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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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breang details right now. patriots fans and patriots themselves breathing that giant sigh of relief with the news on gronk but it's not quite time to stop holding your breath on rob grokowski. adam shelfer it just recording gronkowski will miss multiple weeks in his return will depend on his pain tolerance diving at the tight end's right knee. carved off but not counted out according to multiple reports rob green see is dealing with nothing more then a minor knee game . did it make you feel here? just seeing gronk walking . >> reporter: some brady telling dennis and callahan's morning show that his all world flight home . he was in decent spirits so that made me happy. hopefully he gets checks done
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today and he will be back at some point so we'll see. we're not even 24 hours after the game so i know everybody wants an instant analysis but it's more important to be right than just in and start talking about a lot of stuff that's in inaccurate . >> reporter: the same approach tore dante high tower on defense who could miss a few weeks with an mcl sprain. . it's a very hard loss and i don't think i have ever been so (expletive) after a loss. i think everyone felt the same way. so hopefully we can use that motivation going forward. >> reporter: tom brady and patriots don't need any more motivation this year. what they need is to get healthy in a hurry beginning with gronk on offense. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorsino, 7 news . >> anchor: the patriots have been hit hard by injuries losing several key players, a lot of fans left saying not again as gronk was carted off. 7's byron barnett continues our
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he has reaction. question, you know, seeing grokowski go down like that last night really threw a scare into patriots nation but today things are looking up. pats fans are feeling like they really dodged a bullet. this right knee sort of gets whipped . >> anchor: you can hear the directive gasps and groans across patriots nation when pats tight end rob gronkowski went down and didn't get up . my goodness . >> reporter: what was the reaction in your living room, your whole family watching? my husband, her daughter and fiance say were flabbergast flabbergasted. what? what do you mean he got hurt. i thought oh no, not again. you know, it's too bad. he is a great player . >> reporter: gronk is the latest in a long line of pats offensive stars to be knocked out by injuries. he follows running back deion lewis, receivers julian el elman danny amendola and aaron dobson. but after watching the depressing side of grokowski being driven off the field in denver, finances were relieved
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to see this photo of gronk after the game standing under his own power. and thrilled to get word that the superstar tight end will likely return to the field soon, possibly without missing a game . very promising. you know, i mean, he is such a big part of the team. he is out there, 6'5" just put up where he can get it and that's it . a gronk recovery doesn't take the sting out of seeing pats run for a perfect season, come to an end. but if pats fans were forced to make a choice? what's worse? gronk? losing gronk because losing gronk means losing the super bowl. losing a game, oh well. get over it. not a perfect season. what are you going to do? pats fans we talked to know how to keep their eye on the ball. they say having a healthy gronk definitely improves the team's chances of winning another super bowl. that's the latest live in news. >> anchor: well, a lot of patriots players aren't happy with the outcome of last night's game.
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tom brady visibly upset with the officiating but it was a former nfl quarterback who went on a rant about the rest today. coverage now . tom brady wouldn't flat out blame reps for last night's loss but boomer assign son was a bit more outsmoking about last night night's officiating. tom brady said some days you get the call styles you don't. last night brady believes all of the calls late in the game were not going their way. he was clearly upset. as was boomer who played quarterback in the nfl for 14 years and now works for the nfl today show joined frustrated pats fans furious revs played such a big role in the final . i felt like the officials last night really let the game get out of control. you know, there was some questionable calls, especially on grokowski. i thought the holding in the end zone on patrick chung was very questionable. i thought the two offensive line
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after it was 21 to 14 were more legitimate than other two, but it seemed like the entire fourth quarter there was a yellow flag on the field and that yellow flag when it was thrown was against the patriots. >> anchor: patriots are near the bottom when it comes to total penalty against them this season but pats have been called for offensive pass interference host in the league. live in the control room, tim . >> anchor: we're following breaking news down in taunton where a trait overturned on the ramp from route 140 to 24 north injuries have been reported but the ramp is closed leading to some backup . >> anchor: breaking news from roxbury. a teenager shot across the street from a school. the gunfire promised several schools to go into safe mode. let's go out to jonathan hall live in roxbury right now with what we have learned. also how is that teen-ager doing doing? jon? well, kim, good evening. the teen is reportedly in stable condition now of doctors are treating him for a gunshot wound to the lower body.
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police are now looking for the shooter and the kids who go to these schools right near the park where it happened are certainly very concerned. we heard respects and gun shots and everything. the o'bryant and madison park high schools and a middle school placed into safe mode after shots ring out at a nearby park. when there is something like that have you some concern but it's understanding that safety is job one and again the adults really stepped up to the plate and kudos to boston police department this. ewere just phenomenal . >> anchor: boston police say a 16-year-old boy suffered a gunshot wound to the leg but will survive the noontime attack attack. it happened at roxbury heritage state park some of the kids tried to learn if the nearby schools could hear that gunfire . it was like sirens. we heard like a gunshot like boom. like somewhere around over there. >> reporter: serena walter was in anatomy class at o'bryant high school. >> reporter: scary tips we live in, huh?
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you wouldn't expect it to happen with three schools . >> reporter: now as police search for suspects, some of the kids wonder just how safe they are in school. everybody who is on the certain side of the room, who was near the door, had to move to the other side of the room and it was kind of scary. an older student told us that he is very concerned about all of this just trying to get his degree and he is worried about other kids getting caught up in a cycle of street violence violence. live in roxbury, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: also breaking tonight, the f.b.i. is offering up to $15,000 for information that leads to the recovery of guns stole friend an army reserve center in worcester. the guns are similar to the ones seen right here. there are six still missing. the guns taken two weeks ago during a break in. police arrested james morales of cambridge in connection with the crime. the f.b.i. says he stole several other high profile weapons but those have since been recovered. >> anchor: and there is more news today. a lester man disarmed, police seizing all of those weapons
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all found inside the man's home. the discovery prompting a day long manhunt. police took him into custody last night. it does look like he will remain behind bars for now. 7's jennifer egan with more from east brookfield where the man faced a judge. a friend describes 32-year-old dean largesses a survivalist scared to face outstanding charges in worcester. that's why he says early saturday morning largess retreat retreated to the woods with him . he was going to stay in the woods for a while. he wasn't looking to hurt anyone or anything like that. that's just the type of person he is . monday he was in handcuffs in east brookfield district court. police say when they arrested him in royalston after a manhunt that spanned 24 hours and 40 miles he was wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with two guns . this is an officer's worst nightmare. the damage or carnage that could be inflated by the firepower before you is almost unthinkable. >> reporter: but his friend
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says he drove him to royalston while he was on the run and no one was in any digger . no, not at all. i went in and picked him up. i had my daughter in the car. i wasn't scared of anything. he is not that type of person. >> reporter: list say he left a rifle back at his home in lester. other guns and dozens of rounds of ammunition . he was probably going to go hunt rabbit or something with his firearms. yes, they are crazy firearms to be hunting a rabbit, but that's what he had and he was just going to survive in the woods. that's it. >> reporter: largess was face assault and battery in kidnapping charges out of worcester. now he is added more charges to that list. he is being held without bail. he is due back in court on thursday for a dangerousness hearing. in east brookfield, jennifer ega egan, 7 news . >> anchor: lawyers for the danvers teenager accused of murdering his teacher ready to go on the defense. the prosecution wrapping up its case with disturbing testimony from the medical examiner. 7's steve cooper is live at salem district court with what jurors heard today. >> reporter: so 36 witnesses
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over 7 days of testimony here and prosecutors rested their case this afternoon but not before jurors in this trial had to listen to some pretty gruesome testimony from the medical examiner. surveillance video captures colleen ritzer on the left with fellow math teacher and friends a giaquenta wearing similar clothes all part of dress like your friend day for spirit week at danvers high back in 2013. minutes later, prosecutors say ritzer was savagely murdered by one her students and 14-year-old phillip chisolm. on the stand and wiping tears away she testified she had seen a boy in ritzer's classroom after school but only later identify him from the security . who did you red sox ago that person as? did you recognize him as the opinion you saw in colleen's classroom that afternoon? >> reporter: the medical examiner spent two hours in the on the stand describing in
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gruesome detail the cause of death . her cause of death was sharp force injuries of the neck and as fixia by strangulation . >> reporter: after jurors were excused for the day, the defense was asking the judge to drop one of the rape charges against their client. but prosecutors opposed it . the commonwealth suggestion is that this was a sexually motivated homicide and that he didn't get a chance to finish the sexual assault in the bathroom and he did something else in the woods. >> reporter: so first thing in the morning the defense will start calling their own witnesses to the stand building chisolm committed the murder they say he was insane at the time and that is what they are hoping to convince the jury here here. live in salem tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: close call for a driver in vermont. a post flies through the windshield of a car. police say a man was driving when another vehicle cut him off and that's when the man drove right into the post. he is okay but does have a hand injury. >> anchor: also on 7, the man suspected in the deadly shooting
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of a planned parenthood called to court is charged with killing three people and injuring nine others in that shooting rampage. elizabeth noreika is here with the latest in that case . >> reporter: the accused shooter is being held without bail. robert deer appeared before a jugia closed sit television. prosecutors say he opened fire at a planned parenthood in colorado springs on friday and set off a five hour standoff. three people kill including a police officer from massachusetts. and an iraq veteran who ran into the clinic to warn everyone inside. i believe that's his military instinct i guess that was his main priority was to help and save other lives. >> anchor: deer is due back in court next week where formal charge will be announced the funeral services for garret swayze will be held in friday in colorado. elizabeth noreika, 7 news >> anchor: president obama in paris talking about protecting the climate. the president had dinner with the french president before the start of the united nations global climate conference. there is ened security at the
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attacks in paris two weeks ago. the president says the u.s. is responsible for some of the environmental issues facing the world. he said he will do everything in his power to help find ways to fix things. >> anchor: still ahead this evening, the time to save may be now. many shoppers skipping out on black friday and opting instead for the day of hon line deals. cyber monday is changing the holiday shopping season. >> anchor: at 5:30 a road rage incident takes a scary turn when police say a driver pulled out a example health gun . you're jury selection under way in baltimore. the first of six police officers going on trial for the death of a man in police custody. >> anchor: in jut one hour on the hunt why people are being encouraged to take aim in the blue hills . >> anchor: first brothers out hunting and of saving a bird instead. not just any bird and in an exchange they get an amazing selfie to go with their story. >> reporter: tonight, it's one of the most notorious crimes in massachusetts history.
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a teen-ager convicted of killing his best friend's mother. 20 years after her murder, annie o'brien sits with sheryl fiandacca for the first time . i just want to make sure we're clear. you are saying you didn't kill janet downing? the eddie o'bryant inter
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>> anchor: if you didn't get as
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black friday, you still have a to score some cyber savings. in fact, millions of americans are shopping on-line today . >> anchor: and some say it's the new way to get through your list fast. it's the new sound of the season season. the whiz and hum of the holidays robots and conveyer belts moving orders at amazon as fast as shoppers can point and click . we are in full force at this point 95% of people probably spent about four hours on average shopping on-line at work, but going into the evening a lot of the cyber monday deals will be holding strong . >> anchor: data from adobe shows on-line sales have been strong since thanksgiving with shoppers spending more than $7 billion on-line from thursday through the weekend. up dramatically over the last year about a third placing orders from their mobile devices. i can't tell you when i was in the mall last . it's ease of use. >> anchor: outs today in the distribution and fulfillment centers like this one shuttling cybermonday orders .
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around the u.s. today there are almost 200,000 employees in 30,000 robotic drive units out servicing customers for record cyber monday . >> anchor: high volume and high-tech, a growing holiday tradition. experts say smart phones, computers and tablets will account for about 75% of all on-line sales today. >> anchor: next on 7, quite the site on a street in china. what led some to believe that cars were levitating . what? that is wild. our forecast is turning a little wet for a change. i see temperatures moderating too getting close to 50. that's ahead. >> anchor: at 5:30 the threat that forced a chicago college to cancel all classes and who is
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>> anchor: surveillance cameras in china capture the moment a vehicle mysteriously left states off the street. the cause wasn't para normal activity, however it wasn't weather related. it turns you a steel cable that got caught up on a sanitation vehicle tripped the three cars. pete saw that and figured it out. >> anchor: pete guessed it and didn't have oh look closely. this is so beautiful. brothers in canada coming to the rescue of a bald eagle. that's michael and neil found the bird caught in a metal hunting trap. this ewere driving through the woods, they stopped to help, were able to pry open the trap just enough to free the eagle and before it took flight they got this memorable selfie doesn't that look like chris
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lambert on the right? that looks like chris lambert . >> anchor: it kind of does lock lost lower brother or something . >> reporter: i think it is chris. it's a big pull. this is a big game we're playing here. a selfie with an eagle. 37 degrees in boston now, cloudy skies, do you know reading about 24. southeast wind about nine miles per hour. the dewpoints are kind of low so the air is somewhat dry. our temperatures today did not make 40 in boston and nashua 36, 34 in worcester. 40 plymouth. we did make lower 40's through the vineyard and nantucketment our temperatures now settling back into the mid 30's, not much of a drop off thanks to the cloud cover. we're still about 35 in lowell as we were around 4:00 and then 334 in auburn, 32 shrewsbury then we go down to the south shore and randolph at 35. 32 plymouth though, 36 bourne. some of these clouds will break up as we go through the evening tonight. showers arrive with a new weather system tomorrow. in the afternoon early afternoon not late good soaking is on the
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way too between two waves of rain tuesday afternoon then another one on wednesday. the temperatures will moderate bee grudgingly. this is the weather system we're talking about. looks like the first wave of rain will kind of just peel off what's down through washington, d.c. now tomorrow our winds will be light out of the southeast. we'll make middle 40's in many spots but this time of year i am keeping it rather chilly through nashua and lawrence and up into amesbury and sal bury, portsmouth to billerica. the tempts here should hold around 40 degrees. wouldn't be surprised if some of us stay in the upper 30's around hudson new hampshire or even nashua too. other temperatures will get into the mid 40's and maybe budge 46 or 47 in new bedford. clouds on the increase after maybe some glimpses of sun and then the rain showers move in. there is your one wave of rain. the second is more important and more substantial. our wave of rain with tomorrow night goes away with low pressure but a new low will form on a front and that will mean some downpours perhaps on
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pushes away as well. so with that in mind two wave of rain? yeah, let's get some water. you know, looking like maybe 3/4 of an inch, close to an inch in some spots. this may be over e done, i'm confident of at least a half inch. how about that. brief clearing, more clouds late late. then tomorrow clouding over, afternoon showers, chilly and raw about 40 to 46. there is your 7 on 7 forecast, wednesday looks to be washed how thursday we'll dry out. get close to the low 50's. we start mild though, look at that 46 to 52. not much of a chang there. cooler on friday and then a moderation some more moderation over the weekend seeing some warmer weather. look like a sea breeze at the coastline on saturday but sunday going for broke in near 60. i will see you at 530 . >> anchor: continuing now to photographs fit for a princess . >> anchor: the royal family has released some adorable new photographs of princess charlotte. she is six months old now and these photographs were taken
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dutchess kate at the family home in norfolk. she hasn't been seen in public since her chris ending in july . >> anchor: ahead on 7, jadiann thompson heads to pizza regina with dylan dreyer to see who perfected the pie in who did it better . >> anchor: hunters taking aim in the blue hills. we'll head out to the big deer
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>> anchor: happy to spend mop afternoon with you. another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead . >> anchor: hope had a good holiday. i'm kim khazei. >> anchor: now at 5:30 a dangerousen counter in quincy
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when a man allegedly pulls out a gun on a couple. why his attorney says it's all a mised standing . the car meant nothing to me and i mean it's him i was worried about . >> anchor: a wild wreck when a freight train slams into a car. strangers jumping into action to save the elderly driver. >> anchor: a utah woman lucky to be alive after falling through ice. the chilling rescue caught on camera . >> anchor: a chilly day today and now the clouds roll in. wet weather on the way. >> anchor: first at 5:30 bizarre behavior in quincy when a man allegedly pulls a pellet begun oh a couple. the couple said the manifold them before threatening them with his gun . >> anchor: the suspect's attorney said it was all just a big misunderstanding. dan us hausle live with this spot couple said this chase takes them down this street when they were near their house them decide they'd didn't want to go there so they pulled into this driveway where they had a dangerous encounter part of which was caught on video . i got your license plate and you have a gun . >> anchor: cell phone video
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captures matthew freeman after
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