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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  December 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> nick: i'm >> 7news at 6:00 starts now. >> nick: first at 6:00, president obama preparing to address the nation tonight to provide an update on the investigation into the terror attack in san bernardino, california. this comes four days after the deadly shooting rampage there. >> nan: and the president is expected to take a firm stance on the terror threat at home in the fight against isis overseas as the investigation into the shooting continues. 7's brandon gunnoe is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> brandon: do americans feel safe? tonight the president is
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american people that we are safe, what he's doing to stop isis in the middle east as well as here on the homeland. this weekend president obama met with his top advisers in the white house situation room to attack. for the third time in his commander-in-chief will address the nation from the oval office. in his weekly address, he all terrorism. >> it is entirely possible that these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror. >> this after days of criticism for saying it was possible lay work plays shoot, and last month making this announcement. >> right now we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. >> tonight the president will update the nation on the latest investigation, the current threat of terrorism and make his case that isis will be destroyed. meanwhile, this weekend an overnight raid, f.b.i. storming the home of syed farook's childhood friend, agents ripping
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saturday to interview the man who originally bought then sold these assault rifles to the ago. though the friend is not a suspect in the massacre that left 14 dead and 21 wounded, it is another lead into what may have been the deadliest terror attack in the u.s. since 9/11. >> this is a very complex investigation. bran. >> brandon: today investigators are still pouring through syed farook and tashfeen malik's lives. he was born in chicago. she was born in pakistan, met farook in saudi arabia, and just before the massacre pledged allegiance to isis. together they amassed an arsenal inside their home where they cared for a six-month-old daughter. they had bombs and the tools to build i.e.d.s. >> women are no longer wall flowers. they're not only playing a key role in support, they're politician a key role in limited instances in operation. >> brandon: again tonight, the president is expected to talk
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isis and the tragedy in california. in the newsroom, brandon gunnoe, 7news. >> nancy: brandon, thank you. we will bring you the president's address live here on 7 nbc. we'll carry the entire address starting at 8:00, and once the president is finished, we'll head out the pittsburgh for sunday night football between the steelers and the colts. >> nick: also on 7, a babysitter from forever facing alarming accusations. police say he beat a four-year-old child he was hired to take care of. 7's kelley o'hara live in dartmouth with more on what we know right now. kelley, the main question now, is there any update on the child's condition. >> kelley: nick, that little girl is doing okay. she's just fine. police tell us she was taken to the hospital but later released and is now safe at home with her parents. but this is the man that police tell us in dartmouth is responsible for attacking that little girl. richard pinheiro, they arrested him last wednesday and charged him with assault and battery on that child. we're told this all happened last week.
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sitting several children at the apartment of a family member here in dartmouth when neighbor called 911 saying they heard a child being hurt. neighbors we spoke to say you can never be too careful who you leave your children with. >> i never want my child to be with someone i don't know too well. i mean, i don't know how well they knew him. it could have been someone that was a distant family member. i'm not sure really. sure, but for those types of charge, the fact you can put your hands on a little kid, for who knows what reason, doesn't matter what they did, it's just sad. >> kelley: again, that little girl is doing just fine. she's home safe with her parents, which, of course, is the important thing here. as for pinheiro, he's being held at the jail without any bail. reporting live in dartmouth this evening, kelley o'hara, 7news. >> nancy: kelley, thank you. a man shot and killed after a deadly dispute in south boston. this all happened last night around 1:00 on old colony avenue. a witness says they saw a car speeding off afterwards.
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arrested three men in dawn. police say the men had the same gun that was used in the crime. >> i know three individuals, i think they're all in their 30s, are going to be charged with assault with intent to murder, but i'm sure we're going to upgrade that to murder in the next few days. >> nancy: this all remains under investigation. police are asking anyone with any information to call them immediately. >> nick: we have new details on threats made to middle schools in cambridge. as you can imagine, people living there have been on alert. city and school officials met today to talk about the threats and the ongoing investigation. the anonymous bomb threats and threats of gun violence started this past tuesday, which led to increased security at all of the schools that were threatened. at the meeting officials, hoping to ease fears. >> i do not want my kids in this community to be scared to death to go to school. that's the last thing i want. safe. so it's a conversation we have all the time in terms of thinking about those issues.
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>> nick: as far as moving forward, detectives said police officers will return to the schools this coming week. local and federal officials are investigating who made those threats and if there is any lingering danger to the students and staff. >> nancy: 7news now turning to the weather, and it is a beautiful sunday in the city. not even feeling close to december out there. so will it last? meteorologist bri eggers has a first check of our forecast for us. where i bri yeah, nancy. check out these numbers from this morning. a he of 20 degrees in norwood. look what happened as we headed into this afternoon. a 40-degree difference from this morning to the highs this afternoon. 60 degrees in norwood. actually made it up to 59 in boston. so flirting with 60 in many spots today, and some of us actually hitting that mark. current temperatures dropping back, though, 49 in boston, 42 in worcester, and in the mid to upper 30s as you get out into the burbs. some clouds moving in for partly cloudy skies tonight. that means our temperatures won't be quite as cold as they were, as we woke up very early
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and while we're in for a mild day tomorrow, look what happens to those temperatures as we head into the middle of this week. back closer to normal, not a fan of the cooler weather? don't worry, another boost in temperatures, a significant boost next weekend. we'll get to those details in a few minutes. >> nick: we're following more news today. a big bust in peabody. investigators find heroin and cocaine inside this home and arrest six people in connection to those drugs. and that's not all. police say the suspects were involved in human trafficking. the suspects will be arraigned in peabody court tomorrow. >> nick: one person is in the tonight with life-threatening injuries after a shooting in roxbury late last night. >> nancy: police responding to a call. they have not released any information on the shooter, but they say the victim is in stable condition. >> nick: a blue line passenger stabbed early this morning. it happened around 1:00 near the orient highs "t" stop in east boston. the victim was rushed to the hospital with injuries.
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ongoing. >> nancy: a disturbing discovery after police say a man stole five bodies from a cemetery in worcester. investigators got the call on friday to check out a home in connecticut. when hartford police arrived, they found the missing remains. officials say the man living there, amador medina, admitted to stealing the bodies, but also said he had a good reason. >> he is a practicing centenaria priest, which is a religion in see. it's rarely seen actually. the bones or the remains of these skeletal remains taken from the cemetery are used in this religion for medicinal purposes. >> nancy: following the discovery, medina was arrested. he now faces a list of charges. >> nick: fire officials blaming a propane leak for an explosive house fire in gloucester. fire crews raced to put out the flames saturday night. police responded first to this home on woodman street after reports of that explosion.
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new at 6:00, president jimmy carter sharing some good news about his battle with cancer today, saying he's now on the road to recovery. the 91-year-old telling worshippers at his hometown church that a recent m.r.i. revealed the cancer appears to be gone. president carter had several melanoma spots in his liver and brain. he said today he's grateful for his congregation's support. >> when i went this week, they didn't find any cancer at all. so i have good news. [applause] >> thank god. >> nancy: president carter says he will continue to receive regular immunotherapy treatments. >> nick: terror on the tracks in london. man taken down after stabbing two people at a train station. this all happened last night. cell phone video shows the attacker waving a knife, as you can see here, before an officer used a stun gun to bring him down. two people were injured in the attack. one of them seriously. >> it was really awful.
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obviously has some wild ideas, and i don't... i don't kind of think it's going to happen again, so there's no point in worrying about, you know, traveling. >> nick: witnesses say the man was yelling about syria throughout the ordeal. london police say the stabbing is being treated as a terrorist incident. >> nancy: and still ahead, a campus controversy. the president of a college in virginia asking students to carry more than just books to class. >> nick: plus a beautiful night in paris. u2 set to take center stage with some special guests weeks after the terror attack in france. >> monday... >> for this week's who did it better, pats' running back dion lewis andry getting our feet wet at the new england aquarium. my sea lion may be cranky. >> you think we can seal the deal as we try the teach marine
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>> nancy: controversy on the campus of a virginia college. the president of liberty university and the son of the late religious leader jerry falwell urging students to arm themselves in light of the mass shooting in california. students on campus do appear to be taking the suggestion seriously. >> nick: but members of the community say they are concerned about the proposal. >> i was shocked. >> nick: that was greater lynchburg islamic associations first thought when watching falwell's comments. >> let's teach 'em a lesson if they ever show up here. >> nick: later in his speech, falwell encouraged students to get a conceal carry permit. >> if more good people had conceal carry permits, we could end those muslims. >> nick: those words received cheers and applause from thousands. but for one proud are alarming.
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point, seven billion muslims all over the world work the same brush that you are painting extremists. >> nick: thousands on social media agree with him. they posted comments like, "disgusting" and "all muslims aren't killers." religious backgrounds take this to heart. >> our religion has been hijacked by those extremists and fundamentalists, and unfortunately we, the normal muslims, are paying the price. >> nick: falwell, jr., says he was not talking about all perpetuate attacks. >> nancy: u2 taking the stage in paris tonight. a big audience turning out for the irish rock band. u2 changed the date of their concert following the terror attacks in paris last month. >> defiant joy we think is the roll. they're a death cult. we're a life consult, life force. >> nancy: the concert will be
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>> nick: coming up, a sign of the season. it is the first night of hanukkah, and the city of boston is celebrating the festival of lights. >> bri: but the weather is not quite a sign of the season. it will feel more like december in the middle of the week, but then taking it to 60 degrees again next weekend. forecast coming up. >> trey: and up next in 7sports, brad marchand's night started out fantastic in vancouver. a very uncomfortable finish for him.
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>> joe:. >> nick: ringing in the holiday cheer with mayor marty walsh for a christmas tree lighting at medal of honor park. he then headed to the boston convention center for the annual police relief ball. >> nancy: busy day for him.
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the menorah lighting at downtown crossing. also you see there congressman joe kennedy iii as well as senator elizabeth warren, they were both there. and following the lighting, the crowd enjoyed a hanukkah concert. you can hear it there. you know it is truly like we are sliding into the holiday, but it does not feel like it outside. >> nick: and there are no complaints for either of us, because, bri, this is wonderful weather to get around and walk outside. >> bri: a lot of people begging for the snow, though, an we're still waiting on those first flakes in many, many places, most places really. so mild again tomorrow is good news for some, and others thinking, i wish it could feel more like december. well, it will, by the middle of the week, but then we have yet another temperature boost in our forecast for next weekend, taking our numbers up to where they were today, close to 60 degrees, and even hitting that mark in some spots. 60 in norwood. we did make it up to 59 in boston. so flirting wh 60 in a lot of spots. definitely ten to even 15
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time of year. now, as we take a look at those current temperatures, though, pulling back quite a bit, once the sun went down, temperatures able to drop. 39 in bedford. 43 in norwood. we have clouds moving inch partly cloudy skies we'll call it overnight tonight, and then tomorrow, it's more sunshine than cloud cover. again, i mentioned those temperatures. getting a boost. we're still into the 50s as we head into tomorrow. overnight tonight, a cool one, but not as cold as this morning. 29 to 39, and there's still that potential for some of the patchy freezing fog, like we with saw very early this morning. mainly in the western part of the state, but do keep that in mind if your travels take you either north or to the west. tomorrow mostly sunny. still mild for us. 54 to 59. but then those temperatures are out and these temperatures are in. and this is much closer to where we should be for the middle of december in the low-to-mid 40s. that happens on tuesday. that's also when we see the clouds increasing, as well, so
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it's out of here. clouds start to creep in from the south as we head into the overnight hours monday into tuesday, and you can see this system, it's trying to pull itself together, but for the most part, it does head out to sea. now i'm giving it ten to a 20% chance of some showers and also some wind as you get out on to the cape and also for the islands, but that looks to be a very slight chance for even those areas. this system looks like it will be mostly to the southeast. we wait until thursday to see any of those drops of rain. no snowflakes in the forecast, even those temperatures will be closer to normal tuesday, wednesday. we're on the up and up as we get into next weekend. jetstream? we're looking at stormy weather near the great lakes, central part of the country, and we're on the warm side of this once again. degrees. very possible as we head into next weekend, and the sunshine is back as well, so quite a temperature swing throughout
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a nice little package, none of these numbers are really below normal, either at that mark or above it. >> and now, time for 7sports with joe amorosino. >> right in front, randall pushings it out and scores. tyler randall... everything you were looking for in an effort from boston tonight, but it seemed as if boston had eight skaters on the ice at all times. >> joe: bruins taking four of a possible six points on their western canada. the b's wrapping it up with a thorough 4-0 beating of vancouver late last night. now they hope to keep it rocking tomorrow night when they host nashville at the garden. brad marchand might be a little sore, though, and brandon
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this dirty play. prust seems okay shelling out the cash, saying today it was the best money he ever spent. umass lowell on the power play. dylan zing finds adam chappy who slams home the one-timer. lowell was up 1-0, but the huskies rattle off a pair of third-period goals. thompson knocks in the rebound to put uconn up for good. they pull off the weekend sweep of lowell with a 2-1 win. the red sox wanted david price. everyone in baseball due it. dave dombrowski was given the green light the make sure it happened. the sox paying the price and the player sounds like he's now embracing boston. this is how he explained it toen's alex corddry. >> that's what you want to be part of. this is not only an organization that wants to win, but it's an organization that has won. it's an organization that knows how to win. to be part of this organization with the number-one minor league system in all of baseball, all the young guys we have on the
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to be part of. >> joe: we'll have much more of alex corddry's interview with the red sox's new ace on sports extra tonight. and we're talking patriots. former patriots fred and jackie mcmullen will have her take on the week that was in boston sports. it's all following the colts and steelers on sunday night football. >> play of the day brought to you by capital one. >> joe: here we go again, another edition of odell beckham, jr., showing off the one-handed catching skills, this time doing the damage against the jets. gang green would win it in o.t., but beckham gets the style points and our play of the day. right now the patriots trailing the eagles 21-14 in the third quarter. that's sports.
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>> monday... >> if this week's who the did it better, dion lewis andry getting our feet wet at the new england aquarium. my sea lion may be cranky. >> we'll seal the deal as we try to teach marine mammals cool conviction. >> see who did it better monday morning at 6:00 a.m. >> nancy: that's 7news at 6:00. thank you for joining us. i'm nancy chen. >> nick: and i'm nick emmons. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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