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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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said she or hannah had actually tried to remove dirty baby clothes from her topsfield home when they caught her and confiscated the clothing and also a neighbor told police that she, that hannah had recently had a miscarriage. all this court paperwork coming out hours after hannah appeared before a judge to face charges. the former baby sit area used of kidnapping and assaulting a two two-year-old girl she once cared for is led into court. the defense and a court psychologist describing a far different person than the pretty young woman she appeared on her . she is experiencing multiple psychotic symptoms including auditory hallucination hallucinations instructing her . >> reporter: she stands accuse of kidnapping and assaulting lyndon albers, ed toddler who disappeared from her hamilton home last friday morning. a couple found lyndon by the side of the road about 8 miles away naked with her head shaved, cuts and cigarette burns. the commonwealth has filed
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>> reporter: the court psychologist said hannah has a history of usuicide attempts and memory lapses of the psychologist said the 21 21-year-old sat on the floor answering questions with a shake of the head but saying nothing. she was fable to present a factual understanding of the charges or even understanding of where she was . >> reporter: hannah's parents and supporters said nothing as they left the hearing. this ereleased a statement earlier that said we are so thankful lyndon is improving. we will also continue to care for abbie whom we love very much much. little lyndon is out of the hospital, her family back in their hamilton home asking for privacy. in a statement the family says we have suffered a horrific ordeal, we are grateful to have our daughter back as parents we need to be able to restore a sense of calm, comfort and normalcy for the well-being of our children. >> reporter: police say hannah wouldn't give them the pass code for her cell phone them say they got it from hannah's boyfriend
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number apparently for the inter international code for smoking marijuana. live in newburyport, dan hausle, 7 news . >> anchor: also breaking this afternoon a new hampshire couple charged now with accomplice leading investigators looking into the case of a burned body found in bridgewater earlier this month. the district attorney's office says this couple admitted to being with the victim on the day she died but then lied to police about where they were later in the day. the body of the victim a 29 yearly woman from new jersey was found wrapped in a rug and burned then left next to train . >> anchor: we're following mor moring abouting news from kingston where a whale was stranded in shallow water, stuck in some mud there. we were over the scene. the good news though, the whale elizabeth noreika joins us live with more. liz? news. that whale is now swimming on its own but official are still trying to figure out why it beached itself. as you mentioned it got stucco a mud flat. crews from the new england
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but they say it could be the in inexperience of a young whale. those crews did not have to intervene after struggling in the shallow water for quite some time. the tide came in and the whale was able to swim away. year around. in the newsroom, elizabeth . >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the weather. you can feel it. a little chill in the air. winter is on the way. over the city of boston and check in with pete as we approach a big holiday week. pete, cold all week or are we going to see warmer temperatures again? >> reporter: moderation toward the holiday. our temperature in the 30's and subfreezing in many spots. worcester headed for those 20's and it should drop quickly then level off as we go through the night tonight. 32 in fitchburg, 36 new bedford, 37 in boston now there will be some clouds that arrive late tonight and into tomorrow morning too. they are just a few of them and they are really not a dense mat that would like save us from a
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very cold night tonight and of course not stopping the eest. 29 degrees with a northwest breeze of 6 to 12 making it feel like lower 20's and as that temperature drops into the mid 20's by the fourth quarter we could be seeing wind chills maybe in the upper teens too. strong. i want to stress that. it's clear sky. no rain expected or snow with those temperatures. our forecast into the holiday >> anchor: right now following breaking news in tom brady deflategate case. the second circuit court will hear the nfl's appeal in the case march 3, 2016. that's about a month after the super bowl is set to be played i'm previous judge has thrown out brady's four game suspension allowing him to play this year once again the nfl's case will be heard in march. so brady's season will not be threatened. we'll continue to follow this story for you. and speaking of the patriots they are ready to go against their battle with the bills. the pats are eager to take the field for a monday matchup. but will they be able to pull
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off their 10th win in a growing list of injured players. there is a lot on the line for t tb 12 and pats hoping to hang on that their undefeated season. let's go to joe amorsino live out there on the field with the preview for us. joe? >> anchor: the patriots are going to have to earn their way to a10 and 0 start against rex ryan and bills who come in flying high after a win over the jets. they have that fierce front 7 on defense and tom brady has a lot of question marks when it comes to his pass catches and a new one today, receiver a on do b.s.o. n has been listed to the injury report listed as question questionable. it's a prime time matchup in foxboro and the patriots are used to the spotlight by now . it's still a game. you can't take it as monday night football sunday night football. it's still a game at the end of the day and we still have to go out there and play our game. >> anchor: and prepping for the bills without deion lewis and julian eelman is the latest bump in the road for tom brady.
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the season. you just grind every day and you try to improve everybody as a team and roster improves and the depth of the team is tested at different times. you know, you see what you are . >> reporter: rex ryan isn't production . they will do the same thing regardless of who is in there. . >> reporter: so is a ing every game the same way no matter how talks. everyone is trying to beat everyone in this division. it's never an easy game. i think the teams he kemps gets more hype from everyone else but i think every team we play are ready to go. >> reporter: on the other side of the football, the patriots are already without jimmy collins who will miss a third straight game and they are going to miss his versatility on defense as they get ready to defend against a very mobile quarterback in tie rod taylor. much more on that coming up on 7 news at 6:00. reporting live at gillette stadium, joe amorsino, 7 news .
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>> anchor: joe, look forward to that. we can tell you before the pats even take the field fans will face their own challenge at the gate. gillette stadium and the mbta both stepping up security. fans are getting reminded to bring clear bags to the stadium and on trains too also expect a bigger police presence. 7's kelly o'hara spoke with fans about how they feel about this heightened security. so kelly, you are at gillette stadium. what did you learn? good evening. they say better to be safe than sorry and all they are worried about is the game. bomb sniffing dogs and police on patrol. these are only a few of the extra precaution fans at foxboro will be seeing for tonight's pats game against the buffalo bills. i don't mind security at all. we got a lot of stuff going on. i am all about security for safety of everybody . >> anchor: stepped up security in place here at foxboro stadium stadium. t the first home game sinister or attacks in paris. football fans will have to go through metal dealor gates and as always, only clear bags allowed in the stadium. people we met though didn't seem
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to mind. they say whatever it takes to make sure everyone stays safe. used to it. from new york city. so i'm used to it. why not doing the football game especially they released, why not. it's all in our best interest so it's all good. >> reporter: so make sure to get here a few minutes early to go through all of those extra security precautions. kick off time is at 8:30. in foxboro tonight, kelly o'hara 7 news. we're following more news today. investigators say they now have nine of the 18 weapons stolen from the worcester armory. all of the recovered weapons were found in new york city. police in the bronx said yesterday that a homeless man found the guns in a trash bag near yankee stadium. last thursday police arrested former army reservist james morales in new york. investigators say they found his blood inside and outside the gun vault at the armory.
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they used cell phone information to eventually track him down to new york. officials last week say that the 34-year-old broke into the armory through a kitchen window and then cut through the ceiling ceiling. he is accused of stealing 16 guns including six assault rifles. the f.b.i. now working with federal, state and local law enforcement to try to find the remaining 7 weapons that are still missing. >> anchor: the danvers teenager accused of murdering his math teacher back in court today. the court was presented with new evidence including surveillance video that shows phillip chisolm wheeling a trash bin out of the school. those are actually still pictures. prosecutors saying that the 16 16-year-old put math teacher colleen ritzer in that barrel then carried her outside to dispose of her body. 7's steve cooper is following the trial in salem and brings us up to date. steve? kim, really just more disturbing pictures for the ritz ritzer family to sit in the courtroom and watch and also
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prosecutors say shows fill i in inchisolm going to the movies just hours after his math teacher had been murdered. this is our box office area. >> reporter: just hours after prosecutors say first ilchisolm savagely murdered his mast teacher surveyance video played at the trial shows the accuse killer, then 14, buying a movie ticket at a danvers theater. the manager of the theater test testified chisolm used colleen ritzer's credit card to purchase the ticket. it's lists the type of credit card then the name. what is the name? the name is ritzer, colleen. >> reporter: there was more surveyance video presented by prosecutors including these im images of chisolm seen at the bj bj's in danvers not reasonable three hours after prosecutors say he raped, strangled and stabbed ritzer to death in a second floor girl's bathroom inside danvers high school two years ago . his face is exposed. yes, it is . he has nothing on his head . he does not . >> reporter: jurors also saw more chilling pictures of the
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now 16-year-old an movements after the murder picked up by danvers high security cameras. at times, chisolm's face covered by a ski mask, other times walk walking through the halls with his face in plain view. and jurors would see bloody evidence in this case the bloody clothes chisolm was wearing during the crime prosecutors say. i tested these for, screened them for the presence of blood and tested those for human blood . what were results of that testing in . those were positive. >> reporter: because of the thanksgiving holiday weekend and because the trial is actually moving along faster than originally anticipated the judge has given the jurors the rest of the week off. they returned to the courtroom next monday. the judge says they could begin deliberations as early as second week in december. live in salem tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: turning now to the fight against terror. belgium still on edge in lock down and fearing an eminent terror attack even after police say they have captured another
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but the hunt continues for this man. salah abdeslam who reportedly took part in the attacks in paris. he is on the loose and said to be hiding out somewhere in belgium. ryan schulteis is at our news desk with more. ryan? >> reporter: a number of raids have taken place since attacks in glance. more continue a dozen arrests have been made in the accept for a suspected for orist on the run run. the heart of brussels normally packed with tourists and commut commuters now filled with armed police and troops. warning that an attack might be imminent they moved in overnight to a half dozen districts. there were 22 raids in all. 21 people rest arrested. belgian isis militant salah abdeslam, one of the paris attackers who fled to the brussels area. they did not get him. they fear he might have an explosive suicide belt. the man who drove him here said he had been wearing a thick jacket. his brother went on belgian tv said he believes salah pull out at the last minute. it's not my hope, he says. it's my belief salah is clever.
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brussels is in lock down for a third day. children aware of the terror threat. they afraid. children were crying. >> anchor: in paris the french president visited a convert hall scene of the deadliest attack with britain's prime minister. two cities today still reeling from the attacks. back to brussels members of nato have been told to stay home for an unspecific isified amount of time. >> anchor: republican candidate donald trump with controversial comments about the september 11 attacks. candidate trump told supporters in alabama that "thousands and thousands of people in jersey city, new jersey cheered as the world trade center towers fell in 2001." . thousands of people were cheering so something is going on. we have to find out what it is. >> anchor: trump's comments are being condemned by the anti- anti-defamation league in a statement the group says it's unfortunate trump is giving new life to a long debunked conspiracy tiery. trump also said he would bring
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back water boarding foster or suspects if he is elected. >> anchor: there is still much more to come here on 7 news at 5:00 including a dangerous encounter on 9 streets sparking a massive manhunt in new orleans at 5:30 a uconn student getting a taste of his own medicine after that meltdown over macand cheese. >> anchor: a muslim student spreading a message of peace with open arms . >> anchor: in one hour, a fire in a local animal tschetter takes a deadly turn. rescuers rush in to save as many animals as they could . >> anchor: high school student lending a helping hand for people in need as the temperatures go down. those stories are coming up on 7 news. >> anchor: a smoking sensation . it's a lot of fun . >> reporter: some say it's like smoking candy. peach, cherry, it's aim at kids. the cloud over va pson, the holiday season's
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>> anchor: an accused shooeder in custody after a massive manhunt in new orleans. now the man is facing serious charges. police saying he pulled a gun on . >> anchor: the student trying to be a hero ended up the victim dangerous encounter all caught on camera. >> reporter: northerly police say they captured this man, 25 25-year-old yourig cane the man
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shooting a fourth year medical student attitude lane university. from the footage of this incident it is clear that this is a dangerous individual who doesn't value the lives of others . >> reporter: officers say it all began with cane dragging a woman to a nearby suv . the female got hit in the eye or punched in the eye. i can't see possibly punched in eye . >> reporter: police say gold stop his car and helped the woman but was confronted by the armed taker. at which point the individual pulled a gun on him and began to demand property from him . >> reporter: but gold insist heed didn't have any cash . witnesses say they heard a man yelling out i already told you i don't have any money. then they heard a pop. the gentleman shot one time in the stomach . with gold wound and on the ground the attacker can be seen apparently trying to fire again but the gun didn't work . fortunately for everybody his gun did jam several times . >> reporter: gold is still recovering in the hospital. he is listed in guarded condition but his family says he does continue to improve and
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police are not releasing much information about the woman being dragged into the video but she is also reportedly recovering. >> reporter: forecast coming up this week but a walling trend as well. we'll take a look at this next . >> anchor: a man accused of giving dating site users a dangerous scare in court. >> anchor: news it always happening of you can get caught up wherever and whenever you want to see breaking news and
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>> anchor: book with a look over beautiful boston. as far as i remember, it was pretty clear today, sunny but cold outside and i think it definitely froze overnight because there were some water puddles left in the rain that were kind of frozen over . >> anchor: did you get your trees in? i know you did because i saw them . which trees? >> anchor: you were worried about dig not guilty ground and freezing . the transplanted freeze. they are in . >> anchor: what's the situation out there with the cold . it's going to get colder as we go through the night tonight. teens and 20's in some cases, kim and adam. the ground will harden too as we get ahead start on that freeze already. our temperatures today made it into the lower 40's. upper 30's though in worcester so you know with those highs we're there are in the 30's. in fact close to freezing even through melrose and back into lexington. look into wayland and wellesley
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dedham at 34. 35 randolph, 33 in lexington and 34 in lowell. boxford is in that good company too. hampstead, new hampshire let's go to 30 in sterling. there is where you are into the freeze already and shrewsbury at 30 degrees. 35 mendon and then down through the south shore and randolph at 35. 34 foxboro. yeah, i'm predicting a temperature around 29 degrees by the way the cape in the upper 30's. so that's on average. really around kickoff as we go through the corridors and into the second half that may dip a good three degrees just because the air is going to keep cooling off in the sky remains clear. the winds will be breezy and brisk through the evening tailgating time to kickoff. they tail off a little bit but i still believe a 10 to 15 mile-per-hour wind is not out of the question even in the third and authority quarter. so high pressure in command and it's with us for at least another day although it allows these clouds to go above it. the high near the surface, these clouds roll over us and there is
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a weak weather system involved in that. there will be more clouds and sunshine tomorrow. but the temperatures about the same because we're not getting as much sun about 44 in boston and the fact the air mass is still cold. framingham 43. 38 worcester. 43 brockton and about 42 up in salisbury and lawrence too. this weather system passes by with a little fanfare and there is not much brewing out there. you heard about the snow in chicago. back into iowa, okay, that was last week's news. this week there will be another storm but it seems to be coming at us and warm spell. we're on the warm side that one too. the jet stream is such that if we can "cadillac frank" something up along the eastern going in terms of snow but that jet stream is not staying with us. it's not stable enough. the warm weather comes back and what we know from autumn has been child in the east and that kind of reverts back to this kind of a pattern where our storm track goes back mid to late week. so we'll watch for storms out there but for us, warm spell, i
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55 is not completely outrageous. normal high temperature by about 43 or 48 rather. we start 43 and climbed to about 62 by black friday. so tonight, clouds late, other a clear start. 16 to 30 and then tomorrow our temperatures still cool. partly sunny about 38 to 44. little bit of a mini warmup on wednesday at 48 and then more so thursday, friday and then the weekend sees a dramatic drop in the temperatures. i'm going for it. i say a big cool down, we just sneak up into the 60's on friday friday. the warmup really starts thanksgiving night and then kind of goes through friday morning into friday afternoon and early saturday before it is snuffed out by a cold front early saturday. maybe some wet weather but monday i will see you at 5:30. >> anchor: just ahead on 7 knew police are ready for riots after a judge orders the release of a video showing a white police officer shooting and killing a black teen-ager. >> anchor: just ahead, a high school teen giving others a
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s . >> anchor: i'm kim khazei of 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. a local man accused of robbing people at gun point after meeting him on-line facing a judge . >> anchor: then concussion controversy. the nfl called out over its handling of player safety. >> anchor: plus, acts of at the orism overseas propertying new strategies. how fills are stepping up security tore the holidays . >> anchor: a muslim student in south carolina hoping to spread the love and is now catching on across the country. >> anchor: we're following
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