and east of us and south and west of us it doesn't look like a whole lot going on. but what i'm watching for later on this afternoon into this evening is this thin band of rain just off the coastline of the mid atlantic. this will continue to expand and move northbound and essentially work right across southeastern mass and southeastern mass as we get into the afternoon and through the evening hours, providing us with the chance of more widespread rain. and again, you can see by noontime today, not too bad. you know, we're dry through lunch for a lot of us here, at least dry around lunchtime. maybe that passing sprinkle or that shower this morning. but i really think it's going to be from mid-afternoon through the evening hours, the best chance of some steadier rain working back in will occur here. you can see that going through this evening. especially along the 95 stretch east toward the coastline. down through the cape and the islands. you get out to worcester. and up into nashua, new hampshire, maybe one-tenth of an inch, two-tenths of an inch of rain from this system.
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will be further off to the south and east, perhaps over an inch of rain over portions of the cape. late tonight into early tomorrow morning, this forecast model showing a little blue. there it's possible colder air will start to work on in if there is any leftover moisture. there may be a couple flakes that mix in with some of the raindrops toward the end here, but i'm not expecting any accumulating snow or anything like that. tomorrow morning we're dry. so the morning commute tomorrow is fine. the falling rain is over and commute. about? we could end up with close to a half inch in the city of boston. best chance for an inch of rain down through the cape and the islands. and substantially lower amounts north and west of town. there's going to be a sharp cut-off in this precipitation, so the rainfall amounts do taper off quite a bit north and west of boston. look at the cold air out through chicago. 11 degrees right now. 17 in green bay. this is the cool air mass that's going to come in here from monday and tuesday. we're talking about temperatures hard pressed to get above 40 degrees for the high. then we'll moderate that trend, mid to late week. it remains dry.
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wednesday, thursday, friday, up and down the eastern seaboard. and mid-week, could be a mess out into the middle part of the country, but for us travel weather across new england wednesday and thursday looks just fine. so an a.m. passing shower. steadiest rain mid to late afternoon, especially across eastern mass and southeastern mass. 47 in the worcester hills today. low 50s in boston. mid-50s down across the cape. cool forecast on monday and tuesday, but look at that, nice, dry weather monday right through friday. get a passing shower or two at the cold front on saturday. >> sanika: chris, thanks so much. >> anchor: america's most beloved ballpark hosted a different kind of event last night. this was so cool the watch. boston college taking the field against notre dame in the first football game at fenway park in almost 50 years. yeah, football at fenway. the crowds certainly showed up in full force to support the eagles, but the eagles fell to the fighting irish. in the end a lot of notre dame fans there, as well. despite the final score, the crowd showed b.c. football theory doug flutie and his
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>> ladies and gentlemen, doug flutie, the legendary boston college quarterback. [cheering and applause] he is now the color commentator for notre dame football on nbc, lost his parents this past wednesday. please stand now and join in a moment of silence for dick and joan flutie. >> anchor: you hear it there, fenway park also was stepping up. the b.c. legend. doug flutie, you probably remember, this lost both of his parents this week within hours of each other. flutie's father had been sick and died at the hospital. his mother passed away less than an hour later. >> anchor: fenway park also stepping up security for the the t big game. extra officers were stationed outside and inside the stadium in the wake of the terror attacks in france. no one was allowed to bring in a backpack and people attending
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the game say they were grateful for the added security. >> i'm happy. i'm happy about it. you know, i mean, that's what here to protect us. >> you just have to do it. in today's day and age, it's better to be safe than sorry. a couple minutes in a security line is worth the security. >> anchor: the boston p.d. says it will continue to have more officers stationed at every major event going on throughout the city throughout the weekend. >> anchor: it's 7:48. coming up on the news station, up in flames. a tall order for some firefighters in chicago. they were forced to fight a fire in this iconic building. >> anchor: also ahead, a freak accident leaving a dog in danger. a family rushing through the woods to save their four-legged
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take a look. flames breaking out at chicago's iconic hancock tower on saturday. you see the fire coming out from the windows of one of the residential units. officials say five people suffered minor injuries. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to get the fire put out. investigators are now looking into the cause. a chilling attack caught on surveillance camera as robbers shoot a man in the stomach. you can see the suspect in this video. apparently dragging a woman to an s.u.v. that's when 25-year-old peter gold, a tulane university medical student, tries to intervene to help this woman. the attack her points his gun at gold and shoots him in the stomach. he tries to shoot him in the head but the gun apparently jams on him. the woman was not hurt. police are still looking for that suspect. >> anchor: also on 7, trouble on the trails. blood dog seriously injured while hiking in the woods and family getting creative to save their four-legged friends. veterinarians say they did not
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have a moment to spare and this dog is lucky to be alive. >> the owner says he's a really energetic guy. >> five-year-old jake is one lucky dog. >> unfortunately he probably got impaled with a stick. >> on a hike with his owners, the pointer mix ran ahead, but when they called him and he didn't come back, they knew something was wrong. >> then she finally found him and she saw a big hole in his sternal area. >> jake underwent emergency surgery to have a four-inch stick removed from his chest. >> the stick went right in here and all the way under his skin, so it was about a stick that big. >> reporter: it was a close call. >> if it had gone up in this area, this is his heart and lungs, so it could have been a bad situation. >> reporter: he's now recovering. >> he went home with some pain medication and antibiotics. he's doing really well,. >> reporter: something to be thankful for this thanksgiving. >> full recovery. he's one lucky dog. >> reporter: jake is very energetic, so this two-week recovery period has been tough on him. >> anchor: i'm glad to see
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but i'm sure that first game of fetch will be a good one. >> anchor: really, you want me to fetch that stick? >> anchor: good point. >> anchor: up next on 7news "today in new england," boy, adele is hot right now, isn't she? >> anchor: she's so good. the pop singer's performance lighting up late-night television. that's next in the buzz. everybody loves the things this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it' s our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can' t get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here... can help keep our town growing.
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>> anchor: topping the buzz, a famous face taking the stage as adele was the guest. >> anchor: she was so good. bring out the wine and the tissues. the british singer performed two songs from album "25." it sold 900,000 copies the first day it was released. it's on track to sell 2.5 million copies in the first week. that would break the record for most albums sold in a week. on "snl" she sang "when we were young" and her hit single "hello." >> anchor: oh, gosh, really? i look from the other side i must have called a thousand times >> sanika: she's got some dance moves. >> anchor: you just feel it in your soul when she sings. actor matthew mcconaughey hosted the show. in two weeks we get to see ryan gosling take the stage.
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>> anchor: did you add that in so you get to see ryan goss ?lg that's going to do it for now. thanks for watching. i'm kris anderson. >> anchor: and i'm nancy chen. have a wonderful morning. we'll see you right back here at
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