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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 23, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we just learned we'll hear the n nfl's appeal just about a month after the super bowl is set to be played i'm brief jaws judge threw out bride as' four game suspension allowing him to play it year. once again the nfl's case will be heard this marceau brady's season will not be threatened at all. we're staying on top of the story and we'll blue you the latest . >> anchor: also on a man from dorchester called it court accused of robbing people he met on-line. the 30-year-old refused to show his face hiding behind a wall. police say he robbed several people at gun point . >> anchor: they say he met them on dating web sites. kimberly bookman live now outside the boston police headquarters with the very latest on this. kimberly? >> anchor: well, this suspect had a long criminal history and device. police say it was that tracking tool that put him at the scene of each one of these crimes. now investigators say that what he did is called cat fishing. they allege he got to know his victim on a social media dating site, pretended to be a woman and set up meetings for a
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but when the unsuspecting men would show up in dorchester animate pan, he allege lewould rob them at gun point, take cell phones, jewelry and credit cards cards. there were five victims between october and november, all men between the ages of 29 and 54. police say each one id's austin in photo linups. but it was information from the gps monitor that he was wear wearing that really gave police enough to arrest austin. the in other words, the probation gps device puts him in the place and time these men were robbed at gun point. i type the address of the location of the offense, 33 whitman and those locations ari half block of each other so his presence in the area is not a
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anything. >> reporter: austin refused to show his face in dorchester district court today. he is being held on $75,000 cash bail. reporting live from dorchester, kimberly book hahn, 7 news. >> anchor: new at 5:00 a florida man is facing charges in connection with harassing an ashland woman on facebook. police say this man 26-year-old kevin scott sent her threatening messages back in august and earlier this month. a judge has ordered a competency exam to see if he could stand trial. scott is due back in court on december 15. >> anchor: a hard hitting dilemma for the nfl after a play involving a st. louis ram backup quarterback, that quarterback suffered a severe head injury and stayed in the game. now many are questioning whether the nfl needs to be doing more to protect its players of kelly oh hera live in foxboro with more on this concussion controversy. kelly? >> reporter: a lot of fans weighing in saying they believe the nfl clearly is not doing
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enough to protect their players. he should have been taken out of the game. he was in lala land the minute he got off the ground . they should have pulled him out. that's a nasty head injury. to keep ongoing . concussions are nothing to play with . >> reporter: foxboro fans re reacting to this hit, a hit that didn't seem horrible until st. louis rams quarterback stumbled to get up. he looked like he was dazed dazeded. i don't think he should have been back in there . >> reporter: the nfl's new program to protect against head injuries football fans say there is no reason why he should have been allowed to stay if the game game. in question how and why the team team's medical staff signed off on him to go back on to the field . after he got hit when they picked him up he was stumbling and one of the teammates had to grab hill of he was out. i thought that was it for the rest of the game for him then two plays later he fumbles. something was wrong with him. it was pretty obvious he was out on the seat. i think a lot of this is window dressing by the nfl. their priorities, they have
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proven their priorities are in the wrong place for more then a year now. >> reporter: after the game the rams did fillsy come out and say he had that concussion. something fans that we spoke to say they already knew after see seeing that play. the fnfl said they are officially reviewing the kelly o'hara, 7 news >> anchor: following breaking news just into the newsroom about a worldwide travel alert. . the u.s. state department we just received this into our newsroom and there is a worldwide travel alert citing possible risks in increased terror threats from isis and base it's a long one. worldwide travel alert effective immediately and it does not expire until next year. february 24 of 2016 so as we approach the busy holiday travel season, thanksgiving this week and christmas obviously and chanukah next month, we are just getting word of this travel alert worldwide. they are just saying to be extra vigilant when in any public place or on public
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transportation. we'll have much more coming up on 7 news at 0 clock. for now, at the breaking news desk, kim khazei, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you. a former university of connecticut student caught on camera going on a wild rant over macand cheese faying a judge today. lou gotti applied for probation facing several chars following an incident at uconn's student union in october. the former freshman on camera yelling at a worker and he started to shove him for refus refusing to sell him macand cheese. worers eventually pushed the teen to the ground until police can get there. investigators say he was denied food because he brought alcohol into the building which he wasn't supposed to do. he later apologized for that incident. >> anchor: we are learning new details about a woman who was murdered in indiana earlier this month. two men have been arrested and are facing charges. police say 28-year-old amanda black burn was shut and killed in her home on november 10. investigators believe the home invasion might have taken place. these two men right here have been arrested in connection with the death.
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inside her home. >> anchor: following more news today, we're learning more about home coming for a tragedy at oklahoma state university. a new report reveals the 25 25-year-old was not drunk when he plowed her car into a crowd at the parade. chambers's blood alcohol level was.01 far below the legal limit limit. she is facing murder charges. four eel were killed and dozens of others injured. her attorney says its client likely suffers from mental ill illness. and new orleans 16 people were injured after a shooting at a playground that all happened after hundreds of people were called to take part in a music video. and police say the shoot out appears to be gang related. related.. >> anchor: police in chicago say they are getting ready for riots ahead of the video release of a deadly police involved shooting. a 17 yearly boy was shot 16 times back in october of last year by an officer who said he feared for his life. now a judge ordered the city to release the police dash cam video from that night no later than wednesday. the video is said to be
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very disturbing. police dash cal video showing 17 17-year-old boy being shot 16 times by a white officer. it's ordered to be released to the public no later than wednesday. many who have already seen footage from october of last year say it's tough to watch. even when he was on the ground the officer was still shooting him . >> reporter: police were called to vet a man aknife try trying to break into vehicles. authorities say mcdonald had a four inch knife and was acting erratically. police say when mcdonald who had drugs in his system ignored orders to drop it officer jason van dyk unloaded 16 rounds into his body. there was -- a police officer shot in self-defense, he was approving a police officer and lunged at the police officer with a knife, is that true? he was shot while he was walking away . >> reporter: the autopsy showed bullets entered his back . van dyk said she shot in self-defese . we're confident my client's
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within department policy and within his training. now the city of chicago is bracing for the possibility that the video of mcdone's death will ignite protests. active its are calling for calm. you know, we have the right the first amendment right, to being press our grievances against our government. that's what we plan on doing . >> reporter: in april the city reached a $5 million settlement with the mcdonald family . >> reporter: that officer is on administrative duty while officials continue to vet the shooting. >> anchor: new york city officials stepping up security for the holidays. the macy's thanksgiving day parade is this thursday and police in the city are keeping their eyes wide open. officers participating in a terror drill in the subway simulating a terror style attack and how to respond. a homeland security official says there is no specific credible threat to the u.s. right now and that citizens should enjoy the holidays as usual. we encourage americans as the holiday season approaches to
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continue to travel, to associate to go to public events, to go to public places. >> anchor: police still ask the public pay attention and report anything suspicious. obviously if you see something say something is a good rule to live by . >> anchor: still ahead a kind but unusual gesture. how one man in south carolina is spreading a message of love . >> anchor: breaking news. we're learning more about what a former baby sitter said she was doing the day a two-year-old girl from hamilton disappeared from her home . >> anchor: a beached whale finally free after some tense
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>> anchor: a student in south carolina passing on a message with open article. he is spreading love one gesture at a time . >> anchor: it's called hugs for few handity but it requires some help from strangers. >> anchor: his arm an heart were opened to any station their passed by. but his eyes were covered to put his trust in the people of green greenville, south carolina. he is blindfolding, doesn't know what people will do to himp it's brave .
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he lived in the upstairs. after recent attacks in paris alum said he saw a lot of backlash for islamic faith. that's until he saw a city with another muslim man blinded being hugged by strangers he knew he . i didn't expect that much positivitiy coming but i have faith in grownville. it is something that shows love, peace, acceptance. . >> reporter: as he stood there for two hours and time in the rain response was beer than he exested. many passed by but many also accepted his embrace. in that first hour it was just become to back to back to back. not many could see it but i was tearing up under the blindfold. i'm not about the negativity of i always try to spread the positive vibes . >> anchor: he hopes those who didn't take the free hugs will at least keep an open mind to the muslim community . some of us really just want better for the world . >> anchor: but for now at least he knows that he and many stationers still put their trust in humanity . treat people like they are people. >> anchor: he said he is
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currently working on other clever ways to spread his message of love and acceptance. >> anchor: coming up this week, who did it bet senator jadiann thompson taking on a celebrity chef and you get to see who did it better. >> anchor: a forecast is looking like a little moderation in temperatures into thanksgiving. will it stay bright all week? the forecast is ahead . pats pursuing perfection against the buffalo bills but they will be without a few key players . >> anchor: an animal shelter in paxton going up in flames. volunteers working to save the few animal that survived. >> reporter: term a new smoking sensation . it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: some saying it's like smoking candy. an altentative to cigarettes but
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>> reporter: weather wise we call this a quiet week. there will be clouds from time to time. there will be breezing as well but no heavy precipitation and nothing really to bother us as we head into the holiday weekend weekend. a wall trend slow but steady and really grabs us on friday. sharply colder for the weekend though, that being the old fag fagged week, the saturday and sundae combo, not thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. temperature in the 30's, middle 30's and low 30's. luck at this in worcester. that eskind of leading back although we had reports in the 20's out in lunenburg so it will be cold tonight at gillette. tailgating is chilly right around freezing and then the 20's really kickoff and time the game ends, mid 20's. a breeze stays steady gusty for most of the day but it backs off as we go to the game. i don't see it as strong but persistent is the key here. i think we'll be looking at though breezes keeping our wind chill in the lower 20's. clouds to approach but not after we get down with those
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right into the teens and 20's. nothing we haven't seen so far coal. boston will vie for coldest night of the season so far. i think we'll be right around 31 because the breeze should keep us up but temperatures in the suburbs definitely cold and then tomorrow not much of a recovery. 44 in town, marblehead at 44. scituate then worcester about 38 degrees. said it a million times. occasionally stumble on it. these clouds with a weak weather system out through toronto and detroit. not seeing much more than a partly cloudy sky tomorrow and you can see it as well as i do all the way to denver it's quiet and storm are brewing just yet. our chill is backing out of the picture litter in the week and warmup that we all know on the eastern seaboard comes become to us of we stay dry. however, there may be some cloudiness going into thursday on thanks giving. travel is fine wednesday, thursday, friday even with clouds but saturday it gets to
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and maybe a little bit of flurry activity across northern most new england. big drop in temperatures by the way on saturday. so that is how i would qualify fair. it is not a some. thanksgiving itself 37 to 53 and then these clouds i think will be tankling copping out of the southeast. it's not looking all that bright as we go into the afternoon hours. but still mild in the 50's. mild for this time of year. 16 to 30 tonight. clouds late after a clear start and still cool tomorrow. partly sunny, 38 to 44. there is your 7 on 7 forecast. into the weekend we go and net week we height have something brewing by monday enjoy the week week. i will see you at 6:00 . it's monday and jadiann thompson is up for yet another challenge . >> anchor: she is hitting the gym, testing out her teaching skills so we need you to decide who did it better? get used to bringing the heat in the kitchen and today we're fining out of tiffany fazo
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fazon can make us feel the burn. you are owner the wheat cheeks, also tiger mama opening in december. so you are not sleeping at all right now . no. >> reporter: the challenge, teach a spin class at equinox in boston. we'll be concerned that maybe you are a closet spinner and you do this all the time. you are a pro . no, no no. i'm afraid of falling off the bike. my goal is to stay on the bike . >> reporter: let's get on the bike and see what we can do. all right, tiffany. tiffany.. blood, sweat and biscuits. biscuits. bring it up, two, three. back down. big breath. >> reporter: i feel like i'm in a real legitimate spin class right now. it's a story about a barely with a dream and a ripped sweatshirt and a barbecue restaurant, all right? what a feeling! >> reporter: on a scale from far?
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>> reporter: you are her coach. i know . up, down. up, down .
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three, two, one, go. bring it down. hand in the air. just luke you don't care. a lot of fun. now it's up to you to decide who did it better. head over to our web site and vote will we'll have results tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> anchor: up next in the buzz a star ed night at the american music awards. find out who was the big winner. winner.. >> reporter: a very good evening to you on this monday. coming up on 7 news at 6:00 a former baby sitter being held without bail tonight after appear federal government court earlier today. she is accused of kidnapping a two-year-old girl found alive on the side of the road in rowley. patriots facing an uphill battle against the bills at foxboro tonight. the undefeated pats are banged up but ready to roll. and a local student helping others with winter on the way.
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>> anchor: topping the buzz, a star-studded night . >> anchor: jennifer lopez hoped the american music awards last night. she checked things off with a ten minutes dance montage out year's biggest hit.
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one direction was the big winner of the night for the second year in a row. they won artist of the year miranda lambert said she is of moving forward since her divorce from blake shelton she is focus focusing her energy on her first love, sink and song writing. blank shelton and fellow host gw gwen stephanie confirmed they are dating . >> anchor: the movie takes place in chicago and focuses on gun violence in the city. jennifer hudson says she hopes to spark change in her hometown . i'm hoping people decide to make a difference and build awareness where we can become a better city and respect each other and life. >> anchor: in real life husband you might remember lost her mother, brother and nephew to gun violence . >> anchor: another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. a. ryan schulteis . i'm elizabeth noreika. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: breaking news at 6:00, new disturbing details
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about a former baby sitter accused of kidnapping and asaw asawing a two-year-old girl from hamilton. what police paperwork is revealing about the moments after the child's disappearance. also breaking a whale frees itself from the waters off kingston. life. plus, police say a woman was drunk when she flagged down a school bus full of kids and got on board. tonight, the superintendent says the driver broke the rules. it's a story you will see on just one station. a local student working hard at making a difference . i always watched to do something to help people . >> reporter: who will benefit by being warmer this winter? 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> anchor: we begin with break breaking news at 6:00. due to ongoing threats from isis the state department just issued a worldwide travel alert just before the very busy holiday travel season. of course it comes a little more then a week after the terror
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attacks in paris . >> anchor: this alert will last into the new year. let's get right over to ryan schulteis at the breaking news desk . this warning comes center straight from the state department government saying information suggests terror groups continue to plan attacks all over the world using both conventional and unconventional weapons. officials are concerned about non-sporting e, sporting events, theaters, open mark and even public transportation. what you need to know before you travel during the holidays right here. the golf says be prefor additional security wherever you go. also, stay in touch with your family. make sure they know how to get in touch with you if there is an actual emergency. always listen to local authorities and change your travel plans if necessary. this travel alert is in effect until the end of february of 20 2016. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7 news . >> anchor: also breaking disturbing new details bay recall former baby sitter charg charged with kidnapping a two two-year-old girl in hamilton. that bobby sitter is locked up right nowing held without bail . tonight we're hearing more about what she fold police the day the toddler was taken. dan hausle live in newburyport
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with the new information.
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